Torklift or HappiJac Tie Downs?

When getting ready to journey out with your truck camper, a thought that probably crosses your mind, “is my truck camper safe?” The way your truck camper is secured with tie downs and turnbuckles is essential for safety and stability while hauling. What brand of tie downs and turnbuckles are out there?

HappiJac Tie Downs - Starting at $284.80
HappiJac has designed a tie downs system by creating an I-beam truss structure that uses leverage to reduce the force on your truck, and control the truck camper movement. The front two anchor plates are drilled for installation at the front of the truck bed where the cab and bed meet.

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The two rear anchor points are drilled onto the back bumper. The HappiJac tie down anchor points paired with their turnbuckles create a triangle leverage counter force to prevent side-to-side, front-to-back and up and down movement. By preventing this movement, it prevents the camper and truck from moving as a solid unit which can cause jolting to the truck bed and camper. This tie down system is covered by a one year warranty from purchase date.


Turnbuckle Blog 2Torklift Steel Frame-Mounted tie downs - Starting at $313.99
Torklift’s patented designed tie downs incorporate four tie down points that bolt directly to the truck’s frame. A system that bolts directly to the truck frame dramatically improves stability and handling. The tie downs are engineered to secure your truck camper to your truck with a tight fit and no loss of ground clearance.

The Frame-mounted tie down systems are designed to eliminate bed and bumper damage. When the steel frame-mounted tie downs are paired with any of our fully spring-loaded turnbuckles, we warranty the truck frame and camper anchor points for the extent of the manufacturers warranty. Because the turnbuckles are springloaded, it allows the truck and camper to move together as a solid unit which prevents jolting to the truck. Since the tie downs mount to the frame, there is no risk of tearing sheet metal on the bed or pulling down on the bumper. We have also designed a high-performance aluminum and stainless steel tie down called the Talon Camper Tie Downs that is constructed of 100% military grade aluminum and stainless steel that is rust free and corrosion protected for life. 

Turnbuckle Blog 3A tie down finishing kit and locks are available for both tie downs. Our tie downs are also the only tie downs in the industry that come with a Legendary Lifetime Warranty.

Features of the Torklift Talon Tie Downs include:

• Rust free corrosion protection for life†
• Dramatic improvement with vehicle handling and stability and is the safest way to haul a truck camper (prevents vehicle sway and camper movement in all directions)
• Mounts using independent tie down points that bolt directly to the truck frame
• Available for best-selling applications
• Tie down receiver tube and tie down insert are each 100% military grade aluminum and stainless steel
• Fast, 100% no-drill installations
• No loss of ground clearance
• Hidden when not in use
• Best ride quality in the industry
• Finishing Kit included
• Lockable with Tie Down Locks
• Legendary Lifetime Warranty
• Proudly made in the USA

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So what do I use to connect my truck camper to my tie downs?

HappiJac Quik-Load turnbuckle
The Quik-Load is a stainless steel body with a reinforced ½ solid steel round hook. It can be turned to adjust the tension after installation. This turnbuckle features a rubber cushioned handle that can be detached, and locking pins that keep the turnbuckle in place and can be quickly removed. The Quik-Load turnbuckle comes with a one year warranty.

Torklift Original FastGun turnbuckle - Starting at $323.99
Turnbuckle Blog 5Torklift has designed a FastGun truck camper turnbuckle that is the number one selling quick-disconnect turnbuckle in the RV industry. This stainless steel turnbuckle comes in a set of two and are spring-loaded with spring tension indicators to determine perfect tension. Precision made from high impact, powder coated steel, the FastGun turnbuckle is available in black, white, polished stainless steel and grey. They are compatible with both frame-mounted and bed-mounted tie downs and come with a Legendary Lifetime Warranty. Our tie downs, when installed properly, provide 100% support for your truck and camper. Torklift has designed the FastGuns to secure your truck camper investment to your truck as well as further security with the FastGuns Locks which help deter any potential theft of your turnbuckles!

