3 Reasons Why You Need the Cannon Hitch Extension

cannon3When it comes to safely towing with an extension while using the Ford factory hitch, there is only ONE extension that can do it safely without you having to upgrade and remove the factory hitch for a different hitch: the patented Cannon extension from Torklift!

The major reason why you need the Cannon hitch extension, especially if you want to tow with your Ford Super Duty, is that it’s the only one made specifically for the 2017-2019 Ford Super Duty 3-inch factory hitch that enables you to safely tow with a trailer hitch extension.


1.) It’s the ONLY extension made specifically for the 2017-2019 Ford 3” factory receiver

But, if you’re wanting to tow with a truck camper in your truck bed, or want some separation between your truck and trailer, then what can you do? Luckily, Torklift has your back and has made a towing extension specifically for the Ford 3-inch factory receivers. This towing extension system allows you the ability of hauling anything in the bed that’s going to hang over the rear of your truck, and still making use of the factory hitch receiver. Thanks to the Cannon hitch receiver extension, you can bring along anything you want such as a trailer, boat, side-by-side, ATV or even horses on your next family adventure.

When you’re towing and there’s excessive movement, it could lead not only to the need to replace parts prematurely due to unusual wear and tear, but also lead to potentially major accidents that leave you and your loved ones stranded on the side of the road or in a ditch. We’ve ensured that you won’t have to deal with this excessive movement and slop from having to use a reducer sleeve for the extension to fit. We’ve designed the Cannon specifically to insert into the 3-inch receiver so when you’re towing down the road, you don’t have to deal with unsafe towing conditions caused by up and down and side-to-side movement that is typical and dramatically multiplied when a reducer sleeve is required.


2.) The Cannon is made with SAFETY in mind using our patented design

Torklift is focused on safety, and that especially includes our towing equipment. The patented Cannon extension utilizes our original SuperTruss lateral support safety chains to prevent the extension from moving side-to-side while towing. This hitch extension also includes an ALL NEW dual set bolt system that prevents extension and receiver movement while towing.


The Cannon extension is also part of the hitch lines available from Torklift that are the ONLY ones in the industry that have hardened reinforced hitch pin locations. The reinforcement prevents what is hole elongation, commonly referred to as "egging" at the pin site. This leads to excessive movement in your trailer such as when your truck stops, and your trailer keeps moving dangerously. Once the hitch pin locations egg out, the hitch is damaged and can not only lead to trailer hitch component failure, but could also put you, your loved ones and others on the road in dangerous and deadly situations. You don't have to worry about this with Torklift hitches at your back!

Cannon DSBSAn additional safety feature offered by the Cannon extension is our unique design that is on the underside of the extension. Essentially how it works is that once the Cannon is slid into the hitch receiver, there is a dual set bolt system at the end of the extension that slides under factory receiver. Once fully inserted, you can tighten the bolts on the wear plate that’s provided to press the bolts up against the factory receiver. This locks the extension and prevents it from moving vertically while traveling to ensure safety and handling.


3.) Comes in multiple lengths for towing behind your truck with a camper

The Cannon extension is available in 36-inch, 42-inch and 48-inch lengths. The Cannon is the perfect companion for all your towing needs.

E1636 Weight Carry:

• 3600 lbs maximum pull weight
• 360 lbs maximum tongue weight

E1636 Weight Distribution:cannon2

• 7200 lbs maximum pull weight
• 720 lbs maximum tongue weight.

E1642 Weight Carry:

• 3300 lbs maximum pull weight
• 330 lbs maximum tongue weight 

E1642 Weight Distribution:

• 6600 lbs maximum pull weight
• 660 lbs maximum tongue weight

E1648 Weight Carry:

• 3000 lbs maximum pull weight
• 300 lbs maximum tongue weight

E1648 Weight Distribution:

• 6000 lbs maximum pull weight
• 600 lbs maximum tongue weight


4.) Cannon SkidWheel Accessory Available

Cannon Skidwheel IU1Whether you head out onto the coastal beaches or up to the mountain heights into the snow and ice where harsh chemical treatments are prevalent, nothing outperforms the stainless steel and rust free Cannon SkidWheel. Installed on the underside of the extension near the end of the Cannon where the lateral safety chains are attached, the SkidWheel protects your extension from dragging along the ground while you are towing. This is especially true when entering and exiting driveways with an incline and reduces the chance of damaging your towing equipment investments.

