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Haul Like a Boss with Ford's SuperHitch Magnum: The Ultimate Trailer Hitch for Heavy-Duty Tasks

Are you ready to transform your Ford truck into the ultimate hauling machine? Look no further than the Ford SuperHitch Magnum – the trailer hitch that laughs in the face of heavy loads.

The SuperHitch Magnum next to a smaller hitch for scale

[The SuperHitch Magnum, unattached and showcasing its robust build]

Right off the bat, this isn't your average hitch. It's a beast that comes with a towing capacity that's through the roof – or should we say, the bed of your truck? With the SuperHitch Magnum, your Ford becomes a towing titan, capable of handling up to 30,000 lbs. towing when used with weight distribution. It's like the Superman of trailer hitches – if Superman was engineered for maximum towing capacity and durability.

The SuperHitch Magnum in action, hooked to a Ford truck carrying a camper and towing a trailer

[The SuperHitch Magnum next to a smaller hitch for scale]

Size matters, but so does scale. See that smaller hitch in the photo? Cute, isn't it? That's what the Magnum makes other hitches feel like – miniature toys. Because when it comes to serious towing, you need a hitch that stands tall (and wide, and deep).

Now, let's talk installation. You might think something this substantial would be a nightmare to install, but think again! The SuperHitch Magnum is designed for a no-fuss attachment that will have you hitching your trailer, boat, or camper faster than you can say 'road trip'.

The SuperHitch Magnum in action, hooked to a Ford truck carrying a camper and towing a trailer

The SuperHitch Magnum in action, hooked to a Ford truck carrying a camper and towing a trailer. Always make sure to use our application guide to ensure you get the exact fit for your Ford truck year make and model.

And speaking of road trips, picture this: your Ford truck, the open road and a camper in tow, all thanks to the SuperHitch Magnum. Whether you're heading to the mountains, the lake, or cross-country, this hitch has got your back, ensuring that your cargo arrives just as pristine as when you set off.

In conclusion, if you're looking to step up your towing game, the Ford SuperHitch Magnum is the way to go. Professional, powerful, and a bit cheeky – because let's face it, owning a hitch this good is bound to make you a little bit smug.

So, why wait? Make your Ford the envy of every truck owner and the hero of every heavy-duty task. Because with the SuperHitch Magnum, you're not just driving; you're commanding the road with strength, style, and a touch of swagger.

Learn more about the SuperHitch Magnum.

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3 Reasons Why You Need the Cannon Hitch Extension

cannon3When it comes to safely towing with an extension while using the Ford factory hitch, there is only ONE extension that can do it safely without you having to upgrade and remove the factory hitch for a different hitch: the patented Cannon extension from Torklift!

The major reason why you need the Cannon hitch extension, especially if you want to tow with your Ford Super Duty, is that it’s the only one made specifically for the 2017-2019 Ford Super Duty 3-inch factory hitch that enables you to safely tow with a trailer hitch extension.


1.) It’s the ONLY extension made specifically for the 2017-2019 Ford 3” factory receiver

But, if you’re wanting to tow with a truck camper in your truck bed, or want some separation between your truck and trailer, then what can you do? Luckily, Torklift has your back and has made a towing extension specifically for the Ford 3-inch factory receivers. This towing extension system allows you the ability of hauling anything in the bed that’s going to hang over the rear of your truck, and still making use of the factory hitch receiver. Thanks to the Cannon hitch receiver extension, you can bring along anything you want such as a trailer, boat, side-by-side, ATV or even horses on your next family adventure.

When you’re towing and there’s excessive movement, it could lead not only to the need to replace parts prematurely due to unusual wear and tear, but also lead to potentially major accidents that leave you and your loved ones stranded on the side of the road or in a ditch. We’ve ensured that you won’t have to deal with this excessive movement and slop from having to use a reducer sleeve for the extension to fit. We’ve designed the Cannon specifically to insert into the 3-inch receiver so when you’re towing down the road, you don’t have to deal with unsafe towing conditions caused by up and down and side-to-side movement that is typical and dramatically multiplied when a reducer sleeve is required.


