Three Ways Torklift StableLoads Give you a Safer Ride

Your safety is key when it comes to the design of Torklift products. We aim to get you from point A to point B as safely and securely as possible, all while allowing you to bring along a toy hauler, boat trailer or truck camper. So, with safety as an important piece in our mission, what makes the Torklift StableLoad Suspension Stabilizer so much safer than airbag suspension or factory suspension?

A newcomer in the towing and hauling game may have never experienced sway, sag or cornering could think it wouldn’t be a necessary addition to their hauler…

“Thanks Torklift for making this NEWBIE Truck camper a believer in Torklift products. I sure feel safer going down the road!"

– John

Any seasoned camping veteran will stress the importance and effectiveness of a StableLoad. This small yet prominent piece of equipment helps ensure the safety of the items being hauled or towed, and more importantly, the passengers in the vehicle.

If you’re hauling a truck camper, dirt bikes or any significant heavy items in the truck bed, that extra weight can take a toll on your truck’s suspension. Torklift developed the StableLoad as an answer to this problem. A one stop shop to fix your poor handling, side-to-side sway and rear end sag, the StableLoad is the ultimate suspension upgrade. Below are the three known problems with hauling heavy loads, and how the StableLoad can fix them.

1) Sway

stableloadsWhen it comes to hauling heavy items in the back of your vehicle, sway can be caused by a few different factors and leave the passengers and driver a little uneasy about continuing the trip. Large vehicles driving past you or large gusts of wind can send your truck rocking like a pendulum. Constant sway is hard on your truck and makes the ride uncomfortable and dangerous. So how does The Torklift StableLoad prevent this? The StableLoad pre-engages your suspension so that it is already activating the strength within the overload leaf springs. Al Maher states:

"After years of frustration with bad sway, I finally installed StableLoads. Problem instantly solved. Sway is gone. Truck is again a joy to drive... The StableLoads absolutely solved the problem."

 - Al Maher

The StableLoad makes for a smoother and safer ride than alternative suspension products. It outperforms products that are specially designed to eliminate sway.

“The wife and I did a couple of weekend trips and were very disappointed in the sway we were getting especially on the city roads. This was after installing airbags so I did some research and found Torklift and thought I would give the StableLoads a shot. I have to tell you that the result was nothing short of (to me) astounding, the difference was night and day.”

 - John

The StableLoad proves itself repeatedly and leaves customers astounded and thrilled with the high quality of such an affordable product.

2) Sag

By pre-engaging the suspension with a StableLoad, the sag that would normally be caused with a heavy load in the back is gone. Poof! Sag can cause damage to your vehicle, especially when you drive over a speed bump or a pothole. On top of the damage potentially done to your vehicle, sag can make driving conditions unsafe. Sag can cause your steering alignment to be thrown off which will cause delayed responses in steering. This will make the vehicle unsafe and out of control. On top of that, the vehicle can lose braking ability in the front wheels which accounts for up to 70 percent of a vehicle’s ability to brake. The StableLoad will make your truck feel like there is no sag at all.


 “My truck now rides level and handles like the bed is empty. This is one of the most cost effective and efficient methods of shifting weight to the front axle and eliminating rear sag I have ever seen. Great Product[.]”

-Michael Davis

Along with the safety side of truck sag, it should also be noted that having sag in the back of your vehicle causes uneven wear and tear to your truck’s tires. This can decrease your vehicle’s fuel mileage and raise its carbon footprint. Keep safe when driving, “give yourself a brake” with the help of Torklift StableLoad.

3) Handling

The StableLoad will also alleviate your handling problems. If the heavy load on the back of your truck keeps your vehicle from handling the way that it should, then the StableLoad is going to make drastic differences. If the handling on your truck leaves you out of control, it makes it hazardous for not only you, but for other drivers and pedestrians around you. Going around tight corners with heavy loads has never been safer thanks to StableLoad.

“We've spent the last couple of days going in and out of Key West with narrow streets, heavy traffic and crowded with people and it really is surprising how well it handles in such tight quarters of that city.”

- Ken Pastorious

StableLoads were designed to improve your overall towing or hauling experience. Not only do they improve your experience, but they also improve your safety on the road. Make sure you don’t put yourself, the cargo, or others on the road in danger with delayed stopping, compromised handling, excessive sway or other problems that StableLoads can fix. Rather than spending thousands of dollars on a different solution to each problem, let the StableLoad handle this problem with one simple-to-install application.


Upper and Lower Applications

The lower StableLoad also addresses these issues, but can turn on/off, returning your vehicle to smooth factory ride when not towing or hauling. With both upper and lower StableLoads combined it resolves all the issues that you would encounter when needing a suspension upgrade. The Torklift StableLoad comes in two application styles. The lower quick-disconnect StableLoad and the upper StableLoad. Alone, the upper overload does a good job fixing these issues. 

Safety is a big part of the design that goes into each and every Torklift product. Avoid sway, sag and poor handling by installing Torklift StableLoads on your vehicle. Visit Torklift’s where to buy page to find a local dealer near you. Not only will you be safer on the road, but you will feel safer.


nateWritten by Nathan Miller:
As a graduate from Eastern Washington University, Nathan received his degree in marketing. He enjoys people and partaking in anything outdoors. Nathan once had a staring contest with an owl and won. He is the most interesting writer in the Torklift Universe. 

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Spring Truck Camper Accessories You Need!

Picture1If you’re interested in going camping but not having to sleep on the hard ground and be able to cook light meals, a truck camper is a great choice for something in-between tent camping and a full-blown Class A motorhome. A truck camper consists of a truck that you drive for hauling the camper, and the RV camper itself which has all the amenities of home. A truck and truck camper allows you to go anywhere the truck can go by itself.  With a truck camper you can exclusively access otherwise inaccessible places that motorhomes and other towable RV’s are unable to go for camping.


Below is a guide to top three truck camping accessories you need to make your camping experience safer and more enjoyable – including improved safety and stability as well as extra power! All the products below come with Torklift’s Legendary Lifetime Warranty and are made in the USA… pretty hard to resist those features! 