How does the Cannon SkidWheel work? It allows the SkidWheel to make contact with the ground before the extension receiver when towing heavy loads and a long extension, that way your towing equipment never reaches the ground. Because the Cannon SkidWheel roller is made out of stainless steel, we’ve ensured it can handle the toughest road conditions without rusting.

Features of the Cannon Extension include:

• Available in three lengths from 36” to 48”
• Internally reinforced
• Hardened reinforced hitch pin locations
• Uses patented, lateral-support safety chains
• Compatible with 2” and 2-1/2” ball mounts
• Includes safety chains
• Legendary Lifetime Warranty
• Proudly made in the USA

*Weight ratings dependent on length of extension.

Our goal at Torklift International is to provide our customers with safe equipment that speaks for itself when it comes to performance. Go big with Torklift Cannon hitch extension for your Ford factory 3-inch receiver for all your towing and hauling needs!

Learn more about our Cannon Ford hitch extension and Cannon SkidWheel and give our tech support a call at 800-246-8132, or purchase them at a Certified Dealer near you!



kerstinWritten by Kerstin Stokes:
As a graduate from the College of Idaho with a B.A. in both History and Art, Kerstin has found her passion for writing and marketing, and has loved every minute of working for Torklift for over 3 years. She enjoys looking up tasty recipes for baking and daydreaming about future travels.

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Towing a trailer behind your truck

Truck Camper Towing TrailerIf you are planning on doing any kind of outdoor adventure that involves you bringing extra cargo or a trailer, chances are you'll need to tow with a trailer hitch! While it may seem unapproachable, setting up and towing a trailer behind your truck is easier than it looks. But, it does require some study and set up in advance to make it as easy as possible when you’re actually towing.

During your research phase, the first thing you need to ensure is that your truck has a rating capacity of at least the max weight of the load you want to haul. Check the owner’s manual for your truck to determine the weight limits and figure out the appropriate hitch to have installed. You’ll want to make sure to stay within the manufacturer’s weight ratings or you could potentially cause major damage to your vehicle, truck and other drivers on the road.

Here are the numbers that you’ll need to know before getting set up to tow behind your truck:

Tongue Weight Gross trailer weight (GTW): how much the trailer weighs fully loaded. 
Gross trailer weight (GTW): how much the trailer weighs fully loaded. 
Tongue weight: the downward force exerted on the hitch ball by the trailer coupler. You’ll need to know your trailer tongue weight in order to determine the best hitch for your vehicle.
Gross combined weight rating (GCWR): The maximum weight of the trailer tow vehicle combined, this weight should never be exceeded. 
Hitch rating: this is an incredibly important number! It’s the weight that the manufacturer has tested and determined that the hitch can handle. For example, the SuperHitch Original can handle 2,000 pounds tongue weight and tow up to 20,000 pounds.

What it basically comes down to for hitch towing is weight! Weight is the most important factor when it comes to towing. Both knowing how much weight your trailer hitch can tow and how much weight your truck, hitch and ball mount can handle. 

Truck Camper
All hitches are not created equal. If you’re planning on towing a heavy amount, you need to make sure that your trailer hitch is up to the task. Take for example Charles Spray. He trusts the best hitch available for towing a trailer behind his fully loaded truck and camper: the SuperHitch!

“Getting ready for the Ponies in the Smokies car show in Sevierville, TN. Love your products! It runs great down the highway and that’s the important part.”

-Charles Spray

SuperTruss 3The SuperHitch comes in two different weight capacities. The SuperHitch Original heavy-duty trailer hitch is rated at 2,000 pounds tongue weight, 20,000 pounds with weight distribution and uses our patented dual receiver design (2-inch upper and 2-inch lower) to max out class five hitch maximum capacities.

