A Tale of Two Camping Titans

Lance Blog1The truck camping and RVing world is in for a nice surprise. Torklift International and Lance Campers have entered into a partnership that aims to start a new “Revolution.” This glorious new partnership combines two great companies to provide adventure enthusiasts with a top of the line truck camper or trailer outfitted with a top of the line step system. That’s right, 2019 Lance 1172 comes standard with ultraSTEPglow factory installed. Also known as the GlowStep Revolution from Torklift, these trailer steps are available on multiple trailers and campers, customers are capable of adding the ultraSTEPglow as an aftermarket part.

Torklift President Jack Kay has expressed his excitement for the Lance and Torklift partnership stating, “Just like Torklift, Lance has been in business for over 40 years. We are passionate about partnering with them (Lance) so customers can have the best and safest camping experience possible.” When you combine two companies who are passionate about their work, the outdoors and are willing to go to the distance for their loyal customers, greatness awaits.

Lance Blog2Torklift isn’t the only one excited about the partnership. Lance recognizes that working with Torklift and offering the ultraSTEPglow system on their equipment is a great opportunity. “Torklift is the type of partner we love to work whose products complement our brand’s quality position in the marketplace,” said Randy Hunter, Research and Development Manager at Lance Camper Mfg. Corp. “On the retail side of the business our customers appreciate the quality, innovation and functionality their products offer.” Both Lance and Torklift strive to offer greatness and provide the utmost quality.

Torklift proudly offers a Legendary Lifetime warranty to ensure the satisfaction of the customer, even years after the product was purchased. Fully manufactured in America, with American made materials, Torklift is dedicated to producing an overall shopping experience comparable to none. A team of engineers works diligently to provide new and innovative products that are built with every piece of quality assurance that can go into a product.

Lance is known for being the best on the market. They offer quality products that are built to be sturdy and last a long time. The quality assurance goes all the way down to the finishing work and even the stitching on the seat cushions. Lance aims to make truck campers and travel trailers that elevate the camping experience to a whole new level.

Lance Blog3Lance 1172 camper with the ultraSTEPglow steps (also known as the GlowStep Revolution)

What is the ultraSTEPglow All About?

Lance Blog4For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Torklift International ultraSTEPglow, allow us to highlight the major features. The “Revolution” started in 2015 when Torklift initially released this marvelous product. The first ever step system with three levels of precision elevation control on the top of the step, and five levels of lower adjustment via the All Terrain Landing Gear. Altogether, the levels of adjustment equal out to SEVEN total inches of vertical fine-tuning. Torklift National Sales Manager, Kyle Bonita explains the All Terrain Landing gear, and what makes it a step above the rest of the industry: 

“One of the unique parts about the ultraSTEPglow is the All Terrain Landing Gear which comes standard on these RV steps and provides ability to adjust, the landing gear attach to the base of the step allowing the step to become level with the ground. They maneuver to accommodate uneven terrain, which is a common occurrence at most campgrounds or boon docking off the grid."

The steps feature glow in the dark strips to illuminate your way back to your camper after the sun has gone down. With the ability to glow up to 10 hours with only five minutes of light exposure, the ultraSTEPglow will surely light your way all through the night. Accessories and innovations to these RV steps makes them even more suitable for all situations. A few add-ons include the GlowGuide, SafeStep, and the DirtDestroyer. Each of these products are designed to better the steps.


The GlowGuide is a handrail that attaches to your camper in two locations and attaches to the steps to give you three points of stability. This offers the user even more safety when navigating up or down the steps. The GlowGuide can be easily stored inside the RV when not in use and is compatible with both campers and trailers.

Lance Blog5ultraSTEPglow and the GlowGuide illuminating the night


Torklift also introduced the SafeStep. An ingenious product that creates a vertical barrier in between each step, protecting your pets or children from falling. The great thing about the SafeStep is that the panels can remain installed even when the steps are being stored. Furthermore, they are made with a UV protected material, so the sharp black color won’t turn gray after repeated harsh exposure to the sun.

