Torklift SuperHitch Hero Contest – Who’s Your Hero?

There are heroes throughout our country and the world. Torklift International would like to recognize them for their inspiration, their courage and their hope. These efforts will be showcased on Torklift’s SuperHitch Hero Blog through a contest to select the official 2014 Torklift Hero.

As a dedicated place where heroes are recognized, the Hero Blog is regularly updated with heroic stories from across the country. Submit your story and tell Torklift about your Hero. To participate, simply email your story to Be sure to review the submission guidelines and restrictions.

SuperHitch Hero  Contest

How will the 2014 Torklift Hero be selected? Later this year, readers will have the chance to vote on their favorite hero story. How to place votes and additional contest details will be revealed on Torklift’s Facebook page.  The winning Hero and person who submitted the story will win a vacation prize.

The Superhitch Hero receiver hitch was proudly named in honor of our Heroes. The 15k durable hitch made for ½ ton trucks exhibits the similar strength we see in each and every one of our heroes. For every Hero hitch sold by the end of 2014, Torklift International donates a portion of proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Explore the Hero Blog for further details.

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We might not have a chocolate Torklift Jen

By: Torklift Jen


…We do have a number of engineers who work very hard to build parts.


That’s kind of like little green-haired dancing men all dancing in unison and singing a song right?van


Okay maybe not!


Our engineers have reported to me they are pumping out new parts including tie downs and SuperHitch parts for the 2014/2015 seasons.


 I find our testing and fitment process to be very interesting. On a daily basis, new trucks are brought in.


Let’s take a walk through what happens to a vehicle when it gets fitted for parts.


It pulls into our factory and is lifted onto an enormous hoist. From there a number of engineers, R&D fellas, and welders start to tackle this truck like perfectly coordinated defensive football play.



One person approaches the overloads to verify the proper StableLoad fit. Another person will take measurements at the hitch installation locations and tie down attachment locations. From there, that person will design a hitch and tie downs that work with the truck frame using only the pre-drilled holes to make for an easier installation. Then comes the Hidden Power battery mount. This attaches directly to the frame underneath the truck bed and provides a spare battery that trickle charges for spare power. This person must determine where exactly the mount will go on the frame and just how many can be installed at one time




It’s so coordinated that multiple parts are fitted onto the truck and that same truck is out the door in a matter of just a few days.

We make it a point to test all fits on every truck we make a part for because we are committed to providing no-drill applications for easy DIY. Can’t argue with that!

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Go ahead, I'm Torklift Jen

By: Torklift Jen


An amazing thing is happening as I participate more and more in the world of online RV and automotive forums.  I am getting questions directed to me and I know the answers!


I am learning a tremendous amount in my time spent reading the threads (conversations on specific topics within the forum) everyday.  Participation in these message boards has allowed me to bring questions to my expert teammates here at Torklift International and share what I find by tapping into their wealth of information, ability to innovate solutions and for their support in providing the best service possible to our customers.


I also get to share what I am reading in regard to customer ideas and service opportunities.  I see information passed on about anything from Alternators to Ziplining and a bird’s eye view into the recreation and automotive enthusiast’s lifestyle.1961fordgirl


In the arena of online forums, the camaraderie and passion for mutual interests can be informative and entertaining.  These discussions are two-way streets and sometimes opinions meet head on, but the main goal is to share valuable experience and help and support each other.


Here is a recent thread started on the Ford Truck Enthusiasts site.


“1961FordGirl” writes:  "Hello everyone.. New to the forum.. Just bought this beauty yesterday.. I also bought a 1962 Friendship Vacationaire to pull with it.. Going to do some camping "vintage style". If any of you know where to buy good used parts for a 1961 please let me know.. I need a steering wheel, shift indicator, gas pedal (rubber part). "


The following is a bit of the conversation:






If you’d like to see more on the Torklift SuperHitch Towing Series check out our website:


I welcome any questions or comments that you may have.  I will get an answer to you or will be taking the assignment to heart and also be learning through the process.  I look forward to meeting you!

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On the topic of girls on Torklift Jen

IMG_0860As I get to know the people who make up Torklift, I am seeing more and more of what makes these products so amazing.

I am finding out that my talented colleagues do some extraordinary things not only here, but also in their time off.

To start with there is Amanda.  She’s a co-worker, and someone I definitely don’t want to meet while I’m on roller skates.

She is a competitive women’s roller derby team member.   She has been skating in various leagues across the U.S and now brings her many talents to the Northwest.IMG_0857

A mild-mannered sales and marketing pro by day she is jammer and blocker at night.  She doesn’t need a cape for her super powers, but others in the rink have alter egos with uniforms to match.

I think I see a superhero theme developing.

And, I think not coincidentally, crime in the area seems to be down with Amanda around.

She is also appropriately organizing all of the Torkift Hero nominations for the tribute going on now along with the new Tolklift SuperHitch Hero blog.

The SuperHitch Hero is the new highest capacity hitch made for ½ ton trucks that Torklift just developed.

In honor of heroes everywhere, Torklift is donating $25 for each SuperHitch Hero receiver hitch sold to the Wounded Warrior Project.  Nominations for a Torklift Hero are being taken by sharing your hero stories. By participating you have a chance to win a trip for you and your hero to Hawaii.

To recognize your hero and learn more about the contest see our website:

To read all the nominations and see inspiring stories about people doing extraordinary things follow the blog at:

What do you think?  I think we should start a Torklift team.

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That's a great IKEA... by Torklift Jen

I never know what I am going to be asked to do next here at Torklift.  So, I wasn’t surprised to hear from my manager that “We’re sending you to IKEA for a new lamp.”

What I failed to hear was really, “We have the idea for you to remote camp.

Spotty cell phone service can be so hilarious.

IMG_0796 copyI gladly accepted the offer and couldn’t wait to see if we were going with the traditional table lamp, art deco desk model, or the Swedish modern style.

By the time I had figured out I wouldn’t be shopping this weekend, I had agreed to try out a new receiver hitch application with the truck camper.

They know if I can figure out a new product that anyone can.

We are close to Mt. Rainier and many beautiful camping locations are not too far away for a quick trip.  I found one close enough where I could get the feel of dry camping without disturbing anyone by running the generator for my experiment.

“Big Red,” the Ford F-350 is equipped with receiver hitches in both the front and rear.  The SuperHitch Magnum receiver in the rear is a dual receiver, as are all the Torklift hitches.  So they can tow, but also have the ability to support other hitch-mounted applications.

For this camping trip, I would be using the receiver in the front to carry the Lock and Load for the generator.

Having the generator along was great.  Once I learned how to plug it in.  I ran every possible electrical amenity just for fun.  I promise I would not do this as a “real” camper, but I even ran the hair dryer and curling iron just for scientific research.

I also knew the generator was secure.  I didn’t have to lift it, move it or worry about stowing and locking it for the night.

One of these days I may be able to make it to IKEA.  I bet if I asked, they would let me camp in their parking lot some weekend.

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