Can I put an extra battery under the hood of my truck?

hiddenpower truckbedInstalling the HiddenPower on a truck!In the 80’s Torklift was installing second batteries underneath the hood of trucks on a daily basis. With lots of room available underneath the hood it was common procedure. Customers wanted the extra batteries as an always charged up ready to go extension of their RV’s battery because the trucks charging system kept the second battery always ready to go.


As the auto industry grew more competitive and more technologically advanced the space under the hood became smaller, until there was no space at all. For many of us who engage in outdoor recreation such as off-roading, or haul any type of camper, this was bad news. This meant having to carry several batteries in your car or RV, taking up space that you could use for something else. That is until Torklift released two battery mount options, the HiddenPower and the ExtendedPower!

hiddenpowermountThe HiddenPower mounts to the frame of your truckThe HiddenPower
This name gives it all away. This battery mount is installed underneath the vehicle bed and can be used for all types of group 24, 27, and 31 twelve-volt batteries, ranging from lead acid, AGM, sealed, or gel cell.

How does it work?
This mount is no-drill and installs quickly. Adding an extra battery that is tied to your truck’s electrical charging system, will keep the battery charged and ready for use with little to no maintenance. Having an extra battery mounted will not only save you time with hassling to pull out batteries and connect them, it will allow you to camp using the battery power without draining the vehicle’s battery when paired with the HiddenPower Wiring Harness. Having this at your convenience will allow you to use your stereo and lights and more, it will save your vehicle from wear and tear that is associated with having to run your vehicle in order to use power, as well as gas. It will also save you from getting a dead battery. This product is backed by a lifetime warranty.


The ExtendedPower
The ExtendedPower is the universal battery mount for housing extra truck camper batteries while mounted on any hitch receiver extension, wired or not. It also features locks.

extendedpower trussUse one or two ExtendedPower's for even more battery power!How does it work?
This extra battery mount will allow you to power your accessories without having to turn the truck engine on wasting fuel. It operates just like the HiddenPower. Having an extension on your truck camper’s batteries and depending on the desired location can be easily recharged by solar panels, converters, generators, or truck alternators. These trays bolt directly onto your hitch receiver extension with no drilling required for installation and are adjustable in height. The mounts come with a pin for a quick release allowing the mount to easily disconnect for tear down and storage. The ExtendedPower comes with a group 24 battery box and a lifetime warranty.

The battery mount options Torklift designed have brought back the convenience of accessing power outdoors. Whether you have direct wiring into your electrical system or just easy accessibility to your batteries, we are simplifying so that you can enjoy your experience. The answer to the question that started us off is a no, you can’t really find a spot to put a battery under most new truck hoods, but with these Torklift products you still have options. For more information, you can contact us at 800.246.8132 or visit



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HiddenPower helps save a life in power outage

4. Add additional batteries under your truck bedWe recently had a customer tell us their story about their Torklift International HiddenPower battery box. Phil McClelland spoke to us about how Glenn’s Welding and RV Supply helped him set up an inverter with the HiddenPower battery system. This was an effort to continue going on camping trips with his disabled wife, who needs access to oxygen tanks.

hp03mFor those who don’t know, most oxygen tanks take around seven hours to fill but only around two hours to deplete. You need to fill up many oxygen tanks in order to last a day, let alone going on a weekend or a weeklong camping trip. With the HiddenPower installed underneath their truck and the inverter installed on their trailer, Phil and his wife can now go on extended camping trips without having to worry about running out of oxygen.

Screen Shot 2016 09 30 at 4.06.26 PMA recent power outage they experienced could have been dangerous to his wife’s health due to a limited number of oxygen tanks and the need for power to run the oxygen concentrator to help her breathe properly. Luckily he had the inverter and HiddenPower under vehicle battery mount installed on his truck and trailer. This allowed them to wait out the power outage in the comfort of their trailer and provided his wife with enough oxygen to last for days if need be. The HiddenPower provides extra battery power in your RV, significantly extending the time you can run on your 12-volt systems or in the McClelland’s case, keeping constant oxygen flowing.

Some features of the HiddenPower include:

 Add additional batteries under your truck bed that are always charged up3. Hidden when in use
 Avoid wasting fuel and leaving your truck engine running while using electrical accessories such as lights, stereos, computer, etc. 
• Power your accessories without turning your truck engine on by having them directly wired into the extra battery
• No-drill frame mounted with quick disconnect feature for battery service 
• Kept constantly charged and RVing-ready by your RV and truck’s charging system
 Hidden when in use with no loss of ground clearance
 Works with group 24 to 31 batteries
 Designed for all types of batteries: lead acid, AGM, sealed, gel cell, etc.
 Legendary Lifetime Warranty
 Proudly made in the USA

We’re relieved that Phil and his wife were safe with plenty of additional battery power due to the ingenuity of the hard workers at Glenn’s Welding and RV Supply, Phil himself and the Torklift International HiddenPower battery box. Click here for more information on the HiddenPower or find out where to buy this under vehicle battery mount here.


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