Floating down the freeway? How to gain control and eliminate truck sway

floating-on-freewaySinking vehicles on a flooded freeway

It’s no surprise that when it comes to floating down the freeway, the picture above might be the first that comes to mind. We know that vehicles do not naturally float but flooding aside, have you ever felt loss of vehicle control at high speeds when towing a trailer or hauling a heavy load?

slipperyVehicle sway

The severe truck swaying and wobbling at high speeds feels like you’re floating down the freeway. Certainly not on cloud nine, as the inability to gain control will cause you some serious white knuckles from the tight grip on your steering wheel. Attempting to switch lanes throws the vehicle into a dangerous rocking motion.


To remedy poor handling and solve drivability issues on your truck, Torklift International StableLoad suspension stabilizer should be your first approach. As a simple and most effective way to upgrade your truck’s suspension, the StableLoads address and correct concerning handling characteristics such as:
     -  Side-to-side truck swayb2ap3_thumbnail_stableload-display.pngStableLoads engaged and disengaged
     -  Rocking motion, porpoising
     -  Body roll
     -  Vehicle sag

By putting the vehicle’s factory suspension into effect sooner and equally dispersing any payload you are towing or hauling, your vehicle operates at its best potential.

Torklift International StableLoad suspension stabilizer is the only suspension modification can quickly be disconnected. This feature is convenient for those who use their truck as a daily driver and don’t want a permanent suspension modification.

rickTo put the StableLoads to the true test, we introduced the StableLoad Challenge. By giving those experienced with towing and hauling the opportunity to test-drive a Ford truck both with and without the suspension upgrade, we were curious to see if they detected a difference in ride quality.

With two identical Ford F-150s, 2,800 pounds was loaded in each truck bed to simulate payload of a truck camper or trailer. Test drivers were eager to experience how StableLoads affect the Ford truck suspension.

Rick Leff wanted the opportunity to give StableLoads a thorough review. As he climbed behind the wheel of the Ford F150 with StableLoads engaged, he mentioned he could feel the difference immediately.
StableLoad Challenge - Rick

“You can tell the difference already,” said Leff. “Where I can tell the difference a lot is the back and forth movement.”

Leff mentions the floating feeling while driving a trailer at high speeds.

StableLoad Challenge - Rick

As the speed of the vehicle increases, the stabilizing effects are even more noticeable. The poor handling and feeling of “floating” is greatly reduced when the StableLoads are engaged.

 Overall, Leff was pleased with the difference in ride quality that the StableLoad suspension stabilizer provided.

“This was a good ride, I can really tell the difference,” said Leff.

Watch the full video of the StableLoad Challenge to see how the experience was significant to other rally-goers.

Click here to learn more about the StableLoad suspension stabilizer or read more details on how StableLoads affect factory leaf springs.

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Wrestling your steering wheel? Work with the truck suspension rather than against it

Have you experienced white knuckle driving? You find yourself clinging to the steering wheel in effort to gain control of the vehicle when drivability and ride quality is so poor. Hold on too tight and the knuckles of your hands turn white from forcing blood from the capillaries. Sound comfortable? We think not.

White knuckle grip on steering wheel

Poor ride quality is caused by inefficient support in the vehicle’s suspension, most likely from the effects of a larger quantity of payload. Towing a trailer or hauling heavy loads like a truck camper can have significant effects on how your vehicle drives, especially at higher speeds.b2ap3_thumbnail_caution.png

What might cause you to grip your steering wheel?
     -  Severe truck sway
     -  Fishtailing trailer
     -  Rocking motion like you’re in a boat (body roll)
     -  Top heavy feeling – tipping over

Not only is this unsafe for you and other travelers on the road, but it can also cause heightened anxiety and stress for the driver. To fight these unruly characteristics, work with your factory suspension by installing the Torklift International StableLoad suspension stabilizer.

Lower StableLoads engaged and disengaged

The StableLoads are tested and proven to solve multiple drivability issues by pre-engaging the stronger factory overload leaf springs. When the truck’s factory leaf springs are activated, poor handling characteristics are dramatically decreased.b2ap3_thumbnail_footballs-airbags.png

Many people turn to airbags to level their vehicle and correct handling when towing or hauling. However, the side effects of installing airbags will actually increase side-to-side sway and amplify bounce motion. This happens because airbags take the weight of your payload and balance them on an area roughly the size of two footballs. The power of the truck’s factory spring suspension is completely taken out of use.

The StableLoads put your suspension back into effect and work with the factory manufactured overload leaf springs to showcase exactly what they’re meant to do. Check out our article on how StableLoads affect your factory overload leaf springs for more detail on how this process is so effective.

b2ap3_thumbnail_on-off-suspension.pngA favorable feature of the StableLoads is its ability to be easily adjusted on and off. The aspect of engaging and disengaging allows you to return to your factory ride when you are no longer towing or hauling. Other suspension modifications are permanent or challenging to adjust, leaving you with stiff ride quality when unloaded. Click here to see how the StableLoads can be adjusted in seconds.

To see if others could notice an improvement in ride quality with the StableLoad suspension stabilizer, we gave those who tow or haul the opportunity to take the StableLoad Challenge at a recent rally. The challenge allowed test-drivers to experience the Ford F-150 trucks suspension with a 2,800-pound load in the back. The challenge required driving the loaded truck both with and without Torklift International’s StableLoads.

Test-driver Mary Wrubel was blown away at the difference in ride quality. Watch her experience in this never-before-seen footage from the StableLoad Challenge:

Without the StableLoads:
 “I know there’s something back there, swaying back and forth. It does a lot of wobbling,” said Wrubel. “Woah! I wouldn’t want to drive this for any length of time without something… a lot of bouncing.”

With the StableLoads engaged:
 “Oh wow! What a big difference.  You could go miles and miles and miles and miles with this,” explained Wrubel. “No wobbling.  Boy, that feels amazing – that’s nice.”

Be sure to view the full video of Torklift International’s StableLoad Challenge and see how the experience made impressions on other rally-goers who took the challenge.

Click here to learn more about the StableLoad suspension stabilizer.

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