Lance Blog6The SafeStep is a protective step riser guard  


The final addition to the accessory line is the DirtDestroyer. We have all seen those weird ineffective bristly things that sit outside of a store or even a house. An effective shoe cleaner to keep people from have to remove their shoes when heading inside. Torklift has developed the DirtDestroyer to do the same thing, only it conveniently attaches to your camper steps and looks great while doing it. Keep the dirt and mud outside of your RV! Quickly and conveniently run your shoes through the DirtDestroyer and voila.

Lance Blog7This shoe cleaning attachment is a perfect addition to your step system

Now thanks to the collaboration between Lance and Torklift, the ultraSTEPglow is now available on Lance truck campers and trailers.


nateWritten by Nathan Miller:
As a graduate from Eastern Washington University, Nathan received his degree in marketing. He enjoys people and partaking in anything outdoors. Nathan once had a staring contest with an owl and won. He is the most interesting writer in the Torklift Universe. 

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How to make a truck camper deck?

After lots of speculation on how to build a truck camper deck we came across an article on Rv.net. The user, Bigfootford decided to take on this project himself. He started off with a well drawn out blueprint on his shop floor, constructed of Unistrut, plumbers tape, and some bolts. It looked pretty good. We really like that he incorporated his steps, which he broke into two pieces to gap the entrance and the other half led to the ground. He also incorporated storage slots for tubs on each side. It took him some time to construct his idea as well as to measure, cut, and piece it together. Here is a link to RV. net users story BigFootFords DIY deck project. If you aren’t a DIY person or don’t have the time, Torklift has various truck camper deck options to fit any of your needs.

blueprintBigfootfords blue print

bigfoot finalFinal Product

Fox Landing Bumper
This bumper serves as an extension of your camping experience. Crafted from aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel, it offers entry from either the left or right side and it eliminates the need to disconnect the trailer tongue. The Fox Landing Bumper can fold up in a matter of seconds and secures in the stowed position. GlowStep tread is added for safety to prevent slipping.

arcticfoxFox Landing Bumper

Northstar Bumper
The Northstar Bumper is engineered and designed at Torklift International. It’s constructed out of light weight aircraft grade aluminum. This bumper works with any framing system and has a custom tread. It has a custom step reinforced with gussets. It’s USA-made and has our legendary lifetime warranty.

northstar1Northstar Bumper

Palomino Landing Pad
If you are in need of storage space while camping, this is the deck for you. With nearly 3.5 cubic feet of storage, this bumper weighs 84 pounds, is 93 inches wide and features an 18.5-inch platform depth. The Palomino Landing Pad is manufactured out of aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel. With LED lights and a built in swing step, this bumper makes all other factory bumpers seem out-of-date. The Palomino Landing Pad is a Torklift International design and backed by a lifetime warranty.

palominoPalomino Landing Pad

Ultra Deck Plus
This truck camper porch is engineered and designed exclusively for Lance campers by Torklift International. The Ultra Deck Plus is designed with aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel. This deck is high impact powder coated for extreme durability with a contoured body style that offers 7.8 cubic feet of storage. This comes with lots of extras. A deck slide that extends and has a 600-pound capacity, a swing step that incorporates Torklift International GlowStep technology, DOT certified LED lights and a Torklift exclusive hinge lock system for all storage compartments.

lanceLance Ultra Deck Plus

If you are ready to get your camper out on the road and don’t have the time that RV.net user BigFootFord had to build his own deck, have no fear Torklift is here! With several options that will accommodate every need you have as far a safety, security, and storage you can’t go wrong. For more information call us at 800.246.8132 or visit torklift.com.



shyannWritten by Shyann Guerra:
Being in an environment in which I can problem solve is where I flourish. Every answer to a problem leads me to a new concept to understand or a lesson to learn. Whem I'm not solving problems I enjoy camping and going to festivals with my family - from the local city center festivals to the mountains of Wenatchee at the Winter Grass, blue grass music festival. Experiencing culture is where my heart is content. 