To fight the blight of wimpy factory and aftermarket tow hitches the SuperHitch Magnum is also available. With weight distribution, the SuperHitch Magnum trailer hitch is rated up to 3,000 pounds tongue and 30,000 pounds towing.

Reinforced Pin Locations
Both of these trailer hitches come with hardened reinforced hitch pin locations to prevent common elongation of the hitch pin holes known as egging. When hitch pin holes are not properly reinforced, the elongated pin holes with extra space around the hitch pin leads to effects of poor handling. For example, feeling the trailer’s dramatic push forward on the tow vehicle while stopping. Gain control and avoid this with the SuperHitch 20K trailer hitch.

The SuperHitch Original and SuperHitch Magnum are built incredibly strong and can handle heavy towing within the vehicle manufacturer’s indicated maximum capacities. They are also made in the USA and are backed by our Legendary Lifetime Warranty.

SuperTruss 2The SuperTruss is an incredibly strong extension for towing when you have overhang in the bed of your truck.

Depending on the application, trucks are often used to both tow and haul at the same time, just like Charles who has a truck camper in his truck bed while towing a trailer. If the cargo in the truck bed blocks the trailer hitch receiver by crossing the threshold of the vehicles rear-end, you'll need specific towing equipment to maintain your ability to tow. The SuperHitch SuperTruss extension pairs perfectly with each model of SuperHitch to give you the ability and convenience of extending your tow hitch in the safest way possible. Take advantage of the versatility of your tow vehicle by giving it the tools it needs to go big.

For a full list of steps on how to tow a trailer you can visit our recent blog for step by step instructions on towing a trailer behind your truck. If you’re interested in purchasing our SuperHitch trailer hitch and want to upgrade like Charles, there are a couple of options available to you! You can click here to visit one of our Certified Dealers near you. You can also contact us for more information or questions at support@torklift.com or by calling 800-246-8132.

Find Your App



Written by Kerstin Stokes:
As a graduate from the College of Idaho with a B.A. in both History and Art, Kerstin has found her passion for writing and marketing. She enjoys looking up tasty recipes, spoiling her cat Clio and daydreaming about future travels. 

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Why choose Torklift towing products? One man’s recipe for retirement on the Canadian countryside

retired-clockNow that it’s time to retire…

What are you going to do with all your extra time?

That’s the question many retirees seem to hear all the time when they make that decision to retire. Funny thing is, it seems like once you settle into retirement, you find you don’t know how you ever worked.

Mama your babies grew up to be cowboys...
horseback-ridePritchard and his horse JDWhile many of those who are close to retirement can remember the days of black and white television and the old Hollywood Westerns; playing cowboy and dreaming of riding ‘Old Paint‘ across the wide open plains, is a distant childhood memory we rarely think about. That is until we hear a story like Stu Pritchard’s, a man who made those childhood memories a part of his Golden Years.

In an online article by Truck Camper Magazine, the popular publication interviewed recently retired Pritchard in an effort to give us a glimpse (or maybe, just to ignite a little envy?) into Pritchard’s lifestyle now that he has the time to enjoy the things he loves the most: Trail riding with his horse and truck camping in the Canadian Rockies.

The road to get there
Pritchard first fell in love with backcountry camping while he was a Cadet in the Canadian Armed Forces in Survival Training School. When he and his wife purchased their first truck camper it was to haul a tow glider trailer during his days as a glider pilot. They bought their second truck camper so they could tow a horse trailer when they began breeding Tennessee Walking Horses. You can imagine the stress of those tow loads: Camper, horses and the trailer in addition; there’s a lot to consider when outfitting his truck. Pritchard recognized that towing with a camper overhang would demand more than what a factory hitch could provide. When asked how he did it during his interview with Truck Camper Magazine, Pritchard’s answer wasn’t surprising: Torklift SuperHitch and SuperTruss.