Features of the FastGun turnbuckles include:

• No. 1 selling patented quick disconnect turnbuckle in the world
• Connects and disconnects in seconds - Quick release handle allows for easy tool-free adjustment
• Spring-loaded design ensures a safe ride for your family and your truck camper
• Tension indicators determine perfect tension to hold down truck camper while in use
• Precision made from high impact powder-coated stainless steel
• Available for frame-mounted or bed-mounted tie downs
• Lockable to secure your truck camper (locks sold separately)
• Legendary Lifetime Warranty
• Proudly made in the USA

For a better truck camping experience and overall improved safety and stability – it’s a pretty clear choice. To learn more information on Torklift tie down or turnbuckle products, contact us at 800.246.8132 or email: support at 


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DIY turnbuckle: How to make a FastGun

b2ap3_thumbnail_Derringerhandle.jpgDerringer handles for quick-disconnect capabilityThe FastGun turnbuckle is the most popular truck camper turnbuckle for several reasons. It’s tool-free, lockable, easy to adjust and snaps into place with the perfect amount of tension every time. With this simple trick, achieve the quick-disconnect capability and convenience of a FastGun turnbuckle with any basic hardware turnbuckle.

b2ap3_thumbnail_fastgun.pngFastGun turnbuckle

Solution: Derringer Handle
Transform old-fashion turnbuckles by adding a Derringer Handle to a basic turnbuckle chain system, standard chainless turnbuckles and even shorter length turnbuckles for bed-mounted applications. This allows for the lever action and ease of use that Torklift International FastGun turnbuckles provide. The Derringer Handle is applicable to chain systems, threaded rods and other rigging configurations.

#1) Basic chain system
If you are currently using Torklift’s Basic SpringLoad Kit or a similar design, the Derringer Handle is attached with minimal effort.

b2ap3_thumbnail_basicturnbucklekit.pngBasic SpringLoad Kit chain system

derringer-eyeboltDerringer handle attached to a hook-to-hook turnbuckleAttach a Derringer Handle to chain turnbuckles using the following steps:

  1. Locate the drop forged steel and hot dipped galvanized eyebolts that come with each Derringer Handle
  2. Attach the eyebolts to each Derringer Handle by tightening it with a washer and lock nut combination (see instructions for eyebolt assembly)
  3. Use the hook-to-hook turnbuckle and attach through the bottom of Derringer Handle
  4. Secure hook bolt on Derringer Handle to the camper anchor point and tighten turnbuckles accordingly

#2) Threaded rod
If you are currently using a SpringLoad XL, AnchorGuard turnbuckle or a similar design with a 1/2 inch threaded rod, the Derringer Handle is attached in two ways. Either use the eyebolt configuration as described above by hanging each turnbuckle hook bolt through the eyebolts, or create one turnbuckle unit by fastening the Derringer Handle onto a 1/2 inch threaded rod.  To achieve a turnbuckle design similar to the Torklift FastGun, Torklift suggests this method of permanently bolting the Derringer Handle to the rod, creating one unit.

b2ap3_thumbnail_SpringloadXL.pngSpringLoad XL turnbuckles
for frame-mounted camper tie downs

AnchorGuard-turnbucklesAnchorGuard turnbuckles
for bed-mounted camper tie downs

springload-w-derringerSpringLoad XL with
Derringer Handle
Attach a Derringer Handle to a 1/2 inch threaded rod using the following steps:

  1. To hold the rod in place, use a wrench to tighten a jam nut to the body of the turnbuckle
  2. Where the threading starts, use a hacksaw and cut the rod. Bevel the top of the rod at 45 degrees using a sander, grinder or file -- Bonus Tip: Apply a small amount of paint to the newly cut end of the threaded rod to prevent corrosion
  3. Add a turnbuckle jam nut and adjust 5 inches from the top of the newly cut rod
  4. Open the Derringer Handle and insert the threaded rod through the hole in the bottom of the Derringer Handle, screw on dimple nut and tighten down
  5. Adjust threaded rod so 1/8 inch protrudes from the top of the dimple nut
  6. Pull the rod down until the nut is snug to the bottom of the handle
  7. Tighten the original jam nut (the one 5 inches down) to the bottom of the Derringer Handle

derringer-threaded-rodDerringer handles attached to threaded rod

Oh, Snap!
Now that you’ve created your own FastGun turnbuckle, enjoy securing your truck camper at all four turnbuckles in less than 4 minutes.

Turnbuckles by Torklift International

The Derringer Handles are produced from 100 percent aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel and have our high impact with black powder coat finish to protect from rust and corrosion. Sold in a set of four, Derringer Handles are made in the USA and are covered by Torklift’s Legendary Lifetime Warranty.

derringers-fourFour Derringer Handles in one kit

Without wasting time on preparation, get on the road and find your adventure.

Click here for more information on Derringer Handles. For Torklift turnbuckle installation instructions, view the demonstration video here:

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Don’t miss this deal! Now’s the time to upgrade your rig

Attention truck camping enthusiasts! Looking to upgrade your rig? With a special offer to kick off camping season, now is a perfect time to invest in truck camping gear that will last a lifetime.  

With this offer, outfit your truck with Talon Tie Downs and FastGun turnbuckles and you’ll receive $15 off StableLoads and free FastGun Locks upon warranty registration.

Here’s how to gear up for camping season:


Frame-Mounted Talon Tie Downsaluminum-tie-downTalon military grade aluminum Tie Down
(actual design varies by application)

Engineered with precision and built to withstand even the toughest conditions, the Talons are 100 percent military grade aluminum alloy. Talon truck camper tie downs are up to 50 percent lighter than steel tie downs, are anti-corrosive and rust resistant. Stronger than steel, the Talons are backed by a lifetime warranty that covers rust-free, corrosion protection on its finish.

With the Talon’s ultra lightweight military grade aluminum composition, weight is no longer a sensitive factor when it comes to truck camping. A Tie Down Finishing Kit is included with each set of tie downs to protect from debris when the tie downs are not in use.

FastGun Turnbuckles 
b2ap3_thumbnail_fastgun-finishes-final.pngTorklift FastGun turnbuckles come in four finishes
Equipped with a set of front and rear Talon Tie Downs, the next step is upgrading your camper turnbuckles to the number one selling fastest and most convenient turnbuckle application available. The FastGun turnbuckles have a quick-disconnect lever action handle, are 100 percent tool free, 100 percent stainless steel and aluminum, spring-loaded with tension indicators and installs in less than 4 minutes.

With a frame-mounted tie down system, you need two sets of Long Range FastGun turnbuckles. The Long Range style reaches from 25 to 43 inches. To adjust the length, simply twist.

Choose from stainless steel polished or for less finish maintenance choose stainless steel high impact powder coated bright white, gray or black for your desired application. Click here to learn more about the FastGun turnbuckle.

Get free FastGun Locks to secure your new truck camper turnbuckles by registering your legendary lifetime warranty for all of your new truck camping gear.  

Truck suspension for campers
b2ap3_thumbnail_stableload-display.pngStableLoads engaged and disengaged
With Talons Tie Downs and FastGuns turnbuckles, your truck and camper are the pinnacle of strength and stability. With an outfitted vehicle, upgrade the truck suspension to improve handling when your camper is loaded.

Lower StableLoads are adjustable and can be quickly turned off and on by a simple engage/disengage. Your vehicle’s smooth factory ride is not affected when your camper isn’t loaded and the StableLoads are switched off. Activate the StableLoads before you load the camper and don’t worry about white knuckle driving during your road trip.

Register your legendary lifetime warranty here and enjoy the benefits of this limited time offer.  Remember when you use the FastGun turnbuckles with Torklift frame-mounted tie downs the lifetime warranty extends to the truck frame and camper anchor points for the extent of its manufacturer warranty. For warranty details, give us a call at 800.246.8132.

Truck camping newbie? Be sure to read our article on six steps you shouldn’t skip when prepping for a truck camper. To learn more about redeeming this truck camping deal, visit

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