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Equipment needed for towing or hauling a Lance Camper

Lance Camper w Ultra DeckLance truck camper with Ultra Deck Plus bumper by Torklift
(Photo courtesy of Truck Camper Magazine)
Lance Campers are known for their exceptional quality of campers, ultra-light travel trailers and toy haulers. It’s no surprise that their high level of standard is mirrored across to any accompanying equipment and gear that’s used with their units. If you’re wondering about truck camper and towing equipment that Lance would recommend, we designated this article solely to address that topic.

The SuperHitch and SuperTruss towing system are recommended to use with your Lance truck camper, travel trailer or toy hauler. For truck camping, Torklift also recommends completing your RVing and towing package with Torklift frame-mounted tie downs, quick-disconnect turnbuckles and StableLoad suspension stabilizer for your truck. Take Lance’s word for it -- Their recommendations ensure you’re maintaining the integrity and the safety required for an investment like your Lance unit.

Lance CamperPhoto Credit: LanceCamper.comOne of the recommended pieces of equipment for towing a trailer while hauling a Lance Camper or simply towing a Lance travel trailer is the Torklift SuperHitch towing system. Lance recommends the SuperHitch as the No. 1 receiver hitch system for Lance Campers. Torklift’s Outlaw Series of receiver hitches are engineered with features that include dual receivers for added strength that evenly distributes weight and boasts the same capacity in either upper or lower receiver. The receiver hitches in Torklift International’s SuperHitch Outlaw Series also include features such as:

• Engineered vehicle specific to ensure a proper fit to your truck, from ½ ton to 1 ½ ton trucks
• Most applications are no-drill
• Dual receiver allows the ability to insert accessories into the top receiver while towing from the bottom
• Only line of hitches with reinforced hitch pin locations preventing the hitch pin holes from wearing and elongation, commonly referred to as “egging”
• Made in USA and backed by Torklift’s Legendary Lifetime Warranty

Don’t be inhibited by factory installed hitches. With SuperHitch, maximize the towing capabilities of your truck with a strong hitch. It’s important to note that Torklift recommends staying within the towing capacity set by your vehicle’s manufacturer. With the highest weight ratings in the industry, the Outlaw Series includes the following receiver hitch and towing hitch accessories:

SuperHitch Hero 15K receiver – 15,000 lbs pull, 1,500 lbs tongue*
• SuperHitch Original 20K receiver – 20,000 lbs pull, 2,000 lbs tongue*
SuperHitch Magnum 30K receiver – 30,000 lbs pull, 3,000 lbs tongue*
SuperHitch Pintle and Ballmount accessories – up to 30,000 lbs capacity

*When used with weight distribution.

SuperTrussSuperHitch SuperTruss
The beauty about a truck camper is that it’s versatile enough to fit in the truck bed, leaving your hitch open to tow a trailer. If you’re towing with a Lance truck camper overhang, feel confident in the recommendation from Lance to use the Torklift SuperTruss extension to go along with your SuperHitch. This towing extension system allows you the ability of hauling a Lance truck camper with an overhang and still making use of the SuperHitch receiver hitch on the truck. Thanks to the SuperTruss hitch receiver extension, bring along anything you want such as a trailer, boat, sand buggy or even horses on your next family adventure.

Towing w Lance Truck CamperTowing with a Lance truck camper

The SuperTruss hitch extension comes in multiple lengths ranging from 21 inches all the way to 60 inches. Refer to the chart for extension lengths and weight capacity ratings. Safely tow while enjoying the luxury of your Lance truck camper.

 truss-capacities F1 - Trailers Gross Tongue Weight (GTW) when fully loaded
F2 - Trailers Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) when fully loaded

Lance Recommended Towing GearLance recommended towing gear
#1) SuperHitch and SuperTruss
#9) Rear Mounting Centering Guides
#4) Turnbuckles 
Figure 1 of the illustration from LanceCamper.com shows the SuperHitch and SuperTruss equipment needed for Lance camper setups to get the most out of your camping experience.