1.) Lock and Load

Lock and Load 1First up is the Lock and Load storage tray. Not only is it perfect for storing all your extra gear, gas cans or water cans, but it can also hold a generator for extra power while camping! With the Lock and Load, you can enjoy

extra generator power without having to deal with constantly moving it in and out of your RV and potentially cause damage or mess. This generator tray is perfect for not only storing your generator – but also locking it up so it’s safe from potential theft.

Installation is as simple as putting the tray into the hitch receiver, securing it with a locking hitch pin and you’re good to load up your camping gear and generator into the tray.


Features of the Lock and Load include: 

Allows you to lock, store and run your generator and other motorized equipment simultaneously
Avoid exhaust fumes and stains by permanently storing your generator on the Lock and Load while on the road or off the grid
No more heavy lifting – your generator stays on the tray even while running
Protect costly generators, camping gear, welders, tool boxes, plasma cutters and more from theft 
Features a safety visual sight indicator to prevent risk of damage while driving (Part #A7752)
License plate relocation holes to attach license plate (Part #A7752)
Mounts easily into front and rear receiver hitches
Fits most common generators including: o Yamaha EF2000iSo Yamaha EF2400iSHCo Honda Eu2000ia
Utilizes 2” x 2” receiver to mount


2.) FastGun Wobble Stopper
6. Increase camper comfort by eliminating camper movement

Does your camper wobble from a sneeze when it’s not loaded securely on your truck? Many that travel with truck campers understand the irritating and nerve-racking camper sway when the camper is off loaded. When a truck camper is free standing, the sway and wobble can make for a discomforting experience. Torklift has designed the FastGun Wobble Stopper to dramatically reduce camper jack and frame stress. It acts as a supportive connection between the front camper jack legs and the camper body. Not only does it reduce the stress, it also reduces the swaying that causes unease and feeling like the camper is going to tip from just walking from the bed to the bathroom.


3.) Upgraded Steps – Stow N’ Go

stowngo10mFor a safer camping experience, there’s nothing better than stable steps. The Stow N’ Go was designed specifically to lock while in transit, eliminating the hassle of having to detach and store the steps inside your 

camper. The steps remain mounted to the back of the truck camper bumper to prevent the interior from getting dirty. This step system comes standard with the storage bracket, GlowStep entry system and All Terrain Landing Gear adjustable feet.

Now when you’re truck camping, you don’t have to worry about potential falling off your steps because they’re too steep or don’t fully reach the ground. As an added bonus, there are also many accessories available to go with the Stow N’ Go to improve your camping experience as well. These accessories include: the GlowGuide handrail, SafeStep pet safety barrier and the DirtDestroyer shoe cleaning attachment. Having just one is a great upgrade, but all three combined help make the ultimate in truck camper step systems!

There you have it. Our top three recommended truck camping accessories for the spring season! Don’t wait today to upgrade your camping experience! For questions about the Lock and Load, FastGun Wobble Stopper, Stow N’ Go, or any other Torklift products, contact us at 800-246-8132 or shop now at one of our Torklift Certified Dealers.





kerstinWritten by Kerstin Stokes:
As a graduate from the College of Idaho with a B.A. in both History and Art, Kerstin has found her passion for writing and marketing, and has loved every minute of working for Torklift for over 2 years. She enjoys looking up tasty recipes for baking and daydreaming about future travels.



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Enjoy these deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Thanksgiving Sale2Thanksgiving is a time for families and friends to gather around the table and give thanks for sharing each other’s company, food and time. This Thanksgiving, we want to give each of our customers the “Family Discount” on Torklift products as a thank you for supporting our families. 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale
Instead of having to wait outside for hours on end to get a good deal or wake up at 3 a.m., our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales run from Nov. 24-27, 2017 giving you plenty of time to spend with your family. Visit our online certified dealers to get up to 20% off ALL Torklift products. This includes tie downs, GlowStep Revolution, StableLoad, accessories and more. 
Like all good things, this sale will come to an end so make sure to get your Torklift gear before Nov. 28 at participating Torklift Certified Dealers! Visit here to take part of all the Thanksgiving deals and find a dealer near you or call us at 800.246.8132 if you have any questions about our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale! 
Happy Thanksgiving from our Torklift family to yours!
Thanksgiving Sale


kerstinWritten by Kerstin Stokes:
As a graduate from the College of Idaho with a B.A. in both History and Art, Kerstin has found her passion for writing and marketing, and has loved every minute of working for Torklift for over 2 years. She enjoys looking up tasty recipes for baking and daydreaming about future travels. 

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Are you ready to get your Torklift parts drop shipped directly to you?

Drop Ship Blog 1

What is the 48 hour Drop Ship Program?

We are set up to build products in large runs for stocking orders made by distributors, but sometimes you have a customer that can’t wait. That’s where the 48 hour Drop Ship Program comes into play.

How Does the Drop Ship Program Work?

1. Business Day One: Place your order by 11 a.m. so the build for your products starts the following business day
2. Business Day Two and Three: Your parts have 48 hours (Two business days) to go from raw parts to powder coat to be ready to be shipped. Hot off the assembly line!
3. Business Day Four: Your parts are sitting on our dock ready to ship

What does it cost?

This fee is minimal when it comes to getting your Torklift products that much sooner and in a rush! If you have unforeseen circumstance and you suddenly need Torklift products and can’t pass up the opportunity - contact your distributor and let them know you need to place a drop ship through Torklift. The fee will vary by distributor.

Drop Ship Blog 2With Torklift’s products at a record demand, our dedicated Torklift Drop Ship team is dedicated and ready at a moment’s notice to manufacture the parts you need from raw materials and pack into our specially designed boxes – then shipping the products you order to where you need them. We have a team just for focuses on emergency orders from the Drop Ship Program and making sure they get to you as soon as possible.

Whatever you need, whether it’s our brand new Stow N’ Go truck camper steps, our always popular StableLoad or highly engineered SuperHitch, our highly seasoned staff will do whatever it takes to get you taken care of. Always have Torklift products on hand! If you’re having difficulty obtaining Torklift parts and products, please feel free to contact us at 800-246-8132 or email us at either or

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“Brace” Yourself For A Creative Torklift Mod

Increase camper comfort by eliminating camper movementHave you ever made something or started a project and saw that as you were working on it or once it was finished, it could be used for so much more than what you intended? Doesn't it feel delightful and rewarding? Recently we ran into this same scenario with one of our products.

Originally designed to prevent camper wobble when storing a camper, we thought that the Torklift International FastGun Wobble Stopper only had certain purposes: prevent camper movement by adding support and connecting between the front camper jack legs and the camper body and prevent theft of a camper by locking the FastGun Wobble Stopper while you're gone.

Turns out, there's another purpose to using the FastGun Wobble Stopper to prevent camper sway! Read below to learn how forum user Anutami, aka Nolan Sturgeon, uses his Wobble Stoppers:

Picture2"The only thing on the rear bike rack is the rocking movement as you hit bumps on the road. This is how I resolved the rack from bouncing up and down on all the potholes. I use my Torklift [FastGun] Wobble Stopper. Torklift may have a new arena to sell their products as this virtually eliminates the bike rack from any movement while driving." – Anutami,

Wow! That is truly a unique way to use a part that was intended for truck camping. With out of the box and ingenious thinking, Nolan was able to retrofit the FastGun Wobble Stopper camper stabilizer bars to stabilize his bike rack. We reached out to him for more information and in an email to our Content Coordinator, Nolan states that:

Picture1"Although I have not yet installed the [FastGun] Wobble Stoppers yet I have found a very good use for one of them.  One problem with rear bike racks is the movement that happens to them while traveling causing the bikes to slap against one another.  I found using a [FastGun] Wobble Stopper connected to my rear hitch virtually eliminates the bike rack from moving around while traveling all the miles that we do." – Nolan

After installing the FastGun Wobble Stopper with his unique use of them?

"Before I installed the [FastGun] Wobble Stopper I would cringe every time I hit a dip in the road as the carrier would fly up and slap hard back down.  The FastGun Wobble Stopper is so easy to remove when I am ready to deploy my swing away bike rack." - Nolan

We'll certainly take your idea into consideration Nolan and see if we can break into the bike rack industry! Thank you for sharing your story and fantastic family photos! Until we can become breakout stars in the bike rack industry, if you're planning on using the Wobble Stopper with your truck camper storage or have another creative way of using it, here are some FastGun Wobble Stopper Features:


• Dramatically reduces camper jack and frame stress avoiding costly jack failure and camper frame damage
• Prevents camper movement and theft when offloaded from your vehicle
• Simple quick disconnect handle uses FastGun technology for easy disconnect and adjustment in seconds (FastGun Wobble Stopper Only)
• Easy DIY bolt on installation for all round and square jack applications
• Stores to camper jacks
• Lockable, keyed-alike locks included (FastGun Wobble Stopper Only)
• 100% aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel
• High impact powder coat white
• Legendary Lifetime Warranty
• Proudly made in the USA 

Fastgun Wobble stopper square jack application

If you're interested in winterizing a truck camper and using the FastGun Wobble Stopper camper stabilizer from Torklift International or reducing camper frame stress, visit one of our Certified Dealers near you here. To contact us for more information, reach us at: or call our tech support at 800-246-8132. We are more than happy to help you.



kerstinWritten by Kerstin Stokes:
As a graduate from the College of Idaho with a B.A. in both History and Art, Kerstin has found her passion for writing and marketing. She enjoys looking up tasty recipes for baking and daydreaming about future travels. 

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The Torklift Story

Torklift Timeline

View the Torklift International Collectors Edition Hat 

To see the full Torklift Story and Torklift 40th Anniversary information you can visit our History page 

Torklift International owes great thanks to our loyal customers and invites you to join us in celebrating our 40 years of business. Keep checking in for more anniversary information and Torklift history.


kerstinWritten by Kerstin Stokes:
As a graduate from the College of Idaho with a B.A. in both History and Art, Kerstin has found her passion for writing and marketing. She enjoys looking up tasty recipes for baking and daydreaming about future travels. 


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Torklift Delivers Christmas

We take great pride in listening to our customers wants and needs, striving to provide quality made products and the best possible customer service experience in the industry. This winter season is no different.

While befriending one of our loyal customers on an online forum, we came across an exciting opportunity.

John Patterson, also known as ‘gandydancer’ expressed that the Lock and Load maximum security locking cargo tray is listed at the very top of his Christmas wish list. With a larger sized generator that he uses when camping, John was missing the security and peace of mind that a locking generator tray could provide. Already outfitted in Torklift Frame-Mounted Tie Downs and quick-disconnect FastGun turnbuckles, we thought the Lock and Load would be a great addition to John’s rig.


Torklift Kerstin writes:

Hey John,

I really hope Santa is able to get you what you want off of your Christmas wish list too! Maybe if you just let his elves know then maybe something will happen… But I’m really happy to hear that you enjoy our products and I look forward to talking to you soon!

Merry Christmas to you John, I think it’s going to be a good one this year.

Torklift Kerstin


Little did John know, Torklift’s magical elves, or “Santas” if you will, were already planning the perfect surprise….



John's message writes: 

Yesterday morning I received the biggest surprise of my life when the doorbell rang and as I opened the door to see who it was, I saw a FedEx delivery truck drive away and found a large box sitting on my porch from Torklift International. I am truly speechless beyond words as I really don't know quite what to say except to thank each and everyone of you at Torklift for the best Christmas present that I have ever received. Never in my life did I ever expect something so wonderful to happen to me.

I truly appreciate your kindness in the lock and load maximum security cargo tray that was sent to me and I will use it often on my truck camper adventures without fearing that my portable inverter generator will be stolen.

This is indeed the best Christmas that I have ever had and I hope that everyone at Torklift has a wonderful and Merry Christmas also. Thank all of the magical "Santa's" at Torklift for me.

Very grateful to all,
John Patterson

Merry Christmas John!

