Convenience on the coast: Get locked and loaded for a glowing day at the beach

fromme-beach-setupAwesome beach setup!Not many people realize that truck campers are just as fun and handy to have when it comes to day trips instead of a long camping trip. Whether it’s to the beach or you’re planning on tailgating at a football game, use your truck camper to bring all the amenities that you would need for the day, including the convenience of a restroom and a refrigerator for food. A good friend of ours, Keith Fromme who is also known as Languiduck on, did exactly that. He took his family and friends on a day trip to the Outer Banks beaches and brought along his truck camper, jeep, and trailer for an exciting day at the beach.

Unique Lock and Load usage
lock-and-load-with-grillBringing a grill is a great way to use the
Torklift Lock and Load

Although the most popular usage of the Lock and Load locking cargo tray is to safely store a generator, we are excited to see new and interesting ways in which customers use our products.

Instead of storing a generator for their day trip, Keith and his family brought along a grill -- What a smokin’ usage of the Lock and Load!


By securing it with the Lock and Load cargo tray, he knew that the Big Green Egg Minimax grill was going to be safe and in his own words, “carried the egg perfectly.” So along with an excellent one-day camping spot, he and his family were able to barbeque right on the beach.

Some key features of the Lock and Load that Keith is using include:

• Protects generators, camping gear (including grills!), welders, tool boxes, plasma cutters and more from theft
• High security tamper proof puck lock included
• The Lock and Load receiver hitch accessory mounts easily into the front and rear receiver hitches
• License plate relocation holes to attach your license plate
• No more heavy-lifting, your heavy gear and generators stay on the tray, even while running
• Avoid fumes and stains by permanently storing your generators or gear outside while on the road or camping

The Lock and Load cargo carrier also comes with a safety visual sight indicator to prevent risk of damage while driving. This prevents any accidents if you forget the amount of clearance you need on the front of your rig.

GlowStep on the beach
fromme-beach-setup2Perfect spot to touch down the GlowStepsAs you can see, the GlowStep make it easy to enter and exit the truck camper by making contact with the ground, even on the uneven and constantly moving sand. With its SureGrip step tread that doesn’t require any grip tape, you know that you can be safe walking up and down those truck camper steps, even with slippery sand on your feet.

There are plenty of other great features of the GlowStep:

• Glows in the dark for up to 10 hours with only five minutes of light exposure
• Self-illuminating steps that don’t need batteries
• You can safely enter and exit your RV after dark
• Stores in position and is lockable
• Add components to create the safest step configuration for you and your family: SafeStep pet barrier, GlowGuide Handrail, DirtDestroyer shoe cleaning brush or the newly available All Terrain Landing Gear for level camper steps

tc-on-the-beachDriving off into the sunset


We’re glad to see that Keith and his family had such a great day trip! Our goal at Torklift is to improve the lives of others with quality products that provide safety and convenience. We look forward to seeing our Torklift brand accompany our customers on all of their memorable adventures. 

Click here to read Keith’s full trip report on 


Learn more about the GlowStep Series camper steps or click here for more details on the Lock and Load cargo tray. If you would like to purchase one of these products, you can find a Torklift dealer near you on our Where to Buy page.



kerstinWritten by Kerstin Stokes:
As a graduate from the College of Idaho with a B.A. in both History and Art, Kerstin has found her passion for writing and marketing. She enjoys looking up tasty recipes for baking and daydreaming about future travels. 

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No really, what is this hole for? Right here:


Too close? Let’s zoom out.


Still not sure?


Let’s try a few things.

If you have a Palomino Landing Pad bumper and find yourself wondering what in the world Torklift International was thinking when they punched a hole in it, we totally understand. Here are a few ideas for you to consider that we market-tested right here in our factory.

1.) Toilet paper on a stick
We hid the toilet paper at the factory and sat out a stick to see what would happen. The result was interesting and innovative. It came in quite handy and we are rather proud of our engineers seeing there was a need for a special product and then taking the time to create it.


2.) Crop protector
Ever since we offered the Scarecrow Protection Package
at Torklift International, crops have never been so bountiful.


3.) Bear protection

Enough said.


4.) Gun rack
This is legal right? How many times have you been at the campsite
and said to yourself, “I don’t have enough guns today.”

Bring ‘em all.


5.) Silent fisherman
Stick your fishing pole inside and park near a lake.
A robotic arm actually comes out of the truck camper to reel in any fish
that take a bite. It actually cooks it for you, too.


6.) Certified Corona holder
When your hand hurts from squeezing your lime, cram your beer in here.
It also protects your beer from those late night “I like to party” falls.


7.) Twinkie holder
Twinkies are sticky after you hold them too long and it’s incredibly inconvenient
to wash your hands when you are outside. Put your hands in your pockets
and simply kneel down to eat. For that matter it’s a cucumber, pickle and popsicle holder.


8.) Free cable
Remember these? We are bringing them back.
Consider it nostalgia. Don’t drive too close to power lines or low hanging branches.


9.) Clothes line
What is better than naturally dried towels and clothes?


10) Flower holder
Fragrant, pretty and the wives love it!


Okay, we’ve lied and it’s not even April Fool’s Day but I assure you there is a purpose to this seemingly insignificant hole in your Palomino Landing Pad truck camper bumper. It involves two critical things: Storage and Power.

Torklift International manufacturers the Landing Pad truck camper bumper specifically for the hard-side MAX camper models of Palomino truck campers. We also offer two very special products for this truck camper bumper. It all starts with the Space Dock.

Space Dock receiver port
swivel-hitch-accessorySpace Dock swivel receiver port for accessoriesThe Space Dock is a receiver attachment for accessories that conveniently swings out to allow clearance for accessing storage and rear entry to the camper. It inserts into the pre-drilled hole on the Palomino truck camper bumper. The Space Dock is essentially the portal to all things fun and provides endless joy that you’ve been missing out on.


This very covert swivel receiver attachment improves your camping lifestyle tremendously. The port for you to attach various accessories features a standard 2-inch by 2-inch receiver that fits most anything from bike racks to ski racks. Outdoor barbecue? No problem, attach it to the Space Dock.

Lock and Load SideKick generator tray
sidekick-generator-trayLock and Load SideKick attached to Palomino Landing Pad Bumper with SpaceDockNow this contraption is your ticket to power. Literally.

The Lock and Load SideKick is a lockable generator tray that fits into the Space Dock receiver allowing you to store your generator outside. Storing your generator outside gives you extra storage in the truck cab or truck camper and eliminates the interior exhaust odor you can never really get rid of. Best of all, while it is locked in the tray, it’s fully functional and you don’t have to take it out or unlock it for use.

That was so important we have to repeat it: it’s fully functional and you don’t have to take it out or unlock it for use.

palomino-landing-pad-bumperPalomino truck camper with Landing Pad

           Translation: Convenience

In conclusion, the specifically designed hole in the Palomino truck camper bumper does come with a purpose. However, if you’ve scrolled this far you’ve seen that there are really no limitations. The skies the limit and you’re free to use your imagination -- in fact, comment below with any ideas you have for more creative accessories!

If extra storage and more power is something you find useful, don’t waste any time living without a Space Dock and Lock and Load SideKick from Torklift International.



Click here to learn more about the SideKick generator tray or find more information on the Space Dock here.

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