Can I put an extra battery under the hood of my truck?

hiddenpower truckbedInstalling the HiddenPower on a truck!In the 80’s Torklift was installing second batteries underneath the hood of trucks on a daily basis. With lots of room available underneath the hood it was common procedure. Customers wanted the extra batteries as an always charged up ready to go extension of their RV’s battery because the trucks charging system kept the second battery always ready to go.


As the auto industry grew more competitive and more technologically advanced the space under the hood became smaller, until there was no space at all. For many of us who engage in outdoor recreation such as off-roading, or haul any type of camper, this was bad news. This meant having to carry several batteries in your car or RV, taking up space that you could use for something else. That is until Torklift released two battery mount options, the HiddenPower and the ExtendedPower!

hiddenpowermountThe HiddenPower mounts to the frame of your truckThe HiddenPower
This name gives it all away. This battery mount is installed underneath the vehicle bed and can be used for all types of group 24, 27, and 31 twelve-volt batteries, ranging from lead acid, AGM, sealed, or gel cell.

How does it work?
This mount is no-drill and installs quickly. Adding an extra battery that is tied to your truck’s electrical charging system, will keep the battery charged and ready for use with little to no maintenance. Having an extra battery mounted will not only save you time with hassling to pull out batteries and connect them, it will allow you to camp using the battery power without draining the vehicle’s battery when paired with the HiddenPower Wiring Harness. Having this at your convenience will allow you to use your stereo and lights and more, it will save your vehicle from wear and tear that is associated with having to run your vehicle in order to use power, as well as gas. It will also save you from getting a dead battery. This product is backed by a lifetime warranty.


The ExtendedPower
The ExtendedPower is the universal battery mount for housing extra truck camper batteries while mounted on any hitch receiver extension, wired or not. It also features locks.

extendedpower trussUse one or two ExtendedPower's for even more battery power!How does it work?
This extra battery mount will allow you to power your accessories without having to turn the truck engine on wasting fuel. It operates just like the HiddenPower. Having an extension on your truck camper’s batteries and depending on the desired location can be easily recharged by solar panels, converters, generators, or truck alternators. These trays bolt directly onto your hitch receiver extension with no drilling required for installation and are adjustable in height. The mounts come with a pin for a quick release allowing the mount to easily disconnect for tear down and storage. The ExtendedPower comes with a group 24 battery box and a lifetime warranty.

The battery mount options Torklift designed have brought back the convenience of accessing power outdoors. Whether you have direct wiring into your electrical system or just easy accessibility to your batteries, we are simplifying so that you can enjoy your experience. The answer to the question that started us off is a no, you can’t really find a spot to put a battery under most new truck hoods, but with these Torklift products you still have options. For more information, you can contact us at 800.246.8132 or visit



shyannWritten by Shyann Guerra:
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Smooth sailing on the road - Insurance for your trailer and toys

boatingTow your boat safelyIf you’ve recently invested in that fancy motorboat, spiffy travel trailer or toy hauler to transport all the fun things your family creates memories with, you’ll want to make sure you protect those expensive items. It’s no doubt you deserve everything you’ve worked so hard for – now it’s critical to call in reinforcements.

Support System
As a form of insurance if you will, we suggest equipping your truck with the strongest, most durable towing accessories that will surely outlive anything you hitch up behind your rig. With an expensive boat or trailer attached behind your truck, you’ll want to have peace of mind that it’s going to stay there.

super-heroThe SuperHitch Outlaw Series features receiver hitches that have the ability to tow extraordinarily high capacities. With this “Super” ability also comes the advantage of handling a high tongue weight. If you’re new to towing, tongue weight is the weight placed onto your tow vehicle from the front point of your trailer.

tongue-weight-towingExceeding trailer tongue weight is dangerous


It is very dangerous to tow with the incorrect amount of tongue weight. In fact, hitch failure and roadside trailer accidents are primarily caused by overloaded tongue weight. Click here to learn how to calculate tongue weight.