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Torklift’s journey to Mt. Rainier’s summit Part 3: The Climb

Continued from Part 2

A race against time
As our guides rope us up for the final ascent, I couldn’t help but notice how our climbing teams were re-organized. One of our female group members decided to stay behind at camp along with a guide. Continuing the climb was four rope teams: Two groups of three climbers consisting of two men plus a guide and two additional groups of 2, another woman and myself each had our own personal guide. Jack and I were separated onto two different teams and at this point, I knew the guides anticipated that I would be one of the first to turn back early. This factor was just extra fuel. I wasn’t prepared to give up until I reached my goal.

crevasse-crossingCrossing a crevasseWith only a headlamp and the moonlight, I closely followed my guide and laser-focused on each immediate challenge in front of me. Bottomless crevasse? Check. I’ll go ahead and death-grip a rope while I inch my way across wobbly wooden 2x4 planks thrown over a flimsy aluminum ladder with my clunky spike shoes. Vertical ice walls? Check. That’s what my crampons and ice axe were for, right? Scale the edge of a cliff across loose rock and boulders? Check. With the path just inches wide in some areas, I tried my best to put fear aside and refused to succumb to the exhaustion nipping at my heels. With no time to waste, I kept moving as quickly as possible, which was sadly similar to the pace of a zombie.

At the top of Disappointment Cleaver, two climbers had already turned around at two separate points. Since it required a guide to take each of them back down to camp, only two guides remain for the entire group. There was a rope team of two gentlemen plus Jack and I. The two of us roped up with our guide to tackle the remainder of the ascent. As the wind picked up and our faces began to freeze, we trekked onward.

guide-breakOur Lead Guide stops for a quick breakThe climb was ruthless. With infinite steep switchbacks and several sections of treachery, I slowly began to lose momentum. It got to the point where our guide was literally pulling on the rope to keep up a pace. With no breath or energy left in my legs, I was ready to surrender. My body wanted to quit and my mind was screaming mercy. But there were just a few things to consider. In order to summit, we needed at least two mountaineering guides. If I quit, the three remaining climbers on this trip would not have a chance to summit. Jack had dedicated endless hours of preparation and I would shatter his dream of reaching the summit.

All of Torklift was expecting me to complete this climb. The immense pressure to not give up was the only thing that kept my feet moving one in front of the other. Slowly but surely, I just kept moving, pushing beyond any effort I thought I was even capable of. Regardless of a mind and body wrenching in pain, I just kept going.

A mountain of meaning
summit-torkliftTorklift on top of Mt. RainierAs I forced myself up the last fifty brutal feet of the climb, I finally approached the top rim of Mt. Rainier’s volcanic crater. The elevation was over 14,400 feet and the simple act if breathing was a distant memory. I was still in shock and disbelief that I had made it to the summit. After being disconnected from our rope team, I took a moment of triumph to look out over the horizon as the sun had inched its way into the sky and I could see layers after layers of mountainous landscaping below. Never had the word “breathtaking” been so literal.

I carefully entered Rainier’s crater while Jack trudged onward to the Columbia Crest, the highest tip of the summit. He signed our names in the summit book alongside our Lead Guide, who just happened to be on his 115th visit to that very spot. Upon their return we signed a Torklift flag to commemorate the event. I even attempted my signature “jump for joy” although exhaustion had definitely taken its toll.

My signature “jump for joy” in Mt. Rainier’s crater

I know the journey was of huge significance to Jack as well. As he stood upon Rainier’s summit, he placed emphasis on one of his favorite quotes:

“Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat.”
                            -- Theodore Roosevelt

This quote is heard often at Torklift headquarters and is even posted on the wall in the company’s conference room. It’s a daily reminder to take chances, even if it means failure. To face challenges, overcome obstacles and reach for the highest heights. It’s what Jack and I had just struggled to conquer and what’s made Torklift the company it is today: an organization ready for the biggest challenges.

There were a few things I thought about while standing in the crater at the top of Mt. Rainier. One: Just when you think you can’t go forward, you can always push harder - there is always more to give. Two: With the support of family and friends, and the positive mindset of believing in yourself, you can literally accomplish anything. The whole experience is somewhat surreal for me and is something I will remember forever.

finalTorklift President Jack Kay, IMG Lead Guide, Asst. Mkt Director Sheryl Bushaw

After the climb, Jack and I realized that in those moments of both struggle and triumph on the mountain, we both thought about our families, friends and most importantly, our Torklift family. The primary inspiration and motivation to complete a journey of this magnitude was Torklift. Celebrating 40 years in business is a direct result of the hard work, dreams and dedication of our employees.

For 2016, we hope that you join us in celebrating our 40-year milestone.

Torklift Sheryl

sherylWritten by Sheryl Bushaw:
As a graduate from Arizona State University with a B.A. in Journalism and emphasis in Public Relations, Sheryl is a passionate writing professional with focus in areas of copy writing, social media and creative design. She is a travel enthusiast and explorer-extraordinaire with a zest for life.

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Torklift’s journey to Mt. Rainier’s summit Part 2: Into the unknown

Continued from Part 1

rope-upLearning mountaineering maneuversThe first leg of the trip to Camp Muir flew by with ease. Other than mild foot blistering and a substantial physical exertion, this section of the trip was familiar to me. I wouldn’t say comfortable, but it was still within my comfort zone. The second day before departing to camp two at Ingraham Flats, our guides took time to teach us basic mountaineering maneuvers. We learned different ways to walk with crampons, a metal plate with large 1” spikes fixed to our boots that help us to tread on ice and rocks. We also learned self/team-arrest, which is the process of anchoring your body into the mountain in effort to stop the fall of a fellow climber in which you are roped to. After rolling down a steep ice hill both feet and head first, getting familiar with using an ice axe, we finally roped up and headed toward camp two. Our group broke into separate climbing teams of 2-3 people, including a guide for each.

