Skip the carnival ride when towing or hauling – StableLoad Challenge proves StableLoads work wonders

Torklift arrived in Everett excited to introduce the StableLoad Challenge to Torklift dealers attending a dealer training session for Torklift products.

What’s the StableLoad Challenge?

Two identical Ford F-150 trucks
2,800 pounds loaded in each Ford truck bed

One truck has StableLoads suspension stabilizer

One truck has just the factory suspension

Drivers took a test-drive with both Ford trucks

Could they tell the difference?

Take a look at what these folks had to say about their experience:

Skip the Carnival Ride
“I can feel it leaning back and forth as I go around the corner. Kind of feels like the back of the truck is in charge,” said the driver taking the StableLoad Challenge. Behind him, the rear of the truck swayed, drawing the momentum and gravity dragging toward the back of the vehicle. Indeed, the Ford F-150 truck was in charge.

carnivalDriving your truck shouldn't be a carnival ride


 “I have problems with vertigo so I am very motion sensitive. It’s a very uncomfortable feeling for me. This is about as close to a carnival ride as I wanna get.”


The StableLoad Challenge asks drivers an important question: Can you feel the difference with StableLoads? With firsthand experience, those who took the StableLoad Challenge could feel an incredibly noticeable difference.

Four Points of Stability
Whether you’re using your vehicle to move debris, haul a truck camper or tow their much heavier travel trailer or 5th wheel cousins, a very important part of transporting heavy loads is stability. What makes leaf spring suspension ideal is its four points of contact, two on each side of the vehicle.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 3.10.42 PM

StableLoads have a design that maintains these points of contact that are crucial in providing stability. With other aftermarket suspension products, points of contact are reduced to only two, resulting in less stability and lack of support from the leaf spring suspension. The leaf spring pack and overloads are meant to be engaged and StableLoads take advantage of this expertly engineered design that vehicle manufacturers have invested millions in developing. By keeping the leaf springs engaged, the strength built within the truck’s suspension shines.

As one person noted when taking the StableLoad Challenge, without the StableLoads the “truck was in charge.” With the StableLoad Suspension Stabilizer you’re now the one in control – the way it should be.

Engaging StableLoad Suspension StabilizerThe lower StableLoad can connect and disconnect in secondsChoose the Mode for your Load
With lower quick-disconnect version of StableLoads, switch on and engage to be in tow/haul mode. Switch off to enjoy factory suspension. The lower StableLoads allow you the luxury of choosing what mode you want. With a turn of a ratchet, engage the lower quick-disconnect StableLoads for the extra support your vehicle needs. Simply disengage and enjoy your smooth factory ride when you no longer need that extra oomph.

Installation is easy with the StableLoads universal design. Fitting vehicles with factory installed upper and lower overloads, StableLoads have fast, no-drill applications available. Click here to find your application. Each kit includes four Torklift StableLoads for either upper or lower overload springs depending on the model you select, outfitting one complete vehicle. StableLoads come with Torklift’s Legendary Lifetime Warranty and even extends coverage to the vehicle’s factory leaf springs. Call 800.246.8131 for warranty details.

After See how much more relaxed he looks with his hands no longer gripping the wheel tightly?

The verdict’s in
As one test-driver analyzed how the StableLoads performed, he relaxed comfortably in his seat. He noticed the smooth movement and gained confidence while feeling more and more in control.

We asked, “Can you feel the difference?”

The difference, according to each person who took the challenge, was noticeable.

“Yeah, totally different!” said our test driver.

Science agrees
We’ve heard thousands of success stories from those who’ve turned to StableLoads instead of other suspension products. Even backed by real-life feedback from those who took the StableLoad Challenge, we wanted to provide tested data based on actual side-by-side comparisons of every aftermarket suspension option. By using an inclinometer to measure movement, we’ve uncovered information that strongly supports the glowing testimonials from our satisfied customers. Click here to see the science behind the StableLoads and you’ll be shocked at our results.