Getting (Super) hitched
No one gets to retire unless they’ve worked for it. Pritchard put in the time and now enjoys the spoils of the good stuff that comes from knowing he did his job well. That also means doing the homework to make sure he’s protected his investments, right down to the towing hitch and receiver extension he uses to tow the horse trailer behind the truck camper. Clearly Pritchard knows that life off the grid requires a need for stability and durability.

From the interview with Truck Camper Magazine, Pritchard explains how he uses the “well-designed Torklift SuperTruss Extension System.”

pritchard-supertrussTorklift SuperHitch and SuperTruss Extension
on Pritchard’s rig
“The SuperHitch dual receiver has two, 2-inch bar inputs [receivers],” says Pritchard.

The dual structural steel square tubes of the SuperTruss receiver extension are designed to fit directly into the SuperHitch, encompassing a towing system of massive strength.

“[The SuperTruss chains] form a triangle from the extension bar to the truck,” continues Pritchard. “This triangle makes it so that the extender is solid and not wobbling. The Torklift system is well designed and the only system I could find with extra chains on the side.”

Click here to read the full interview with Stu Pritchard on truckcampermagazine.com.

Here’s what we know
The SuperHitch Outlaw Series featuring professional grade towing equipment stands uniquely at the pinnacle of quality, capacity, versatility and carries a lifetime warranty. The Outlaw Series has the ability to tow up to 30,000 pounds with a tongue weight capacity up to 3,000 pounds when used with weight distribution.

Browse the SuperHitch Outlaw Series to find towing equipment that meets your needs, whatever that may be.

SuperHitch Hero 15K
SuperHitch Original 20K
SuperHitch Original 30K
SuperTruss receiver extension
SuperHitch Everest WD System
SuperHitch Pintle & Ballmount accessories

Purchase these towing products by locating a dealer near you. If you need assistance with application and fits, check our application guide or contact us at 800-246-8132. We are here to help you get on the road and off the grid safely and securely, just like Stu Pritchard.

Source: http://www.truckcampermagazine.com/camper-lifestyle/rig-retire-and-ride
Photo Credit: Truck Camper Magazine


Tamy finalWritten by Tamara Williams:
Currently Tamara Williams studies English at Arizona State University. She is a writing professional specializing in technical writing and SEO blogging for small businesses. Tamara also works with Project Pen, an innovative program for inmates at New Mexico and Arizona prison systems editing and providing feedback for their essays, poems, short and non-fiction stories.

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Top 7 towing myths debunked

The online community is a great tool to find useful information, especially when it comes to gaining knowledge on a topic that is new to you. With so much information on the rules and best practices of towing, it’s important to learn the truth of towing from a reputable source.

At Torklift International, we turned to our hitch and tow experts to put some of these towing ‘myths’ to rest.

1) I can increase my payload capacity by adding aftermarket suspension products.

False. No suspension upgrade designed for towing or hauling can increase your truck’s maximum vehicle manufacturer assigned capacity ratings, however there is a suspension solution that can help handle heavy payload more effectively.

By pre-activating the stabilizing effects of the truck’s factory leaf springs, Torklift International StableLoad suspension stabilizer dramatically improves the handling of your vehicle while towing. Enjoy a safer towing experience by reducing poor handling, eliminating side-to-side sway and leveling your truck while loaded.

2) There is no difference between GAWR and GVWR.

False. In order to tow safely, it is important to learn the meaning of towing acronyms. Here is a quick guide:

GCWR: Gross Combination Weight Rating is the maximum weight of the trailer and tow vehicle combined should never be exceeded.

GVWR: Gross Vehicle Weight Rating is the maximum weight limit for your specific vehicle or trailer including passengers and payload, set by manufacturer and should never be exceeded.

GAWR: Gross Axle Weight Rating is the specific maximum weight that can be placed on an individual axle. This is set by the vehicle manufacturer should never be exceeded.

GTW: Gross Trailer Weight is how much the trailer weighs when fully loaded.

GVW: Gross Vehicle Weight is the actual weight of the fully loaded vehicle including cargo, passengers and equipment.

