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Protect Your Generator Investment from Thieves with the Lock and Load!

8. Lock and Load Camping Trip 2When you purchased your RV, did you have a list of all the accessories and power supplements that you wanted to get along with it to make your camping experience easier? Did you have extra batteries or a generator on that list? If so, that is a great idea so you can have extra power, but you also need a way to protect your investment.

We have a great solution to help prevent your generator from being stolen. The Lock and Load is designed to prevent costly generators, camping gear, welders, tool boxes and more from theft. It also protects you from unwanted exhaust fumes and stains from storing the generator inside your RV when not in use. The Lock and Load tray gives you the ability to lock, store and run your generator or motorized equipment simultaneously.

johns lock and load

“The Lock and Load Maximum Security Cargo Tray is an incredible product that Torklift has devised to help alleviate theft of expensive generators and anything else of value for that matter. Thanks again Torklift.”

– John Patterson

Instead of worrying about potential theft of your generator or camping gear on your camping adventure, use the Lock and Load instead and focus on enjoying your time off with family and friends!

Features of the Lock and Load include:

1a. Lock and Load Maximum Security Cargo Tray• Protect costly generators, camping gear, welders, tool boxes, plasma cutters and more from theft
• Allows you to lock, store and run your generator and other motorized equipment simultaneously
• Avoid exhaust fumes and stains by permanently storing your generator while on the road or off the grid
• No more heavy lifting – your generator stays on the tray even while running
• Features a safety visual sight indicator to prevent risk of damage while driving (Part #A7752)
• License plate relocation holes to attach license plate (Part #A7752)
• Mounts easily into front and rear receiver hitches
• Fits most common generators
• Utilizes 2” x 2” receiver to mount
• Stores extra gas cans
• High security tamper proof puck lock included
• Cargo tray dimensions: 27-13/16 L" x 23-1/2"W x 23” H
• Maximum security strap adjusts to secure multiple objects (extra security straps sold separately) 6-5/8”L x 13-5/8”W x 13-1/8”H to 27-13/16 L" x 23-1/2"W x 23”H
• Available in high impact powder coat steel
• Legendary Lifetime Warranty
• Proudly made in the USA

9. Lock and Load on FordKit includes:

• Fiberglass distance guide rod
• Cargo tray
• Heavy duty puck lock
• Adjustable maximum security strap

If you’re interested in learning more about the Torklift International  Lock and Load, or the smaller version that we have available as the Lock and Load SideKick, there are a couple of options for you! You can either call us at 800-246-8132 and our tech support would be more than happy to answer your questions about protecting your generator from theft. Or, you can find one of our Certified Dealers near you by clicking here, and they can help you with your questions as well as get you set up with one of these battery trays. 


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