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The office smells like sulfur today. This is uncommon because normally it smells like a combination of muffins and cookies.

Today is unlike any other day at Torklift International because today we had permission to use fireworks. Okay I am over exaggerating. While they were technically fireworks, they were just Party

Confetti flew through the air as we jumped for joy with the unveiling of our new website.

We’ve given our digital presence an upgrade. Go to, I dare you. You will not only see a new look, some great features for navigating the site but also something that we hold near and dear to our hearts:

In the navigation bar you will see a button that says “About Us.” In that area of the website, we are sharing our story of how we came to be. It is pretty interesting. It began with one man named Jon Kay.


Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 11.47.03 AM


After both working at and running a few fabrication/hitch shops, Jon Kay decided to open his own shop in 1976. Out of that hitch and tow shop grew Torklift International. It’s truly a great story of how we became and I hope you check it out:


That hitch and tow shop is still around today, in fact, it’s right down the street from me and you know what? Jon Kay himself still works with Torklift International dreaming up new products and making them reality.

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