What is the best aftermarket suspension for my truck?

TLI SL Blog 1Once you start to tow or haul with your truck, pressure is applied on the factory overload springs of your vehicle’s suspension. The leaf springs on your vehicle are designed as a spring pack with upper and lower overload leaf springs. When the vehicle is loaded the spring pack engages. The problem here is that there isn’t enough stability to support the load, giving you scary handling characteristics.

Just a few you may have experienced:

- Side-to-Side Sway
- Body Roll
- Porpoising
- Truck Sag (This has a multitude of negative effects on your vehicle)

With lack of control you’ll find yourself gripping your steering wheel hard. The key to getting the stability you need is harnessing the power within the much thicker, much stronger overload leaf springs. Activating the overload leaf springs gives you increased stability and handling while towing or hauling. How can you access this extra power? That’s where the StableLoads save the day! Torklift’s StableLoads fill the gap between the leaf spring pack and the overload leaf springs, pre-activating the stabilizing affects already built into your truck’s suspension.

There are many suspension products on the market that you could consider. But how do you know what product you need? If you’re experiencing more than one symptom, the StableLoad tackles all of the handling issues, instead of many of other products that just address one.

TLI SL Blog 2

Let’s explore the options for upgrading truck suspension:


ShocksTLI SL Blog 3
A shock is a mechanical or hydraulic device designed to absorb and damper shock impulses. It does this by converting the kinetic energy of the shock into heat which is then dissipated. Some shock absorbers allow tuning of the ride by control of the valve by manually adjusting the shock absorber. Manufacture’s say that shocks typically need to be replaced at 50,000 miles.

• Suspension is adjustable
• Allows you to firm suspension while towing
• Shocks are expensive
• Maintenance is even more expensive
• Only solves one of many suspension problems you may be facing
• No lifetime warranty

TLI SL Blog 4

Airbags are a type of vehicle suspension powered by an electric compressor. The compressor then pumps air into a flexible bellow that is typically made from textile-reinforced rubber. The air pressure will then inflate the bellows and raise the chassis from the axle. Air bags feature adjustable suspension, but usually need to be replaced between 50,000 and 70,000 miles and the price is high.

• The ability to lift/level a vehicle for towing
• Both initial purchase and maintenance is expensive
• With airbags you are reduced to two points of contact instead of four like the vehicle manufacturer intended
• Airbags are notorious for leaking problems – preventing them from holding air
• Only solves one of many suspension problems you may be facing
• No lifetime warranty

TLI SL Blog 5

Bump stops
Bump stops are a compressed suspension component that is designed to prevent metal on metal contact that leads to damage or unsafe driving characteristics. As the suspension undergoes high compression such as hitting a speed bump or dipping into a pothole, the bump stop soaks up the shock. They can easily be shaped with common machining processes, but the downside is that they dissipate energy into the suspension which can actually cause your shocks to work harder, and they take longer to engage.

• Prevents metal on metal contact
• Absorbs jolts and bumps
• Bump stops take longer to engage
• Energy is dissipated into the suspension causing your shocks to work harder
• Only solves one of many suspension problems you may be facing
• No lifetime warranty

TLI SL Blog 6

Sway bars
Sway bars help reduce the body roll of a vehicle during fast cornering or irregularities in the road. It connects the opposite wheels together through short lever arms linked by a torsion spring. Over time the sway bar link ball joints wear out and they will need to be replaced.

• Reduces body roll
• Increased weight transfer to already overloaded outside tires (reducing traction)
• Can cause cracked mounts
• Stiffens suspension contributing to a rougher ride
• Only solves one of many suspension problems you may be facing
• No lifetime warranty

Let’s turn to science to see which suspension upgrade is most effective:

For this test an inclinometer is used to measure horizontal and vertical tilt. The higher the horizontal and vertical tilt register on the inclinometer the less control the driver has over the vehicle.


