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Did you hear? The StableLoad Challenge is back!
Stressed manSee how stressed he looks driving the heavy load without StableLoads?“I definitely notice there’s a lot of body roll,” said a challenger, cautious in his words as he gripped the steering wheel tighter. A look of discomfort struck his face and he frowned as he pressed harder on the pedal. As the driver pushed down on the gas that propelled the vehicle further, his concerned expression worsened.


Thankfully, this scene was not transpiring in the hustle and bustle of a chaotic highway, nor was it taking place in the rough backwoods. It was in fact taking place on an open and controlled route for Torklift’s StableLoad Challenge in Everett, WA.

Participants at Torklift’s StableLoad Challenge were invited to take part in a simple test to see if the StableLoad was everything they hoped it would be. They soon learned that, when it came to producing reliable suspension products and upgrades, Torklift delivered.

The StableLoad Challenge
StableLoad ChallengeWhen it comes to hauling cargo or towing a trailer, nothing is more important than stability. Whether transporting truck campers, trailers or just plain old junk for the garbage dump in your Ford truck, a stable suspension is critical for the protection of your vehicle. Thankfully, Torklift has got your back with the StableLoad suspension stabilizer. 

The StableLoad suspension stabilizer suspension upgrade dramatically improves vehicle handling characteristics by "pre-activating" the stabilizing effect designed for rear overload leaf springs. This is accomplished by keeping your rear leaf springs actively under load, the way your vehicle factory suspension engineers intended them to operate.

By “pre-loading” the factory overload springs, the StableLoad vastly improves the handling characteristics of your loaded vehicle, no matter the weight. Both safety and handling are improved. In addition, sway, body roll and porpoising are dramatically reduced.


Wondering about how your suspension works? The StableLoad’s quad contact design complements the vehicle manufacturers four point suspension. This is opposed to reducing it to two points of contact, which is the case with all other rear suspension products. In other words, the weight of heavier loads is redistributed evenly across all four points, rather than being reduced to two contact points causing lack of stability and support. As our guests learned in the StableLoad Challenge, this design choice was the difference maker.

Happy ManNow that he's driving with the StableLoads look at how happy and much more comfortable he looks“I’m actually very, very surprised with how stable it is. It’s kind of cliché but it feels like there’s no weight back there,” said the participant, his eyes widened with surprise. He breathed a deep sigh of relief. As he exhaled, he relaxed, letting his shoulders curve against the padded seat. His memories of the poor suspension from before were now replaced with better ones as he reached out to thank a friendly hand from Torklift with a firm handshake.

This performance was apparent when those taking the StableLoad Challenge began to take note of the smooth ride, the solid weight distribution and the overall comfort StableLoads provided. Compared to the sluggish, fish-tail movement brought on by heavy loads and hauls, the StableLoads really shined. The StableLoads are universal, fitting all vehicles with factory installed upper and lower overload springs and the lower quick-disconnect StableLoads have no-drill installations available. Click here to find your application.

AirbagsAirbags have the potential to burst if under too much pressureWondering about how airbags might affect your suspension? The StableLoads even enhance airbag performance by lowering your airbag’s air pressure, ensuring maximum safety on even the most perilous of hauls. Those who were running around 90 PSI before installing StableLoads are now reporting that they run their airbags at 20 or 30 PSI, significantly reducing the risk of their airbags self destructing or causing damage to their trucks.

Leaf SpringsStableLoads work with your suspension to give you the best ride possible

The kit includes four Torklift StableLoads, outfitting one complete vehicle and comes with Torklift’s Legendary Lifetime Warranty. Torklift’s warranty includes coverage for the vehicles factory leaf springs.


As the participants returned home, any doubts in their minds on the performance of the StableLoad were replaced with thoughts of confidence and excitement. At long last, the lack of vehicle handling brought on by agonizing weight has been lifted from the shoulders (and suspension) of truck owners everywhere.