GAW: Gross Axle Weight is the actual amount of weight each axle is carrying.

A way to calculate your GTW is by subtracting your GVW from its GVWR.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Tongue-Weight.pngCurb Weight: The actual weight of a vehicle or trailer including standard equipment, full fuel tanks, fresh water tanks, propane bottles and all other fluids. 

Tongue Weight: The downward force or weight that the tongue of the trailer applies to the hitch of the tow vehicle.

Note that tongue weight is considered part of the vehicle’s GVW, however the entire weight of the trailer is not.

By towing safely and staying within your weight capacities, you’ll prevent:
      -  Overall handling issues such as lack of response in vehicle’s steering capability
      -  Weakening of brake system due to weight being overloaded
      -  Tire wear and potential for tire blow out situation
      -  Trailer hitch failure
      -  Loss of control due to rear suspension stress

3) I can increase my truck’s towing capacity by upgrading my trailer hitch. 

b2ap3_thumbnail_SuperHItch_Magum_OU.pngFalse. The towing capacity of your trailer hitch does not override your maximumvehicle manufacturer assigned capacity ratings. However, upgrading your trailer hitch maximizes the towing capabilities of your vehicle and avoids any limitation set by your factory hitch ratings. For example if your vehicle is rated to row 20,000 pounds but your hitch is rated at 15,000 pounds, you are limited to tow no more than what your hitch is rated at: 15,000 pounds.

By installing a Torklift International SuperHitch, you can tow to your truck’s greatest capacity. As the highest rated hitch in the industry, the SuperHitch class five hitches utilize the following components for added strength:
      -  Patented dual receiver design
      -  Hardened, reinforced hitch pin locations to prevent elongation known as “egging"
      -  Attaches directly to the frame of the truck

In no circumstance should the manufacturer assigned vehicle capacity rating be exceeded. Browse the SuperHitch Towing Series to locate the receiver hitch with the appropriate capacities that meet your heavy towing needs. Torklift International’s SuperHitch Magnum 30k is the highest rated hitch in the industry with a capacity 30,000 pounds when used with a weight distribution system.

4) It is safe to estimate tongue weight.

False. The number one cause of hitch failure is due to exceeding your tongue weight.


Other than simply lifting the tongue of the trailer and guessing its weight, how can you determine how much the trailer's tongue truly weighs? Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to measure tongue weight of your trailer. 

To prevent exceeded tongue weight and ensure the weight of your load is evenly distributed across all axels, you may need to install a weight distribution system.

The SuperHitch Everest weight distribution system is the highest rated weight distribution system available at a capacity of 30,000 pounds and 3,000 pounds tongue weight.  The weight distribution system redistributes 1/3 of the tongue weight onto the trailer axels, 1/3 of the tongue weight onto the tow vehicle’s rear axel, and 1/3 of the tongue weight onto the tow vehicle’s front axel. With all of the weight being redistributed, now you know why it’s called a weight distribution system.

Check out this video to see how weight distribution works.

5) Tongue weight is always 10 percent of the weight I am towing.

False. A safe amount of tongue weight varies between 10 to 15 percent of the weight of the trailer due to many variables. The position of the trailer axels and how the load is distributed on the trailer will greatly affect the tongue weight.

People often times place the bulk of their load at the front of the trailer toward the hitch. This equates to too much weight on the tongue.

If a heavy tongue weight is a concern for your application, installing the correct capacity and rated weight distribution system is very important. For extremely high tongue weights, the SuperHitch Magnum 30K receiver hitch with weight distribution allows a tongue weight capacity of 3,000 pounds and 2,500 pounds tongue weight carrying. It is important to never exceed your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended towing capacity.

If you do not have enough tongue weight, the trailer will sway heavily from about 40 mph and higher. Speed related trailer sway can usually be eliminated by adjusting the payload on your trailer forward (toward the trailer tongue) to increase the tongue weight. On trailers where moving the payload is not possible, sway control accessories can be added to your trailer hitch to help address this issue.

6) Trailer bearings do not need maintenance.