Beyond the SuperHitch and SuperTruss systems, Torklift also recommends other truck camping equipment to use with your Lance that improves safety, stability and ease of use.

Other necessities for Lance truck campers:

Frame-Mounted Tie Downs
Torklift TRUE frame-mounted truck camper tie downs for Lance Camper have four independent points bolting directly to the truck frame, dramatically improving stability and handling while hauling the truck camper. By attaching to the foundation of the truck, prevent any possibility of bed and bumper damage, a problem often encountered with bed-mounted tie down systems. Providing a secure and snug tie down fit designed for your specific truck model, Torklift tie downs don’t compromise any ground clearance and are hidden when not in use (just remove the insert). Click here to learn all of the benefits from frame-mounted tie downs.

Lance at SEMA
Lance debuts at SEMA - Torklift turnbuckles and Talon aluminum tie downs

Prevent bed damage caused by bed-mounted tie downs:

Lets Not With All ThatDon't let this happen to you

FastGun Turnbuckles
Torklift’s quick-disconnect FastGun truck camper turnbuckles are the No. 1 selling turnbuckle and adjust to connect either bed or the frame-mounted tie downs to your Lance Camper. To protect the tie down system and Lance truck camper anchor points, the spring-loaded design ensures a safe ride for your family and camper. Tension indicators determine perfect tension to hold down truck camper while in use. The FastGuns provide easy tool-free adjustment and install within just four minutes – how long does it take you to secure your camper?


Browse all turnbuckles by Torklift International:


FastGun Turnbuckle SpringLoad XL
Basic SpringLoad
AnchorGuard AnchorGuard Derringer

FastGuns are lockable! Click here to learn more about FastGun locks.


TLI Turnbuckles


StableLoad Suspension Stabilizer
As one of the best suspension mods that stabilizes and improves truck suspension for hauling a Lance camper, StableLoads pre-activate your vehicle’s factory overload springs. By pre-loading the overload leaf springs, the stabilizing effects built into the leaf springs by the original vehicle engineers kick into gear, the way it was initially designed. When activated, there’s a drastic reduction in body roll, side-to-side sway and porpoising that’s common when hauling a camper. The innovative design of StableLoads prevents these common vehicle handling effects, making it the best truck camper and towing suspension upgrade available.


We had folks at a Lance Camper rally take the StableLoad Challenge. All attendees either own a Lance truck camper or Lance travel trailer and are familiar with how their truck performs when they tow or haul.

Here’s what happened when they tried the StableLoad suspension stabilizer:

For more information on Lance Campers visit www.lancecamper.comClick here to explore the SuperHitch Outlaw Series including the SuperHitch and SuperTruss extension system.



winski Written by Danielle Winski: With a B.S. in Marketing Management from Western Governors University of Washington, Danielle is passionate about using different technical and creative outlets for designing marketing content. She is an avid reader, writer and nature photographer in her free time. 

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Storage for the Long Haul: The Ultra Deck Plus, a truck camper bumper designed exclusively for Lance Truck Campers

lance-bumper-storageUltra Deck Plus Camper BumperAs fantastic as truck camping can be, there never seems to be quite enough room to store all the accessories you need — tools, ice chests, fishing poles, hiking gear. With the Ultra Deck Plus — a truck camper bumper engineered by Torklift International and designed exclusively for Lance Campers — you’ll never lack for storage space again. The Ultra Deck Plus bumper is a versatile aftermarket truck camper bumper, elegantly designed to increase your storage capacity without adding additional bulk to your truck camper. For those long journeys on the road, the Ultra Deck Plus bumper is destined to become your new best friend.

Transform the Journey with the Ultra Deck Plus
Have you ever caught yourself debating whether it’s more valuable to bring along your fishing gear or your ice chest on your next trip? If so, the Ultra Deck Plus bumper is the product for you. This compact truck camper bumper features a sleek contoured body style that gives specific models of Lance truck campers an additional 7.8 cubic feet of truck camper storage so you’ll never again need to agonize over that decision.

