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How to install a RV electrical hatch

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Torklift designed a lockable shore power cord cover called the Fortress PowerLock. It protects the RV power cord from being cut or stolen. This is the only lock available for shore power cords in the industry and protects you from having to pay hundreds of dollars in repairs and replacements.  Crafted out of aircraft grade aluminum, the locking shore power hatch is available in white or black high impact powder coat to match your trailer color. This product is proudly made in the USA and comes with our Legendary Lifetime Warranty.

How do I install the Fortress PowerLock?

PowerLock Blog 2The Fortress PowerLock is easy to install – so easy in fact, it can be done in a matter of 10 minutes and give you peace of mind for a lifetime!

When you receive your kit – the Fortress PowerLock comes with four stainless steel tapping screws and two keys.

  1. Start by removing the existing electrical hatch from the exterior of the camper, and remove the power cord from the back of the electrical hatch.
  2. Clean any remaining sealant from the camper and hatch. To ease your reinstallation, leave the power cord protruding from the camper.
  3. Using your preferred sealant, seal the back side of the Fortress PowerLock.
    1. Be sure to seal all the holes as well as the perimeter of the Fortress PowerLock.
  4. PowerLock Blog 3Next, seal the backside of the flange on your original electrical hatch. Install the original electrical hatch into the Fortress PowerLock, and place the power cord into the back side of the electrical hatch. Slide the cylindrical portion of the electrical hatch with power cord into the opening in the camper.
  5. Reinstall your original hardware through the three holes in the electrical hatch (shown to the right)
    1. Optional: If you feel that the original mounting hardware or condition of the original holes is not up to the task of securing the power cord, the four remaining holes can be screwed into place.
  6. PowerLock Blog 4Pre-drill the remaining four holes in the Fortress PowerLock with a 1/8” drill bit, and install the four #10 x 1¼” stainless steel self-tapping screws (shown to the right). After the screws have been installed, remove any excess sealant away from the edges of the Fortress PowerLock.

Now it’s installed and ready for use! See how easy that was? All you need to do is close the door, insert the key and turn it clockwise and your shore cord is protected! Below is a video demonstrating how the Fortress PowerLock shore power cord door provides the ultimate protection:

If you have any questions on how to install this shore power protection or for more information about the Fortress PowerLock, contact us at 800.246.8132!



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Different Options Available for Electrical Cord Hatches

Fortress PL Blog 1While you’re sitting there enjoying your drink of choice (coffee or tea in the morning, a glass of wine at night?) scrolling through the latest RV news and blogs, we bet learning about electrical cord hatches caught your eye!

Many people don’t usually think about their RV electrical cord hatches or shore power cords, but did you know that not only are there a few different options to protect your RV cords, but that theft of the cords is a major issue in the RV industry?

Annually in the United States, the amount of copper that is stolen and redeemed is more than $1 billion – and from 2009-2011 the number of claims of copper wire numbered around 5,000. You can visit here for more interesting statistics about copper theft – but the big takeaway is to save yourself the headache and protect your wires from being cut and stolen out of your RV.

Typically, there are three types of electric cord hatches for RVs:

There’s your normal cable hatch, shown below. Although the most common hatch installed on RVs, there’s not much to this one – it does offer minor protection when it comes to protecting the cord from the elements, but there’s no lock. A thief could just easily break the door off and rip out the cord.

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Then, there’s the sturdier and lockable electric hatch door, shown below. This one is a bit better when it comes to security – at least there’s a lock! But, while there is a lock, it is made of plastic and if a thief has any tools like cord cutters, they could probably break through the plastic door and get to the cord very easily. Think we can do a bit better than this? We agree!

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Now, here’s the MacDaddy of shore power cord protection! Shown below is the Fortress PowerLock. Not only is it made of aircraft grade aluminum and comes with a lock to protect your cord, it also comes in two stylish colors – high impact powder coated black or white to match your RV. With a quick installation, your shore power cord and electrical hatch are protected for life.

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Fortress PowerLock Features Include: 

• Lock covers shore power cord access door to protect RV power cords from being cut and stolen
• Prevents theft associated with opening access door and removing power cords
• Easy installation
• Lock and keys included
• Available in black or white high impact powder coat aircraft grade aluminum
• Legendary Lifetime Warranty
• Proudly made in the USA

Kit includes:
• Fortress PowerLock
• Two keys

If you’re interested in protecting your RV from copper thieves – learn more about the Fortress PowerLock here! Or, if you have any questions, give us a call us at 800.246.8132 and our tech support would be more than happy to answer your questions about protecting your shore power cord from theft.

Or, you can find one of our Certified Dealers near you by clicking here, and they can help you with your questions as well as get you set up with one of these electrical cord hatches.


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