Learn more about the StableLoad Suspension Stabilizer or find a dealer near you.

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StableLoad -- The Weight Off Your Shoulders

Did you hear? The StableLoad Challenge is back!
Stressed manSee how stressed he looks driving the heavy load without StableLoads?“I definitely notice there’s a lot of body roll,” said a challenger, cautious in his words as he gripped the steering wheel tighter. A look of discomfort struck his face and he frowned as he pressed harder on the pedal. As the driver pushed down on the gas that propelled the vehicle further, his concerned expression worsened.


Thankfully, this scene was not transpiring in the hustle and bustle of a chaotic highway, nor was it taking place in the rough backwoods. It was in fact taking place on an open and controlled route for Torklift’s StableLoad Challenge in Everett, WA.

Participants at Torklift’s StableLoad Challenge were invited to take part in a simple test to see if the StableLoad was everything they hoped it would be. They soon learned that, when it came to producing reliable suspension products and upgrades, Torklift delivered.

The StableLoad Challenge
StableLoad ChallengeWhen it comes to hauling cargo or towing a trailer, nothing is more important than stability. Whether transporting truck campers, trailers or just plain old junk for the garbage dump in your Ford truck, a stable suspension is critical for the protection of your vehicle. Thankfully, Torklift has got your back with the StableLoad suspension stabilizer. 

The StableLoad suspension stabilizer suspension upgrade dramatically improves vehicle handling characteristics by "pre-activating" the stabilizing effect designed for rear overload leaf springs. This is accomplished by keeping your rear leaf springs actively under load, the way your vehicle factory suspension engineers intended them to operate.

By “pre-loading” the factory overload springs, the StableLoad vastly improves the handling characteristics of your loaded vehicle, no matter the weight. Both safety and handling are improved. In addition, sway, body roll and porpoising are dramatically reduced.


Wondering about how your suspension works? The StableLoad’s quad contact design complements the vehicle manufacturers four point suspension. This is opposed to reducing it to two points of contact, which is the case with all other rear suspension products. In other words, the weight of heavier loads is redistributed evenly across all four points, rather than being reduced to two contact points causing lack of stability and support. As our guests learned in the StableLoad Challenge, this design choice was the difference maker.

Happy ManNow that he's driving with the StableLoads look at how happy and much more comfortable he looks“I’m actually very, very surprised with how stable it is. It’s kind of cliché but it feels like there’s no weight back there,” said the participant, his eyes widened with surprise. He breathed a deep sigh of relief. As he exhaled, he relaxed, letting his shoulders curve against the padded seat. His memories of the poor suspension from before were now replaced with better ones as he reached out to thank a friendly hand from Torklift with a firm handshake.

This performance was apparent when those taking the StableLoad Challenge began to take note of the smooth ride, the solid weight distribution and the overall comfort StableLoads provided. Compared to the sluggish, fish-tail movement brought on by heavy loads and hauls, the StableLoads really shined. The StableLoads are universal, fitting all vehicles with factory installed upper and lower overload springs and the lower quick-disconnect StableLoads have no-drill installations available. Click here to find your application.

AirbagsAirbags have the potential to burst if under too much pressureWondering about how airbags might affect your suspension? The StableLoads even enhance airbag performance by lowering your airbag’s air pressure, ensuring maximum safety on even the most perilous of hauls. Those who were running around 90 PSI before installing StableLoads are now reporting that they run their airbags at 20 or 30 PSI, significantly reducing the risk of their airbags self destructing or causing damage to their trucks.

Leaf SpringsStableLoads work with your suspension to give you the best ride possible

The kit includes four Torklift StableLoads, outfitting one complete vehicle and comes with Torklift’s Legendary Lifetime Warranty. Torklift’s warranty includes coverage for the vehicles factory leaf springs.


As the participants returned home, any doubts in their minds on the performance of the StableLoad were replaced with thoughts of confidence and excitement. At long last, the lack of vehicle handling brought on by agonizing weight has been lifted from the shoulders (and suspension) of truck owners everywhere.