On either side of the deck, two spacious compartments provide deep storage for large items such as a cooler or a tackle box. Both compartments also have built in drains that make cleaning a breeze. The central deck features a sliding storage drawer that can support up to 600 pounds; it also comes with a standard truck camper swing step. lance-slide-outUltra Deck Plus features slide-out porchOffered as an option the truck camper entry step system is designed to also incorporate Torklift International’s patent pending GlowStep technology and can be deployed from either the center, right, or left side making The Ultra Deck Plus bumper perfect for safe and easy side access critical with towing, especially when using a SuperTruss Extension.  

Torklift International Ultra Deck Plus for Lance Campers

With so many details, the Ultra Deck Plus is sure to dazzle. However, perhaps the best feature of all is that the bumper storage is lockable. Not only does the Ultra Deck Plus bumper allow you to bring all of your favorite gear with you, but it can also afford peace of mind about the safety of your items while you’re out exploring.

Check out the video below for more detail about the Ultra Deck Plus bumper, its lockable storage features, and its durable design:

Truck Camper Storage at its Finest
Engineered by Torklift International, the Ultra Deck Plus was specifically designed for Lance truck campers and is directly compatible with the following units:

• 2015/2016 1050S Model
• 2015/2016 1052 Model
• 2015/2016 995 Model
• 2016 975 Model
• 2016 1062 Model

Like all Torklift products, the Ultra Deck Plus bumper is proudly made in the USA from quality materials you can trust. It is built with aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel, resulting in a light but durable truck camper bumper. High impact powder coating not only adds style to the Ultra Deck Plus bumper, but it also ensures extreme durability. Lockable storage compartments feature a unique hinge lock system exclusive to Torklift International designs. Finally, DOT certified LED lights are sealed and guaranteed never to leak — a promise backed by Lance Camper Manufacturing.

Ultra Deck Plus features DOT certified LED lights

Spacious Storage and Uncompromised Style
With the Ultra Deck Plus truck camper bumper, you have all the space you need yet you sacrifice nothing in style. The Ultra Deck Plus is sleek, sturdy, and elegantly simple, and it is sure to add class to the back of your Lance truck camper.

lance-campers-tcPhoto Credit: Lance CampersWe are certain you’ll be impressed with the Ultra Deck Plus bumper, but we would like to know what you like best about it. What features stand out most? What would you like to add?

Are you ready to embark on your next adventure? Why not try the Ultra Deck Plus bumper for yourself? For information on how to order the Ultra Deck Plus, contact your local Lance dealer by visiting LanceCamper.com or call (661) 949-3322.

Jenica headshotWritten by Jenica Donahue:
Jenica holds a B.F.A. in Creative Writing from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. She is a freelance writer interested in blogging, copy writing and editing. She enjoys exploring new places and hiking in the Pacific Northwest.

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And the Oscar goes to...by Torklift Jen

The latest news in Torklift International productions includes a trailer.  Not the type you may associate with our expertise in manufacturing parts for towing and hauling, but the Hollywood kind- the “Coming to a theater near you”- kind of trailer.
The recent launch of the Ultra Deck Plus bumper for Lance Campers created a stir in the blogosphere and a huge response to this new product.

The complete story and video aired exclusively in Truck Camper Magazine. And, the epic video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=5m1M-EPio2w

We were thrilled with the response to the new bumper and it also lead to some very creative conversations on the video production introducing the product.  We were offered alternate endings, possible hidden symbolism and great feedback and support of the bumper.

It seemed that viewers were asking for more, so after reading some of the forum discussion posts, I am pleased to offer you an exclusive “director’s cut “ script and answer some of the questions I found on the new design and its features.

Q: What models of truck campers will it be available on?
A:  As of 2/21/14, Lance Campers has made the Ultra Deck Plus exclusive with the 1052 model.  Look for other models to be available in the future.

Q: What is the weight difference of the new optional Ultra Deck Plus and the standard equipment bumper?
A: It is 149 pounds.

