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Don’t break a leg! It’s showtime for the GlowStep Revolution

break-a-legDon’t break a leg
on your factory RV steps
The phrase “break a leg” means “good luck” in theatrical slang. With the GlowStep Revolution, you won’t have to rely on luck to safely maneuver in and out of your RV. Similar to a stage director, Torklift engineers have tirelessly worked to test and develop the best way to stabilize RV steps. The result is a showstopper: the GlowStep Revolution RV step for towables, fifth wheels and side-entry truck campers. The even better news, you can buy it now.


Whose line is it anyway?
We tossed the scripts and winged it for the GlowStep Revolution Challenge. To gain some genuine, unbiased feedback on our new RV scissor steps, we gave campers at a KOA campground in Kent, Washington, the opportunity to review two sets of steps.

karen-reviewAs a direct comparison between factory trailer steps and the GlowStep Revolution RV step, we arranged them side-by-side on a travel trailer to see what would happen.

Enter stage right: Karen Rosier takes the plunge.


GlowStep-Revolution-RV-stepsLeveling RV Steps

After testing the factory RV step, Rosier tried the GlowStep Revolution RV Step.


“It’s a lot more secure, feels more sturdy,” said Rosier. “I don't feel like I’m going to break something…it doesn't feel like I am going to fall off or the step is going to bend over. That's what the factory steps feel like -- like it’s going to flop over and I will fall.”

You spent good money on your RV. The steps shouldn’t cause a feeling of insecurity and lack of safety. Good thing the new GlowStep Revolution RV steps won’t cause you any stage fright.

Like other folks who tested the steps, Rosier preferred the GlowStep Revolution to the factory RV step. The bottom step rise was very easy in comparison to the trailer steps that hover above the ground. The factory trailer steps do not reach the ground and the step closest to the ground is too high for most users.

walk-the-plankAvoid “walking the plank”The main event
The earth-to-RV feature is large part of why the GlowStep Revolution RV Step received a standing ovation when it comes to safety and stability. The feeling of ‘walking the plank’ on a factory RV step can be pretty terrifying. Since the steps extend all the way to the ground, the diving board effect is completely eliminated with the GlowStep Revolution and you can put your trust in the strength of these new steps.

trailer-booster-stepEliminate use of
RV booster step


In theatre, a person who attempts to learn another's role to act as a replacement or back up is known as the understudy. In RV lingo, this would be considered the dreaded booster step. To fill in because of lack in functionality, the clunky booster step is not nearly as talented as the GlowStep Revolution. Once you’ve installed the GlowStep Revolution on your towable, there is no need to lug around the extra booster step to lessen the gap in step rise.


The GlowStep Revolution ranges from 2-6 steps and has the ability to add or subtract steps depending on the needs of your application. Click here for a measurement guide.

all-terrain-landing-gearAll Terrain Landing GearWhat’s downstage?
The All Terrain Landing Gear, of course. This versatile accessory comes standard on the GlowStep Revolution, but can also be added to any standard scissor step configuration. The adjustable feet quickly level the RV steps on uneven terrain, which is a common occurrence when navigating the beautiful, yet unexpected features of the great outdoors.



trailer-stepsGlowStep Revolution RV Step System 

The perfect props
Just like a show, the perfect props play a huge part in complementing a performance. So how can you increase safety on a GlowStep Revolution? Luckily, the RV step is a complete system where you can pick and choose products that address your needs.

  1. Added stability: GlowStep Handrail
    The ultra lightweight GlowStep Handrail increases step capacities by 25 pounds and makes a world of difference in safety during entry/exit of the RV.
  2. Safe for Sparky: SafeStep 
    This vertical panel or riser guard acts as a barrier in between steps, making the RV steps less intimidating for pets. Click here to see the pet friendly scissor steps in action. 
  3. My name’s not Cinderella: DirtDestroyer
    Constantly using your whiskbroom and dustpan to keep your RV clean? Don’t waste time cleaning and make your time camping more enjoyable with our shoe cleaning attachment that prevents dirt from sneaking its way into your camper or trailer.


Curtain call
With this innovative design and the outstanding features of the GlowStep Revolution, you’ll no longer have to knock on wood or keep your fingers crossed to avoid tempting fate. Now available for purchase, if you’ve invested in the GlowStep Revolution RV steps you’re in good hands.

See the full version of the GlowStep Revolution Challenge:

To learn more about the GlowStep Revolution RV steps, click here.



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