Read more about the StableLoad Challenge or click here for additional product information. Find a dealer near you or give us a call at 800.246.8132 with inquiries.


andrew-headshotWritten by Andrew Wales:
Andrew is a recent graduate from the University of Washington, where he earned his B.A. in Arts, Media and Culture. In his free time, he channels his passion for writing into numerous projects, including the development of a series of full-length science fiction thriller novels. He seeks to put his devotion to writing to good use in the professional field as a technical writer.

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What’s the secret to increasing the payload capacity of a truck?

It is often misunderstood that adding suspension upgrades to your vehicle will increase your vehicle’s factory towing or hauling capacity. The truth is, there isn’t a secret to magically increase the payload capacity of your truck. 

No suspension upgrade designed for towing or hauling can increase your truck’s maximum vehicle manufacturer assigned capacity ratings, however there is a suspension solution for towing/hauling that can aid in handling heavy payload in a more safe and effective way.

Torklift International StableLoad suspension stabilizer dramatically improves the handling of your vehicle when either towing or hauling. By pre-activating the stabilizing effects of the truck’s factory leaf springs, the StableLoads help reduce poor handling, eliminate side-to-side sway and level your truck while loaded.

To further explain ourselves, let’s turn to the StableLoad Challenge.

b2ap3_thumbnail_rochelle.pngAt a recent rally, we gave experienced RV towing and hauling enthusiasts the opportunity to test-drive the same Ford F-150 truck with and without the StableLoads. We placed 2,800 pounds of gravel in the bed to simulate a significant load like a truck camper.

Rochelle Jackson buckled herself behind the steering wheel for her test-drive with the StableLoads. Not only could she not believe there was a 2,800 pound load in the truck, she thought it was a whole different truck altogether!

With the StableLoads as the secret weapon, many test-drivers didn’t feel like there was any weight in the back of the truck. To see her candid reactions to the stabilizing effects of the StableLoad, watch this unseen footage from the StableLoad Challenge:

 “Wow, are you serious?” said Rochelle Jackson. “Interesting….You feel like there’s nothing in your box. You feel like it’s an empty truck.”

What Rochelle felt was the activation of the factory leaf springs on the Ford F-150 truck. When the StableLoads are engaging the overload leaf spring, the vehicle sits level, side-to-side sway is greatly reduced, and the ability to stop effectively is improved.

 “It feels like a different truck,” she explained. “It feels more cushioned – like a cushioned ride and you think to yourself, okay am I riding in the same model with the same features?”

The effects of the StableLoad suspension upgrade made it hard for Rochelle to believe she was driving the same F-150 Ford truck as the previous test-drive without the StableLoad suspension upgrade.

“I notice as the driver it’s more cushioned and you have a better ride and better sitting experience,” Rochelle concluded.

With the StableLoads installed, you can make the journey just as enjoyable as the destination. Not only is the truck’s ride quality and handling significantly better, but it’s also a safer experience on the road.

Watch the full version of the StableLoad Challenge or learn more about the StableLoad suspension stabilizer

If you aren’t sure you are towing or hauling safely, have your vehicle professionally inspected to verify the tongue weight and tow/hauling rating falls within your vehicle manufacturer’s tow ratings.

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How weight affects stopping distance when towing or hauling

You are approaching a stop sign or traffic light with a heavy load in the back of your truck. Have you underestimated the distance and time needed to stop?


A heavy load in the back of your vehicle tends to put additional weight on the rear axle, causing the truck to sag and the nose of the vehicle to tilt upwards. This  out of level positioning can severely impact your ability to brake effectively, even causing the truck to rock forward and backward after stopping.


You can avoid this “Whoa, Nelly!” moment on the road by installing the Torklift International StabeLoad suspension stabilizer.

What is a StableLoad?

There are two types. Let’s talk about the quick disconnect version that attaches to your lower overload leaf spring.


