A sled deck turnbuckle accessory you can’t even ‘handle’

truck-deckMounting snowmobiles onto a sled deck

For the fastest and most convenient way to tie down a snowmobile or other cargo onto a sled deck or truck deck, add a Derringer Handle to your turnbuckle configuration.

derringer-gunDerringer style pistolWhat’s a Derringer? Commonly known as a pocket or palm pistol, a Derringer is identified as the smallest handgun of any caliber. Looking back in history, Torklift turnbuckles like the FastGun turnbuckle with its pistol grip design were named with purpose. Following Torklift tradition, it’s only natural that the compact but efficient ‘quick-disconnect handle’ be given ‘Derringer’ as its name.

With the ability to attach to any basic hardware style turnbuckle system or sled deck hold-downs, Torklift International Derringer Handles significantly reduce the time it takes to secure cargo because of its quick-disconnect feature. See how to attach a Derringer Handle to different applications by clicking here.  The handle turns threaded rod turnbuckles, hold-down straps, tie down chain or other rigging options into an extraordinarily quick application. The Derringer Handle is a better alternative to ratchet hold-down straps because of its strength and durability.

derringers-fourFour Derringer Handles in one kit

easy-buttonFastening cargo like snowmobiles or ATVs to a truck deck is (literally) a snap when you attach the Derringer Handle to any conventional hardware turnbuckle, rigging or Torklift turnbuckles like the SpringLoad XL or Basic SpringLoad Kit.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Derringerhandle.jpgDerringer Handles with quick-disconnect capability


Features of the Derringer Handles include:

     -  Quick-disconnect handles
     -  100 percent stainless steel and aluminum
     -  High impact powder coat finish in black
     -  Kit includes drop forged steel and hot dipped galvanized
     -  Lockable - FastGun Locks
     -  Made in the USA
     -  Legendary Lifetime Warranty


Whether using the quick-snap handles to make your sled deck tie downs more efficient or to upgrade your current snowmobile turnbuckles, the Derringer Handle takes your sled deck hold-down system to the next level.

coty-builtTruck deck using Derringer handles on the turnbuckles

b2ap3_thumbnail_fastgun-lock.pngAnother positive feature of the Derringer Handle is its ability to lock. No longer worry about leaving cargo unattended on your sled deck. Whether your snowmobile or other expensive toys are loaded up on your rig, prevent theft by locking turnbuckles into place. FastGun Locks clip into the Derringer Handle providing security for your ATVs, snowmobiles, etc.

Click here for more information on Derringer Handles.

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The easiest way to prevent stolen turnbuckles

b2ap3_thumbnail_stop-stealing.pngWith stories about stolen turnbuckles and camper theft happening more often, locking turnbuckles are a necessity. Torklift International FastGun turnbuckles have a locking turnbuckle feature that allows you to protect your investment and enjoy a worry-free experience when on the road.

Do you need locking turnbuckles? Take a moment to consider if the following is important to you:

1) Deter and prevent turnbuckle theft
With locking turnbuckles, it greatly increases the effort put forth on behalf of a thief, decreasing the likelihood of theft from taking place.

When recalling stories about stolen FastGuns, Torklift General Manager Jay Taylor recalled an instance in which a thief tried to resell the stolen turnbuckles in the exact campsite in which he stole them.

 “I couldn’t believe that someone would walk up, nonchalantly take the turnbuckle off the camper and try to resell it to other campers at the same campsite,” said Taylor. “Luckily the original owner approached the person and was able to get the stolen FastGuns back. Luck was surely on his side.”

b2ap3_thumbnail_hiking.png2) Leave the truck camper at the campsite, worry-free
As avid travelers, many of us who camp often like to explore. It’s these adventures while out on the road that make experiencing the outdoors so enjoyable. With locking turnbuckles, leave your equipment at the campsite and go enjoy a scenic hike, fish along the shoreline of a mountain lake or take a bike ride with your family. You won’t need to give any thought to leaving your gear. Traveling should be leisurely and worry-free, right?

b2ap3_thumbnail_save-money.png3) Avoid turnbuckle replacement costs
FastGuns are the best turnbuckles your money can buy. As the most convenient and fastest installing turnbuckle available, protect your investment with FastGun Locks. High quality turnbuckles from Torklift International will last a lifetime and are covered by Torklift’s legendary lifetime warranty.

4) Secure turnbuckles while on the road
The FastGun Locks act as a locking snapper pin that latches into place once the FastGun lever-action handle is secured down.  Other models of truck camper turnbuckles have a small pin that can be easily pulled for simple removal. If they fall out or are lost for any reason, the turnbuckle is not completely secured.

locking turnbuckles
FastGun Lock on truck camper turnbuckle


As a theft deterrent and solution to secure turnbuckles, the Torklift FastGun Locks are worth investing in.  Locks for FastGun turnbuckles also have the following features:
     -  Keyed alike for convenience
     -  Quick removal – only takes seconds to unlock 
     -  Sleek stainless steel and unobtrusive design
     -  Prevent dust and road grime with the weather resistant caps

b2ap3_thumbnail_Rope-holding-camper.pngHave you ever thought of what you might do if you are left without turnbuckles out on the road? It is not safe to use strap tie downs or rope to secure a truck camper. Avoid this situation with locking turnbuckles.

Browse additional Torklift International security products:
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Fortress GasLock propane tank lock
Fortress PowerLock to protect shore power cord
FastGun Wobble Stopper to avoid camper theft

Soon Torklift plans to unveil a new lock that further ensures your Torklift gear is secured while on the road. Get ready… the countdown begins. Can you take a guess?

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