It was at this point we left behind our hiking poles and only used the ice axe for support. With fifty-plus pounds strapped to my back, maneuvering an exceptionally steep trail of loose rock sans pole support was a new challenge I had to face. I seriously struggled and I could tell the guides were analyzing my performance. When we arrived at Ingraham Flats, I retreated to my tent that was already set up on the glacier with newfound frustration. It was that evening when we all grouped together for our meal and that our Lead Guide briefed us on what was about to happen next.


cathedral-gap-topNearing the top of Cathedral Gap

Camp two at Ingraham Flats


guide-tentGuide tent on Ingraham Glacier, camp twoFlash of doubt
As we sat in the guide tent and listened to directions from the Lead Guide, he made it very incredibly clear the amount of difficulty we were about to endure. We were also under a time crunch and pace requirement. If our climbing teams were unable to reach a certain point on the mountain by a specific time, your rope team would have to turn back and give up on the chance to achieve summiting. This put an immense amount of pressure on performing well, as the opportunity for others to summit depended on the level of your endurance. By the end of the pow-wow, I was highly doubtful that I would be able to complete this climb. They indicated that this portion of the climb was undoubtedly the most difficult and I had already struggled leading up to this point. It didn’t help that inclement weather prior to our climb had left the mountain in poor condition for summiting; forcing the route to be the longest it’s been in at least the last 10 years. The large sections of crevasses forced climbing teams to re-route a zigzag pattern and a far more challenging path to the summit.

View over Ingraham Glacier and Little Tahoma

I lay down in my tent and closed my eyes. Light-headed and struggling with deep breaths, I realized the lack of oxygen at high altitude was causing me to cough uncontrollably. I focused on breathing while my mind shifted into its own thoughts. How the heck was I going to pull this off? There was absolutely no way, I convinced myself.

As my mind drowned in fear, worry and insecurity, my thoughts shifted toward my team of Torklift employees and how much they believed that if anyone could do this with Jack, it was going to be me. It was in that moment that I realized I needed to turn this around. I needed to psyche myself out and change my mindset in order to accomplish this challenge successfully.

Even though I had the support of my fellow co-workers, there were also several people that expressed doubt that I could summit this mountain. How amazing would it feel to prove them wrong? How could I allow others to tell me what I could and couldn’t accomplish? Only I was in control of reaching my goal, and right there, lying on the icy floor of my freezing tent, I made my decision. Summiting this mountain wasn’t an option. I was going to give every ounce of effort within my soul to make this momentous achievement a reality. If I believe it, I can achieve it, I thought to myself repeatedly.

As nightfall set in I made a serious effort to get some much-needed rest, but the anticipation of the last and crucial segment of the climb was weighing on me. I was amped up. Not even the violent flapping of my tent from gusting winds was going to intimidate me. At 1:30am our guides gave us the wake up call. I quickly mended my blistering feet and strapped the back of my heels with a generous amount of duct tape. I forced a breakfast of watered-down instant oatmeal and went to gear up. My climbing harness is tightly secured, my ice axe in-hand and my headlamp is on. It’s go time.

Read what happens next by following

- Torklift Sheryl

sherylWritten by Sheryl Bushaw:
As a graduate from Arizona State University with a B.A. in Journalism and emphasis in Public Relations, Sheryl is a passionate writing professional with focus in areas of copy writing, social media and creative design. She is a travel enthusiast and explorer-extraordinaire with a zest for life.

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Torklift’s journey to Mt. Rainier’s summit Part 1: Mind over matter

Out of site, Out of mind
packingTorklift Sheryl and Jack Kay packing our backpacks for the trip
The final days before our scheduled climb to Washington State’s iconic Mt. Rainier, it still hadn’t completely sunk in. The plan was simple. The goal was absolute. But was I ready? To be honest, I had no idea. I had no clue what I was getting myself into when I happily jumped at the opportunity to climb Mt. Rainier alongside Torklift President Jack Kay, who had been training over a year for this moment. I had less than two months to prepare and condition my body and lungs for not only the grueling physical demand a glaciated mountain required, but also for an altitude I had never experience before. Without knowing how far I could push my physical capability and how my body would react to the common side affects of high altitude, I managed to keep all of the cold hard facts out of my mind as the days dwindled down to the trip’s departure. All I could think about was how amazing it was going to be to have my feet on the top of that majestic mountain... witnessing the sun igniting its fiery glow across the mesmerizing Pacific Northwest landscape. I kept the details of what it would take to get there completely pushed aside. Out of sight, out of mind, right? But the magnitude of Mt. Rainier isn’t something you can ignore for long.

Torklift International President Jack Kay chose to climb Mt. Rainier to signify the celebration of Torklift International’s 40 years in business come 2016. Be sure to read how I was selected for the opportunity to accompany him on this journey in by clicking here.

Ready or not…
imgInternational Mountain Guides arrive
morning of climb departure
As we arrive at Paradise in Mt. Rainier National Park the day before the climb, the shear reality of the climb finally begins to set in. I had hiked up to Camp Muir at 10,000 feet elevation several times before to help prepare myself. It was beyond that point that had me edgy. To pass Camp Muir, climbing teams must be roped up for safety as crevasses and other hazards were prevalent. I didn’t know what it might be like after the point of Camp Muir, especially since the majority of our trek to the summit would occur during nightfall. Have you ever had that tingling pit in your stomach when you’re nervous about something? The night before our departure, I couldn’t shake that feeling. I even thought about leaving a note for my family just in case something was to happen to me. With rock falls, avalanches and crevasses hundreds of feet deep, the dangers of climbing this mountain became very real to me.

campmuir-routeRoute up toward Camp MuirOur climbing team was made up of seven people and five experienced mountaineering guides from tour company IMG (International Mountain Guides). As the last climbing team of the season not only was the mountain in less than ideal condition, but we were also the only people on it. Should an emergency rescue be required, we had fewer resources to rely on in a time of need. For this reason IMG sent us up the mountain with extra guides on hand, who would also help with equipment tear down since our trip marked the conclusion of their season. Our team consisted of folks from around the world, and as representatives from Torklift International and local Washingtonians, Jack and I were honored to be climbing with such an amazing group of people.

Climbing team with two IMG Guides on departure day

Trailhead from Paradise to Camp Muir

Stay tuned as the journey continues…

- Torklift Sheryl



sherylWritten by Sheryl Bushaw:
As a graduate from Arizona State University with a B.A. in Journalism and emphasis in Public Relations, Sheryl is a passionate writing professional with focus in areas of copy writing, social media and creative design. She is a travel enthusiast and explorer-extraordinaire with a zest for life.

