How to measure your RV Steps

Do you need steps for your camper? Are you tired of un-sturdy and unlevel RV or travel trailer steps but don’t know what size or how many steps you need? We can help you determine the size, width and depth that fits your RV like a glove.


Step 1.) Measure the width of the existing factory mounting brackets

Step 2.) Measure from the top of the opening of the steps to the ground




6” GlowSteps



20" wide x 6" deep



20" wide x 6" deep



20" wide x 6" deep



20" wide x 6" deep



20" wide x 6" deep

8” GlowSteps



20" wide x 8" deep



20" wide x 8" deep



20" wide x 8" deep



20" wide x 8" deep



20" wide x 8" deep

8” GlowStep Stow N’ Go

  Stow N’ Go Bracket Color  




20" wide x 8.56" deep




20" wide x 8.56" deep




20" wide x 8.56" deep




20" wide x 8.56" deep




20" wide x 8.56" deep




20" wide x 8.56" deep




20" wide x 8.56" deep




20" wide x 8.56" deep

27.5” GlowStep Revolution



22" wide x 8" deep



22" wide x 8" deep



22" wide x 8" deep



22" wide x 8" deep



22" wide x 8" deep

25.5” GlowStep Revolution



22" wide x 8" deep



22" wide x 8" deep



22" wide x 8" deep



22" wide x 8" deep



22" wide x 8" deep

With our innovative design on our All Terrain Landing Gear, no more diving board like effect. On many campers have hanging steps that are unsafe, un-sturdy, and they shake the whole trailer when you walk up and down them. With the GlowStep Revolution we find the perfect match just for your specific trailer so there is no more shaking.

We also offer accessories to make life much easier, such as our GlowGuide Handrail, or our DirtDestroyer to keep that dirt and grime out of your RV. We also have what we call the SafeStep it’s a pet safety barrier to keep your fur babies safe from falling.



All our steps are proudly made in the USA and made out of lightweight aircraft grade aluminum and come equipped with tension bolts for your preference of tightness. They also come with glow adhesive that with just 5 minutes of light they will Glow up to 10 hours, so you’ll never miss a step, even at night!

If you don’t believe us on just how easy it is to find and use the right size of steps for your specific RV, just browse through our GlowStep Revolution, GlowStep and Stow N' Go pages. We have many videos of happy customers using them!I finally broke down and bought a 4 step GlowStep from Torklift. I love this thing. Its light and the steps glow in the dark. It folds up nice and I can store it inside one of my storage bays. What a difference going up and down a decent set of steps compared to those "death trap" steps that the factories put on."

- Kerry Stark


Not only does the sizing chart above tell you how to find the right size for a GlowStep Revolution RV step, but it also tells you the sizing for our truck camper Stow n’ Go Steps AND our original GlowSteps.

So let’s talk about each of our accessories!

We have three that can go with any and all of our step! Also included are our steps locks to fit everything to keep it all safe.

 GlowGuide Handrail features:

Easily stored
Easily installed
Also equipped with glow stickers for easy night time use. Up to 10 hours of glow light.
Telescopes from 31” to 53” for all of our sizes of steps.
Ultra-Lightweight only 44 Ounces!
Lifetime Warranty & Proudly made in the USA

DirtDestroyer Features:

Adaptable to ANY size of our GlowSteps
Quick install and uninstall
Easy to clean
Legendary Lifetime Warranty
Proudly made in the USA

SafeStep features:

Easy to clean with UV protection for outside use
Durable construction
Barrier is there to help prevent small children and pets from falling through
Stays attached even in stored position
Velcro for easy install and uninstall

Contact us today if you’re interested in any of our GlowSteps RV Steps, or have any questions about sizing! You can give us a call at 800-246-8132, or reach us through e-mail at Our team is happy to help you today!

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Written by: Mariah Kilmer

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Have an RV Step horror story? Win the GlowStep Revolution with #RVStepFail


There’s a lot of creative people in the world and that leads to countless quick-fix solutions when problems are encountered. At its best, this inspires innovation and invention; at its worst, it leads to some pretty humorous attempts at problem-solving. As we ring in the New Year, we would love to celebrate both the innovation and the lack thereof. That’s why we’re introducing our RV Step Fail contest.

RV Step Fail

Failed RV StepFailed RV StepsRV steps are notorious for needing modification: the steps are either too short or too shaky, they can’t easily accommodate uneven ground and the surface area is always too small. Complaints about factory trailer steps are as numerous as the ways folks have tried to solve them—with stool legs, concrete blocks, wooden platforms, booster steps and makeshift handrails. You name it and someone has likely tried it.

If you or someone you see has ever been in this situation, we would love to hear about it! Send us photographs and stories of either your steps or steps you’ve spotted and you’ll be entered into a drawing for the chance to win the GlowStep Revolution: the revolutionary, all-in-one RV step solution.