Visually it is a series of precision laser crafted steel wedges specifically designed to custom fit between your lower overload leaf springs. It looks compact but it packs a big punch when it comes to what it actually does for you.

To prevent side-to-side sway, level your truck and improve overall handling, StableLoads easily install on any vehicle. This includes trucks, vans, SUV’s and light commercial vehicles that come equipped with vehicle manufacturer overload leaf springs. The StableLoads will pre-activate the overload’s stabilizing capabilities when under a heavy load.  

At a recent rally, we gave those experienced with towing and hauling the opportunity to take the StableLoad Challenge test-drive. One of our test-drivers, Eric Dye, drove with and without StableLoads on a Ford F-150 truck. We placed 2,800 pounds of gravel in the bed to simulate a significant load like a truck camper.

Eric first drove the Ford F-150 truck without the StableLoad suspension upgrade.

StableLoad Challenge - Eric - 2 on Make A Gif

“This thing already feels like it’s going to roll over,” Dye said. “A lot of movement back there!”

StableLoad Challenge - Eric on Make A Gif

With the StableLoads engaged, “I already feel a big difference,” said Eric Dye. “It’s not rocking back and forth as much and I didn’t get any porpoising effect at all when I stop. This is amazing!”

The distance needed to stop the truck was noticeably less and the porpoising effect that Eric mentions when trying to stop the vehicle was completely eliminated. If you tow or haul often, achieve a safer and more comfortable ride by installing the most effective suspension upgrade.  

To take a closer look at the StableLoad Challenge, view the full video here

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How do StableLoads affect my factory overload leaf springs?

You might be wondering what the StableLoad suspension stabilizer can do for your suspension. The StableLoads dramatically improve handling while towing or hauling by preventing side-to-side sway, bounce, and body roll and more.

To understand how StableLoads offer these benefits, you first have to understand how they impact your vehicle manufacturer installed overload leaf springs.

We will start off by letting you know that when you use the StableLoad, not only do you get our legendary lifetime warranty with our product, but we also extend that warranty to your vehicle leaf springs when using the StableLoad.

Let’s briefly talk about how overload leaf springs work.

Lower overload leaf spring 

When you tow or haul a heavy load, it causes the rear of the vehicle to sag downward. Once the rear sags downward, it causes the leaf springs to begin to come into contact with the overload leaf springs, which is exactly what you want to have happen.

Lower overload leaf spring compresses under load

Once this happens, your overload leaf springs are beginning to be put to work but only at a small percentage of their total capability and they are starting to help you to manage what you are towing or hauling by making your ride safer and more comfortable. However, this only happens once the overload leaf springs come into contact with the rest of the leaf springs.

So, what are the problems with the sag and the delayed contact with the overload leaf spring?

The vehicle must drop down several inches in order to come into contact with the overload leaf springs leading to rear sag. When the rear of the vehicle sags it causes the front of the vehicle to lift up which causes the following problems:

  1. Front end steering is now out of proper steering alignment making the vehicle feel unsafe with a delayed steering response as though it is floating like a boat.
  2. The front of the vehicle is responsible for up to 70% of the vehicle’s stopping ability. The braking distance is extended due to significantly less weight on the front tires. The front of the vehicle is lifting up as the rear of the vehicle sags.
  3. Headlights are now pointing upward with the front of the vehicle creating a nighttime road hazard by blinding oncoming traffic.
  4. Tire wear is increased due to the misalignment of the steering leading to premature tire wear failure.
  5. Fuel mileage is decreased due to misalignment and uneven tire footprint from uneven load and vehicle riding unleveled.


How do StableLoads stabilize your vehicle?

The StableLoads stabilize your vehicle suspension by taking up the gap between the overloads forcing them to come into contact much sooner, significantly reducing sag and making your factory overload leaf springs operate at 100% of their capability. This enables them to maximize their contribution in creating a safe and pleasant driving experience.


So what happens when your overload leaf springs come into contact sooner with the StableLoads?

