The Ultimate RV Safety Checklist

Are you preparing your trailer or truck camper for storage this winter? If so, this is a must read! Whether you plan on storing your RV or truck camper in a facility or on your own property, you’ll want to ensure your investments are secured safely so when you come back to get your camper or trailer ready for spring camping, it’s just the way you left it. With a safety checklist, having your investment secured with the following security products will give you the peace of mind to enjoy the winter months without having to worry about your RV while it’s in storage.

Not only do we have a full line of security and storage products, but as an added bonus select products are 10% off at participating Torklift Certified Dealers near you through the end of December 2017. Find a Certified Dealer here
Towables Safety Checklist
1.) Lock down your propane tanksFortress GasLock
Safely secure your propane tanks with the Fortress GasLock.  Designed to ensure the security of your propane tanks, it requires no tools for installation and takes seconds to install. The Fortress GasLock works with most common threaded rods (fitments available for 3/8-inch and ½-inch applications). Manufactured to work with dual tank usage, you can leave your tanks on your trailer with the Fortress GasLock installed while filling up tanks. Constructed out of military grade aluminum in a bold, high-impact powder coat red, this is the only lock available that is specifically designed for RV propane tanks. Not only that – there’s also a special lock available for Airstream trailers. This RV lock is an affordable investment that protects your propane and tanks from thieves that could cost you hundreds of dollars in replacement and repair.
2.) Secure the safety of your shore power cord
Fortress PowerLockTorklift has designed a shore power cord cover called the Fortress PowerLock to protect your RV shore power cord from being cut or stolen. The valuable copper that’s in your shore power cord can be irresistible to thieves. If they steal your shore power cord, it can cost you hundreds of dollars in repairs. Instead, investing in the Fortress PowerLock will make you feel better about storing and leaving your RV for the winter. Crafted out of aircraft grade aluminum, this locking shore power hatch is easy to install and available in a white or black high-impact powder coat. This product, like many other Torklift products, comes with a Legendary Lifetime Warranty and is made in the USA. 
3.) Protect your batteries PowerArmor
A high-quality locking aluminum solar battery box, the PowerArmor and PowerArmor Solar are perfect for securing your batteries and protecting them from theft while your trailer is in storage. Featuring a lockable slide top that can easily be accessed no matter the mounting location, this RV storage box comes with a bright tread diamond plate and black high-impact powder coated frame. The PowerArmor Solar is also available with a Zamp 10-watt solar panel which extends battery life up to 400% and prevents premature battery replacement. This not only saves you money from having to replace your batteries, but also replacement and repairs that can occur because of theft. 
Truck Camper Safety Checklist 
1.) Stabilize and secure your truck camper
FGWSThe FastGun Wobble Stopper ensures that your truck camper is stabilized so you can freely move around in it while you’re camping. You don’t have to worry about your camper tipping over, and it’s lockable to prevent potential theft of your camper. Dramatically reducing camper jack and frame stress, the FastGun Wobble Stopper creates a supportive connection between the front camper jack legs and the camper body. 
With keyed alike locks available as an accessory, this camper stabilizer hinders and prevents any possibility of theft. The brace blocks off access making it so a vehicle can’t back up and take off with your truck camper. The FastGun Wobble Stopper is constructed out of high-impact powder coated stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminum. This is the ultimate in protection for your truck camper during storage. 
2.) Protect your turnbuckles, steps and tie downs
LocksLocks are one of the best deterrents to help keep your truck camper and products safe from potential theft. Turnbuckle locks go directly into the handle of the FastGun turnbuckle, making it so it can’t be released and stolen right off your truck. Tie Down Locks are available in packs of four with keyed alike locks to secure the steel and aluminum tie downs. This also prevents people from stealing your tie down inserts. The GlowStep locks secure your steps and the GlowGuide handrail system so they can’t be removed. The GlowStep Locks work with the GlowStep Revolution, Original GlowSteps and the Stow N’ Go truck camper steps. Ensure the safety of your Torklift products from theft! 
Regardless of where you decide to store your camper this winter, it’s always best to make sure your RV, trailer or truck camper are as safe as possible while in storage! Secure your investment with these security products and save up to 10% OFF at participating Torklift Certified Dealers until the end of December. If you have any questions or want more information regarding any of these security products, contact us 800.246.8132 or email us at


