These boots were made for walking... by Torklift Jen



“Alright!  Who tracked in this mud?”


I get caught every time.  Wearing these boots with their distinctive waffle tread, it’s like my fingerprint that’s left at the scene of that dirty crime of tracking grime into the truck camper.


As you can see, My Left Foot, is now famous, not because it has an acclaimed movie of the same name, but because it is now the face, well, foot of the Dirt Destroyer.


I was thrilled to model my boots and be in on a new innovation from Torklift International.


The Dirt Destroyer is a boot/shoe brush that will solve the “who dunnits” inside the truck camper.


It’s simple, sturdy, and fits perfectly as an attachment with the Torklift GlowStep series.  It can be mounted tool free at any level of your steps for convenience and to keep your feet high and dry out of the elements.




For more info on step accessories and the Torklift Dirt Destroyer :



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Born in the USA

IMG_7823Do you know where your hitch came from?

I do, mine came by way of Gilbert, Alejandro, Lena, and finally Drew sealed the deal and it’s out the door to locations all over the world.

In the true spirit of American pioneers, Torklift products are proudly innovated and made in the USA.

From start to finish, every aspect of the design, manufacturing, shipping, receiving and  customer service is all done right here in Sumner, Washington.

With state of the art manufacturing practices, high-tech CNC dual weld machinery, plasma cutting, fabricating, and in-house sandblasting and powder coating, the before and after results and all the processes in-between are pretty cool.IMG_7676

It is amazing to watch the transformation from the delivery of raw metal into the artwork and creations they become.   I also never knew how many different types of nuts and bolts and the many components that went into these kind of products.

Beyond the USA, Torklift is sharing products with the world and keeping the dreams for our families alive in all of us working here.

As said by our General Manager, Jay Taylor, “It is a company philosophy that we are fulfilling dreams each and every day with product development and new opportunities for employees to grow.”

We are proud to be made in the USA and will continue to strive as a leader in the industry.






See the finished product: The SuperHitch Towing Series

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