The SuperHitch Outlaw Series includes:

  1. Receiver hitches:
    1. Magnum 30K – 30,000 lbs. towing* | 3,000 pounds lbs. weight capacity*
    2. SuperHitch Original 20K – 20,000 lbs. towing* | 2,000 lbs. tongue weight capacity*
    3. SuperHitch Hero 15K for half ton trucks  – 15,000 lbs. towing* | 1,500 lbs. tongue weight capacity*
      *When used with weight distribution system.
  2. Receiver extension: SuperTruss
  3. Weight Distribution System: Everest
  4. Wiring harnesses
  5. Pintle hook and ballmount accessories

If you’re not sure you are within the law, have the Outlaw on your side and you will be certain that your receiver hitch system can get you there safely.* With the SuperHitch Outlaw Series, you’ll be implementing a support system for your truck and trailer. Click here to learn what sets apart a Torklift SuperHitch from regular trailer hitches. 

SuperHitch Magnum 30K receiver hitch

With a dual receiver design, reinforced hitch pin locations and bolt on designs that install easily on Ford, Chevy/GMC, Toyota, Dodge RAM and Nissan trucks, this receiver hitch is one you can trust. The dual hitch allows towing a trailer from the lower receiver and attaching accessories in the upper receiver. The possibility to haul cargo carriers and other hitch applications is certainly convenient if you plan on expanding your collection of fun toys and accessories.fist

Be emPOWERed with a special offer
If you are a fan spending your leisure time doing recreational activities like RVing, we have a special offer for you. With purchase of a SuperHitch through August 16, 2015, score a $20 mail-in rebate on your choice of the HiddenPower under vehicle battery mount or ExtendedPower battery tray that perches perfectly on a trailer hitch receiver extension.  

extra-battery-mounts                                      ExtendedPower                                  HiddenPower

To Infinity and Beyond
Even though we’re talking toys, don’t get stuck in the traditional ‘Toy Story.’ These battery mounts aren’t just limited to camping and recreation. Extra power from additional batteries can come in handy in just about any situation.  

Construction and hunting applications:buzz

  1. Extra power for an RV
  2. Just add an inverter to charge cordless power tools, GPS batteries, heavy equipment, flood lights, power radios, lights and USB ports
  3. Use the battery for other vehicles
  4. Run a winch

By using a wiring harness on the HiddenPower under vehicle battery mount, the extra battery for auxiliary power will stay charged up through your truck’s charging system.

The possibilities are endless…

Now that you’re towing the things you love most, make sure to protect your investment with safe towing practices and Torklift SuperHitch towing equipment. With our special offer, you can now power up in more ways than one.

Learn more about the ExtendedPower and HiddenPower. Details on the SuperHitch Outlaw Series can be found here.  

The limited time special offer on Torklift’s SuperHitch is intended for retail consumers only and proof of purchase must be provided to redeem the mail-in rebate through Torklift International. For questions on this offer please call 800-246-8132.

*Torklift recommends towing within the capacities set by your vehicle manufacturer.

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Torklift Outlaw Series Debuts: Special offer on receiver hitches

heavy-towingSuperHitch trailer hitch tows heavy capacitiesTorklift International is proud to manufacture the safest towing equipment that specializes in high capacities and durability. The engineering team at Torklift invests in rigorous testing and advanced technology to create professional grade towing equipment that you can trust.


safety-firstWhen it comes to towing a trailer safely, it’s important to know towing basics. Click here to read about common towing myths. One of the most important aspects of towing safely is becoming familiar with weight capacities and limits of your vehicle, towing equipment and trailer.

tongue-weight-towingExceeding trailer tongue weight is dangerous

The number one cause of trailer hitch failure and roadside trailer accidents is overloaded tongue weight. This is the weight from the front of your trailer pushing down on your tow vehicle with cargo, axle, tanks and more.

Overloaded tongue weight or “vertical load” causes trailer hitches to break and also has severe negative effects on the truck's ability to steer and maneuver safely due to off-balance weight. Click here to learn about the importance of tongue weight and weight distribution.

To address weight concerns Torklift International has taken the lead in the towing industry with the SuperHitch Outlaw Series. The Outlaw Series features the highest rated receiver hitches and towing accessories available.


SuperHitch Outlaw Series includes:
  -    Receiver hitches
  -    Receiver hitch extensions
  -    Weight distribution system
  -    Wiring harnesses for towing
  -    Pintle hook and ballmount adapters

outlawNo need to worry with the
SuperHitch Outlaw Series
In most states it’s against the law to exceed maximum tow weight rating of your vehicle. There is no question about elevated safety hazards and it also makes you liable in the unfortunate event of an accident. It is also likely to void any warranty or insurance coverage. We strongly suggest staying within the maximum weight capacities set by your vehicles’ manufacturer.