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7 offers you can’t afford to miss for safeguarding your RV this winter

Safeguard your Camper with these Winter Rebates
The time has come to ready your RV for the off-season. You’ve had a nice year together—exploring the streets of brightly lit cities, spending long nights under canopies of evergreen forests, camping along sandy beaches—but winter is fast approaching, and it’s time to start thinking about storage and theft prevention.

winterProtect your RV this winter seasonWe understand if storing an RV during the off-season causes a little added stress. As the winter whistle starts to blow, it not only brings rain, snow and ice but also increased theft. This year, as you prepare your truck camper or trailer for its winter hibernation, there’s no need to worry—Torklift International has you covered with the latest RV storage and camper security products, including a locking battery box, a locking cargo carrier, a lock for LP tanks and more.

Don’t delay—these winterization rebates expire on December 11th!

7 Offers You Can’t Afford to Miss

fortress-gaslockFortress GasLock1) Fortress GasLock – Propane Tank Security
Torklift is offering $10 off the Fortress GasLock, a propane tank lock that could save you over $500 in damages related to propane tank theft and cut lines. This nifty lock allows tanks to be secured when mounted to trailers, towables and RVs. It’s the only propane tank lock in the industry and it works hard to protect your propane tanks from prowlers.

power-lockFortress PowerLock2) Fortress PowerLock – Locking Shore Power Latch
The Fortress PowerLock covers the RV shore power cord access door and protects power cords from being stolen. As the price for copper increases, the risk of stolen power cords also grows. This easily installable locking shore power latch can help prevent the risk of cut power cords. Torklift is offering a $10 factory rebate on the Fortress Power Lock—a product that can save you over $300.

3) PowerArmor – Locking Battery Storage
Battery theft is increasingly common and very expensive—damages total up to $800. With the PowerArmor locking battery box you’ll never need to worry about your camper batteries again. The PowerArmor battery box has the dual purpose of securing expensive batteries and providing additional storage space for your gear. Not only that, but the solar option maintains the life of your battery up to 400%. The PowerArmor box is $30 off with Torklift’s winterization rebate.

PowerArmor Solar battery storage box

generator-trayLock and Load generator tray4) Lock and Load – Locking Cargo Carrier
You wouldn’t leave valuables unprotected in the front yard, so why leave prized RV accessories vulnerable? Stolen generators generate megabucks for thieves, while costing you around $1,800. The Lock and Load is a maximum-security generator tray that is great for protecting all of your big-item valuables—generators, camping gear, toolboxes and more. The Lock and Load also allows you to lock, store and run your generator simultaneously. Torklift’s rebate can save you $30 on this locking cargo tray.


camper-stabilizer5) FastGun Wobble Stopper – Camper Stabilizer
The Torklift rebate offer can save you $20 on the FastGun Wobble Stopper. Not only does the FastGun Wobble Stopper prevent theft, but it also reduces camper jack and frame stress. This decreases the risk of jack failure and frame damage—saving thousands if you had to repair your camper frame. The FastGun Wobble Stopper is simple to use and features FastGun technology to make adjustments and disconnects a breeze.


6) HiddenPower – Under Vehicle Battery Mount
 battery-mountTorklift HiddenPowerNot only does the HiddenPower battery mount keep your batteries out of sight—you’ll also never lack for an extra RV battery. Additional HiddenPower battery is kept charged by your trucks charging system batteries are simply mounted under your truck bed. Now you can even power your RV or other accessories without turning on the ignition—just wire them directly into the extra battery. Torklift is offering a $20 factory rebate when you purchase the HiddenPower battery mount.

camper-standsCamper Packer Storage Stands
for truck campers
7) Camper Packer – Camper Storage Stands
You’ll definitely want to keep your camper steady while it’s off the truck. Don’t forget to consider the Camper Packer storage stands for your long-term storage needs. These 6,000 lb. capacity camper storage stands dramatically reduce stress to your camper jacks and frame. Torklift’s rebate offer will save you an additional $10 as your prepare to store your camper for the off-season.


Save Big this Winter
Theft isn’t cheap. That’s why we want you to take full advantage of Torklift International’s winterization rebates and save between $10 and $30 on select camper storage or RV security products. When winter comes to an end and you’re back on the trail with your camper, we know you’ll be glad you did.

LAST CHANCE! Protect yourself this winter — access Torklift rebate offers by clicking here.


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