  1. Reduced sag
  2. Reduced body roll and sway
  3. Far better handling for driver control

Don’t take our word for it! We’re turning to our customer reviews to show how StableLoads make a significant difference.

Let’s see what Mike Ware from Brighton, Colorado had to say:

Click here to learn more about the StableLoad suspension stabilizer.

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Save the Teeter-Totter for the playground

b2ap3_thumbnail_tim.pngAll jokes aside, a teeter-totter motion when driving with a heavily loaded truck is anything but funny. For those who haul truck campers and tow trailers, that side-to-side sway and forward-backward motion can cause some serious white-knuckle driving.

We turned to our StableLoad Challenge to put the capabilities of the StableLoad suspension stabilizer to the test. With the opportunity to drive a Ford F-150 loaded with 2,800 pounds in the bed, Tim Short was more than ready to give the StableLoads a test-drive.

Tim drove the Ford F150 both with and without Torklift International’s StableLoad, but also mentions his own experience with airbags installed on his truck at home.

With experience driving his own truck with airbags while hauling a camper, let’s take a look at what Tim had to say in this never before seen footage from the challenge: 

Without StableLoads:
“…I can get a good ride with the airbags, but that increases my sway.”

“If you rode my truck you would feel it teeter tottering” said Tim Short. “That’s what I was looking to get rid of.” 

With StableLoads engaged:
“This rides smooth…this is much nicer,” he said. “I just want to say that this has been peachy so far.” 

Stop ‘playing’ around and reduce the teeter-totter and sway motion by upgrading your suspension so you can feel more stable while on the road. For more information on the difference between airbags and StableLoads and how they can work in conjunction, stay tuned on the Torklift company blog to learn how leaf springs work with suspension upgrades.

Click here to watch the full video of the StableLoad Challenge. 

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What kind of aftermarket suspension upgrade should I get?

Towing a trailer, 5th wheel or toy hauler? Hauling a truck camper or other heavy payloads? You might be wondering, what are my options for suspension upgrades?

b2ap3_thumbnail_suspensiontowing.jpgWith a loaded vehicle, its suspension is under heavy stress. While maneuvering turns or hitting bumps in the road, the added weight can cause bouncing, bucking, severe side-to-side sway and body roll. This is not only an uncomfortable and potentially unsafe ride for the driver, but it can also cause strain and additional wear on the truck and its performance.

Options for aftermarket vehicle suspension upgrades include sway bars, add-on leaf springs, shocks, airbags and StableLoads. With several aftermarket suspension products on the market, making a decision becomes daunting. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits and potential negative side effects of each suspension modification.

The purpose of sway bars is to make a connection between the truck frame and its axles with a spring steel bar, reducing sway and body roll.

Add-on leaf springs help to increase the spring rate of your factory springs to eliminate sag and sway.

Although both of these alternatives may be effective in eliminating sway, the side effects result in a much harsher ride due to the stiffened suspension.

Additional aftermarket suspension upgrade options include shocks and airbags.

Shocks act as a dampener by resisting movement between the body and axle to help eliminate body roll.

Airbags inflate with air pressure to lift the truck frame away from the axle and help level the truck. A side effect of shocks and airbags lies within the potential for leaks. Not only do both significantly stiffen your ride, airbags will often increase side-to-side sway of the vehicle because it takes the weight off of the factory suspension.

The StableLoads combine all of the benefits of all these products but without any negative side effects.  


The purpose of the StableLoad is to treat the root problem by working with your factory leaf springs, rather then against them. The StableLoad suspension stabilizer puts the truck’s full factory suspension into use and equally disperses the weight of the load. By engaging your overload springs sooner, you’re vehicle can operate at its best potential.

After upgrading your suspension with the StableLoad, what happens when your vehicle is unloaded?

If you use your truck as a daily driver and aren’t in need of a permanent modification, the lower StableLoad application is the perfect solution. With the ability to engage and disengage in seconds, enjoy the convenience of returning to your comfortable factory ride when you’re not towing or hauling.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of Torklift International’s StableLoad suspension stabilizer. 

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