False. Trailer bearings need to be cleaned, inspected, and repacked with fresh grease annually due to sitting outside in the elements, which leads to rust. Trailer wheel bearing failure is the number one cause of roadside trailer break down, ruining vacations and leading to costly repair.

The bearings are located within the trailer’s wheel assembly and need proper maintenance. As an important component to keeping your trailer riding smoothly when towing, well lubricated and well cared for trailer bearings will help prevent friction and unnecessary wear on your trailer parts.

7) I have a truck camper and need a hitch extension to tow my trailer. Any type of towing extension will do?

False. You need to determine if the receiver extension has the proper tongue weight capacity.  A shorter extension has less stress and can handle weight easier. A long extension has less weight capacity. Torklift International’s SuperHitch SuperTruss receiver extension has the highest capacity in the industry to ensure that you are towing safely.

Available in eight lengths from 21 to 60 inches, the SuperTruss receiver extension works exclusively with the SuperHitch or SuperHitch Magnum and features lateral support safety chains.

Look up our measurement guide to find the proper size receiver extension for your application.

As hitch and tow experts for nearly 40 years, feel free to give our Tech Support a call at 800-246-8132 with any questions regarding your towing needs. If you aren’t sure you are towing or hauling safely, have your vehicle professionally inspected to verify that weight ratings falls within your vehicle manufacturer’s tow ratings.


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How do StableLoads affect my factory overload leaf springs?

You might be wondering what the StableLoad suspension stabilizer can do for your suspension. The StableLoads dramatically improve handling while towing or hauling by preventing side-to-side sway, bounce, and body roll and more.

To understand how StableLoads offer these benefits, you first have to understand how they impact your vehicle manufacturer installed overload leaf springs.

We will start off by letting you know that when you use the StableLoad, not only do you get our legendary lifetime warranty with our product, but we also extend that warranty to your vehicle leaf springs when using the StableLoad.

Let’s briefly talk about how overload leaf springs work.

Lower overload leaf spring 

When you tow or haul a heavy load, it causes the rear of the vehicle to sag downward. Once the rear sags downward, it causes the leaf springs to begin to come into contact with the overload leaf springs, which is exactly what you want to have happen.

Lower overload leaf spring compresses under load

Once this happens, your overload leaf springs are beginning to be put to work but only at a small percentage of their total capability and they are starting to help you to manage what you are towing or hauling by making your ride safer and more comfortable. However, this only happens once the overload leaf springs come into contact with the rest of the leaf springs.

So, what are the problems with the sag and the delayed contact with the overload leaf spring?

The vehicle must drop down several inches in order to come into contact with the overload leaf springs leading to rear sag. When the rear of the vehicle sags it causes the front of the vehicle to lift up which causes the following problems:

  1. Front end steering is now out of proper steering alignment making the vehicle feel unsafe with a delayed steering response as though it is floating like a boat.
  2. The front of the vehicle is responsible for up to 70% of the vehicle’s stopping ability. The braking distance is extended due to significantly less weight on the front tires. The front of the vehicle is lifting up as the rear of the vehicle sags.
  3. Headlights are now pointing upward with the front of the vehicle creating a nighttime road hazard by blinding oncoming traffic.
  4. Tire wear is increased due to the misalignment of the steering leading to premature tire wear failure.
  5. Fuel mileage is decreased due to misalignment and uneven tire footprint from uneven load and vehicle riding unleveled.


How do StableLoads stabilize your vehicle?

The StableLoads stabilize your vehicle suspension by taking up the gap between the overloads forcing them to come into contact much sooner, significantly reducing sag and making your factory overload leaf springs operate at 100% of their capability. This enables them to maximize their contribution in creating a safe and pleasant driving experience.


So what happens when your overload leaf springs come into contact sooner with the StableLoads?

  1. Reduced sag
  2. Reduced body roll and sway
  3. Far better handling for driver control

Don’t take our word for it! We’re turning to our customer reviews to show how StableLoads make a significant difference.

Let’s see what Mike Ware from Brighton, Colorado had to say:

Click here to learn more about the StableLoad suspension stabilizer.

