Are your RV batteries ready for winter? The best way to maintain healthy batteries for next camping season

PowerArmor in UseWinterizing your trailer is easy with a
solar charged RV battery box
Winterizing your towable means ensuring everything is in the best condition possible so your RV is in tip-top shape come springtime. It also means taking time to care of those expensive big-ticket items, in particular the RV batteries. Deep-cycle batteries come with a hefty price tag, so making sure you get your money’s worth means getting them to last as long as possible. The last thing you want when you start prepping your RV after winter is finding dead RV batteries to be just a hunk of junk. Nothing’s more of a pain than poor battery performance.

Battery storage when winterizing a travel trailer
So how you should go about storing RV batteries over the winter season?

PowerArmor Solar




Introducing the Power Armor Solar battery box.



This battery storage container benefits your batteries in more ways than one:

  1. The high quality battery box made from heavy gauge diamond plate aluminum comes with a locking mechanism to prevent battery theft.
  2. Battery life is extended by keeping them in great condition while in storage.

Let’s take a look extending the battery life with the use of a simple battery box. Even though it’s clearly a storage container and may sound pretty ordinary, this box is anything but. The PowerArmor Solar is specially engineered with all the bells and whistles necessary for keeping batteries healthy by maintaining its charge level. 

The number one cause of death for batteries? Overcharging or undercharging.

Most RV owners believe that if they leave their battery plugged into the RV’s battery converter it will keep the battery topped off while in storage. Many RV battery converters charge at a constant voltage that is too high for the battery, essentially frying up the battery to the point where it’s no longer functioning. The electrolytes that keep the battery effective are boiled off and permanent damage occurs.

If batteries are left sitting and discharge to low enough levels, sulfation crystals can form and block the battery charge plates. This prevents the battery from achieving its full potential and charge level. It also affects how well the battery holds its charge. It is common to add water and recharge, but the battery will not be able function at optimum performance again.


Self-discharge of batteries significantly increases in both too hot and too cold of climates. Why is it important to keep RV batteries constantly charged? According to Trailer Life Magazine, a battery at 40 percent charge level can completely freeze at negative 16 degrees. However when it’s fully charged, the electrolytes will not freeze until negative 92 degrees. In other words, it is extremely unlikely for a battery to freeze if you keep it trickle charged. The more its charge level is maintained at a higher level, the better it performs.

Overall, battery survival makes a big difference if it’s properly maintained with the right amount of charge.

Solar panel to the rescueZamp Solar PanelZamp Solar Panel
The PowerArmor Solar is designed to keep batteries healthy by avoiding undercharging and over charging of the battery,especially while sitting during the off-season. A 10-watt solar panel by Zamp Solar comes adhered to the storage box lid and is easily wired into the batteries you’ve chosen to store within it. Exposure to sunlight will fuel your battery with just enough charge to keep it from overcharging or discharging too much, keeping your pricey RV batteries in prime shape from a performance standpoint.

PowerArmor Solar:

• Prevents common and expensive storage/battery theft
• Maintains charge increasing the longevity of the batteries up to 400% to avoid premature battery replacement
• Dual use for securing batteries, towing and camping gear
• Bolts to your RV, camper bumper, truck, van etc.
• Designed specifically to access RV batteries avoiding interference with your RV
• Multiple box sizes available holding up to five batteries
• Acid neutralizing battery mat to avoid corrosion
• Proudly Made in the USA

How bout that cool factor? The sleek design is solid, durable and — even better — it’s backed with Torklift International’s Legendary Lifetime Warranty. Not only can you save $30 on the PowerArmor Solar with a limited time factory rebate, but save hundreds on premature battery replacement. Help your batteries survive winter with the PowerArmor Solar locking battery box.

PowerArmor $30 Factory Rebate


That’s right, go ahead and fill this ultimate storage box with stocking stuffers. Make it the best holiday gift ever with a big red bow and place it under the tree! This is one present you’ll rest easier having purchased.

Click here for more information on the PowerArmor Solar battery box or find a dealer near you by searching the Where To Buy section on our website. 



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Spare batteries are being stolen from campsites at an alarming rate - Learn how to protect yourself

Police reported that 22 deep-cycle marine batteries were stolen from campers being stored for the winter season at a campsite in Dover, Penn. Police are continuing to search for the thief or thieves responsible, according to a news article released from York Dispatch.


Stories similar to this are increasingly more common. Our dealers and customers have shared a number of heartbreaking stories about stolen batteries resulting in ruined family vacations. In fact, one of our towable dealers reported that his collection of towables were severely damaged after a thief cut out all of the batteries on his RV lot, most likely with intention to use them for resale.


This prompted Torklift International to develop a security product line to help prevent theft. We truly care about our customers and want to help them secure costly items in which they’ve invested their hard-earned money. Items like expensive batteries have high value and are expected to last for years throughout several camping seasons.

To effectively keep your batteries secured from theft, Torklift designed the PowerArmor battery box and HiddenPower under vehicle battery mount.


PowerArmor Battery Box
The PowerArmor line includes high quality locking battery boxes made from heavy gauge diamond plate aluminum. The box bolts to your RV, camper bumper, trailer tongue and more, serving as a compartment for lockable storage, perfect for housing a variety of battery types.

Not only does the PowerArmor Solar protect your batteries from thieves, they are maintained in healthy condition for maximum usage. The PowerArmor Solar is fitted with a solar panel attached to the lid, allowing sunlight to trickle charge batteries while stored safely under lock and key.

PowerArmor Solar Battery Box

The solar panel feature saves your batteries from another common and costly battery killer, lack of charging maintenance. The solar panel battery charger will maintain the charge and increase longevity of batteries, extending the life of your batteries up to 400 percent potentially saving you hundreds dollars each year.

When it comes to battery theft, labor costs for wiring repair range from $50-100, and replacing two RV batteries is nearly $260. With campground theft happening more often, a locking storage compartment has become a necessity on the campground.

As a battery mount hidden underneath the vehicle, the HiddenPower is unique and convenient way to add extra auxiliary power to your truck for your RV. The location of the extra battery is completely hidden from view, preventing any threat of theft from happening. Batteries will keep constantly charged and RV ready by the truck’s charging system.

HiddenPower Under Vehicle Battery Mount

Be sure to secure and protect your belongings when camping or storing your camper. Instances like the one in Dover, Penn. can happen anywhere. It’s up to you to be prepared and Torklift International can help you.

For more information, explore additional security products including the Fortress GasLock, Fortress PowerLock and Lock and Load maximum security cargo tray


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