Don’t Let a Thief Ruin Your Camping Trip, Use the Fortress GasLock Instead!

7. Proudly made in the USAAlthough we'd like to believe that most people in this world are nice and wouldn't even think about stealing the things you've worked hard to own – it's unfortunately not always the case. There are still a select few people who think what you have should be what they have, especially when it comes to propane tanks, and they'll take it.

We have a great solution to help prevent this from potentially happening to you. The Fortress GasLock is designed to securely lock your propane tanks that are mounted to a trailer, towable or RV. It's currently the only lock available specifically designed for LP tanks in the industry. Not

only can a criminal steal your tanks, but could cause hundreds of dollars in damage trying to remove the tanks, tank cover and cutting the lines.

"I feel a lot safer about my expensive camping equipment since using PowerArmor and Fortress GasLock. They give me peace of mind."
-Lauren Jensen

We couldn't have said it any better ourselves Lauren! Instead of worrying about potential gas tank theft on your summer adventure, use the Fortress GasLock instead and focus on the most important part of your trip... what to cook over the campfire for dinner!

Features of the Fortress GasLock include:

2. Fortress GasLock assembly• Avoid typical propane tank theft repairs exceeding $500
• Allows tanks to be quickly locked when mounted to trailers, towables and RVs
• Does not interfere with LP tank valves and can be filled while locked
• No tools, no modifications, installs in seconds
• Affordable investment
• Designed for dual tanks
• High impact powder coated military grade aluminum
• Fits available for all applications
• Only lock available for propane tanks in the industry
• Proudly made in the USA

Kit includes:
• One GasLock assembly
• Lock and keys
• Theft deterrent decal

Fortress Gaslock IU webIf you're interested in learning more about the Torklift International Fortress GasLock, there are a couple of options for you! You can either call us at 800-246-8132 and our tech support would be more than happy to answer your questions about protecting your trailer and gas tanks from theft. Or, you can find one of our Certified Dealers near you by clicking here, and they can help you with your questions as well as get you set up with one of these locks.

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The ultimate propane protection for Airstream trailers

airstream-tanksLP tank container on Airstream trailerDid you know the factory aluminum case that covers your propane tanks on your Airstream trailer costs upwards of $800 to replace without including labor costs? While it looks great and matches the shiny aluminum trailer perfectly, this cover does not lock to prevent your propane tanks from being stolen or tampered with.

Several years ago a Torklift customer contacted us about his propane tanks being stolen and wanted to see if we had a solution for him. At the time we didn’t, so our engineers put their heads together to see what they could come up with.

Several meetings and design sessions later, the Fortress GasLock was developed. It remains the only solution to lock up propane tanks.

For your LP tanks
airstream-lp-tank-lockFortress GasLock propane tank lock installed
on an Airstream trailer
The specially designed propane tank lock fits 3/8” and 1/2” threaded rods that come standard on a variety of trailers including Airstream.

The threaded rod runs down the center of a dual propane unit. The Fortress GasLock threads onto the threaded rod. It features a specially flanged wing design to fit perfectly between the propane tanks housed on an Airstream trailer that is unique to Airstream. A deadbolt style lock secures the entire mechanism into place.


The Fortress GasLock is colored ‘Caution Red’ to further deter potential thieves.

For Airstream owners, the Fortress GasLock is now securing both the expensive propane tanks and the special $800.00 Airstream tank cover.


Conveniencefortress-gaslock1Fortress GasLock for Airstream
The propane tanks are accessible while they are locked down so there is no need to remove the locks while camping. Simply unlock if ever you decide to remove your propane tanks.

The cost of victimization
Don’t’ become a victim of propane tank theft. It is so much more than just stolen propane tanks. Below is a break down of what it truly costs to replace stolen propane tanks:

                  Two propane tanks plus installation labor:  $360
           Replacement of cut propane hoses with labor:  $140
                                                                           Total:  $500

Don’t be fooled
That number above is misleading. There are other costs that you can’t put a dollar figure on. Did you have to cancel your camping trip after noticing the propane tanks were stolen the same day you were trying to leave? Did your propane tanks get stolen while you were actually at the campsite? Talk about inconvenience.



The cost of a Fortress GasLock begins at $83.99.



Breaking Bad
Have you asked yourself why propane is being stolen?

As depicted in the AMC hit show Breaking Bad, propane tanks are commonly stolen to use for ammonia in creating methamphetamine. It’s known to be a critical ingredient in the deadly drug. The Fortress GasLock protects you from this type of theft.

Overall, Torklift engineers created the lock for LP tanks to address a common problem and provide a suitable solution. Now RVers can gain peace of mind while your trailer is stored at home or at the campground.

“I feel a lot safer about my expensive camping equipment since using PowerArmor and Fortress GasLock. They give me peace of mind.”
                                                              -Lauren Jensen

Take a look at some of Torklift’s popular security products by watching this video:  

Click here to learn more about the Torklift International Fortress GasLock for propane tanks security.

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