2.) The Cannon is made with SAFETY in mind using our patented design

Torklift is focused on safety, and that especially includes our towing equipment. The patented Cannon extension utilizes our original SuperTruss lateral support safety chains to prevent the extension from moving side-to-side while towing. This hitch extension also includes an ALL NEW dual set bolt system that prevents extension and receiver movement while towing.


The Cannon extension is also part of the hitch lines available from Torklift that are the ONLY ones in the industry that have hardened reinforced hitch pin locations. The reinforcement prevents what is hole elongation, commonly referred to as "egging" at the pin site. This leads to excessive movement in your trailer such as when your truck stops, and your trailer keeps moving dangerously. Once the hitch pin locations egg out, the hitch is damaged and can not only lead to trailer hitch component failure, but could also put you, your loved ones and others on the road in dangerous and deadly situations. You don't have to worry about this with Torklift hitches at your back!

Cannon DSBSAn additional safety feature offered by the Cannon extension is our unique design that is on the underside of the extension. Essentially how it works is that once the Cannon is slid into the hitch receiver, there is a dual set bolt system at the end of the extension that slides under factory receiver. Once fully inserted, you can tighten the bolts on the wear plate that’s provided to press the bolts up against the factory receiver. This locks the extension and prevents it from moving vertically while traveling to ensure safety and handling.


3.) Comes in multiple lengths for towing behind your truck with a camper

The Cannon extension is available in 36-inch, 42-inch and 48-inch lengths. The Cannon is the perfect companion for all your towing needs.

E1636 Weight Carry:

• 3600 lbs maximum pull weight
• 360 lbs maximum tongue weight

E1636 Weight Distribution:cannon2

• 7200 lbs maximum pull weight
• 720 lbs maximum tongue weight.

E1642 Weight Carry:

• 3300 lbs maximum pull weight
• 330 lbs maximum tongue weight 

E1642 Weight Distribution:

• 6600 lbs maximum pull weight
• 660 lbs maximum tongue weight

E1648 Weight Carry:

• 3000 lbs maximum pull weight
• 300 lbs maximum tongue weight

E1648 Weight Distribution:

• 6000 lbs maximum pull weight
• 600 lbs maximum tongue weight


4.) Cannon SkidWheel Accessory Available

Cannon Skidwheel IU1Whether you head out onto the coastal beaches or up to the mountain heights into the snow and ice where harsh chemical treatments are prevalent, nothing outperforms the stainless steel and rust free Cannon SkidWheel. Installed on the underside of the extension near the end of the Cannon where the lateral safety chains are attached, the SkidWheel protects your extension from dragging along the ground while you are towing. This is especially true when entering and exiting driveways with an incline and reduces the chance of damaging your towing equipment investments.

How does the Cannon SkidWheel work? It allows the SkidWheel to make contact with the ground before the extension receiver when towing heavy loads and a long extension, that way your towing equipment never reaches the ground. Because the Cannon SkidWheel roller is made out of stainless steel, we’ve ensured it can handle the toughest road conditions without rusting.

Features of the Cannon Extension include:

• Available in three lengths from 36” to 48”
• Internally reinforced
• Hardened reinforced hitch pin locations
• Uses patented, lateral-support safety chains
• Compatible with 2” and 2-1/2” ball mounts
• Includes safety chains
• Legendary Lifetime Warranty
• Proudly made in the USA

*Weight ratings dependent on length of extension.

Our goal at Torklift International is to provide our customers with safe equipment that speaks for itself when it comes to performance. Go big with Torklift Cannon hitch extension for your Ford factory 3-inch receiver for all your towing and hauling needs!

Learn more about our Cannon Ford hitch extension and Cannon SkidWheel and give our tech support a call at 800-246-8132, or purchase them at a Certified Dealer near you!



kerstinWritten by Kerstin Stokes:
As a graduate from the College of Idaho with a B.A. in both History and Art, Kerstin has found her passion for writing and marketing, and has loved every minute of working for Torklift for over 3 years. She enjoys looking up tasty recipes for baking and daydreaming about future travels.

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Towing a trailer behind your truck

Truck Camper Towing TrailerIf you are planning on doing any kind of outdoor adventure that involves you bringing extra cargo or a trailer, chances are you'll need to tow with a trailer hitch! While it may seem unapproachable, setting up and towing a trailer behind your truck is easier than it looks. But, it does require some study and set up in advance to make it as easy as possible when you’re actually towing.