TLI SL Blog 7Why is the StableLoad the clear winner?
Unlike any other aftermarket suspension upgrade, StableLoads have a quad contact design while other rear suspension products reduce contact to only two points. With the StableLoads, see and feel a dramatic reduction in side-to-side sway, body roll. The StableLoads keep your vehicle level reducing stopping distance, suspension and tire wear. This creates for comfortable and stress free travel. It’s also the only suspension upgrade you can turn on and off with the lower leaf spring design. Click here to learn more about how to engage and disengage the StableLoads in seconds so you can return to your smooth, factory ride when not towing or hauling. 

TLI SL Blog 8

• Dramatically improves safety and handling while towing and hauling
• Reduces negative vehicle handling characteristics like side-to-side sway, body roll and porpoising 
• Eliminates sag and levels your ride 
• Ability to turn on and off in seconds*
• Quad contact design complements the vehicle’s specially engineered suspension that automotive manufacturers have invested millions of dollars designing, while all other rear suspension products reduce contact to only two points  
• Enhances airbag performance by lowering airbag overload air pressure and activating the factory overloads
• Legendary Lifetime Warranty includes coverage for the vehicle factory leaf springs
• Proudly made in the USA

*Applies only to the StableLoad Quick Disconnect (Lower Overload).

Many suspension upgrades come with just a limited warranty, but the StableLoads come with our Legendary Lifetime Warranty that not only covers the StableLoads but also covers the vehicle’s factory leaf springs. We do this because we stand behind our product 100 percent.

NEW: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Torklift provides a 30-day money back guarantee on the StableLoads no matter where they were purchased. If you are not satisfied with your product in the first 30 days, with a receipt a full refund will be given. This is in place to ensure you are happy with your purchase.


Click here for more information on our StableLoad suspension kits, contact us by emailing Tech Support at: support at torklift.com or by calling 800.246.8132.


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Go on an epic roadtrip with your Torklift StableLoads

Anutami-CamperGo on an epic roadtrip,
just like Anutami
There are many of us that have fond memories of going on long camping trips with our family and friends. Just getting to enjoy the open road, have s’mores by a campfire and fight over what music to play are all just a little part of getting to go on a roadtrip. But, forum user Anutami from Rv.net took his roadtrip to the next level. He went “old school” and took his family on an epic 6-week business trip and tour of Northern California and the Pacific Northwest. But before he did so, he made sure that his truck and camper were prepped for the long journey.


Prepping for the trip
When it comes to a long excursion, you have to make sure that every aspect of your truck and camper are 100 percent ready to go. For Anutami, it was also a matter of figuring out how to reduce the excessive sway due to extra weight and improving his Ford suspension. He decided to install our Torklift StableLoads, both upper and lower applications. Although our most popular StableLoads are no-drill, we also offer kits that have drill bits if your leaf springs don’t come with a hole already in them such as on Anutami’s 2001 Ford F350.

Before-Lower-StableLoadPrior to lower StableLoads installation Four-Included-Drill-Bits Four drill bits are included

“Thank you Torklift for providing the drill bits. I used all four!”
                                                    -Anutami, Rv.net

Torklift-Upper-StableLoadBoth upper and lower StableLoads

With the StableLoad Suspension Stabilizer Anutami felt an instant change to the rig when he started driving with both upper and lower StableLoads activated. With significantly reduced side-to-side sway, improved safety and handling and the elimination of sag, Anutami didn’t have to worry about his truck camper and instead could have fun with his family on their epic roadtrip. He could also enjoy the trip without white knuckle driving and the feeling of anxiety due to a lack of steering control. Once their trip concluded, he can quickly return to the truck's original ride in just seconds. Since the lower StableLoads adjust to its "off" position, he can enjoy a smooth factory ride when he’s not towing or hauling, but also has the ability to handle heavy payload for future road trips by switching the lower StableLoads back on.