Here’s how to enter:
• Post your photo on Facebook or Twitter using hashtag “#RVStepFail”
Email us your photo

Find Torklift International on Facebook or Twitter, @Torklift and learn more about the drawing on Drawing will take place on May 25th, 2016.

Make the GlowStep Revolution your New Year’s Resolution
The GlowStep Revolution is the ultimate RV step system. It was specially engineered as a solution for the common problems that people face with factory RV steps, including step height, connection to the ground and long-lasting durability. Made from lightweight aircraft grade aluminum, the patent pending design of GlowStep Revolution is built to last. It is proudly made in the USA and backed by Torklift International’s legendary lifetime warranty. Plus, it glows in the dark! Who doesn’t love that?

Five Ways the GlowStep Revolution Outshines Traditional Modifications

 1. Elevation Control

The GlowStep Revolution has 7 inches of vertical adjustability, allowing you to pinpoint the perfect level for your RV steps. Why is that important? Because this step is 100% booster step free. Elevation Control Bubblev2Determine the space between the top step and RV entry with different settings, allowing for a range of 4 inches. The adjustable feet of the All Terrain Landing Gear provide an additional 3 inches for determining the perfect level of steps. Since the feet on the All Terrain Landing Gear are individually adjustable, battling the woes of uneven ground is no longer a concern. Simply choose the setting that provides the most level and safe step configuration for you and your RV.


2. Safety and Stability

There are many reasons why we see trailer owners fixing RV steps, but the one we most often hear about is that the initial factory RV step is too high. GlowStep RevolutionGlowStep Revolution glows for safe entry at nightPeople invent all sorts of solutions to connect their factory trailer steps to the ground but often run into issues with instability. No one wants to walk out at night on a shaky platform, risking ankle injuries as they “jump” from the bottom step. This is where the GlowStep Revolution really shines—it is equipped with All Terrain Landing Gear, adjustable feet that connect the step system to uneven ground, which safely eliminates that swaying diving-board sensation. You’ll never need an RV booster step again.

Additionally, the GlowStep wasn’t christened as glowing for naught—it literally glows in the dark for up to 10 hours after only five minutes of light exposure. Getting in and out of your RV at night has never been easier. Enter our contest, and you could be the lucky winner that gets to see how the GlowStep Revolution shines.

3. Adaptable Versatility

The third big factor that concerns RV owners is leveling RV steps on rough ground. Jumping off the bottom step onto uneven surfaces is an accident waiting to happen, but with the GlowStep Revolution’s precision elevation control and the All Terrain Landing Gear you’ll never again need to worry about uneven ground. The landing gear adapts to any type of terrain, providing unparalleled versatility in the most unpredictable environments.

Another issue that some RV owners face when parking on uneven surfaces or small hills is trouble deploying factory trailer steps. Have you ever needed to dig a hole to allow your bottom step to unfold? (If so, be sure to share it with us!) Accommodate even the trickiest of scenarios and achieve the perfect step height with GlowStep Revolution.

4. Long-lasting Durability

Too often we hear consumers complaining about broken RV steps—steps that just can’t handle life on the road. Unlike traditional RV steps which are made from steel, the GlowStep Revolution was crafted from aircraft grade aluminum to keep rust at bay. Designed specifically for towables and Stowed GlowStep RevolutionGlowStep Revolution in stowed positionside-entry truck campers, these aren’t just any ordinary scissor steps. Torklift’s design was engineered with bushing bearings bolted at each hinge point along the scissor design, which help prevent loosening of steps over time and improves weight-bearing ability. With its lifetime warranty, Torklift promises durability and longevity of the GlowStep system—which is more than we can say for those quick-fix systems.

5. Customize Your RV Steps
Just in case you want to dress up your GlowStep Revolution, there are several bright and shiny accessories that were engineered to pair nicely with its initial design. Attachments such as the GlowGuide Handrail, the SafeStep pet barrier panels and the DirtDestroyer shoe cleaning attachment provide a wealth of creative solutions to meet your additional RV step needs.

GlowStep Revolution Features

For more information on the GlowStep Revolution, be sure to check out Kevin Livingston’s article “Step Right Up” featured in Trailer Life Magazine.

GlowStep Revolution In UseWin your own GlowStep Revolution today!
Don’t forget to send us your stories and photographs. We want to see the breadth of ways you have come up with to fix those notorious factory RV steps. We’ll laugh and cry with you -- maybe we’ll even feature a few of our favorite RV Step Fails on the blog!

Submit your photo here or post on social media using hashtag “#RVStepFail” to be entered to win the GlowStep Revolution by Torklift International.


Jenica headshotWritten by Jenica Donahue:
Jenica holds a B.F.A. in Creative Writing from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. She is a freelance writer interested in blogging, copy writing and editing. She enjoys exploring new places and hiking in the Pacific Northwest.