During your research phase, the first thing you need to ensure is that your truck has a rating capacity of at least the max weight of the load you want to haul. Check the owner’s manual for your truck to determine the weight limits and figure out the appropriate hitch to have installed. You’ll want to make sure to stay within the manufacturer’s weight ratings or you could potentially cause major damage to your vehicle, truck and other drivers on the road.

Here are the numbers that you’ll need to know before getting set up to tow behind your truck:

Tongue Weight Gross trailer weight (GTW): how much the trailer weighs fully loaded. 
Gross trailer weight (GTW): how much the trailer weighs fully loaded. 
Tongue weight: the downward force exerted on the hitch ball by the trailer coupler. You’ll need to know your trailer tongue weight in order to determine the best hitch for your vehicle.
Gross combined weight rating (GCWR): The maximum weight of the trailer tow vehicle combined, this weight should never be exceeded. 
Hitch rating: this is an incredibly important number! It’s the weight that the manufacturer has tested and determined that the hitch can handle. For example, the SuperHitch Original can handle 2,000 pounds tongue weight and tow up to 20,000 pounds.

What it basically comes down to for hitch towing is weight! Weight is the most important factor when it comes to towing. Both knowing how much weight your trailer hitch can tow and how much weight your truck, hitch and ball mount can handle. 

Truck Camper
All hitches are not created equal. If you’re planning on towing a heavy amount, you need to make sure that your trailer hitch is up to the task. Take for example Charles Spray. He trusts the best hitch available for towing a trailer behind his fully loaded truck and camper: the SuperHitch!

“Getting ready for the Ponies in the Smokies car show in Sevierville, TN. Love your products! It runs great down the highway and that’s the important part.”

-Charles Spray

SuperTruss 3The SuperHitch comes in two different weight capacities. The SuperHitch Original heavy-duty trailer hitch is rated at 2,000 pounds tongue weight, 20,000 pounds with weight distribution and uses our patented dual receiver design (2-inch upper and 2-inch lower) to max out class five hitch maximum capacities.

To fight the blight of wimpy factory and aftermarket tow hitches the SuperHitch Magnum is also available. With weight distribution, the SuperHitch Magnum trailer hitch is rated up to 3,000 pounds tongue and 30,000 pounds towing.

Reinforced Pin Locations
Both of these trailer hitches come with hardened reinforced hitch pin locations to prevent common elongation of the hitch pin holes known as egging. When hitch pin holes are not properly reinforced, the elongated pin holes with extra space around the hitch pin leads to effects of poor handling. For example, feeling the trailer’s dramatic push forward on the tow vehicle while stopping. Gain control and avoid this with the SuperHitch 20K trailer hitch.

The SuperHitch Original and SuperHitch Magnum are built incredibly strong and can handle heavy towing within the vehicle manufacturer’s indicated maximum capacities. They are also made in the USA and are backed by our Legendary Lifetime Warranty.

SuperTruss 2The SuperTruss is an incredibly strong extension for towing when you have overhang in the bed of your truck.

Depending on the application, trucks are often used to both tow and haul at the same time, just like Charles who has a truck camper in his truck bed while towing a trailer. If the cargo in the truck bed blocks the trailer hitch receiver by crossing the threshold of the vehicles rear-end, you'll need specific towing equipment to maintain your ability to tow. The SuperHitch SuperTruss extension pairs perfectly with each model of SuperHitch to give you the ability and convenience of extending your tow hitch in the safest way possible. Take advantage of the versatility of your tow vehicle by giving it the tools it needs to go big.

For a full list of steps on how to tow a trailer you can visit our recent blog for step by step instructions on towing a trailer behind your truck. If you’re interested in purchasing our SuperHitch trailer hitch and want to upgrade like Charles, there are a couple of options available to you! You can click here to visit one of our Certified Dealers near you. You can also contact us for more information or questions at or by calling 800-246-8132.

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Written by Kerstin Stokes:
As a graduate from the College of Idaho with a B.A. in both History and Art, Kerstin has found her passion for writing and marketing. She enjoys looking up tasty recipes, spoiling her cat Clio and daydreaming about future travels. 

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