The trick to avoiding RV battery theft and achieving a worry-free summer

Don’t let stolen RV batteries ruin your ability to camp

Now that summer is here, all you want to do is relax by the campfire and enjoy the starry nights creating quality memories with family and friends. The last thing on your mind should be

Not worrying about little Johnny’s flaming marshmallow taking flight as he whirls the roasting stick above his head… Not worrying about the next school season, bill payments or your adolescent daughter’s new high school “boyfriend.” And above all, you should never have to worry about someone stealing your expensive RV and camping equipment.

Like a thief in the night
No one wants to think about the possibility of someone committing crimes while they’re out enjoying nature. Our vacations are meant to be restful, filled with fun and lots of laughter. You’ve spent the time to plan, you’re finally at your destination and then one morning you wake up and wonder why the coffee maker won’t turn on in the RV? You find yourself checking everything; the lights, the TV, the electrical panel and finally, the batteries. Wait a minute. The batteries are...gone.

anti-theftMore common than campground theft, most burglary happens when your trailer or camper is sitting in storage between trips or just parked outside of your house. When you finally take that well-deserved time off for a trip, nothing’s worse then discovering you’re not as ready as you thought you were. The ability to quickly pack up and get on the road is blown to oblivion because scheduling repair and investing in new batteries is now a priority. Tssssssssssss. Do you hear that sound? That’s those expensive batteries burning a hole in your pocket.

Who moved my cheese?
According to a police report in Medford, Or., RV battery theft is on the rise with an increase in battery theft expected throughout the summer months, just when everyone has their equipment and gear ready to go camping or on vacation.

battery-theft-cut-wiringThieves steal batteries and damage wiring

The recent article in RV Pro Magazine mentions how batteries are fairly simple to steal if left unsecured. As more campers, trailers and boats are taken out of storage and parked in driveways or on the street in preparation for summer travel and recreation, they turn into easy targets and attract thieves.

Reports of battery theft are more prevalent each year.

As cited in the article by RV Pro, police Lt. Mike Budreau fell victim to battery theft from his boat as it sat outside his friend’s house. Now he has learned that it’s worthwhile to lock up or lug the batteries into storage to prevent it from happening in the future.

To read the full RV Pro article on battery theft, click here.

save-moneyGypsies, Tramps and Thieves
Thieves have targeted RVs for years as a way to make quick and easy cash. While batteries typically cost anywhere from $75 to $130 a piece, battery bandits re-sell them for a very small portion of profit. Often thieves cause even more damage by cutting wiring. Wiring repairs are a huge hassle. This makes securing your exposed batteries a priority, regardless if where you’ve parked your RV or trailer.

Up until recently, there weren’t many options available. The only solution was to jury rig your own locking contraption or completely disconnect the battery and bring it inside a locked structure. What an annoyance to be bothered with that when you’re just trying to enjoy your time off. So what’s a poor schmuck supposed to do, put GPS locators on the batteries?stop-sign


Torklift International has developed a new line of locking storage boxes to prevent common and expensive battery theft! Your key to successfully keeping your batteries safe: 
the PowerArmor Solar.

Fringe with benefits
We’re not just talking about the benefit of knowing your batteries are secure. The benefits from owning a PowerArmor Solar are that it’s much more than a security feature of the Torklift brand and quality. Whether your RV is parked in your driveway or you’re set up beside the lake, you don’t ever have to be without power.

PowerArmor-locking-battery-boxPowerArmor Solar

Using a 10-Watt solar panel, Torklift PowerArmor Solar battery box maintains the charge of your batteries. By using a trickle charge method, longevity of the batteries increases up to 400% so you can avoid replacing the batteries prematurely. The bottom of the locking storage box is lined with an acid neutralizing battery mat to prevent corrosion caused by battery acid.

And that’s not all...

  1. Made from heavy gauge diamond plate aluminum for maximum durability
  2. Comes with mounting bracket and is designed specifically to access RV batteries avoiding interference with your RV
  3. Multiple box sizes available holding up to five batteries
  4. Adjustable dividers for custom size compartment storage (Max size only)

Don’t squander your power
The choice is yours. You don’t have to be a victim of battery theft. No other home option is as easy to install and provides the level of security as the PowerArmor Solar by Torklift International. Bolting easily to your trailer tongue or camper bumper, you’ll find the locking cargo box provides extra storage for your gear in addition to its security.

Now that Torklift International has helped stop battery thieves in their tracks, there’s no need to think about attaching GPS locaters to your batteries.

Bonus tip for keeping safe from any type of theft at the campsite: Lock it up.

