Three reasons why Torklift turnbuckles outperform hold down straps

Whether securing a truck camper, recreational equipment or motorized vehicles, using hold down straps made from polyester webbing is a risky route. Depending on what you are towing or hauling in your truck bed or trailer, it’s critical to follow all safety precautions. Road safety is important, not only for yourself but for other drivers.

Torklift turnbuckles outperform hold-downs or ratchet straps due to the following:

b2ap3_thumbnail_lost-straps.png1) Tie me down or lose me

Hold-down straps are prone to tangle easily and are quite a hassle to adjust. Once you’ve managed to get them on the vehicle, hold-down straps or ratchet straps easily fall off and are lost during transit. Have you encountered a truck on the highway with long ropes or hold-down straps flapping along in the wind? Did you switch lanes? The more movement, the looser and less secure the straps become. Loose straps are a good indication that the load is not safely secured.

When using a Torklift turnbuckle like the Original FastGun, securing a load becomes hassle-free.

The FastGun turnbuckle is the easiest turnbuckle to use because:
     -  Once assembled, installs in just minutes
     -  Quick-disconnect handle for ease of use
     -  100% tool free
     -  Length can be adjusted with a simple twist
     -  Lockable, so you know your load is secure (whether stationary or in transit)

FastGun turnbuckle won’t tangle

There are many styles of turnbuckles available, although other applications may require tools and adjustment. If convenience is important to you, consider FastGun turnbuckles in any application that requires securing your valuable items.  

2) Hold on tight

b2ap3_thumbnail_tension.pngWith strap tie downs or ratchet straps, there is no way to determine appropriate tension. Regardless the application (truck camper, trailer loads, etc.), the correct amount of tension is crucial to transport items safely. The likelihood of failing straps or lost loads is greatly increased by guessing tension. Safety should never be a guessing game and is much too hazardous.

b2ap3_thumbnail_spring-tension.pngTo prevent failed hold-downs and unbearable pressure to tie down anchors, it’s essential to use a spring-loaded method. Transporting over uneven roads causes the tension on tie down straps to spike to levels several times the static tension.  Ratchet straps or hold-downs also stretch when stressed due to sudden movement. Unfortunately they don’t stretch or compress back like a spring would. The spring design acts as a shock absorber, protecting any anchor points you are using.

Torklift International FastGun turnbuckles are:
     -  Spring-loaded
     -  Equipped with the patented O-ring tension indicator to guarantee tension

The spring in FastGun turnbuckles allow some give when your vehicle encounters unfavorable road conditions. Depending on the application and desired tension, the FastGuns have the ability to apply up to 450 pounds of spring-loaded pressure.

3) You’re Busted

Hold-downs made from rope and polyester nylon often fray and rot. Avoid the possibility of busted straps by using a Torklift International FastGun turnbuckle. Its unwavering strength and durability come with Torklift’s legendary lifetime warranty.


FastGun turnbuckles are composed of:
     -  100 percent stainless steel
     -  Lever action handle made from aircraft grade aluminum
     -  Available in high impact powder coated finishesb2ap3_thumbnail_fastgun-finishes-final.png

Due to the durability of these materials, each Torklift FastGun turnbuckle boasts a pull down rating of 2,500 pounds.

The stainless steel composition helps protect from the effects of rust and corrosion. The FastGun is also available in finishes of stainless steel high impact powder coated bright white, grey and black. High impact powder coat helps to further protect the turnbuckles from the elements. The turnbuckles require little maintenance and are very easy to clean.b2ap3_thumbnail_fastgun-reviews.png

Scott from Colorado uses FastGun turnbuckles.

“I finally broke down and bought some FastGuns,” said Scott.  “I have to tell you they are terrific. Well-made and engineered.”

When towing or hauling items in a trailer or truck bed, road safety is not an area we can afford to be careless. In most cases, hold-down straps or ratchet straps are insufficient in supporting loads while traveling.

Discover additional applications for turnbuckles and click here to learn more about the Torklift International FastGun turnbuckle. 

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Not just for truck campers: 7 different ways to use turnbuckles

People refer to turnbuckles in several different ways. Hold downs, pull downs, binders and the most commonly used, tie downs. Referring to turnbuckles as tie downs is confusing to some, as tie downs are the system in which you install in order to secure a truck camper to a truck.


Even though there are several ways to refer to a turnbuckle, this tool serves one simple purpose. That purpose is to connect two entities. When strapping down anything from a heavy load or large machinery to recreational equipment like kayaks or motorbikes, Torklift International turnbuckles safely secure your valuable items.

Turnbuckles are used for several applications:  

1) TOY HAULER: Strap down bikes and other toys to make sure they stay in place during transport. Many toy haulers have E-Tracks with loops that work well with Torklift International turnbuckles.  

E-Tracks in toy haulers | Harley Davidson motorcycle secured with FastGuns

2) TRAILER: Turnbuckles like the FastGun make application quick and easy when it comes to strapping down items to a trailer. The FastGun’s lockable feature allows you to prevent theft when leaving items on the trailer for extended time periods. Click here to learn more about FastGun Locks.

FastGuns secure an ATV to a trailer

3) SLED DECK: For those who snowmobile and use sled deck applications for a truck bed, a secure way to mount a sled deck is with the AnchorGuard Derringer turnbuckle.

Mounting a sled deck with turnbuckles

4) FLAT BED: Hold down a truck camper or other items to your flatbed truck with quick-disconnect turnbuckles.

Torklift FastGun turnbuckles on Flat bed truck

5) TRUCK DECK CARGO: Once the sled deck or truck deck is secured to your vehicle, strap down ATVs, bikes or snowmobiles with a Short Range FastGun. A derringer handle can also be added to any basic turnbuckle to make it quick-disconnect.

Short Range FastGuns hold down an ATV  | 
Long Range FastGuns
secure a truck deck to tie downs

6) WATERCRAFT: Secure your boat to a boat trailer to avoid shifting while on the road. Turnbuckles are also useful to tie larger watercraft to a dock.

Short-range FastGun holding a boat to a boat trailer

7) AIRCRAFT: From seaplanes to helicopters, turnbuckles easily connect the aircraft to any surface for transportation.

FastGun secures helicopter to landing pad on ship deck

Torklift International FastGun Turnbuckle
orklift offers a variety of turnbuckle designs, however the top selling and most popular turnbuckle is the FastGun.

Torklift FastGun Turnbuckle in high impact powder coat grey

Why is the FastGun turnbuckle the best turnbuckle available? As the fastest turnbuckle application on the market, the FastGun does not require tools for installation once assembled. The quick disconnect feature makes adjustment extraordinarily quick and easy.b2ap3_thumbnail_fg-liberty-tli.png

The body of the turnbuckle is made from 100 percent stainless steel while its lever-action handle is made from aircraft grade aluminum. Due to the durability of these materials, each FastGun turnbuckle boasts a pull down rating of 2,500 pounds. Long Range FastGuns reach from 25 to 43 inches and Short Range or  “.45” style reaches from 14.5 to 21.5 inches.  

All Torklift turnbuckles are made in the USA and covered by Torklift International’s legendary lifetime warranty.

Click here for more details on the FastGun turnbuckle. If you have questions on what turnbuckle works best for your specific application, call Torklift Tech Support at 800-246-8132.

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