We might not have a chocolate waterfall...by Torklift Jen

By: Torklift Jen


…We do have a number of engineers who work very hard to build parts.


That’s kind of like little green-haired dancing men all dancing in unison and singing a song right?van


Okay maybe not!


Our engineers have reported to me they are pumping out new parts including tie downs and SuperHitch parts for the 2014/2015 seasons.


 I find our testing and fitment process to be very interesting. On a daily basis, new trucks are brought in.


Let’s take a walk through what happens to a vehicle when it gets fitted for parts.


It pulls into our factory and is lifted onto an enormous hoist. From there a number of engineers, R&D fellas, and welders start to tackle this truck like perfectly coordinated defensive football play.



One person approaches the overloads to verify the proper StableLoad fit. Another person will take measurements at the hitch installation locations and tie down attachment locations. From there, that person will design a hitch and tie downs that work with the truck frame using only the pre-drilled holes to make for an easier installation. Then comes the Hidden Power battery mount. This attaches directly to the frame underneath the truck bed and provides a spare battery that trickle charges for spare power. This person must determine where exactly the mount will go on the frame and just how many can be installed at one time




It’s so coordinated that multiple parts are fitted onto the truck and that same truck is out the door in a matter of just a few days.

We make it a point to test all fits on every truck we make a part for because we are committed to providing no-drill applications for easy DIY. Can’t argue with that!

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Launch point...by Torklift Jen

banner_ultradeckplusAs I launched my first step onto the newly forged camper bumper, I couldn’t help but think back to the July 1969 lunar impression and utter the words etched in history by Neil Armstrong, “This is one small step for man, one giant step for mankind…” Agreed, all my steps were baby steps way back then, but this is nonetheless, really big news!


Torklift International is officially announcing today the partnership with Lance Campers and the production of the Ultra Deck Plus Bumper.


It is a Torklift designed and manufactured truck camper bumper that will be debuted with the 1052 Lance Camper and will be available as an option for most of the 2014 models.


The launch of this product is really the dawning of a new era in truck camper form and function.  Like Torklift, Lance Campers has endured and prospered through market downturns and has remained a leader and the most popular truck camper manufacturer in the United States.


This is a pivotal piece to be working on with Lance, as they have remained on the leading edge of truck camper design, we have done the same with aftermarket parts and accessories.  Our contribution of superb manufacturing practices, access to advanced materials like 100% aircraft grade aluminum, and with our forward thinking engineers, we have found a way to answer a consumer need by increasing storage and also thrill with the possibilities to come.


Like the Apollo 11 mission, the development and achievement of this product was a feat of cooperation, innovation and to challenge dreams making them realities.


The initial idea came to us at a Lance Owners of America Rally.  Our customers who knew us to produce the highest quality, safe, and American-made products asked us about building a new bumper.  Like Lance Campers, we continue to learn from our dealers and from every single customer who provides ongoing feedback for improvement and new product design.  Our customers asked and we delivered.


Similarly, our astronauts did not get to the Moon alone and faced difficulties and challenges along the way.  We worked with the product development engineers at Lance from conceptualization through prototypes and in design improvements for two years.  An unyielding spirit of tenacity prevailed and like the cooperation and work that has gone into the International Space Station, this is an example how innovation and creation can unite and technology can transform.Lance_Bumper_Sliced


Jay Taylor, General Manager of Torklift, recently said, “ We are very proud of what we’ve accomplished here.  It’s not just a bumper that we’ve produced, but a newly forged relationship.  Lance is now a worldwide distributor of Torklift International products including our truck camper tie-down, turnbuckle, towing, suspension, and accessory lines.  We are very excited about the opportunity of working with Lance into the future.”


Look forward to the new products that will work in conjunction with the bumper design and to all the adventures that will be viewed and taken in from the Ultra Deck Plus exploring new frontiers and beyond.  It is truly a launching point to take you to your next adventure.  See more here: http://www.torklift.com/products/ultra_deck_plus.php

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Bumper Crop...by Torklift Jen

Torklift has had what could be called a bumper crop of new products developed over the last year.


We are excited to be producing yet another new addition for truck camper fleets.


Stayed tuned for the big announcement next week!


We do not call this fruition of great new products and opportunities luck, it is due to our preparedness, forward thinking and hard work.  The time has been right and this is our opportunity to build new relationships and continue to offer the best in the industry.


These new fabrications will be big changes for your current adventures and the possible additions and supplemental product ideas that are being explored will transform the form and function of truck campers to meet customer needs and wants.  We are proud to be along on your truck camper experiences and will continue to do so by staying true to our Legendary Lifetime Warranty.


See some of Torklift International's current offerings with our manufacturer partners.


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Diamonds and pearls...by Torklift Jen

polaroid28There is a lot more to Torklift than acres of diamond plate aluminum and steel.


This was never more apparent to me than at our recent annual meeting.  We were treated to our assembly this year in what was once held in a small break room to now filling a grand events center ballroom.  The amazing growth in the company this year included an over 30% growth in the workforce.


Our department heads shared their pearls of wisdom and stories from their own inspirations, mentors, and passed on successes based on hard work and dedication.


One inspiring story we were reminded of was one we all know.  It is heard on the Earl Nightingale leadership training series in which every new Torklift employees participates.


This true story is based on an African farmer who is enticed by riches and lured away from his own land in search of the diamonds that were being found all across the continent.  He was so excited and distracted by what was out there that he sold his farm and searched endlessly for the riches he never found.  Meanwhile, the new owner of the farm picked up an unusual looking large rock from the land and placed it on his mantle as a curiosity.  A visitor to the man’s home later saw the rock and was absolutely amazed.  It was one of the biggest diamonds ever found and the farmer replied, “ Heck, the whole farm is covered with them.”


Opportunity does not just come along, it is there all the time- we just need to see it, develop, and believe in it.


With that message taken to heart, current events were also woven into messages about how we play the game here and, of course, included references to our own Seattle Seahawks.  Jazzed by the upcoming Superbowl XLVIII prospects and our simultaneous tremendous year, we were inspired to dream beyond where any single one of us came from and work as a team to boost each other up to see over challenges and achieve the victories we can celebrate for our families, our community and our company.


Looking at this upcoming year, we are focused on solution based goals and will continue to strive for excellence in serving our customers and building the best products in the industry one inspired piece at a time.


Yes, our acres are full of diamond plate and steel, but the precious resources are the people of Torklift.





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Born in the USA

IMG_7823Do you know where your hitch came from?

I do, mine came by way of Gilbert, Alejandro, Lena, and finally Drew sealed the deal and it’s out the door to locations all over the world.

In the true spirit of American pioneers, Torklift products are proudly innovated and made in the USA.

From start to finish, every aspect of the design, manufacturing, shipping, receiving and  customer service is all done right here in Sumner, Washington.

With state of the art manufacturing practices, high-tech CNC dual weld machinery, plasma cutting, fabricating, and in-house sandblasting and powder coating, the before and after results and all the processes in-between are pretty cool.IMG_7676

It is amazing to watch the transformation from the delivery of raw metal into the artwork and creations they become.   I also never knew how many different types of nuts and bolts and the many components that went into these kind of products.

Beyond the USA, Torklift is sharing products with the world and keeping the dreams for our families alive in all of us working here.

As said by our General Manager, Jay Taylor, “It is a company philosophy that we are fulfilling dreams each and every day with product development and new opportunities for employees to grow.”

We are proud to be made in the USA and will continue to strive as a leader in the industry.






See the finished product: The SuperHitch Towing Series


MadeInUSA copy

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