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Don’t fall for it -- Relinquish the booster step for your trailer entry with GlowStep Revolution RV Step System

leap-of-faithDon’t take a leap of faith
when you don’t have to
With a brand new travel trailer you’ll quickly discover the downfall to the factory OEM trailer steps. Not only do flimsy foldout steps hover above ground, but they also feel like you’re scaling a springing plank or diving board each time you enter and exit the trailer. The entire RV shakes and shimmies like the California quake of ’94. When exiting your RV do you ever feel like Indiana Jones in the Last Crusade when he took a leap of faith? The gap from the last step to the ground is considerably too large to safely maneuver.

You come to the realization that you’ll need to supplement the step configuration on your trailer. What a shame...Or is it?


With the newly introduced and first-of-its-kind GlowStep Revolution step system for towables, all of your trailer step problems are solved. The high quality steps made with aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel have a smart scissor step design with a lifetime warranty that guarantees your money well spent. Due to the precise attention to quality and level of workmanship, you’ll never have to think about replacing trailer steps once the GlowStep Revolution is installed.


anti-boosterDon’t settle for unsafe booster steps

The GlowStep Revolution is the epitome of safety and convenience. No longer worry about having to haul around booster steps, cinder blocks, pallets or other makeshift homemade steps that only Band-Aid the gap between the bottom of the factory step to the ground. Who wants to carry these items around let alone store them inside their RV? Why not invest in a sturdy and reliable step that will last a lifetime. As an aftermarket trailer step, you can bring the GlowStep Revolution right along with you as you upgrade from trailer to trailer. Installation on towables is so simple, you’ll wonder what took you so long to upgrade in the first place.

What are the downfalls of using trailer step imposters that act as booster steps and how does the GlowStep Revolution RV Step system remedy these issues?

Let’s take a closer look:

Problem: This issue is somewhat obvious when using OEM trailer steps. The up and down movement from entering the trailer causes your coach to rock side-to-side. Factory steps on towables also lack any possibility of adjustment. If using a booster step, the added step to close the gap in step rise is unable to adapt to terrain leaving steps unsecured and wobbly.

Solution: All of the features built within the GlowStep Revolution contribute to its unmatched level of stability. In particular the Earth-to-RV feature and All Terrain Landing Gear take these steps to the next level. Connecting the steps all the way to the ground from the entry door of your trailer is the only way to achieve a rock solid step configuration. Its 3-position adjustment allows easy leveling as you can determine how flat and even your steps sit.

all-terrain-landing-gearAll Terrain Landing Gear
adjusts to level RV steps
With All Terrain Landing Gear there’s adjustability on both sides of the step so you can safely and accurately level the steps to give you that firm feeling of foundation you desire. All Terrain Landing Gear meets any challenge: rocks, sand, mud, snow or sleet. No matter what mother earth puts under your rig, the landing gear remains planted and secure where you put it.

Have the original GlowSteps? The All Terrain Landing Gear is available to purchase by itself and can be added to most scissor steps for leveling capability.


extra-step-to-safetyProblem: Factory steps and booster steps lack adjustability for a wide range of safety needs. With no way to add or subtract a step to the factory step, what you see is what you get.

Solution: With GlowStep Revolution, we’ve taken accessibility to the ultimate level of safety. Since it works as a system with GlowGuide Handrail, pet-friendly SafeStep and more, you can tailor your step configuration to fit your needs. Whether you’re looking to create a safe entry for folks with limited mobility, small children or even your pets, pick and choose the features you need to achieve optimum safety.

Click here to learn more about each component you can add to your step system.

gsr-stored-finalGlowStep Revolution stores easily
in the factory step compartment
Good luck finding somewhere to store a trailer booster step that isn’t a nuisance. When space is already limited, storing extra cargo and lugging around extra weight is the farthest thing from convenience. Also, you’ll find that factory steps are unable to collapse into the step compartment without hanging down and impairing ground clearance.

Solution: Not only does the GlowStep Revolution deploy in seconds, it stores safely and easily into the body of your RV when not in use giving you greater ground clearance than a factory step provides. The step latches and uses a security pin to keep it safely in place during transit.

Problem: Plastic or wooden booster steps disrupt what could be a seamless entry/exit to your RV. Makeshift steps are an eyesore and primarily lack functionality.

Solution: The GlowStep Revolution is a great addition to any towable. The RV step system looks high quality and sleek because its aluminum composition that’s non-corrosive and rust-free. Its strength and longevity come from the carefully engineered design features: stainless steel bushing bearings, anti-slip SureGrip step tread and double bar hinges.

With up to 10 hours of glowing capability from just five minutes of light exposure, don’t worry about lack of visibility at nighttime.

Steps are double-hinged for strength

So there you have it. The GlowStep Revolution RV step system will tackle any challenge and misfortune your factory trailer steps have been causing you. Recently, we’ve heard several reports of RV manufacturers recalling RVs due to faulty steps. Click here to see a recent story about RV steps breaking due to weak rivets, causing the steps to give way.

Take your safety into your own hands (or feet in this case) by trusting the GlowStep Revolution RV step system.

