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Thar she blows! fears and fallacies of the camper electrical system... by Torklift Jen

I am told that this is not as complicated as I am making it.

Usually, I am a very adventurous person, but in the area of camper electrical systems I’ll admit I have a great fear of the unknown.

I have seen the warning labels, the ones that say that this could result in something blowing-up, electrocution, dismemberment or death.  Or even worse, you could be stranded in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery.

I set out to study how all of these systems magically come together.  I tracked how camper lights work, air conditioners hum, microwaves zap and charging everything from the truck battery to a cell phone.  I learned how shore power flows, generators create, solar panels trickle, what made the trailer lights glow and trailer brakes ready for action.  Of course, I did not forget to add in an additional 12-volt auxiliary battery for that extra boost when you need it.


What all of this looked like on paper was a map to my grandmother’s house through the bad part of town.

I took the advice of those who have gone before me. “Relax, this is not rocket science or brain surgery.”

Actually, I found similar to both fields of study.

I was relieved to find the task of wiring to the trailer and camper was made easy. The 3-Way Wiring Pigtail Harness is a no-splice solution from the 7-pin at the rear of the truck bumper to the trailer and also up to the camper.

Stay tuned for more electrical systems fun.

Here is a simple wiring harness: - threeway_crossref


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