  1. Lock your expensive generator with the Lock and Load or Load and Load SideKick generator tray
  2. Protect your shore power cords with the Fortress PowerLock
  3. Avoid propane tank theft and tampering with a Fortress GasLock
  4. Keep your Torklift RV scissor steps in place with GlowStep Locks
  5. If truck camping:
    1. Look into locking your turnbuckles and tie downs
    2. Prevent camper theft with the FastGun Wobble Stopper

Click here to learn more about the Torklift International PowerArmor Solar.



Tamy finalWritten by Tamara Williams:
Currently Tamara Williams studies English at Arizona State University. She is a writing professional specializing in technical writing and SEO blogging for small businesses. Tamara also works with Project Pen, an innovative program for inmates at New Mexico and Arizona prison systems editing and providing feedback for their essays, poems, short and non-fiction stories.

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Gain the power to broaden your travel horizons

map-adventureKeep batteries fully charged for every camping tripHow many times have we spent weeks looking forward to that camping vacation? Packing the RV, mapping our route and planning the day trips, before heading out on the highway only to find that when we arrive, our batteries are low, forcing us to find a place to re-charge. Let’s face it, our time off is valuable and we want to make the most of every minute.

Torklift does it again
We’ve resolved those pesky power issues for you with the latest in Torklift International’s line of power saving products. ExtendedPower and HiddenPower now make it easier than ever to carry additional batteries and keep to the road without ever having to stop to re-charge or worry about auxiliary power.

rocket-scienceNo Rocket science degrees required
ExtendedPower is equipped with a universal mount designed to clamp onto any receiver extension, attaching quickly and easily with a no-drill installation. Simply bolt onto your receiver extension to allow room for mounting additional batteries you’ll need to enjoy those extra hours of vacation. Its quick release pin design allows easy disconnect for battery service and battery storage.

Leave the battery charger at home
So while you’re looking for that place to pull off and set up camp, ExtendedPower battery system plugs right into your RV factory plug if you choose to hook up a wiring harness. Charge RV batteries automatically through your vehicle’s alternator. You’ll arrive at your destination with a full battery charge and be ready for the fun to begin.

ExtendedPower features:


  1. Height adjustable
  2. Universal applications for all receiver extensions
  3. Lockable
  4. Works with group 24 batteries
  5. Designed for all types of batteries: lead acid, AGM, sealed, gel cell, etc.
  6. No-drill / easy install
  7. Attaches and detaches quickly for battery service
  8. Legendary Lifetime Warranty
  9. Proudly made in the USA

Right image: Two ExtendedPower battery mounts shown in yellow for contrast.


But Wait, there’s more…
Also in Torklift International’s bag of new and clever devices is HiddenPower. As a supplementary, convenient, under-vehicle battery mount, the HiddenPower is engineered to tie into your truck’s electrical system. This no-drill mount for extra batteries is easy-to-install, hidden from view and is used with quick disconnect electrical connectors for all types of Group 24, 27 and 31 twelve-volt batteries. Designed as an extension of your RV battery; this unique battery mount will recharge using your RV’s solar panels, generator or converter while your RV is plugged into your truck, and all at the same rate your RV batteries are charged. Your batteries will remain charged and ready whenever the urge to hit the road comes along so you’ll never lose those precious hours of your vacation again.

HiddenPower features:

b2ap3_thumbnail_Hidden_Power-arrow.pngHiddenPower under vehicle battery mount
(shown in yellow for contrast)

  1. Add additional batteries under your truck bed that are always charged up
  2. No-drill frame mounted with quick disconnect feature for battery service
  3. Kept constantly charged and RVing-ready by your RV and truck’s charging system
  4. Hidden when in use with no loss of ground clearance
  5. Works with group 24 to 31 batteries
  6. Designed for all types of batteries: lead acid, AGM, sealed, gel cell, etc.
  7. Legendary Lifetime Warranty
  8. Proudly made in the USA

When the HiddenPower is used with the wiring harness it enables your battery to become an extension of your RV battery. With constant power, it prevents your starting battery on your vehicle from being drained and allows you to camp off your battery power longer. The wiring harness is designed to complete your HiddenPower installation and has a universal design featuring sealed wiring to protect against dirt and moisture. The wiring harness detaches quickly via quick disconnect plug for battery service.

What We Like Best!
Of course there is so much to say about convenience and ease whenever we are planning a vacation. At Torklift International, we are always striving to improve upon features that make it easy for you to use our products and get on with enjoying your life. We make a point to listen to your needs in order to build a better experience for all of our customers.

ExtendedPower and HiddenPower battery mounts both come with our Legendary Lifetime Warranty and as always, proudly made in the USA.

Tamy finalWritten by Tamara Williams:
Currently Tamara Williams studies English at Arizona State University. She is a writing professional specializing in technical writing and SEO blogging for small businesses. Tamara also works with Project Pen, an innovative program for inmates at New Mexico and Arizona prison systems editing and providing feedback for their essays, poems, short and non-fiction stories.


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