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Torklift founder Jon Kay celebrates his 75th birthday today

torklift story

Torklift International began nearly 40 years ago under the guidance and expertise of Jon Kay. He started Torklift with the goal of providing careful and attentive customer service and innovative fabrication services.

It began with ONE MAN.

The Torklift story starts in 1958 when Jon Kay began working at a hitch and tow shop in Tacoma, Washington. Through his experience, he decided he wanted to open his own shop someday.

After several years of planning and accumulating equipment, he opens his own shop in Kent, Washington: Torklift Central Welding. Upon opening the doors for business, he begins fabricating his own line of products.

Torklift Central Welding grows in success, doubling in size with the addition of two bays.

1988 - 1992
The expansion continues with the purchase of additional buildings and the demolition of the original building to make way for a larger shop.

True Frame-Mounted Tie Downs are invented. They are the first product manufactured by Torklift and the first of their kind in the world.

Torklift Central Welding purchases their first CNC plasma cutter. Jon Kay still continues to develop innovative products at Torklift International to this day.

Torklift International is born. While Torklift Central Welding is still around today, they continue to conduct business as a separate company. Torklift International manufactures parts that are sold all over the world. But it all began with Jon Kay’s dream to open a small hitch and tow shop.

Torklift International ships their first SuperHitch and SuperTruss.

The FastGun Turnbuckle is invented. It is the first turnbuckle of its kind with a quick-disconnect handle.

Torklift International purchases their first dual-head, high def. CNC plasma.

The SuperHitch line expands to include the SuperHitch Magnum.

rainier-jonJon Kay (left) and son Jack Kay (right)
after Torklift's Mt. Rainier climb

Torklift International moves to a new facility in Sumner, Washington to meet expansion needs.

Torklift International opens a distribution center in Australia.

Torklift International and Torklift Central continue to develop products and programs to further the RV and automotive industries. They maintain their commitment to customer service by being available 24 hours a day and living up to their Legendary Lifetime Warranty. Total operating space of Torklift is more than 75,000 square feet between the original location in Kent, Wash., and the latest location in Sumner, Wash. Torklift Central celebrates 40 years of business next year.


Happy Birthday Jon Kay!

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Ain’t no mountain high enough: Torklift to trek to the summit of Mt. Rainier

Washington state’s famous Mt. Rainier, Photo Credit: Jonathan Miske

Baby steps
As my mother rounded up a rowdy group of teenage boy scouts, she patiently kneeled in front of me to help me shove my little hands into a pair of snow mittens. Amidst the anticipation and excitement of the crew, we all circled up and prepared to depart on a short hike through fresh powder in Mt. Rainier National Park. I was nearly nine years old. snow-suitTorklift Sheryl in the makingRaised in the Pacific Northwest, national forests and the outdoors had always appealed to me, so tagging along with the troop of seven boy scouts didn’t bother me one bit. After all, who can say no to a great adventure? As we approached a clearing on a hillside, we prepared to start the day’s project. The goal was to build a traditional style igloo and ice caves for an overnight stay. By the end of the day we had three impressive snow dwellings that served as warm shelter throughout a chilly night.

When we left the snowy borough at sunbreak the next day, I took a moment to soak in my surroundings. I remember the crisp mountain air, the stillness of the peaks and the shear beauty that lie across the serrated horizon. Yes - I was hooked. Little did I know that one day I would return to that majestic mountain. Scout’s honor – I would’ve never imagined that I would perch my feet atop its highest point.

What the hike – are dreams reality?
You might be wondering, what is the purpose of ascending the most glaciated peak in the contiguous U.S.A? Over a decade has passed since building snow caves on that very mountain and somehow I’ve found myself yet again on the verge of another notable quest. Call it an urge for adventure, but for some reason Torklift President Jack Kay thought a trip to the summit of Mt. Rainier would be a perfect way to celebrate Torklift International’s 40 years in business come 2016. I suppose a hike of this magnitude represents much more. Seeking adventure, gaining perspective, challenging ourselves both mentally and physically and pushing beyond our limits. Summiting Mt. Rainier is a personal journey, even amongst a team of climbers.

summit-rainier-jackJack Kay hiking to Camp Muir
on Mt. Rainier
With professional guidance from International Mountain Guides, Jack Kay plans to summit Mt. Rainier by the end of the month, the tallest volcano and fifth highest peak in the contiguous United States at 14,410 feet above sea level. As a journalist and adventurer, I’ve been given the opportunity to accompany Jack and document the journey.

Not only does the ascent mark the celebration of Torklift’s 40th anniversary, but also highlights the announcement of a brand new product.

“The product will remain a secret until Sept. 29, when the summit is reached,” Kay said. “While I can’t tell you what the product is yet, I can tell you it will encompass storage, security and will work as a universal product.”

Any idea what this product will be? Be sure to follow our journey to find out!

joel-hikingThe chosen one
Over the course of the summer a few Torklift employees met up to hike some of the breathtaking trails the state of Washington has to offer. After all, our business is all about seeking adventure. Among others this included Jack, Operations Manager Joel Crawford and myself, as I love to hike and literally jump at any chance to get outside. On one of the first hikes we went on I realized my shoes were so worn that my foot had hit the rubber on the other side of the soul. Hike much? I guess it was that moment I realized an upgrade to actual hiking boots was a necessity.

(Right Image: Operations Manager Joel Crawford befriending a chipmunk on a hike of Mount Si)

fast-fun-ice-pickFastGun turnbuckleThe original plan was for Jack and Joel to achieve the mighty summit of Mt. Rainier. As a family owned business, Joel is also Jack’s nephew. When envisioning these two on the mountainside I can’t help but chuckle to myself as I picture them using a FastGun turnbuckle as an icepick.


joel-sherylJoel Crawford and Torklift Sheryl About two months prior to their scheduled ascent, Joel pulled me aside. Knowing how much I enjoy hiking, he began to explain to me that he might have underestimated the level of commitment training for Mt. Rainier would require. With a family of three beautiful children and a manufacturing facility to run during peak season, Joel simply said to me, “As much as I want to do this, I would like you to go in my place.” Squealing like a little girl at an N’Sync concert, two things followed simultaneously: Not only was I fidgeting like a Mexican jumping bean, but my hands tightly clasped in front of my chest as if I turned into a cheerleader that just chugged three red bull energy drinks. With my apparent new set of “wings” and maybe a tear in my eye, I gave Joel a big hug and graciously thanked him for such an amazing opportunity. As Torklift sponsors my amazing journey and once in a lifetime adventure, it was now my duty to prepare myself, as my life depends on it!