Click here to learn more about the GlowStep Revolution and see what others had to say about the RV steps here:



sherylWritten by Sheryl Bushaw:
As a graduate from Arizona State University with a B.A. in Journalism and emphasis in Public Relations, Sheryl is a passionate writing professional with focus in areas of copy writing, social media and creative design. She is a travel enthusiast and explorer-extraordinaire with a zest for life.

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Step Right Up!

We are so lucky to have a chance to have one of our products featured in the September edition of Trailer Life Magazine! What product do you ask? None other than the newest addition to our product family, the GlowStep Revolution.

“… it doesn’t get much better than this.”
                    -Kevin Livingston, Trailer Life Magazine


Hey, it doesn’t get much better than this. Here are some of the reasons why we think the GlowStep Revolution is amazing:

• With our step system design, the GlowStep Revolution brings you down to ground level, making it so you don’t need unsafe booster steps
• Our specially designed All Terrain Landing Gear quickly levels on uneven terrain and eliminates the unstable and unsafe ‘diving board’ feeling
• The step system includes various options (purchased separately) that let you build an entry and exit system to suite your specific needs: the SafeStep barrier, GlowGuide Handrail and DirtDestroyer shoe cleaner
• Made from 100% lightweight aircraft grade aluminum, meaning that it is rust free
• Works on both side entry truck campers and towables
• Bushing bearing bolted for maximum stability and longevity, preventing the steps from coming loose over time
• Glows in the dark for up to 10 hours with only 5 minutes of light exposure
• Comes with our Legendary Lifetime Warranty
• The GlowStep Revolution is proudly made in the USA

glowstep-revolution-atlgAll Terrain Landing Gear levels trailer steps

We use and created a specially engineered hinge design unlike any other in the industry and is the only scissor step system designed for towables, fifth wheels and side entry campers. We had a Q & A with a couple of engineers from our team about the GlowStep Revolution. Below are their responses:


How did you come up with the GlowStep Revolution design?
We measured many different trailers to determine the most common step bracket widths and hole spacing. After some testing, we found that when trailers aren’t parked on level ground, the height of the door could change significantly. Other step companies counter this problem by preventing the steps from contacting the ground and allows more movement with their lower steps. This adds a lot of stress to the trailer’s frame, but our design, with All Terrain Landing Gear, is much more stable with the bottom of the steps resting on the ground.

We also designed our mounting bracket to allow the top step to be adjusted up and down as well. With both the mounting height and lower steps being adjustable, it keeps any one step from being too tall for people.

What was the process of creating the GlowStep Revolution from idea to final product?
Step 1: Research how current steps are mounted
Step 2: Design a prototype
Step 3: Test the prototype and look for ways to improve the product
Step 4: Redesign the mounting bracket to add in more adjustment and make other minor tweaks based on customer feedback
Step 5: Strength test the system to verify calculations
Step 6: Created drawings, bills of materials, jigs for production, and write instructions for installation

What about the glow in the dark aspect of the GlowStep Revolution?
Brought over from our other GlowStep line. We often hear how much our customers love it and is one of the most useful features of the product. It was a no-brainer to carry the glow in the dark feature into the new GlowStep line.

What is coolest part of the GlowStep Revolution for our engineering department?
The upper step adjustment mechanism that relies on an indexing plate and lever mounted cog to hold the plate in position.

There you have it folks, from the creators own mouths! Make sure that you go check out the article in Trailer Life Magazine and learn all about all the amazing features of our GlowStep Revolution!

Watch this video to learn more about the GlowStep Revolution:



kerstinWritten by Kerstin Stokes:
As a graduate from the College of Idaho with a B.A. in both History and Art, Kerstin has found her passion for writing and marketing. She enjoys looking up tasty recipes for baking and daydreaming about future travels. 

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3 ways to achieve safe and stable RV steps

road-sign-roughHaving a camper or trailer opens up the possibilities of traveling and camping with little limitation. With this freedom, you’re bound to come across bumps in the road with your RV equipment. That’s where Torklift International steps in. In an effort to make RVing enjoyable and stress-free, we create products with focus on convenience. Especially with the newly released GlowStep Revolution RV step system.

With factory OEM steps on your trailer, you may have experienced these common drawbacks:

trailer-booster-stepTrailer steps that need a booster step

  1. RV Movement: Since most factory steps do not extend to the ground, the hovering design is far from ideal. When entering and exiting, the shift in weight sends the entire RV into a rocking motion. The steps tend to feel flimsy and the diving board motion feels uneasy and unsafe.