Q: Will it require the use of a hitch extension?
A:  The Ultra Deck Plus will extend about 2 feet, so a 48 inch to 60 inch hitch extension will be required when towing specifically with the Lance 1052 model.

Q: How much is the new bumper going to cost?
A: See your dealer for more information, however, The Lance 1052 will be MSRP $34,437 for the base camper and $39,800 for the standard build optioned out camper.  This includes the Ultra Deck Plus bumper and many other special options.

Q: Where does the sewer hose go?
A: So stealth, but it’s there.  There is also a 2”x 2” receiver hitch (300lb. cargo capacity) for accessories built in for easy storage.

Q: What type of fish was that used in the filming?
fishA: Honestly, we weren't sure either so we contacted the local fish and wildlife department and had them view the mystery gold fish. Below is an excerpt from their response:  "After close observation of the body movement, dorsal fins, breach, and splash patterns we are of the opinion that the  "goldfish" in question is highly likely a native game fish related to the bass family commonly called a sun fish. We have attached an image for your viewing."

And, adding the disclaimer,  *No animals, (or fish) were harmed in production of this film.

Look for the upcoming sequel featuring our “Talons” Torklift’s new military grade aluminum tie downs.


…I am hearing the cue music to cut this speech, I cannot help with a tear in my eye, but to thank all the people who made this possible.  The engineers, Lance Campers, Torklift International, my managers, our families, truck campers, and outdoor enthusiasts everywhere…

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Launch point...by Torklift Jen

banner_ultradeckplusAs I launched my first step onto the newly forged camper bumper, I couldn’t help but think back to the July 1969 lunar impression and utter the words etched in history by Neil Armstrong, “This is one small step for man, one giant step for mankind…” Agreed, all my steps were baby steps way back then, but this is nonetheless, really big news!


Torklift International is officially announcing today the partnership with Lance Campers and the production of the Ultra Deck Plus Bumper.


It is a Torklift designed and manufactured truck camper bumper that will be debuted with the 1052 Lance Camper and will be available as an option for most of the 2014 models.


The launch of this product is really the dawning of a new era in truck camper form and function.  Like Torklift, Lance Campers has endured and prospered through market downturns and has remained a leader and the most popular truck camper manufacturer in the United States.


This is a pivotal piece to be working on with Lance, as they have remained on the leading edge of truck camper design, we have done the same with aftermarket parts and accessories.  Our contribution of superb manufacturing practices, access to advanced materials like 100% aircraft grade aluminum, and with our forward thinking engineers, we have found a way to answer a consumer need by increasing storage and also thrill with the possibilities to come.


Like the Apollo 11 mission, the development and achievement of this product was a feat of cooperation, innovation and to challenge dreams making them realities.


The initial idea came to us at a Lance Owners of America Rally.  Our customers who knew us to produce the highest quality, safe, and American-made products asked us about building a new bumper.  Like Lance Campers, we continue to learn from our dealers and from every single customer who provides ongoing feedback for improvement and new product design.  Our customers asked and we delivered.


Similarly, our astronauts did not get to the Moon alone and faced difficulties and challenges along the way.  We worked with the product development engineers at Lance from conceptualization through prototypes and in design improvements for two years.  An unyielding spirit of tenacity prevailed and like the cooperation and work that has gone into the International Space Station, this is an example how innovation and creation can unite and technology can transform.Lance_Bumper_Sliced


Jay Taylor, General Manager of Torklift, recently said, “ We are very proud of what we’ve accomplished here.  It’s not just a bumper that we’ve produced, but a newly forged relationship.  Lance is now a worldwide distributor of Torklift International products including our truck camper tie-down, turnbuckle, towing, suspension, and accessory lines.  We are very excited about the opportunity of working with Lance into the future.”


Look forward to the new products that will work in conjunction with the bumper design and to all the adventures that will be viewed and taken in from the Ultra Deck Plus exploring new frontiers and beyond.  It is truly a launching point to take you to your next adventure.  See more here: http://www.torklift.com/products/ultra_deck_plus.php

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