When used with weight distribution, we offer receiver hitches that handle an incredible 3,000 pounds tongue weight capacity and 30,000 pounds towing capacity. It’s best to have the SuperHitch Outlaw Series on your side.

There are a few reasons that set SuperHitch receiver hitches apart from other towing hitches.

#1) High capacity towing
When used with a weight distribution system, the SuperHitch exceeds high capacity towing needs with unique patented designs for half-ton through 1.5-ton trucks.

SuperHitch Hero 15K

  1. Designed for half-ton trucks including Ford, Dodge RAM, Chevrolet, Nissan and Toyota
  2. Rated at 15,000 pounds towing capacity*superhitch-towingTow like a pro with SuperHitch
  3. Rated at 1,500 pounds tongue weight*
  4. Find applications here

SuperHitch Original 20K

  1. Rated at 20,000 pounds towing capacity*
  2. Rated at 2,000 pounds tongue weight*
  3. Find applications here

SuperHitch Magnum 30K

  1. Rated at 30,000 pounds towing capacity*
  2. Rated at 3,000 pounds tongue weight*
  3. Find applications here

*When used with weight distribution system


egging-from-towing#2) Reinforced hitch pin locations
The hitch pin location is where a ballmount adapter would be attached and secured with a pin. From there, the trailer tongue is connected. It’s common to experience wear and elongation known as ‘egging’ at the hitch pin location from excessive towing. The elongation causes jerking which leads to increased distortion and damage.

You won’t find the effects of elongation on a SuperHitch. Every SuperHitch has reinforced hitch pin locations to prevent this from occurring.


(Left Image) Top: Evidence of elongation or egging on hitch pin location, Bottom: Reinforced hitch pin locations on SuperHitch


dual-receiverDual 2-inch receiver hitch design#3) Dual Stacked Receiver
Not only does the dual stacked hitch receiver design allow for outstanding strength, but it also gives you the freedom to tow accessories in the upper receiver. This includes cargo trays, bike racks, or carriers for generators, motorbikes, kayaks, etc.

tc-with-boatTowing a boat with
truck camper overhang
If you plan to tow while hauling with an overhang from a truck camper, the dual receiver fits perfectly with the dual-channeled SuperTruss towing extension. With models that reach from 21 to 60 inches, check towing extension capacities here.

The Torklift Advantage

Built in the Unites States, all receiver hitches featured in the SuperHitch Outlaw Series are covered with a lifetime warranty. Most applications do not require drilling and bolt directly to the truck frame. Compatibility is simple with industry standard 2-inch by 2-inch receivers on both top and bottom.

Torklift customer Jim Weber uses the SuperHitch and SuperTruss for towing a trailer while his truck camper is loaded on his truck.

He shares his experience here:

superhitch-dealDeal on Torklift SuperHitch
To kick off a special offer this summer, buy a SuperHitch and get a $20 factory mail-in rebate on either a HiddenPower under vehicle battery mount or ExtendedPower mountable battery tray. Click here for details.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Hidden_Power-arrow.pngUnder vehicle battery mount
(shown in yellow for contrast)
The under vehicle battery mount is a great source of extra battery power when you need it the most. The battery maintains full charge from your truck’s charging system. Snug to the truck frame; configure wiring to feed power directly from your extra battery. With quick-disconnect feature, it takes seconds to simply drop out the battery for service or inspection. With versatile applications in camping, construction and hunting, batteries stay hidden from view preventing any possibility of theft.

  1. Add additional batteries under the truck bed that are always charged up
  2. No-drill frame mounted with quick-disconnect
  3. Hidden when in use
  4. No loss of ground clearance
  5. Works with group 24 to 31 batteries

Click here to learn about the HiddenPower under vehicle battery mount.

hidden-powerMount for extra RV batteries
(shown in yellow for contrast)
Designed to attach to your receiver extension, the ExtendedPower battery tray is a universal mount for extra batteries.

  1. Height adjustable
  2. Universal applications for all receiver extensions
  3. Lockable
  4. Works with group 24 batteries
  5. Designed for all types of batteries: lead acid, AGM, sealed, gel cell, etc.

Click here to learn about the ExtendedPower battery tray.

Take advantage fast! The SuperHitch deal is available from June 16 - August 16, 2015. Intended for retail consumers only, proof of purchase must be provided to redeem the mail-in rebate through Torklift International.

For questions on this offer, call 800-246-8132 or click here to learn more about the SuperHitch Outlaw Series.

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