Find My SUPER HITCH® Hero 15K

The SUPER HITCH® Hero trailer hitch is seamlessly designed, installed and powder coated so that it looks great and has a higher performance than the hitch that came standard on your truck. This heavy-duty trailer hitch is rated at 1,500 pounds tongue weight, 15,000 pounds with weight distribution and uses our patented dual receiver design (most are 2-inch upper and 2-inch lower) to max out class five hitch capacities.

What’s unique about this hitch design is that it comes with a double hitch receiver for added strength and towing integrity. The top receiver is 2 inches and the bottom is 2-inches which means when you’re using it with your truck you can use both receivers for towing, or you can use a single receiver for your trailer and the other receiver for an accessory. You also have significantly improved safety while towing a trailer. Many applications don't require drilling and are compatible with industry standard ball mounts.

The SUPER HITCH® trailer hitch is backed by our Legendary Lifetime Warranty and proudly made in the USA.


It comes with hardened reinforced hitch pin locations to prevent common elongation of the hitch pin holes known as egging. When hitch pin holes are not properly reinforced, the elongated pin holes with extra space around the hitch pin can lead to poor handling. For example, feeling the trailer’s dramatic push forward on the tow vehicle while stopping. Gain better control and handling stability while towing with the SUPER HITCH® Hero trailer hitch.

You can attach the SUPER HITCH® Outlaw Series pintle and ball mount accessories to your SUPER HITCH® Hero 15K for towing. Complete your towing configuration and achieve optimum safety and maximum durability on the road.Many trucks are often used to both tow and haul at the same time. If the cargo in the truck bed blocks the trailer hitch receiver access by crossing the threshold of the vehicles rear-end, you'll need specific towing equipment to maintain your ability to tow even with a full truck bed. The SUPER HITCH® SuperTruss extension pairs perfectly with the SUPER HITCH® Hero 15K to give you the convenience of extending your tow hitch in the safest way possible. This hitch extension is especially helpful for those that have truck campers with overhang and still want to be able to tow behind their trucks.

SUPER HITCH® Hero 15K Features

  • Strongest hitch built for half-ton trucks
  • SUPER HITCH® frame mounted receiver rated up to 15,000 lbs. with weight distribution (8,000 weight carrying) in either the upper or lower receivers (when used without SuperTruss extension)
  • Double, vertical stacked receiver for strength, dual extension use and for accessory use in top receiver while towing
  • Universal plug bracket to secure wiring harnesses
  • Hardened reinforced hitch pin locations
  • SuperTruss extensions available in 8 different lengths from 21" to 60" (sold separately)
  • Both the SUPER HITCH® frame mount receiver and the SuperTruss receiver extensions use Industry standard 2” x 2” ball mounts
  • Specific Torklift tie down fits are available for the SUPER HITCH® Outlaw Series
  • Legendary Lifetime Warranty
  • Proudly made in the USA


Weight Distributing
Max Trailer Weight:
15,000 LBS
Max Tongue Weight:
1,500 LBS
Weight Carrying
Max Trailer Weight:
8,000 LBS
Max Tongue Weight:
800 LBS
Consult owners manual for specific vehicle capacity
Do not exceed your trucks GVWR or GVCWR
!WARNING! When using a SuperTruss Extension your capacities are limited as follows: