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JKWilson shares his experience with his Glowstep Revolution!

A really enjoyable upgrade to my 303RLS. New Steps!

Earlier this year I installed a set of Torklift Glowstep Revolution® steps in place of the three step factory steps. These are my thoughts about the installation and how big of an upgrade they really were after 5 trips using them.

First, why? The factory steps were free hanging, and had the diving board bounce when going up and down. My knees would hurt after maintenance, winterization, packing, unpacking or cleaning when I had to go in and out of the rig a lot. My wife has depth perception problems, and she had to go down the old steps very gingerly because she couldn't tell where the next step was.

I'm happy to say the Glowsteps took care of both problems for us. With legs on the ground, there is no diving board spring going on, and the steps are much more visible when descending, especially in the dark when they glow. They actually fixed another problem I hadn't even thought about. Going up or down the factory steps tends to shake the trailer pretty good. Since the Glowsteps are supported by the ground on the end, there is much less trailer shaking.

Here they are in use at the KOA in Oscoda, MI

GlowStep Revolution at the KOA in Oscoda MI

Level and easy site and they were smooth as silk.

Here's a little rougher setting. I had just pulled the trailer out of the barn. It was on a side hill in the drive, and the grass slopes off even more.

GlowStep Revolution handles a wide range of site conditions.

Still handles it easily.

What's good about them? They handle a wide range of site conditions. They are stable. They install easily in the factory step well. They don't fold inside the door dragging dirt in, they fold into the factory step well. They can be deployed or stored with something close to the camper.

What might you not like about them? Deploying them takes just a bit more thought than folding down the simple factory steps. You have three upper adjustment positions and the two legs to get things just right, but it doesn't have to be perfect for a quick stop for lunch or a bathroom break.

Torklift has a great diagram on their site describing how the adjustment works:

GlowStep Revolution adjustments

The three upper positions set the overall height of the steps, and then the legs adjust to handle the ground. It's very fast once you've done it a couple of times.

My trailer floor level is right at the threshold for 3 steps or 4 steps. I initially got the 3-step model, but after installation I could see that I needed another step. No problem to add a step to an existing set.

Speaking of installation. It's pretty easy. With two people it could probably done in 15 minutes. I did it by myself and it took just a little longer. Two carriage bolts in each end of the step well need to be removed to get the old steps out, and replaced to anchor the new ones. The only real challenge doing it solo was lifting the new steps into position while putting the bolts in. Being a part-time farmer, I'm used to dealing with stuff like that so I simply stacked wooden blocks and pieces of 2x10 until it was just below the correct height and used a pry bar for fine adjustment.

Here's the side of the step well with the old steps in place showing how easy it is to access the nuts to remove the bolts:

Side of the steps

And finally here are the steps raised into the step well with my cribbing. Note that it's the original three step configuration. Also note the hardware strewn around the floor after I kicked it and the antifreeze bottle I missed during my 10:30pm winterization last fall upon arrival home from our last trip with an overnight low forecast of 24F.


In short, these steps are a much appreciated upgrade and installation is well within the capabilities of most anyone.

I know I have a picture of the 4-step version folded, but I'm not finding it right now. I'll add it when I come across it or take another picture tomorrow. If anyone wants specific pictures or has any questions, I'll be glad to help if I can.

-JKWilson from Grand Design Owner’s forum


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