How much does a StableLoad cost?

StableLoad Cost Blog 1Torklift offers StableLoad kits at different prices depending on the application. Torklift has designed an upper overload StableLoad part #A7200 that costs $325.99, as well as two lower overload kits that vary in price. The lower overload kit part#A7310 is for vehicles with pre-drilled springs priced at $325.99. The second lower overload kit part #A7311 is for vehicles that do not have pre-drilled lower overload springs. This kit costs $349.99 because it comes with special drill bits. Each kit comes with a 30-day money back guarantee to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase.

What is the 30-day money back guarantee?

Torklift provides a 30-day money back guarantee on the StableLoads no matter where they were purchased. If you are not satisfied with your product in the first 30 days, with a receipt a full refund will be given. This is in place to ensure you are happy with your purchase.

StableLoad Cost Blog 2What is a StableLoad?

A StableLoad improves the vehicle’s handling by pre-activating the stabilizing effect that was designed for rear suspension by keeping them under load the way the manufacturer’s designed them to function. The quad contact design compliments the specific vehicle engineered suspension that the manufacturers invested millions of dollars developing so you would have a smooth and comfortable ride.

See what the guys from TruckU experienced when they installed the StableLoads: 

What’s included in each kit and why do you need it?

StableLoad: Upper Overload Part #A7200- $325.99 
This part is designed to replace inefficient factory overload bump stop pads, putting the upper load springs to work faster. This kit is quick and easy to install and requires no drilling with serious results. It’s installed by bolting each StableLoad onto each overload, replacing the bump stop pad. This kit fits any vehicle with an upper overload, and works the same regardless of the vehicle having or not having aftermarket air bags.

StableLoad Cost Blog 3StableLoad: Quick Disconnect (lower overload) Part #A7310 -$325.99 
It’s engineered for trucks, SUVs, vans, commercial applications and other vehicles equipped with lower overload springs that come with a pre-drilled hole in the end of the overload leaf spring. This kit is simple and has a quick installation time. 

StableLoad: Quick Disconnect (lower overload) Part #A7311- $349.99 
It’s for universal applications with lower overload springs that are not pre-drilled. This kit comes with four cobalt drill bits and specific instructions for drilling. Click here to learn how to drill a leaf spring in just 37 seconds with the StableLoad Drill Tool, available for rent.

Why does it cost $325.99 to $349.99? 
Each StableLoad kit Torklift designed is precision crafted in the USA with a lifetime warranty. Torklift is one of the last manufacturers still operating in the United States and will not be moving its factory overseas like many other truck accessory manufacturers have. Torklift’s Legendary Lifetime Warranty comes standard with this product, where most other manufacturers only provide a warranty ranging from 30 days to one year. That means if you have an issue, we are going to take care of you without making you jump through hoops.

Click here to learn more about Torklift StableLoads for truck suspension. Feel free to email our Tech Support at: support at or call 800.246.8132 if you have any questions.


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Science behind the StableLoad Suspension Stabilizer

myth-bustersHave you ever watched the TV show Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel? One of the oldest and most popular television shows on Discovery, the television series tests validity of rumors and myths by applying scientific method. With their experiments, the ultimate truth is exposed and common myths are debunked.

In an effort to reveal the capabilities of Torklift International StableLoad suspension upgrade we too, turned to science. In our own version of Mythbusters, we conducted a series of tests to address an important question:

Do suspension upgrades actually work?pounds

We loaded a 2015 Ford F150 truck with 2,800 pounds to simulate significant payload. For an in-depth assessment, the loaded Ford truck is tested through three different variables that replicate common handling issues.

  1. Large pot hole = side-to-side sway inclinometerInclinometer
  2. Speed bump = porpoising (front-to-back motion)
  3. Cornering = body roll

To measure degrees of movement, an inclinometer was mounted to the Ford F-150 truck. The inclinometer measures horizontal and vertical tilt.

The Ford truck was driven through the course to uncover the best and most effective suspension upgrade for your vehicle. To set a baseline, we recorded measurements of the factory suspension with no suspension upgrades.  Second, we installed airbags at 100-psi air pressure. Finally, we put the StableLoad Suspension Stabilizer to the test.

The results may surprise you.

Take a look:

The outcome of our test relied on science to prove StableLoads as the clear winner. Torklift’s version of Mythbusters showed that suspension upgrades actually do work, and that StableLoads have the greatest affect on handling characteristics of a vehicle when it comes to side-to-side sway, porpoising and body roll. If you often use your truck to haul or tow heavy payload, the StableLoads should be the first suspension modification to consider.

What makes StableLoads so effective? It’s simple.

wedge-packStableLoad wedge packBy pre-activating the strength within factory leaf spring suspension, the StableLoads tap into the overload leaf springs for extra support when towing or hauling heavy payload like a truck camper, fifth wheel, or any type of trailer.

The use of precision laser-crafted wedge plates that fill the space between the factory leaf spring pack and overload leaf spring triggers support from the vehicle’s suspension. The power of the factory suspension is initiated and put to maximum use.

Leaf Springs w No StableLoad

Applicable to any truck, van, SUV or small commercial vehicles with factory overload leaf springs, the StableLoads are the only suspension modification that quickly turn on and off based on your preference. If you use your vehicle as a daily driver, simply switch off the lower quick-disconnect StableLoads and enjoy its smooth factory ride.

b2ap3_thumbnail_stableload-display.pngStableLoads engaged (left) and disengaged (right)StableLoads are also easy to install and most applications bolt on without any need for drilling. In the rare case your vehicle does not have the half-inch hole pre-drilled by the vehicle manufacturer, don’t stress. Our engineers have designed the StableLoad Drill Tool to help. Using specialty cobalt drill bits and a household cordless drill, each leaf spring can be drilled in less than 37 seconds.

Click here to see how to drill a leaf spring. Learn about our complimentary drill tool rental program here.

true-falseRecently we’ve heard another question arise on the rumor circuit.




Will drilling into a leaf spring cause the spring to split or crack?


Due to the properties of hardened spring steel as a tempered alloy of iron, the thickness and strength of the leaf spring cannot be split or cracked. In fact, a specific technique must be used in order to drill through the spring successfully.


The spring cannot be cracked because of the following factors:


  1. The area on the lower overload leaf spring where the StableLoad installs is a relatively low stress area.
  2. The hole drilled is a radius as opposed to a square shape. The corners of a square cut would have heightened stress, causing potential for cracks to form. The round hole avoids stress risers, eliminating possibilities of splitting a spring.

Lastly, keep in mind that most vehicle manufactures are putting holes in the factory springs. If that isn't enough to give you peace of mind, Torklift International guarantees not just the Stableloads with our Legendary Lifetime Warranty, but we also cover your leaf springs. If you have any questions in regards to drilling leaf springs, call our Tech Support team at 800-246-8132.

In conclusion, the results of the StableLoad Test provided significant insight as to how suspension upgrades can help your vehicle handle payload more effectively.stableload-marathon

In comparison to airbags, the StableLoads performed 30 percent better when it comes to side-to-side sway, front-to-back motion or porpoising is reduced by 20 percent, and body roll showed 10 percent improvement.

By using the inclinometer to measure and analyze vehicle movement, science proves that suspension upgrades greatly impact vehicle handling.

Click here to learn more about the StableLoad Suspension Stabilizer.

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