Do I need a leveling kit for my truck?

What type of leveling kit do you need for your suspension? A leveling kit in general will raise either the front or back of a vehicle to achieve an even, leveled stance. For towing any type of trailer or hauling a significant load like a truck camper, it’s typical the extra payload will cause the rear of the vehicle to sag.

How do you know if you are in need of a suspension modification?

Try this: 
     1.  Load your vehicle or connect your trailer 
     2.  Step back to see how the vehicle sits from front to back 
     3.  Determine if the rear of the truck is sagging from the load
     4.  Take a short test-drive – how is your drivability?

Heavy load causing truck rear to sag while towing

When towing or hauling, it’s best to achieve a leveled ride and avoid rear-end sag. If this sagging is what you see happening to your truck, you might take a moment to learn about what leveling kit or suspension upgrade could help your truck’s ride quality. 

When the vehicle is sagging, the driver typically experiences: 
       -  Characteristics of off-balance steering 
       -  Extended braking distance when trying to stop the truck  
       -  Sway and porpoising motions when driving

A simple solution to eliminate vehicle sag and level your truck while towing or hauling is the StableLoad suspension stabilizer.

StableLoad Suspension Stabilizer

StableLoads installed on leaf springs

In addition to leveling your vehicle, the Torklift StableLoads are tested and proven to solve multiple drivability issues. By pre-engaging the stronger factory overload leaf springs, StableLoads give added support to the suspension your truck was designed to have originally.

In order for your overload leaf springs to help manage what you are towing or hauling, they must come into contact with the rest of the leaf springs. The StableLoad suspension stabilizer eliminates delayed contact and puts your springs to work sooner, eliminating truck sag.

See how the StableLoad’s wedge pack eliminates the space in the lower overload leaf springs:

StableLoads engaged and disengaged

If you use your truck as a daily driver and aren’t in need of a permanent modification, the lower StableLoad application is the perfect solution. With the ability to literally turn them on and off by engaging and disengaging them in seconds, the StableLoads allow you to enjoy the convenience of returning to your comfortable factory ride when you’re not towing or hauling. This feature is unlike other suspension modifications that stiffen your ride quality when your truck is not in tow/haul mode.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of Torklift International’s StableLoad suspension stabilizer or learn more about different types of suspension by reading our editorial, "What kind of aftermarket suspension upgrade should I get?". 

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