Lock and Load: When You Need a SideKick to Have Your Back

1Truck CamperWith the SideKick generator tray
power will always be with you
The word “generator” brings three words to mind: light, heat and power. These words represent the things we rely on the most when confronted with the dark and oftentimes intimidating world of the great outdoors. Like two sides to a coin however, there are negative words that also apply to generators: grease, fumes and noise. It’s a simple fact of life that you cannot have one thing without the other. If you want a functioning generator to stay powered up, you’re going to have to compromise. When it comes to generators, compromising means putting up with messy maintenance and dealing with thick fumes, loud noises and other unpleasant experiences.

However, Nolan Sturgeon didn’t have to compromise. Nolan decided to use Torklift’s Lock and Load SideKick generator tray. The Lock and Load SideKick cargo tray allows for storage of generators outside of the truck and camper while still under lock and key. Because of this, Nolan’s trip with his family to the lake was actually spent with his family at the lake and not cleaning away grease or airing out the thick aroma of gasoline. He also didn’t have to worry about his generator being stolen. With the SideKick generator tray, permanently store your generator while on the road or off the grid, all while avoiding those harsh exhaust fumes and unsightly stains.

Stay Locked and Loaded
Nolan (otherwise known as Anutami on Rv.net) spoke highly of the SideKick locking generator tray and wrote:

“I usually store the gen in the cab of the truck but now can keep it locked outside, and [the Torklift Lock and Lock SideKick generator cargo carrier] worked great for the whole trip.”- Anutami

2Truck CamperEnjoy the use of you RV generator wherever the road takes you

Nolan set out on his trip with the locking cargo tray for his Honda generator attached to a receiver on the back of his rig. Nolan was able to prevent generator theft with a high security tamper-proof lock (which comes included) and adjustable high security straps. The locking cargo tray kept his generator secured and safe from the perils of damage and costly generator theft, even as the generator was running.

3lock and load sidekickLock and Load SideKick

There are many different ways to mount your generator, but Nolan only needed one. Mounting the generator was no problem for Nolan, thanks to the SideKick’s ultra-lightweight and compact design. Forged from high impact powder coated aircraft grade aluminum, no heavy lifting was needed to attach the generator tray to the receiver hitch. All he needed to do was attach the 21.25” x 16.125” generator tray to his rear 2” x 2” hitch receiver. The generator stayed on the tray, even while in use. The task would have been especially easy with the addition of Torklift Space Dock receiver hitch accessory, a 4space dock mounting armSpace Dock mounting arm attached to a Palomino truck camper bumper (Not required to use the
Lock and Load SideKick)
specially designed mounting arm adapter (which is sold separately) used to mount a locking cargo carrier to a Palomino Landing Pad bumper. Best of all, Lock and Load’s larger size, the Original Lock and Load, is perfect for larger generators, motorized equipment and added storage. With the use of any size Lock and Load, folks like Nolan can enjoy the added comfort of the additional space as the generator is permanently out of the way.



5Truck camper familySideKick generator tray mounts on
front or rear receiver hitch
Access to the power your family needs
Nolan had nothing to worry about as his family made their way to Leavitt Lake. Thanks to quick, tool-free security access to the generator in its generator carrier, maintenance was as easy as reaching over the security straps and locking bar for direct access to the vital areas of his Honda RV generator. Lock, store and run a Honda or Yamaha generator and other motorized equipment simultaneously. With quick adjustments for generators ranging from 16.5” to 18.5” in height on the SideKick, access to the generator’s most precious components is made easy.

What belongs outside, should stay outside
As Nolan began the long journey home, his Honda generator remained secured to his rear receiver. Safe from thieves and securely locked, his generator kept the lights on and his family warm for the entirety of their trip, emitting clouds of fumes and keeping its symphony of rumbling hums outside where they belong. Backed by Torklift’s lifetime warranty, the Lock and Load SideKick keeps Nolan and his family in good hands for any future camping trips together.

6Truck CamperKeep the noise and the mess outside where they belong
with the Lock and Load SideKick

7Truck Camper
Make your trip more comfortable knowing your family has power

Our goal has always been to help people make joyous memories through our dedicated customer service and reliable products, which are always proudly made in the USA. We at Torklift are delighted to have helped make Nolan’s family trip a happy one.

Be sure to read Nolan’s full trip report on RV.Net.

For more information or to buy the Torklift Lock and Load SideKick generator tray, click here or find a dealer near you.



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If these quit working at the campsite…you might not make it

plugPower your RV with a generatorConvenience is hard to come by in the forest, on a destitute road or at a campground. Thank goodness for generators because they keep us modern and “plugged in” at the campsite, allowing us to continue enjoying those little luxuries. Sometimes we don’t realize what we take for granted until it’s gone.

Here’s the top five things campers derive generator power for, followed by how you can prevent these little luxuries from slipping through your fingers.

Can’t live without

  1. Your “I-got-to-cook-it-right-now” Microwave

  2. Your “It-keeps-my-armpits-smelling-fresh” Air Conditioning

  3. Your “I’m-secretly-watching-Gilligan’s Island” Television

  4. Your “It-sometimes-doubles-as-a-hand-warmer” Hair Dryer

  5. Your “Let-there-be-light!” Moments

If you’re not a fan of tent camping, it’s hard to imagine camping without these conveniences. Or worse yet, imagine camping at your favorite secret location only to wake up to find your generator-powered belongings didn’t work. Envision walking outside and seeing your generator had been stolen. That certainly puts a damper on things.

generator-brandsGenerator safety
The Torklift International Lock and Load SideKick protects your camping lifestyle by keeping your generator secure and providing the endless power you appreciate.