When preparation meets opportunity
T-minus two months and I’d find my feet (hopefully) on the summit of Mt. Rainier. Jack has been training for this hike for over a year, and I had a little less than 8 weeks to get my stuff together. On my first hike for “training,” Jack and I went up to Paradise in Mt. Rainier National Park. Since we were limited on time, we ventured up to Panorama Point where bright glaciers and gorgeous wildflower meadows were flourishing. We were surprised at the lack of snow.

My signature jump for joy at Panorama Point just above Paradise on Mt. Rainier

So far, our hikes to help us prepare for our big ascent have been an adventure in itself. In addition to rigorous physical training regimen, we frequently hiked to Camp Muir, the first base camp of Mt. Rainier that sits at 10,080 feet elevation. On one of these outings, the two of us approached a rather picturesque stopping point.

jack-squatThe infamous “Jack Squat” photoWanting to document everything, I asked Jack “Can you take a photo of me?” The clouds parted just enough to reveal the mountaintop. Jack-pot! (No pun intended) As Jack crossed the trail and slowly squatted down to take the snapshot, a woman standing behind him says with gusto, “JACK. SQUAT.” My jaw dropped. The look on Jack’s face was pure confusion. He slowly turns his head around back toward the woman. What are the odds? As both of us are now blatantly staring at her, Jack simply says “My name is Jack.” Turns out she was exclaiming as she took a picture “I can’t see jack squat.” Needless to say, we all got a good laugh out of that one.

I’ve recently discovered another hobby of mine: glissading (pronounced gliss-sade-ing). In areas of snowy conditions like Mt. Rainier, glissading is a maneuver to descend a steep snow-covered slope on your bum. I may have a hidden talent (or a pair of slick pants) as I’ve been able to gain some serious speed when sliding down the mountainside. So much so that at one point I went airborne and bowling-balled into Jack’s legs at the bottom. Not my most graceful of moments, but also good for a few laughs once Jack yanked me out of the ice river I had continued to plow into.

Sadly I didn’t capture my epic collision, but take a look at a clip of Jack glissading:

jack-sheryl-hikeJack Kay and Torklift Sheryl prepping for Mt. Rainier hikeLeaps and bounds
With the unseasonably warmer weather this year, until recently Mt. Rainier has experienced a lower than normal snow pack resulting in a large amount of exposed rock rather than snow. Climbing Rainier will involve different techniques to safely reach the summit. With elevated threat for avalanche and rockslides, our primary concern is altitude sickness since the affects of altitude can affect anyone regardless of fitness level.

Follow our journey! After months of training (or a year on Jack’s part) we're less than a week away from the highly anticipated trek to the summit.

Day 1: Sunday, September 27th
· Depart for Camp Muir at 10,080 feet elevation

Day 2: Monday, September 28th
· Skill Sessions
· Move to second camp, Ingraham Flats at 11,100 feet elevation

Day 3: Tuesday, September 29th
· Summit day 14,410 feet elevation

With limited access to technology, we will be sharing updates as much as possible. We are hoping for excellent weather conditions and a safe, successful trip. Stay tuned for the announcement of a new Torklift International product. We are looking forward to the big reveal and planting the Torklift flag upon the summit!

Add us on our Twitter and Facebook to follow our trip updates.

Happy Hiking,
Torklift Sheryl



sherylWritten by Sheryl Bushaw:
As a graduate from Arizona State University with a B.A. in Journalism and emphasis in Public Relations, Sheryl is a passionate writing professional with focus in areas of copy writing, social media and creative design. She is a travel enthusiast and explorer-extraordinaire with a zest for life.

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John Spaulding honored with 2015 Jim Barker Award

Recognized for dedication

VANCOUVER B.C., Canada — NTP-Stag Marketing Director John Spaulding accepted the Jim Barker Award during the 41st Annual 2015 Recreational Vehicle Aftermarket Association (RVAA) Executive Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia last week.

During the event, RVAA past president Jim Stark read a letter from Spaulding’s wife.

She described him as a fair-minded supervisor and a man dedicated to his work and the industry, who always does the right thing, even when it’s a difficult decision.

“I will tell you what has kept me standing alongside him for 24 years,” she wrote. “A steadfast sense of loyalty and integrity and an internal sense of optimism. Congratulations on this high honor today, you certainly earned it. Your family is enormously proud of you and we toast you from afar.”

Spaulding was met with a round of applause before suppliers, distributors and RV dealers when he approached the podium to speak.

“This probably won’t happen often, but I am speechless. I am honored, as my wife said. I have made remarkable friends…and I love my work. This is very unexpected,” he said. “I’m here partially because of a lot of you in the room. I’ve had terrific mentors and colleagues that I’ve worked with throughout the years that have helped me temper my quick judgment and forged a more respective approach to working with the market and working with suppliers and customers of all the businesses I have been associated with. I thank all of you for being a part of that. I am not going anywhere, thankfully. I intend to keep my involvement with RVAA very active. I thank all of you for this tremendous honor and I hope I can be able to live up to your standards.”

The Jim Barker award is highly coveted and is only awarded when a worthy recipient is nominated. There are several conference years where the award is not given.

The award is given to individuals who work enthusiastically on behalf of RVAA for several years, who have donated time and money spearheading projects and programs targeted to improve RVAA, served the board of directors or chaired a committee and have dedicated a clear objective to improve the RV industry that is noteworthy of their colleagues and contemporaries.