  1. Booster Step: Since nearly all factory trailer steps don’t reach the ground, the step rise from the last hovering step to the ground will vary tremendously. Overwhelming opinions conclude that it’s much too high and poses a challenge to maneuver comfortably. Many folks implement an RV booster step to help address this problem. The problem with the extra step is finding somewhere to store it and its lack of ability to level out on uneven surfaces.

table-wobbleWobble caused by uneven surfaces

  1. Step Wobble: If you’ve resorted to using an RV booster step or step that folds completely to the ground, you still might encounter the dreaded wobble. This experience is comparable to sitting at a restaurant with one of the table legs malfunctioning. The wobbling drives you nuts, and you’ve probably shoved some napkins or a folded coaster underneath as remedy. With RV steps, this happens when the flat bottom of the RV step or RV booster step cannot adjust on lopsided surfaces creating an uncomfortable and significant safety hazard.

With the GlowStep Revolution RV steps, we’ve addressed these annoying conundrums and even added additional features to achieve the safest experience for entering and exiting your RV.

How to stabilize RV steps
When Torklift engineers set out to develop a solution for trailer steps, there were many aspects that required consideration. Overall, the goal was to develop steps that provided something that no other RV steps could provide. It was important that our design proved to be the most stable and safest RV step available. How did we stabilize RV steps? With nothing less than a revolution of course.

For stabilizing RV steps, we started with the top 3 ways:dumb-bell

  1. Starts with design
    1. Manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum, click here to learn more about how its unique bushing bearings and double bar design on each hinge gives the steps incredible stability, durability and longevity.
    2. When used with GlowGuide Handrail, the GlowStep Revolution RV steps handle up to 375 pounds of capacity. The GlowStep is available in 2-6 steps and is easy to add or remove steps if necessary.  

  2. Earth to RVall-terrain-landing-gearAll Terrain Landing Gear
    A simple concept but a world of difference from hovering steps. Steps that touch the ground provide an outstanding improvement in stability. With the GlowStep Revolution RV steps, toss aside the need for a clunky booster step.  

  3. Houston, we have a solution
    The All Terrain Landing Gear addresses the issues of trying to stabilize a step on uneven ground. Camping conditions will always vary, so simply adjust the feet of your steps to make the steps level. All Terrain Landing Gear comes standard on the GlowStep Revolution RV steps, but can also be added to other scissor step applications as an upgraded feature.

GlowStep-Revolution-RV-stepsStep Up: an epic battle between RV steps
To get some feedback on the GlowStep Revolution RV step system, we organized the GlowStep Revolution Challenge at the KOA campground in Kent, Washington. For a direct comparison between factory trailer steps and the GlowStep Revolution RV step, we arranged them side-by-side on a travel trailer with two entry doors and asked campers to review both sets of RV steps.


Stan Kapalczynski took the GlowStep Revolution Challenge. To begin, he tried out the factory steps.
GlowStep Revolution - scissor step for trailers

“They are real flimsy and rocky,” said Kapalczynski as he bounced up and down on the hovering step.

When it came time to try the GlowStep Revolution RV steps, Kapalczynski found that they were so nice he had to try them twice. With a thorough test, he concluded that the GlowStep Revolution RV step was a clear improvement in comparison to weaker factory steps.

GlowStep Revolution - scissor step for trailers

“Definitely sturdier…they’re not going anywhere,” explained Kapalczynski. “A quality-made good deal.”

Watch the full video of the GlowStep Revolution Challenge to see what happened:



After duking it out with the factory step, the GlowStep Revolution RV step system proved to be a clear winner and top choice among campers who took the challenge.


trailer-stepsGlowStep Revolution RV Step System with DirtDestroyer, GlowGuide Handrail and SafeStep

If you’re considering upgrading your trailer steps to a safer configuration, know all the benefits that the GlowStep Revolution provides:

  1. Unparalleled stability eliminating the unsafe diving board effect
  2. Earth to RV: Brings step to ground level (No more unsafe booster step)
  3. Adjustable landing gear levels on uneven terrain
  4. Step system accessories: Handrail, pet safety barriers and shoe cleaning attachment
  5. Made from lightweight aircraft grade aluminum (rust free)
  6. Works on side entry truck campers and towables
  7. Bushing bearing bolted for maximum stability and longevity
  8. Glows in the dark for up to ten hours with only five minutes of light exposure
  9. Legendary Lifetime Warranty
  10. Proudly made in the USA

Order the GlowStep Revolution RV step system for towables by clicking here now.  Click here to learn about our promotional offer available through August 15, 2015.  For additional questions, call Torklift Tech Support at 800-246-8132 or reach us by email at

Click here to learn more about the GlowStep Revolution RV step system.

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Your RV step too high off the ground? Eliminate the need for a booster step

It is often that steps on towables from the factory have a swing or fold out design that hovers over the ground. When you step down from the unit onto the steps, the steps feel flimsy, furthermore you feel them shake and shimmy. That same little dance motion ripples throughout the entire trailer. This earthquake movement serves as a warning sign that someone is entering or exiting the camper. Silver lining perhaps? For most, not likely.

cliffDon’t fall from the bottom trailer step


Not only does the hovering design cause extra and unnecessary movement, the bottom step is often a doozy. The gap from the last step to the ground is commonly much larger than the typical rise in RV steps. For those that have difficulty with mobility, the step configuration becomes a significant challenge.