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Torklift International takes home three awards voted on by you!

As we start the New Year, Truck Camper Magazine ends 2014 by announcing the winners of its second annual Readers’ Choice Awards. The awards give readers the opportunity to vote on the best truck camper, the best truck camper gear and the best truck camper innovation of 2014.

Several Torklift International products were recognized for the awards, and we have our loyal customers to thank for voting for us.


Talon Tie Downs
(2nd place)
This tie down system for truck campers is designed from military grade aluminum and attaches directly to the frame of the truck. The camper tie downs are 50% lighter than steel tie downs and feature rust-free, corrosion protection for life.

FastGun Wobble Stopper (3rd place)
This newly released hybrid product is a combination of the original Wobble Stopper and the convenient FastGun quick-disconnect feature from our camper turnbuckles. The camper stabilizer is designed to dramatically reduce camper jack and frame stress, prevent truck camper theft, and stop camper movement when unloaded from the truck.

The Lock and Load maximum-security cargo tray (nominee)
The locking cargo tray is designed to secure your generator and other expensive motorized equipment that can be costly to replace. The receiver hitch cargo carrier is simple to install and fits in either front or rear hitches.

SuperHitch Magnum 30K (nominee)
Hitch for heavy towing? We’ve got you covered. As the highest rated receiver hitch in the industry, the frame-mounted receiver hitch is rated at 3,000 lbs tongue weight and 30,000 lbs pull with weight distribution.


Ultra Deck Plus bumper for Lance Campers (2nd place)
This truck camper bumper for Lance Campers has all the bells and whistles you could want. With extra lockable storage, LED lights, slide out deck and swing step, users can enjoy functionality and convenience.

It is an honor for Torklift International to be recognized by the truck camping community for its innovation and high quality products. To learn more about the Truck Camper Magazine Reader’s Choice awards, visit www.truckcampermagazine.com

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Have you ever been in your truck and felt like you were driving a boat?

The StableLoad Challenge gave those experienced with towing and hauling the opportunity to drive a Ford F-150 with a 2,800-pound load in the back, both with and without Torklift International’s StableLoad suspension stabilizer. As a suspension upgrade for hauling truck campers or towing trailers, it was our goal to get candid responses from those participating in the test-drive at a recent rally.

StableLoad Challengers on Make A Gif

If you haven’t already watched Torklift International’s StableLoad Challenge, be sure to view the full video and see how the experience made a huge impression on rally-goers who took the challenge.

As one of our challengers, Diane Leff jumped at the chance to test-drive the StableLoad suspension upgrade. Buckled up and ready to roll, let’s take a look at Diane’s experience.

StableLoad Challenge Diane on Make A Gif

Ford F150 with no suspension upgrade:
“It’s like a boat. I feel the side-to-side motion and it’s not as responsive,” says Diane. “I wouldn’t want to drive this under these conditions for very long and not feel safe and in control.”

Challenger Diane on Make A Gif

Ford F150 with StableLoad suspension stabilizer engaged:
"…I feel the difference already. It’s a much smoother ride. This is amazing!”

When driving without the suspension enhancement, Diane Leff immediately points out the rocking feeling as if the vehicle was “like a boat”. With side-to-side sway, body roll and porpoising effects, she found that the truck was harder to control. When it came time to drive the truck with StableLoads engaged, she felt the difference immediately.

Preventing body roll is important in order to tow or haul safely. To regain control of your truck, learn more about how the StableLoads work for your suspension.

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You’re Going To Need A Bigger Stocking

2. Superhitch

Still searching for the perfect gift for the truck and RV enthusiast in your family?  It’s not too late! Torklift International has you covered with our nationwide dealer network and online retailers.   

From complete towing and truck camper hauling setups to security products and RV accessories, we manufacture a comprehensive line of innovative products that are sure to help you Find Your Adventure this Christmas season and beyond.  But be forewarned:  You’ll need to stock up on the wrapping paper and reinforce the mantel.  We specialize in products that are made for heavy towing.

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