The 2015 RVAA conference was a record-breaker with 270 attendees including new suppliers and distribution, and sales representatives. Seven dealer council representatives served on a dealer panel to respond to questions regarding effective training methods, distribution and competing with Internet-based dealers. Several attendees were recognized with various awards and new committee members were welcomed as detailed below:

2015 Award Winners

• President’s Award: Matt Warner, Unified RV
• Distributor of the Year: Coast Distribution
• Supplier of the Year: Star Brite
• Product of the Year first place: Winegard
• Product of the Year second place: Atwood
• Product of the Year third place: Valterra

2015 – 2017 RVAA Executive Committee

• Past President - Jim Stark – Dealer Resources Group
• President - Susan Carpenter – JR Products
• Vice President - Steve Johnson – Northern Wholesale
• Treasurer - Tom Manning – Manning & Assoc.
• Secretary - Matt Warner – Unified RV
• Board Rep. - To be determined by board vote after first board meeting

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Torklift General Manager speaks at Export seminar

Recently the Washington Export Outreach Team put together an educational seminar highlighting the expansion of local businesses through exporting. The Outreach Team consists of federal, state and local resource partners that strive to help businesses provide services and products to foreign markets. Torklift International General Manager Jay Taylor was requested to speak at the seminar in Fife, Washington on Thursday, June 4, 2015.

exportingTorklift International exports to several countries around the world

globeAs General Manager of Torklift International since 2007, Taylor has made strides in opening up trade outside the US. With most recent expansion to Australia, Torklift began exporting to locations that include Canada, Germany, South America, Russia, Dubai, Sweden and Japan. This growth is greatly dependent on Taylor’s focus on research. It is important to gather details on various country requirements for shipping, third party warehousing, logistics, trade laws, taxes and more.

The all-day seminar called “Export 101: Your Door to the World” covered a variety of topics from developing an export business plan and finding qualified buyers, to determining pricing, finances and shipping products. A primary focus is to identify the appropriate international markets that fit your business.

“My dream is to continue growing Torklift into a company proud to develop products that make camping and leisure easier and more convenient for families, not just here in America, but throughout the world,” said Taylor. “We are accomplishing that. We are fulfilling the dreams every day with product development and new opportunities.”

According to Pierce County Economic Development Department, exporting helps a local business reach 95 percent of the world’s population that doesn’t live in the United States. Exceeding in the global marketplace requires a detailed plan and thorough research. With a lifetime of experience, Taylor has proven a great resource for local businesses looking to export successfully.

With recent developments in the Australian market, Torklift International is excited for continued growth and appreciates the continued support from existing and new customers who choose to purchase our products.

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A revolution is coming: New product ALERT!

It’s no secret that Torklift International is dedicated to innovation. Our team is constantly exploring ways to improve products and design new products that make life easier, safe and convenient for those who value the RV lifestyle.

We have great news for you. A revolution is coming.

We’re on the verge of announcing Torklift International’s newest revolutionary product and plan to launch the exciting development this spring, May 19, 2015 to be exact. It will be the highlight and top-of-the-line addition to one of our existing popular series.

guessWe’ll give you three hints:

  1. There is nothing like it currently available and it’s the best at what it does
  2. Sometimes life can be rocky and has its ups and downs, we’ve developed the ultimate method for leveling the playing field
  3. It’s universal - Every towable can use it

Can you guess what it is? Leave your comment below with your best guess and follow our Facebook page where we’ll disclose more hints and updates. Stay tuned for the announcement of this revolutionary product!

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Torklift International To Debut Mystery Product At @ 2014 Sema Show

question-63916 640


Torklift International is excited to unveil the latest product in our security line at the 2014 Sema Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Before the show, we want you to guess what the mystery product might be for a chance to win it!

Post your best hunch to our Facebook page and you will automatically be entered to receive the product for free before it becomes available.

Here a few hints to get you started:

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Curtains up! Torklift Jen


The office smells like sulfur today. This is uncommon because normally it smells like a combination of muffins and cookies.

Today is unlike any other day at Torklift International because today we had permission to use fireworks. Okay I am over exaggerating. While they were technically fireworks, they were just Party

Confetti flew through the air as we jumped for joy with the unveiling of our new website.

We’ve given our digital presence an upgrade. Go to, I dare you. You will not only see a new look, some great features for navigating the site but also something that we hold near and dear to our hearts:

In the navigation bar you will see a button that says “About Us.” In that area of the website, we are sharing our story of how we came to be. It is pretty interesting. It began with one man named Jon Kay.


Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 11.47.03 AM


After both working at and running a few fabrication/hitch shops, Jon Kay decided to open his own shop in 1976. Out of that hitch and tow shop grew Torklift International. It’s truly a great story of how we became and I hope you check it out:


That hitch and tow shop is still around today, in fact, it’s right down the street from me and you know what? Jon Kay himself still works with Torklift International dreaming up new products and making them reality.

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Hooray for vacations! Torklift Jen

By: Torklift Jen

Check out Sue Jurf's reaction after we contacted her about winning her weeklong truck camping vacation through the Torklift Treasure Hunt!

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 12.30.24 PM




Brought to you by Truck Camper Warehouse, Northstar Campers and Torklift International.








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And the Treasure Hunt winner is...

By: Torklift Jen

treasure header…Being announced on Tuesday!

The truck camping adventure is taking place the second week of June. Rex Willet of Northstar Campers in Iowa is building a brand new camper for the vacation as you read this. From there, it will be sent to Bill Penney at Truck Camper Warehouse in New Hampshire.

We’ve got an exciting east coast trip planned for the winner. Keep reading to find out who the winner is!







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Thank you Amanda! Torklift Jen


“Thank YOU!”

This is what I was thinking when I saw the picture above.

France (she’s on the left) leads a truck camping jamboree in Quebec.

They are holding up their latest Torklift International gear: limited edition hats, tie down storage bags and pocket knives.

They recently helped us translate some of our materials from English to French Canadian for our friends up north.

In case you are wondering who Amanda is, that is Amanda Watt, our Inside Sales and Marketing Coordinator. Together, we get to give out a lot of free goodies and we are happy to do it.

Now I’m ready to make an offer to you so you can get your hands on the latest and greatest Torklift International gear. The first five people to sign up to follow my blog will get their choice of a limited edition hat or knife. If you are already following, just share my post and you can be one of the lucky five.

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