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A better mousetrap... by Torklift Jen

…or a corny idea.

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I was inspired by a recent write-in to an auto mechanics online forum.

A car owner was smelling a pungent burnt popcorn smell sporadically from the engine compartment.

As it turned out, when the owner visited her father (a popcorn farmer) mice would stash the corn kernels found lying around on her exhaust manifold, explaining the smell.

And, that is what has inspired me to think of not a better mousetrap for those pesky little mice, but a hitch mounted popcorn popper for your truck!

As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “ Build a better mousetrap the world will beat a path to your door.”

IMG_1013And now Torklift is opening their doors for your inspirations and will help you to build them.

Torklift has golden ticket opportunities for your ideas to build new applications for use with the SuperHitch Towing Series.

To find out more about the contest to meet the engineers, design an app, and tour the factory, see our website:

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Guest — the tc life
all I know is...I want that truck and camper toy in the picture. awesome!
Tuesday, 24 September 2013 14:44
Guest — torkliftjen
That's a vintage 1970's truck camper. Was really mine, I had no idea I'd be driving a real one someday!
Thursday, 26 September 2013 15:08
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