To fix this issue, some folks take matters into their own hands. Often people purchase collapsing stool steps or improvise with a jury-rigged platform to put underneath to shorten the gap in step rise. Unfortunately, a configuration like this requires storing the extra pieces somewhere. When extra weight is a concern and storage is a rare commodity, this approach quickly becomes inconvenient.

gsr before after
(Left) Trailers using alternative methods for steps (Right) GlowStep Revolution

gsr-earth-to-rvWe wanted to address the issues with hovering steps by using the concept of Earth-to-RV. This is only one of the many benefits of the Torklift International GlowStep Revolution RV step system. Click here to learn about each useful feature of Torklift’s new leveling RV step.

By connecting the trailer all the way to the ground, the step has a tremendous increase in support and provides an easy entry and exit for anyone. It provides an equal rise between steps so you don’t have to struggle trying to pull yourself up from the ground.

Mary Ellen Chambers compared the factory step of a travel trailer to the GlowStep Revolution. Take a look at what she had to say:

When Chambers tested the OEM factory trailer step, she disliked the amount of movement when going up and down the steps.  

“This first step is too high for me,” said Chambers. “I need a booster step.”

She also mentioned that the jiggling motion of the step and RV were uncomfortable.

When Chambers tried the GlowStep Revolution, she couldn’t believe how much sturdier and stable the steps were in comparison to the factory step. As someone with mobility challenges, she preferred to use the GlowStep Revolution.GlowStep-Revolution-RV-stepsGlowStep Revolution features All Terrain Landing Gear
(also available to purchase separately)

Torklift International 
GlowStep Revolution:

  1. Unparalleled stability eliminating the unsafe diving board effect
  2. Earth to RV: Brings step to ground level (No more unsafe booster step)
  3. All Terrain Landing Gear levels on uneven terrain
  4. Step system accessories: Handrail, pet safety barriers and shoe cleaning attachment
  5. Made from lightweight aircraft grade aluminum (rust free)
  6. Works on side entry truck campers and towables
  7. Bushing bearing bolted for maximum stability and longevity
  8. Glows in the dark for up to ten hours with only five minutes of light exposure
  9. Legendary Lifetime Warranty
  10. Proudly made in the USA

saleThrough August 15th, 2015, purchase the GlowStep Revolution or original GlowStep and receive $20 off the GlowGuide Handrail and your choice of a free SafeStep or DirtDestroyer while supplies last!

Click here for offer details.

The GlowStep Revolution is now available for pre-order. For additional questions, reach us at 800-246-8132 or send an email to

Click here to learn more about the GlowStep Revolution RV step system.


sherylWritten by Sheryl Bushaw:
As a graduate from Arizona State University with a B.A. in Journalism and emphasis in Public Relations, Sheryl is a passionate writing professional with focus in areas of copy writing, social media and creative design. She is a travel enthusiast and explorer-extraordinaire with a zest for life.

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Campers put the new GlowStep Revolution step for towables to the test

GlowStep-Revolution-RV-stepsGlowStep Revolution RV Step SystemWith the recent launch of Torklift International’s GlowStep Revolution RV Step, we wanted to gain some real-world feedback on experiences from those spending time at the campsite.

With anticipation, we set out to find folks who wanted to test and review our newest innovation. Much like the StableLoad Challenge, the results provided us with great insight on Torklift’s new GlowStep Revolution leveling RV step.



KOAFor the GlowStep Revolution Challenge, we used a travel trailer with dual side entry and two sets of steps on it. On one side we left the factory step while on the other side we installed the GlowStep Revolution RV Step. We set up the trailer at the KOA campground in Kent, Washington and asked campers to test out both sets of steps.

 Watch the video to see what the campers discovered:

2thumbsupAfter the GlowStep Revolution Challenge concluded, the campers gave us a resounding “two-thumbs up.” The factory RV step that floats above ground caused the step and trailer to shimmy back and forth, leaving the campers uneasy about maneuvering up and down the steps. With the GlowStep Revolution, it was clear they felt more stable and secure. Without a doubt, everyone who tried the GlowStep Revolution RV step system preferred it to the factory step.


“There isn’t any comparison!” said Mary Ellen Chambers. “Those [GlowStep Revolution steps] are sturdy, they feel secure.”

Knowing the benefits of the GlowStep Revolution is helpful when considering upgrading from the weaker factory step.  Designed for towables, fifth wheels and side entry truck campers, the GlowStep Revolution RV step revolutionizes the way you enter and exit your trailer or camper.

How you ask?

  1. GSR-storedSteps store in factory step compartmentEarth to RV: Avoid that diving board motion of a flimsy factory step with a sturdy version that connects your trailer all the way to the ground providing optimum stability. 

