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Chevrolet Silverado – similar to Dave’s

RV.net forum member Dave Sire has a burly truck. His 2011 Chevrolet 3500 is built to help him find his adventure with his truck camper just about anywhere that he likes. Nonetheless, Dave found that when hauling his truck camper, his rig had some ride stability issues that made him wonder if he could make an improvement:


“When I haul my truck camper fully loaded I am close to my GVWR,” Dave writes. “My truck camper weighs around 3,500 pounds wet. My ride was comfortable on smooth roads but with bumps I would see some porpoising and on big bumps I could feel my truck hitting the stops on the rear axle.”


As an experienced RV’er Dave made do with the setup and was sure to adjust his driving style with the camper loaded on his truck.


“When making turns I would definitely get some sway, port to starboard. I took corners slow for that reason,” he writes.


Dave’s driving skill allowed him to haul the added weight of his truck camper safely without any truck suspension modifications, but StableLoads caught his eye as a suspension stabilization upgrade that would allow him to drive his loaded truck more as though he would when the truck is unloaded.


stableload-graphicBy preloading your vehicle’s factory overload springs, StableLoads maximize your suspension’s load-carrying stability as the factory engineers intended. StableLoads help counteract truck body roll, eliminate truck porpoising, reduce rear-end sag and can be engaged and disengaged in seconds (Quick Disconnect StableLoad).


After installing Quick Disconnect StableLoads on his truck, Dave set out on his maiden voyage with the StableLoads engaged and his truck camper loaded on his truck.

“I took a 45 minute or hour drive on some bumpy paved roads, bumpy gravel roads and also some highway,” he writes. “The question is do they (StableLoads) work and the answer is yes. They definitely make the ride more stable. When hitting bumps in the road it seems to have eliminated the porpoising. When turning corners it reduced the sway by probably 55 to 65 percent.”

To simulate some of the roughest highway terrain he could encounter when hauling his truck camper, Dave got his rig up to speed and headed for an intersection that could normally threaten to cause damage to his truck and camper.

“I also went over a double set of rough railway tracks by my house at 50 mph and was very pleased at the improvement,” he writes. “The truck didn't come close to bottoming out as it might have without the StableLoads.” 

See what other folks have to say about StableLoads after taking the StableLoad Challenge:

After having StableLoads installed on his truck Dave found that although StableLoads didn’t transform his rig into a Ferrari, they did make his rig perform far better with major improvements to both overall handling and most importantly safety from a stable hauling experience.

“It doesn't quite handle like a sports car now but I don't feel as though I should slow way down for corners like I used to. In fact with the StableLoads engaged I would say that is what you notice the most, is you can drive your truck very much like you would without a camper on.”

Read Dave’s full evaluation of StableLoads here - CLICK

Click here to learn more about why StableLoads are the most effective suspension upgrade you can use when performing any sort of heavy hauling.

StableLoad HorsePower

  1. Dramatically improves safety, handling and reduces sway, body roll and porpoising
  2. Ability to turn on and off in seconds (Lower Quick Disconnect StableLoads only)
  3. Universal fit for all vehicles with factory installed upper or lower overloads
  4. Quad contact design complements the vehicle manufacturer's four point suspension as opposed to reducing it to two points of contact with all other rear suspension products
  5. Quick no-drill installations
  6. Enhances airbag performance by lowering airbag overload air pressure
  7. Kit includes four StableLoads (outfits one complete vehicle)
  8. Legendary Lifetime Warranty includes coverage for the vehicle factory leaf springs
  9. Proudly made in the USA

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