Why do you want the Stow N’ Go?

Stow N Go

Stow N Go2We can say something like, “this is a step up to your current truck camper steps,” and although that’s true, why take our word for it? Although we’ve designed a set of steps to make your life so much more convenient when you’re truck camping, sometimes it’s better to hear from your fellow campers!

What’s so cool about the Stow N’ Go?

The Stow N’ Go was designed specifically to lock while in transit, eliminating the hassle of having to detach and store the steps inside your camper. The steps remain mounted to the back of the truck camper bumper to prevent the interior from getting dirty. This step system comes standard with the storage bracket, GlowStep entry system and All Terrain Landing Gear adjustable feet.

“This is very sweet. We have been using a strap in the past to store hold ours in place. They function flawlessly here for our application. We subjected it to the normal beating we go through and the bands didn’t let it rattle or come loose at all during travel

   – Columbus and Chris Partin

Stow N Go3With the step bracket, you no longer have to worry about unnecessary detaching and reattaching, and with a special nylon retainer system that eliminates movement, the steps snap securely in place. GlowStep locks are available for extra protection and the step system comes standard with All Terrain Landing Gear adjustable feet. The steps mount onto the back of the truck camper bumper or underneath the camper door, and come in a range of three to six steps. This step system also has multiple accessories available so you can customize to fit your needs.



Accessories Available:Stow N Go4

  1.  GlowGuide Handrail
    A truck camper handrail composed of three telescopic arms: the upper door arm mount, the lower step arm mount and the strut arm. From the door entry to the ground you are guided all the way down with added stability.
  2. Dirt Destroyer – Shoe Cleaning Attachment 
    A shoe cleaning attachment designed to work with any scissor step. Simply scrape your shoe on this bristle attachment and leave the dirt outside of the RV, saving you from one less mess.
  3. SafeStep – Pet Safety Barrier
    A protective step riser guard that creates a vertical barrier between the steps to help protect your pets and children from potentially falling. With a velcro backed panel for an easy install, the panels can stay attached while steps are in the stowed position.

“I really like the adjustable ‘feetsies’ [All Terrain Landing Gear] on the bottom too. Makes setting the steps super easy to get level where I camp, in the woods, where the ground is typically uneven.”

– Daryl Davis

The GlowStep Stow N’ Go is made in the USA and comes with our Legendary Lifetime Warranty. For questions or for more information on any of these products contacts us at 800-246-8132 or shop now at one of our Torklift Certified Dealers


Written by Shyann Guerra:

Being in an environment in which I can problem solve is where I flourish. Every answer to a problem leads me to a new concept to understand or a lesson to learn. When I'm not solving problems I enjoy camping and going to festivals with my family - from the local city center festivals to the mountains of Wenatchee at the Winter Grass, blue grass music festival. Experiencing culture is where my heart is content. 

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New Torklift Product revealed at Mt. Rainier summit

rainier-jon-and-jackTorklift founder Jon Kay (left) and President Jack Kay (right) after Torklift’s Mt. Rainier climbTorklift’s recent trek to the summit of Washington state’s Mt. Rainier not only marked the celebration of Torklift’s 40 years in business come 2016, it also brought upon an exciting announcement for the truck camping community. With plans to announce this new product once the summit was reached, in the spirit of inspiration and innovation Torklift President Jack Kay and Assistant Marketing Director Sheryl Bushaw did just that.

Summit up
Appropriately named “Summit,” the new product is following in the footsteps of Torklift’s well-established line of custom truck camper bumpers made specifically in partnership with several truck camper manufacturers. The Summit bumper is planned for universal applications that will span across several truck camper brands and models. If you have a truck camper that’s not compatible with the current aftermarket truck camper bumpers like the Ultra Deck Plus for Lance Campers, Fox Landing for Arctic Fox, Palomino Landing Pad for Palomino truck campers and Northstar bumper for Northstar truck campers, Torklift’s Summit bumper is being developed with you in mind.


Some of our current designs include:

• Additional lockable bumper storage
• Custom step tread
• Slide out or swing step designs
• DOT certified LED bumper lights
• Hinge locking systems

“The Torklift bumper will be designed to work as universal as possible and is expected to encompass a landing, storage and security features,” explained Kay. “The bumper is made for truck campers to celebrate where we came from. While we have expanded quite a bit into the towable, motorhome and fifth wheel segments, our roots began with truck campers and we are extremely grateful to those truck camper customers who have gotten us to where we are 40 years later.”

With Torklift International’s 40th anniversary fast approaching, the Summit truck camper bumper is currently in the preliminary design phases set to be released as a special edition anniversary product next year. The Summit bumper will “sum it up” – all the things you’d want in a camper bumper wrapped up in one.

American made
made-in-usaManufacturing a durable, safe and smart camper bumper design that provides ultimate convenience is important to us.  It’s just as important to us that all of our products are manufactured right here on American soil providing support to the American families behind this organization. Over the past 39 years in business, being made in the USA is a commitment and promise to our customers and ourselves. With future growth at our doorsteps, this is one aspect of Torklift that will never change.

