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Suspension solutions for hauling a truck camper with a Dodge Truck

StableLoads Dodge1Hauling a truck camper with Dodge RamYou’ve just purchased that truck camper you’ve always wanted and you’re getting ready to load it up to the bed of your Dodge RAM 3500 truck. You double check that you’ve covered all the basics: bed mat, tie downs, turnbuckles. The whole enchilada. Finally, you’re ready for a fiesta in your new truck camper, but once the truck is loaded and you start driving down the freeway, you realize that you’ve forgotten about something important. The StableLoad suspension stabilizer.

With the added weight of the truck camper you can’t help but notice that the truck is no longer level with rear-end sag in the back and its headlights are now pointing upward, blinding oncoming traffic. Your knuckles whiten on the steering wheel from the side-to-side sway, and there’s an uneasy feeling of “body roll” as you turn corners, like the truck might tip over. It’s also taking much longer to stop the vehicle effectively.

StableLoads Dodge2Suddenly, the elation you’ve been feeling about this new camper has come crashing down. Luckily, Torklift International has a quick fix for suspension that addresses handling issues like those mentioned above. By installing the StableLoad suspension stabilizer on the rear Dodge RAM truck suspension, the ability to haul a heavy truck camper is as stress free as swinging aimlessly at a piñata.

Here’s how suspension works:
The factory suspension in your truck is designed to evenly absorb the weight you haul in your truck for a smooth ride. The factory leaf spring design features several curved leaf springs as well as a thick overload leaf spring. When the truck is weighed down, the leaf spring pack absorbs the downward force and makes contact with the overload leaf spring for extra support. When activated, the overload leaf springs are designed to help support heavier weight.

Unfortunately, in order for the leaf springs and overload to touch, the vehicle must drop several inches, which causes the vehicle’s rear to sag and the front of the truck to point upward. The forward tilt affects the vehicle’s stopping ability, while the misalignment results in side-to-side sway, body roll, and porpoising—all of which make for a miserable drive.

StableLoads Dodge3StableLoad mounted to the lower overloadThe lower quick-disconnect StableLoads are bolted onto the lower overload leaf spring, where it fits snugly in the gap between the overload and leaf spring pack. With the gap eliminated, the lower overload can do its job and give you a much smoother ride when hauling a truck camper with a Dodge RAM 3500 truck (or any other truck that has factory installed upper or lower overloads). Click here to see how the upper StableLoads work.

How the StableLoad Compares to Other Suspension Products
The StableLoad suspension stabilizer was uniquely designed as a suspension upgrade that complements the factory suspension system in your Dodge RAM truck. It is proudly made in the USA and comes backed with Torklift International’s legendary lifetime warranty, which includes coverage for the factory leaf springs.

Four StableLoads are included in the suspension kit, which will outfit one complete vehicle. The StableLoads have a quad contact design, meaning they eliminate the gap between the overloads and leaf springs at four points in the rear factory suspension system. This design maintains four points of contact in which the original factory system was intended by the vehicle's engineers. This dramatically improves the handling issues experienced when hauling a truck camper, making it a better solution than other suspension products, such as sway bars, airbags, or shocks which uses a design with only two points of contact.

Additionally, the StableLoads mounted to the lower overload leaf springs are specially engineered to disengage in a matter of seconds. When engaged, they fill the gap between the leaf springs preventing handling issues—exactly what you need for towing or when hauling any heavy load like a truck camper. But when you aren’t towing, the StableLoads can simply be rotated away from the leaf springs to bring your Dodge RAM truck back to its factory feel.

Installing StableLoads: One User’s Experience
StableLoad installation on a Dodge RAM truck is quick and simple. One forum user, Camilo Correo,
demonstrates the installation of StableLoads on his 1997 Dodge Ram 3500 so he can get a better haul for his 1985 Lance truck camper. Jeff Wood in Stanton, California did the install, which took approximately 1.5 hours.

StableLoads Dodge4Factory leaf springs on
a 1997 Dodge Ram
Correo shows his factory leaf springs prior to the installation (to the left) and compares them once the StableLoads are installed. The pictures below show the StableLoad in both engaged and disengaged positions. When engaged, the StableLoad fits perfectly in the gap between overload and leaf springs. When disengaged, it is simply rotated to the side so it’s not engaging the leaf spring.


StableLoads Dodge5Engaged StableLoad StableLoad Dodge6Disengaged StableLoad

Are you ready to take the StableLoad Challenge?
The StableLoad Challenge attests to the effectiveness of Torklift StableLoads. We gave individuals the opportunity to test-drive two identical trucks carrying 2,800 pounds in each bed—one truck has StableLoads installed, while the other just has the factory suspension. You’ll be amazed to hear the differences between the two rides. You can also click here for more information about the science behind the StableLoads.

Watch the StableLoad Challenge video below or click here for more information on Torklift International’s StableLoad suspension stabilizer.



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