  2. Easy Storage: By fitting into the factory step compartment, the step provides significant improvement in ground clearance in most cases. A quick release lever allows for easy deployment.

  3. all-terrain-landing-gearAll Terrain Landing Gear to level RV StepsHigh capacity steps: The steps handle 375 pounds of capacity when used with a GlowGuide Handrail. Capacities vary with number of steps. The GlowStep is available in 2-6 steps and is easy to add or remove steps if necessary. 

  4. Leveling RV steps: All Terrain Landing Gear - With the push of a button, adjust the feet of your steps if you encounter uneven terrain.
    Add the All Terrain Landing Gear to any scissor step application and easily level your existing steps.

  5. Step system compatibility:
    1. GlowGuide Handrail - Lightweight aluminum telescopic handrail dramatically improves stability. Step capacities increase by 25 pounds and the handrail transforms into a wash brush cleaning accessory.
    2. DirtDestroyer - The bristle brush shoe cleaning attachment prevents dirt from entering your RV.
    3. SafeStep - As a vertical barrier between steps that blocks the gap between steps, entry for pets and small children is safer and less intimidating. See how pets walk up a GlowStep with a SafeStep barrier installed.

      GlowStep Revolution

gsr-doublehingeSteps are double-hinged for strength

The clever design of the Torklift International GlowStep Revolution isn’t the typical scissor step that you’ve probably seen before. Click here to learn more about the bushing bearings and double bar design on each of the hinges. This handcrafted design is the only of its kind in the industry and creates the strongest and most durable steps available. In addition, the GlowSteps are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Time for an upgrade
With the launch of this unique step for towables, we’re extending a pretty sweet deal. Purchase the GlowStep Revolution or original GlowStep and receive $20 off the GlowGuide Handrail and your choice of a free SafeStep or DirtDestroyer while supplies last. That’s right, you’ve read correctly!


Find a dealer to purchase the original GlowStep or pre-order the GlowStep Revolution step for towables by clicking here now. The offer cannot be combined with any other offer and is intended for retail consumer use only. Hurry to redeem as the offer expires August 15, 2015.  Free items are only while supplies last. For full details on this offer, click here.

For additional questions, call Torklift Tech Support at 800-246-8132 or reach us by email at Click here to learn more about the GlowStep Revolution RV step system.

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Larry Csonka visits Torklift in Sumner, WA!

Larry Csonka and Torklift General Manager Jay Taylor

It’s not everyday an NFL legend stops by our manufacturing facility. When word spread through our offices that the one and only Larry Csonka would be paying us a visit, admittedly we were a bit star-struck.

Larry of course, was the star running back of the epic 1972 Miami Dolphins – the only NFL team in history to go undefeated in a season. So what brought Larry, “the Zonk” to Torklift?

Larry taking a look at one of our assembly lines

Larry uses Torklift truck camper accessories on his rig. Specifically he secures his truck camper to his truck with our truck camper tie downs and FastGun truck camper turnbuckles. He was interested to see where the products are made at Torklift. He took a tour of our facility and made the day of every football fan on our team.

GlowStep-Revolution-RV-stepsGlowStep Revolution


Larry was nice enough to bring his truck along to help us with the development of a new fitment of our soon-to-be released for order GlowStep Revolution for truck campers.


GlowStep Revolution is currently available for pre-order for travel trailers and 5th wheel camper trailers.


As a much larger gentleman of gridiron glory, we explained to Larry that GlowStep Revolution is designed to eliminate the “diving board” effect of other RV scissor steps and RV flip up steps by creating a secure connection between the RV and the ground. For a guy Larry’s size that made a name for himself running over pro football players, the more stable his RV steps the better!


Big thanks to "the Zonk” for making our day at Torklift. You can see what Larry is up to, from his incredible story as an NFL player to his outdoor adventures in Alaska on his official website here.

Find Your Adventure at Torklift

Contact us today to learn more:

Torklift International

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Pet-friendly RV steps

As part of the Torklift International GlowStep Series, the SafeStep is a simple component that makes a world of difference if you often go RVing with pets.

Do your pets have trouble entering or exiting your RV? To create a pet friendly RV step that your furry friend will appreciate; see how the Torklift International SafeStep is the perfect solution.

Torklift International GlowStep Series with pet-friendly SafeStep

rv-step-panelsSafety panels close gap in camper stepsWhat is a SafeStep?
The SafeStep is a vertical barrier that closes the gap between RV scissor steps.

Closing this gap is helpful to increase safety of your camper steps. The SafeStep prevents the chances of slipping or sliding through open areas of the steps. The durable safety panels make a significant difference in eliminating fears of pets and small children.

"We went camping this past week which allowed us the opportunity to install and use the SafeStep. The results were fantastic. Our dogs used to be hesitant to walk up the steps, but with the SafeStep blocking off the opening between steps, both dogs went right up the steps without fear." - Jon Scott 

Before SafeStep:

 GlowStep Revolution

The dogs do not feel comfortable entering the RV with steps that have gaps for fear of falling through or getting their paws

Many RV steps also have holes in the step surface. The holes create a serious hazard for paws because of the potential to fall through and get snagged. The surface of GlowSteps is solid.