Read more about the StableLoad Challenge or click here for additional product information. Find a dealer near you or give us a call at 800.246.8132 with inquiries.


andrew-headshotWritten by Andrew Wales:
Andrew is a recent graduate from the University of Washington, where he earned his B.A. in Arts, Media and Culture. In his free time, he channels his passion for writing into numerous projects, including the development of a series of full-length science fiction thriller novels. He seeks to put his devotion to writing to good use in the professional field as a technical writer.

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Go on an epic roadtrip with your Torklift StableLoads

Anutami-CamperGo on an epic roadtrip,
just like Anutami
There are many of us that have fond memories of going on long camping trips with our family and friends. Just getting to enjoy the open road, have s’mores by a campfire and fight over what music to play are all just a little part of getting to go on a roadtrip. But, forum user Anutami from took his roadtrip to the next level. He went “old school” and took his family on an epic 6-week business trip and tour of Northern California and the Pacific Northwest. But before he did so, he made sure that his truck and camper were prepped for the long journey.


Prepping for the trip
When it comes to a long excursion, you have to make sure that every aspect of your truck and camper are 100 percent ready to go. For Anutami, it was also a matter of figuring out how to reduce the excessive sway due to extra weight and improving his Ford suspension. He decided to install our Torklift StableLoads, both upper and lower applications. Although our most popular StableLoads are no-drill, we also offer kits that have drill bits if your leaf springs don’t come with a hole already in them such as on Anutami’s 2001 Ford F350.

Before-Lower-StableLoadPrior to lower StableLoads installation Four-Included-Drill-Bits Four drill bits are included

“Thank you Torklift for providing the drill bits. I used all four!”

Torklift-Upper-StableLoadBoth upper and lower StableLoads

With the StableLoad Suspension Stabilizer Anutami felt an instant change to the rig when he started driving with both upper and lower StableLoads activated. With significantly reduced side-to-side sway, improved safety and handling and the elimination of sag, Anutami didn’t have to worry about his truck camper and instead could have fun with his family on their epic roadtrip. He could also enjoy the trip without white knuckle driving and the feeling of anxiety due to a lack of steering control. Once their trip concluded, he can quickly return to the truck's original ride in just seconds. Since the lower StableLoads adjust to its "off" position, he can enjoy a smooth factory ride when he’s not towing or hauling, but also has the ability to handle heavy payload for future road trips by switching the lower StableLoads back on.

Some other great features of the upper and lower StableLoad include:

•  Dramatically improves safety, handling and reduces sway, body roll and porpoising
•  The lower StableLoads have the ability to turn on and off in seconds
•  Universal fit for all vehicles with factory installed upper and lower overloads
•  Works with small truck campers, small trailers, large truck campers, 5th wheels, SUVs and more
•  For the lower StableLoads, a quad contact design complements the vehicle manufacturer's four point suspension
•  Legendary Lifetime Warranty
•  Proudly made in the USA

 We’re glad that the StableLoads were able to make Anutami’s trip that much better and that they will continue to make future truck suspension and truck camper travels even better as well. Take a page from Anutami’s book and check out Torklift International upper and lower StableLoad Suspension stabilizers for your next epic roadtrip. Find a Torklift dealer near you or check out our Where to Buy page or contact us at 800-246-8132. Read Anutami's full trip report here

In Case You Have to Drill:

If you find yourself with a lower overload leaf spring that has to be drilled to install the lower StableLoad Suspension Stabilizer, we're here to help. The key to drilling a leaf spring effectively is to apply a significant amount of force using a cordless drill with slow rotation and well-lubricated drill bits. We offer a special StableLoad Leaf Spring Drill Tool as well as drill bits to help you cradle the drill and allows you to slowly guide the drill bit with little effort. The tool does the work for you and is the simplest and quickest method of drilling the leaf spring. The StableLoad Drill Tool is available to rent for FREE with a $150 refundable deposit.

Installation with StableLoad Drill Tool: 

Click here to see installation without the StableLoad Drill Tool. 

For more information, call us at 800-246-8132.


kerstinWritten by Kerstin Stokes:
As a graduate from the College of Idaho with a B.A. in both History and Art, Kerstin has found her passion for writing and marketing. She enjoys looking up tasty recipes for baking and daydreaming about future travels. 

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