The locking generator tray accommodates the most popular generators: Yamaha EF2400iSHC, Yamaha EF2000is and the Honda Eu2000ai.

Generator tray materials
Lock and Load SideKick is an aircraft grade aluminum tray featuring a sturdy, adjustable strapping mechanism that goes over the generator, securing it from theft. The tray and security strap do not interfere with use of the generator. It also comes with a heavy-duty puck lock and keys.

The mountable cargo tray fits into any standard 2-inch by 2-inch receiver port or any standard 2-inch by 2-inch receiver trailer hitch (front hitch or rear hitch).

Lock and Load SideKick cargo tray in front receiver hitch with Yamaha Generator

Torklift International offers other sizes of the Lock and Load security trays to accommodate larger generators too. Click here to see the original Lock and Load locking cargo carrier.

locking-cargo-tray-emptyLock and Load SideKick for generatorsGenerator tray aftercare
The Lock and Load SideKick generator tray is durable and built to withstand the elements of outdoors and sticky fingers of thieves, but just as it takes care of your generator, you must also take care of your generator tray. Since the tray is made from aluminum with high impact powder coat finish, you don’t have to worry about rust or corrosion.



Since the generator does not need to be removed for use, it’s common to leave the generator on the SideKick generator tray for long periods of time. Enjoy camping with all the necessities you can’t bear living without. Store, lock and run your generator simultaneously with the Lock and Load SideKick.

Check out the SideKick in action by watching this video:

Click here to learn more about Torklift International Lock and Load SideKick.

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Two convenient ways to mount a generator when camping

sound-waveWhat’s that sound? Is your Yamaha or Honda generator humming? If you listen closely, you’ll hear that it’s asking for a SideKick. Not the buddy-buddy kind, but the Lock and Load SideKick from Torklift International. The locking generator tray is the perfect solution for storing your Honda or Yamaha generator while camping.

locking-cargo-tray-emptyLock and Load SideKick

What is the SideKick?
The Lock and Load SideKick provides a secure way to store and lock expensive accessories on your RV. Benefit by having access to more power if used to house a generator. By using a tamper-proof high security puck lock, prevent generator theft and enjoy the benefit of extra space within your camper.

The important question: Where to mount your locking generator tray?  Here are two convenient ways to mount your generator that provide both security and convenience:

#1) Front or rear hitch
The receiver hitch application of the Lock and Load SideKick is more universal for folks with either a truck camper or any type of trailer. The locking cargo tray fits into any industry standard 2-inch by 2-inch receiver and connects to either front or rear receiver hitches.

sidekick-yamahaYamaha generator on Lock and Load SideKickThe sturdy security strap secures the generator and easily adjusts to fit different sizes of generators. The notches in each of the side straps are designed for Yamaha EF2000iS, Yamaha EF2400iSHC and Honda Eu2000ia generators. However, the height of the security straps range from 16.5 inches to 18.5 inches tall, allowing other generators to fit as long as the dimensions are appropriate.

For larger sized generators, check out the original Lock and Load. Torklift’s generator carrier dimensions are:

  1. Lock and Load SideKick: 19.75" x 11.75"
  2. Lock and Load Original: 28" x 23"


Palomino-bumper-close-upPalomino Truck Camper with Landing Pad bumper#2) Space Dock
If you have a Palomino truck camper equipped with the Landing Pad bumper, this application will blow your mind. The Landing Pad truck camper bumper boasts extra lockable storage, fancy DOT certified LED lights and convenient glow-in-the-dark swing step.  The left side of the bumper has a specific spot for the Space Dock so a SideKick generator tray can be secured.

space-dock-adapterSpace Dock receiver accessory

sidekick-on-bumperLock and Load SideKick attached to Palomino Landing Pad Bumper with Space DockBy using the Space Dock receiver attachment on the Palomino Landing Pad bumper, the Lock and Load SideKick generator carrier easily swings out to allow clearance for accessing storage. The SpaceDock receiver accessory is also compatible with other attachments like cargo racks, BBQ, etc.

Choose the Lock and Load SideKick generator tray to keep your humming generator outside the camper allowing for more space inside the RV for your leisure. The generator makes noise when used to power lights and other things that require energy in the camper. Since the generator uses a hefty lock, leave it attached to the bumper without worry of someone stealing it.

A best friend for you and your generator
Your RV generator is safe in the hands of Torklift’s SideKick.  Security access to the generator is tool-free, quick and easy. Engineered and designed for durability, the generator tray is made from lightweight aircraft grade aluminum and finished with high impact powder coat. The Lock and Load SideKick allows you to lock, store and run your generator simultaneously.

sidekick-generator-tray1Torklift customer installed SideKick generator tray on the front receiver
to secure a Honda generator

Whether you choose to mount a generator to your front or rear receiver hitch or the Palomino Landing Pad bumper, camping with your RV is made easier. With expensive equipment like your Yamaha or Honda generator safely stored and easily accessible, enjoy more access to power with the Lock and Load SideKick.

Read a recent review of this locking generator tray or click here to learn more about the Torklift International Lock and Load SideKick.

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