After SafeStep:

 GlowStep Revolution

The dogs enter the RV without hesitation. The pet-friendly RV steps with SafeStep installed appear secure enough for them to feel comfortable maneuvering.

safestep-pet-friendly-stepsDurable safety panels attach with VelcroThe SafeStep riser guard for camper scissor steps are UV protected to help withstand exposure to the elements and allow for easy cleaning. Appropriate for most scissor step configurations, the SafeStep installs easily and uses a high quality Velcro to stay in place. Best of all, there is no need to remove the SafeStep each time you store your steps. The safety panels collapse and stay attached to the steps in the stored position.

Create a safe RV step configuration by adding the Torklift International SafeStep. Pet friendly RV steps will surely make your pets happy campers, too!

Click here to learn more about Torklift International GlowStep Series.

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It’s time for a Revolution: Mystery Product Revealed!

Introducing the GlowStep Revolution

Watch now:

GSR-storedGlowStep Revolution
stores in place
To complete the Torklift International GlowStep Series, we’re proud to announce the newest innovation from our talented engineers, the GlowStep Revolution. In an effort to revolutionize RV step assemblies, the GlowStep Revolution is the first and only step system designed to be versatile and flexible to adapt to any type of terrain.

Designed for towables and fifth wheels, the GlowStep Revolution fits into the factory step compartment and features a quick release lever. In most cases it provides significant improvement in ground clearance.

gsr-earth-to-rvMany factory steps on towables simply swing out and float above ground. This step assembly feels unstable and shaky, sending you into a diving board motion. When someone enters or exits the trailer, the entire RV wobbles due to lack of stability. This style of step assembly often requires an additional booster step for the bottom, as the clearance from the first step to the ground is a doozy.

The GlowStep Revolution connects the ground to the RV creating perfect stabilization of both steps and RV. No more diving board motion and wobbling of the trailer. Available in ranges from two to six steps, the GlowStep Revolution provides a safe path all the way to the ground without any large gaps.

GSR-flexabilityGlowStep Revolution adjusts horizontallySometimes uneven terrain makes leveling your step system a challenge. The nature of the scissor step design not only allows for easy maneuvering vertically, but also for slight adjustment horizontally or side-to-side, much like an accordion. With the GlowStep Revolution, angle the steps appropriately to accommodate any type of terrain.  Simply compress one side and extend the other to curve your step assembly the way you want.

With GlowSteps, bushing bearings are used at each hinge point for smooth action while still providing sufficient level of rigidity and strength for the steps.

Step Features
gsr-doublehingeGlowSteps are double hinged
for added strength
The GlowStep Revolution step system uses the proven design of the original Torklift International GlowSteps. Unlike most camper scissor steps, Torklift International GlowSteps are double-hinged making them the strongest RV step available.



With the self-illuminating feature, the GlowSteps need just five minutes of sunlight exposure to deliver a lasting glow up to ten hours. Each step is manufactured with anti-slip SureGripTM step tread allowing more control when using the steps. These features create the safest entry/exit path to your RV.caution-uneven-steps


All Terrain Landing Gear
This feature is a game changer. All Terrain Landing Gear are the adjustable feet that make accommodating difficult terrain extremely easy. If the ground happens to be uneven, simply push a button to adjust in seconds and achieve a level and stable step system.  all-terrain-landing-gearAll Terrain Landing Gear

The All Terrain Landing Gear comes with the GlowStep Revolution system, however it’s available to purchase separately and installs on any GlowStep scissor step application.

The Revolution
The advantage of the GlowStep Revolution scissor step system is its ability to be modified based on your personal preference. It’s compatible with the entire GlowStep Series so you can select and build your own step assembly. Outfit your GlowStep Revolution with the following accessories:  

  1. GlowGuide Handrail: Lightweight camper step handrail that glows in the dark for increased stability. Made from aircraft grade aluminum and when paired with GlowSteps, increases step capacities by 25 pounds. The GlowGuide Handrail also converts into a wash brush RV cleaning accessory.
  2. DirtDestroyer: Keep your RV clean with a bristle brush shoe cleaning attachment.
  3. SafeStep: Panels that create a vertical barrier between steps, closing the gaps and providing safe entry for pets and small children.


GlowStep Revolution:
     -  Made from 100 percent stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminum
     -  Universal RV factory step replacement: GlowStep Revolution fits most towable
        and fifth wheel step assemblies
     -  Ability to add and remove steps with Add-A-Step (2-6 steps)
     -  Up to 375 pounds weight capacity (when used with GlowGuide Handrail)
     -  Up to 50 percent lighter than factory steps
     -  All Terrain Landing Gear included

Click here to learn more about the GlowStep Revolution. Now available for pre-sale!

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