Boosting Payload Ratings: Is it possible?

When it comes to increasing payload ratings of your vehicle, people often believe that with the right suspension modifications, it can be done. Legally there is no suspension upgrade designed for towing or hauling that can increase your truck’s maximum vehicle manufacturer assigned capacity ratings.


Never exceed your Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR).

What is the importance of GVWR or Gross Vehicle Weight Rating?

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating is the maximum weight limit for your specific vehicle including passengers and payload, set by the manufacturer. If you overload your vehicle beyond its factory assigned weight limit capacity or GVWR, not only is it dangerous and illegal; it causes these negative side effects on your truck:

1)  Excessive wear on your truck
2)  Loss of cargo leading to potential traffic accidents
3)  Reduced handling capability
4)  Difficulty in braking due to increased stopping distance
5)  Tire failure due to rapid tire wear
6)  Increased fuel consumption

You should also pay close attention to the weight ratings of each of your axles, known as the GAWR (Gross Axle Weight Rating). In some cases, you can stay within your GVWR for your vehicle, but exceed the maximum permissible load on the axles. In this case, you will need to balance or redistribute weight. Properly weighing your vehicle is the only way to be sure you do not exceed these weight limitations.


The weight ratings for your vehicle are absolute. Manufacturers set these limits in order to keep you safe from failure of vehicle parts. If you are involved in an accident with an overloaded vehicle, you may be held liable.

Even when within your GVWR, it is common to experience difficult and poor handling while towing or hauling. The Torklift International’s patented StableLoad suspension stabilizer has been proven to be a successful solution to aid your vehicle in handling its payload in a more safe and effective manner.

Torklift StableLoads dramatically improve the handling of your vehicle when under payload. By pre-activating the stabilizing effects of the truck’s factory leaf springs, the StableLoads help eliminate truck sag and reduce poor handling characteristics such as side-to-side sway, body roll and porpoising.

As the only product available designed with an on/off capability, the StableLoad enables you to turn the system off when needed. Keeping the system disengaged when not towing or hauling enables you to keep the smooth factory ride. When engaged, load your vehicle and continue to enjoy the same ride quality. No other suspension system has the versatility of an on/off switch.

For more information on how StableLoads handle payload while towing or hauling, read our blog entry on how StableLoads affect factory leaf springs.

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Do not try this at home... by Torklift Jen

IMG_0131I take all of the warning labels found around the truck camper very seriously.  They are vital to keep us safe when common sense does not kick in and liability could be an issue.


I am carefully reading through them all. If only there were more warning labels like these in my life.


For example, the passenger mirror standard, “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.”


IMG_1016On the occasional morning when I go to the bathroom mirror and “YIKES!” I am reminded of the memorable scene from the movie Jurassic Park   when T-Rex is visible in the rear view mirror and ready to pounce.  If I had that sticker on the mirror it would warn me of the terror I call the             Vel-floss-ciraptor.


There should also be a sticker similar to the GVWR label on the bathroom scale.  The strict standards we are to adhere to keeping the weight of the vehicle and trailer in line.  I’m glad that campers can’t wear stretchy spandex when they’ve overindulged.


I don’t have a bad temper, but it would be nice to know the exact maximum amps it would take before I blew a fuse.


My favorite warning that should be applied to truck camping:  “Do not try this at home.”  This is because with a truck camper I should really be out camping.




SuperHitch Magnum 20K.  The Highest Capacity Heavy Duty Receiver Hitch on Earth.


*Check your vehicles owners’ manual, as with any receiver hitch,  your truck and trailer weight cannot exceed your vehicle manufacturers towing, cargo, or GCVWR.



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