Designed with you in mind
If you could create a customized truck camper bumper, how would you design it? How important is storage and locking/security capabilities? Does a porch and specific type of truck camper step assembly configuration best apply to all of your needs? towing-with-overhangTow and haul a camper at the same timeA great aspect of hauling a truck camper is that it still gives you the option to tow behind the truck. Whether it is an enclosed trailer or boat trailer, with the use of a SuperHitch and SuperTruss receiver hitch extension you’re able to successfully tow and haul at the same time. But do you have to disconnect the trailer in order to access your truck camper entry? It’s these little things that make the design of a customized aftermarket truck camper bumper so important. With the Torklift bumper, we hope to address every little detail.

celebrateHave ideas? Share with us by commenting below and let us know if there’s a feature or a specific issue that is the most important to you. Stay tuned for more information on the 40th anniversary special edition Summit bumper and join us in celebrating this significant milestone.

Learn more about our existing camper bumper applications here.

To read about the climbing experience, check out our 3 part series:

Part 1: Mind over matter
Part 2: Into the unknown
Part 3: The climb

sherylWritten by Sheryl Bushaw:
As a graduate from Arizona State University with a B.A. in Journalism and emphasis in Public Relations, Sheryl is a passionate writing professional with focus in areas of copy writing, social media and creative design. She is a travel enthusiast and explorer-extraordinaire with a zest for life.

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Truck camper bumpers and why you need one

lance-bumperImprove your camping experience with
an aftermarket truck camper bumper
When people get truck campers they don’t normally think of bumpers. Typically, campers come with factory bumpers, but with an added aftermarket truck camper bumper you have the ability to gain added storage compartments, bright LED bumper lights and a convenient built in step to help you get in and out of your camper easily.

Never stress over space or towing again
Spacious compartment storage comes standard on all Torklift International bumpers.
palomino-bumper2Your truck camper can look this great
with one of our bumpers
With tons of additional storage space, you will never have to leave anything behind while camping again and you can take longer camping trips. Also with the extra hidden storage, make your camper look more organized and know exactly where you keep everything rather than having to shift through piles to find an item. Created with a clean design and advanced engineering, our bumpers are high-impact powder coated for extreme durability.

Torklift International bumpers are also designed specifically to make towing and camper entry easier and safer. You can tow with ease because our bumpers sit above towing extensions, so there is no need to disconnect the trailer to get in and out of the truck camper while towing.

Bumpers that we have available
Currently, we have four truck camper bumpers available for four different truck camper manufacturers. Each bumper is made specifically to fit each camper. All of our bumpers are proudly made in the USA and come with our Lifetime Legendary Warranty. Below are some further details about each of the bumpers.

arctic-fox-bumperThe Fox Landing side entry bumperFox Landing Bumper for the Arctic Fox: Serving as an extension of your camping experience, this bumper allows you to have left or right side truck camper entry steps. It eliminates the need to disconnect your trailer tongue for safe camper entry and exit. Some further features of the Fox Landing Bumper include:

• Large entry platform
• Made of aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel
• Folds up in seconds
• Convenient fold-away steps
• GlowStep treads for added safety
• Allows the ability to tow when using a SuperTruss Extension

ultradeckGet a huge amount of extra storage
with the Ultra Deck Plus
Ultra Deck Plus Bumper for Lance campers: When it comes to bumper storage, there’s nothing better than the Ultra Deck Plus as a Lance camper bumper. Made with you in mind, this bumper allows for 7.8 cubic feet of additional truck camper storage space. With a deck slide that has the capacity to hold 600 pounds when extended, you won’t have to worry about safety when you’re hanging out on this bumper. Additional Ultra Deck Plus features include:

• Aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel
• High-impact powder coated for extreme durability
• Allows the ability to tow when using a SuperTruss Extension
• Swing step that incorporates Torklift International GlowStep technology
• DOT certified LED lights
• Exclusive Torklift hinge lock system for all storage compartments

palominoThe Palomino Landing Pad can also be used with our Lock and Load SideKickPalomino Landing Pad for the Palomino truck camper: Made specifically to fit all years of the 2902, 2910 and 2911 camper models, this bumper is made of aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel. Also, the Palomino Landing Pad is made to work with our Space Dock and Lock and Load Sidekick which makes it easy to swing out generators for extra power and swing in while in transport. Other features of this camper bumper include:

• 84 pounds
• 93” wide platform
• 18.5” depth platform
• Nearly 3.5 cubic feet of storage space
• Allows the ability to tow when using a SuperTruss Extension
• Glow-in-the-dark camper swing step
• LED lights

Northstar-BumperSee the great side storage in the Northstar BumperNorthstar Bumper for Northstar truck campers: Made specifically to work with Northstar campers you don’t want to miss out on this great aftermarket bumper that works with any framing Northstar system. With a lockable storage box on each side of the bumper, you have added storage space. Below are other features of the Northstar Bumper:

• Custom step tread
• Custom steps
• Made of aircraft grade aluminum
• Allows the ability to tow when using a SuperTruss Extension
• Turnbuckle storage
• Reinforced gussets

Make sure you stay tuned for the newest addition to our bumper line with the Summit Bumper that we are making special for our 40th anniversary in 2016. It’s going to be marvelous and we think you are going to love it!

If you have any questions about our custom bumper options or are interested in purchasing one of our truck camper bumpers for Arctic Fox, Lance, Northstar or Palomino, click here or find a dealer near you by visiting the Where to Buy section on our website.




kerstinWritten by Kerstin Stokes:
As a graduate from the College of Idaho with a B.A. in both History and Art, Kerstin has found her passion for writing and marketing. She enjoys looking up tasty recipes for baking and daydreaming about future travels. 

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