SuperHitch, Extension & Weight Distribution System 

How do I tow a trailer behind my truck camper? 

The SuperHitch trailer hitch with the SuperTruss Extension - We manufacture a patented trailer hitch that allows you to safely tow. The SuperTruss hitch extension is available in lengths from 21 inches to 60 inches and can carry up to 12,000 pounds (up to 48 inches with weight distribution) to accommodate even the largest truck camper.    

Can the SuperTruss Extension work with any other trailer hitch besides the SuperHitch? 

The SuperHitch trailer hitch receiver, made by Torklift is specifically designed to work with this extension and the capacities stated for the extension are solely with the use of a Torklift SuperHitch. Any attempt to modify or recreate a SuperHitch receiver will result in loss of warranty. Modification of another factory or aftermarket trailer hitch receiver in an attempt to use a Torklift extension can result in death or damage.

How do I know what size extension I need? 

All that is needed to determine the length of the extension is a simple measurement from the face of your rear bumper on your truck to the outside edge on your camper. For more information on this as well as a diagram of exactly what you'll need to do, please visit our extension measurement page.  

How tight do I tighten my SuperTruss Extension safety chains? 

The turnbuckles on the SuperTruss Extension should be hand tight. Using a wrench to tighten the turnbuckles can cause it to be overtightened.

Does the Everest Weight Distribution work on the SuperTruss Extension? 

The SuperHitch Everest Weight Distribution system is not compatible with the SuperHitch SuperTruss Extension. There are a few reasons why:

  1. Weight Capacity

    -- As the highest capacity weight distribution system in the towing industry, the SuperHitch Everest is designed to tow up to 30,000 pounds, can handle 3,000 pounds tongue weight and is directly compatible with the SuperHitch Original or SuperHitch Magnum hitches. The Everest ballmount and shank accessories have a dual receiver design for added strength. These high capacity weight ratings cannot be reached with the use of an hitch extension.
  2. Hitch Receiver

    -- SuperHitch SuperTruss is a dual-tube truss extension that pairs with a SuperHitch. The receiver end that inserts into the trailer hitch uses both upper and lower receivers, however the opposite of the extension has one hitch receiver opening, therefore not compatible with the Everest system.

    The Everest Weight Distribution system must be used with dual shank and ballmount accessories. To maximize the weight ratings of the SuperHitch SuperTruss, we recommend using any towing weight distribution with a single receiver design. Almost any standard weight distribution system can be used at the ballmount end of the SuperTruss as long as it meets or exceeds the capacity rating of the SuperTruss being used. (SuperTruss capacity ratings vary by length.)



For more information or for questions, call us at 800.246.8132. 

Where Can I Buy An EcoHitch Hitch?

Torklift Central in Kent, Wash., manufactures EcoHitch independently from Torklift International. To find more information on EcoHitch visit the Torklift Central website or call direct at (877) 343-6933.