Some other great features of the upper and lower StableLoad include:

•  Dramatically improves safety, handling and reduces sway, body roll and porpoising
•  The lower StableLoads have the ability to turn on and off in seconds
•  Universal fit for all vehicles with factory installed upper and lower overloads
•  Works with small truck campers, small trailers, large truck campers, 5th wheels, SUVs and more
•  For the lower StableLoads, a quad contact design complements the vehicle manufacturer's four point suspension
•  Legendary Lifetime Warranty
•  Proudly made in the USA

 We’re glad that the StableLoads were able to make Anutami’s trip that much better and that they will continue to make future truck suspension and truck camper travels even better as well. Take a page from Anutami’s book and check out Torklift International upper and lower StableLoad Suspension stabilizers for your next epic roadtrip. Find a Torklift dealer near you or check out our Where to Buy page or contact us at 800-246-8132. Read Anutami's full trip report here

In Case You Have to Drill:

If you find yourself with a lower overload leaf spring that has to be drilled to install the lower StableLoad Suspension Stabilizer, we're here to help. The key to drilling a leaf spring effectively is to apply a significant amount of force using a cordless drill with slow rotation and well-lubricated drill bits. We offer a special StableLoad Leaf Spring Drill Tool as well as drill bits to help you cradle the drill and allows you to slowly guide the drill bit with little effort. The tool does the work for you and is the simplest and quickest method of drilling the leaf spring. The StableLoad Drill Tool is available to rent for FREE with a $150 refundable deposit.

Installation with StableLoad Drill Tool: 

Click here to see installation without the StableLoad Drill Tool. 

For more information, call us at 800-246-8132.


kerstinWritten by Kerstin Stokes:
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Rv.net member’s first experience with StableLoads

Chevrolet Silverado – similar to Dave’s

RV.net forum member Dave Sire has a burly truck. His 2011 Chevrolet 3500 is built to help him find his adventure with his truck camper just about anywhere that he likes. Nonetheless, Dave found that when hauling his truck camper, his rig had some ride stability issues that made him wonder if he could make an improvement:


“When I haul my truck camper fully loaded I am close to my GVWR,” Dave writes. “My truck camper weighs around 3,500 pounds wet. My ride was comfortable on smooth roads but with bumps I would see some porpoising and on big bumps I could feel my truck hitting the stops on the rear axle.”


As an experienced RV’er Dave made do with the setup and was sure to adjust his driving style with the camper loaded on his truck.


“When making turns I would definitely get some sway, port to starboard. I took corners slow for that reason,” he writes.


Dave’s driving skill allowed him to haul the added weight of his truck camper safely without any truck suspension modifications, but StableLoads caught his eye as a suspension stabilization upgrade that would allow him to drive his loaded truck more as though he would when the truck is unloaded.


stableload-graphicBy preloading your vehicle’s factory overload springs, StableLoads maximize your suspension’s load-carrying stability as the factory engineers intended. StableLoads help counteract truck body roll, eliminate truck porpoising, reduce rear-end sag and can be engaged and disengaged in seconds (Quick Disconnect StableLoad).


After installing Quick Disconnect StableLoads on his truck, Dave set out on his maiden voyage with the StableLoads engaged and his truck camper loaded on his truck.

“I took a 45 minute or hour drive on some bumpy paved roads, bumpy gravel roads and also some highway,” he writes. “The question is do they (StableLoads) work and the answer is yes. They definitely make the ride more stable. When hitting bumps in the road it seems to have eliminated the porpoising. When turning corners it reduced the sway by probably 55 to 65 percent.”

To simulate some of the roughest highway terrain he could encounter when hauling his truck camper, Dave got his rig up to speed and headed for an intersection that could normally threaten to cause damage to his truck and camper.

“I also went over a double set of rough railway tracks by my house at 50 mph and was very pleased at the improvement,” he writes. “The truck didn't come close to bottoming out as it might have without the StableLoads.” 

See what other folks have to say about StableLoads after taking the StableLoad Challenge:

After having StableLoads installed on his truck Dave found that although StableLoads didn’t transform his rig into a Ferrari, they did make his rig perform far better with major improvements to both overall handling and most importantly safety from a stable hauling experience.

“It doesn't quite handle like a sports car now but I don't feel as though I should slow way down for corners like I used to. In fact with the StableLoads engaged I would say that is what you notice the most, is you can drive your truck very much like you would without a camper on.”

Read Dave’s full evaluation of StableLoads here - CLICK

Click here to learn more about why StableLoads are the most effective suspension upgrade you can use when performing any sort of heavy hauling.

StableLoad HorsePower

  1. Dramatically improves safety, handling and reduces sway, body roll and porpoising
  2. Ability to turn on and off in seconds (Lower Quick Disconnect StableLoads only)
  3. Universal fit for all vehicles with factory installed upper or lower overloads
  4. Quad contact design complements the vehicle manufacturer's four point suspension as opposed to reducing it to two points of contact with all other rear suspension products
  5. Quick no-drill installations
  6. Enhances airbag performance by lowering airbag overload air pressure
  7. Kit includes four StableLoads (outfits one complete vehicle)
  8. Legendary Lifetime Warranty includes coverage for the vehicle factory leaf springs
  9. Proudly made in the USA

Find Your Adventure with Torklift International StableLoads!

Contact us today to learn more:
Torklift International



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My new Ford F150 shudders and I don’t know why

It has come to our attention that some Ford truck owners are experiencing a vibration issue when towing with their Ford truck. These complaints of a drivetrain related shudder seem to be happening with newer model F-150 trucks. As a suspension solution for towing, we’ve found that the Torklift International StableLoads have had success in alleviating this problem.


The Torklift StableLoads are tested and proven to solve multiple drivability issues. By pre-engaging the stronger factory overload leaf springs, StableLoads give added support to the suspension your truck was designed to have originally.

As the only product available designed with an on/off capability, the patented StableLoad suspension stabilizer enables you to switch the system off when necessary. When not towing or hauling, keeping the system off enables you to enjoy the smooth, factory ride. Engage the StableLoad, load your vehicle and continue to experience the same ride quality. No other suspension system has the versatility of this on/off function.

Several Ford truck applications do not require drilling and are easily installed. Also, the lifetime warranty that comes with the StableLoad extends to the factory installed leaf spring of your vehicle as an added bonus.

Ford truck owners on online forums discuss the success they’ve experienced with the StableLoad suspension upgrade helping to solve the drivetrain related shudder on Ford trucks. 

George Ruff installed the StableLoads on his 2013 Ford F-150 truck.

“I installed the StableLoads first to see if I would notice any difference with the shudder issue,” George said. “Well to my surprise, I would guess that about 80 percent to 90 percent of the shudder was gone!”

George also noticed the improvement in handling the StableLoads provided when towing his tractor on a landscape trailer with his Ford truck.

Owners of Ford trucks have indicated that the shudder worsens when towing. To address the vibration issue, Ford truck owner Terry Reeves of Team Beefcake Racing turned to the StableLoad suspension upgrade as a solution.

Terry installed both upper and lower StableLoad applications on his 2013 Ford F-350 to tow a 53-foot Outlaw trailer weighing in at about 26,500 pounds with car and gear.


When Terry loaded the gooseneck trailer onto the truck, he immediately noticed that the sag in the rear of the truck was greatly reduced.

“I really wish I had measured the ride height before and after, because it was a substantial difference,” said Terry. “We ended up raising the gooseneck one more hole up and if I had to guess, I would say the truck is sitting somewhere between 5-7 inches taller.”

When Terry took the StableLoads for a test-drive, he wanted to maneuver both turning and straight ahead take offs to see if the Ford truck vibration was improved. With doubling the throttle he found that the shudder on the Ford truck was about 95 percent better.

Terry had initially purchased airbags, but now doesn’t see the need to install them on the truck. He found that the StableLoad suspension stabilizer addressed all of the Ford truck’s suspension problems for his application.

“On the highway, the truck definitely feels much more stable and you feel more confident driving the truck,” Terry explains. “For the cost and ease of install, this is a mod that is definitely well worth it for those that are towing and I highly recommend!”

If you are experiencing shudder or vibration when towing with a Ford truck, we suggest installing the StableLoad suspension upgrade. This easy, DIY suspension modification has shown that it can greatly reduce the vibration issues for newer Ford truck models.

Click here to learn more about Torklift International StableLoads or find your Ford truck suspension application on our application guide.


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