Trailer Step Mods: Torklift International’s GlowStep Revolution step system

Happy kidsWhile camping is fun at any age, the best outdoor experiences always seem to stem from roughing it in your childhood. Everything is fun when you’re younger -- even the ‘diving-board’ effect you feel when stepping onto the factory steps of an RV or trailer. Why? It almost seems like a trampoline launch pad while in the throes of one’s childhood imagination.

But alas as we grow older, wobbly RV factory steps become nerve wrecking and adding a booster step becomes necessity. Not just to avoid hip pain or sciatica flare ups when the first step starts to seem too high, but to keep children from hurting themselves. If you’re not careful, once you and your family settle into your trailer you might end up staying inside to avoid the steps—and we all know that being indoors defeats the purpose of camping. Don’t let faulty trailer steps inhibit your experience. If only there was a company that specialized in adjustable trailer steps…

GlowStep Revolution - scissor step for trailers

Torklift International was listening and created a solution. The GlowStep Revolution step system is the first leveling scissor step of its kind for trailer and towable applications.

all terrain landing gear

The secret of the GlowStep Revolution’s durability is its uniquely engineered hinge design, where the bushing bearings are bolted for maximum stability and longevity. Our design uses specialty phenolic washers on each hinge, making deploying and stowing the steps smooth and seamless. What sets these steps apart from any other trailer steps on the market is its 7 inches of vertical step elevation adjustment.

GlowStep RevolutionGlowStep RevolutionAll terrain landing gear2All Terrain Landing Gear levels on uneven terrain








Choose from three positions of elevation for the top step. This determines the ideal plane from the top step to your trailer entry. The All Terrain Landing Gear provides even more adjustment options on the base of the steps. Set the step landing gear individually to accommodate any uneven terrain.

RV Step FailAvoid unsafe trailer booster stepGlowStep Revolution’s All Terrain Landing Gear ensures level step configuration and supreme stability by eliminating the unsafe diving board effect. The steps connect Earth to RV so your trailer step system is firmly rooted and stable on ground level. Included with the GlowStep Revolution, the All Terrain Landing Gear can also be purchased separately and added to the original GlowStep for truck camper applications.

When you’ve installed GlowStep Revolution on your trailer, say goodbye to the dreaded booster step and hello to peace of mind with its lightweight, rust free aircraft grade aluminum build and glow in the dark capabilities (up to 10 hours with only five minutes of light exposure).

GlowStep Revolution Options

If that’s not enough, here is what else you can expect from Torklift International’s GlowStep Revolution:

• Available from 2-6 steps based on your application needs
• The GlowStep Revolution system is compatible with all sorts accessories: handrail (for extra stability), pet safety barriers and the DirtDestroyer shoe cleaning attachment
• Securely stows into place via locking mechanism
• Covered by Torklift International’s Legendary Lifetime Warranty
• Proudly made in the USA

Click here to see RVers give their first-hand accounts on how the GlowStep Revolution compares to traditional factory trailer steps. Perhaps one of the most endearing compliments we’ve received comes from forum member “Tequila.”

Tequilas Trailer Prior To GlowStepTequila's Trailer Prior to installing the GlowStep RevolutionDuring Tequila’s installation of the GlowStep Revolution, the service technicians revealed that the welds holding original factory steps to his travel trailer were starting to crack and break. No doubt Tequila was blessed with good timing considering he had only owned his trailer for a year. Thanks to the GlowStep Revolution installation, a potential crisis was averted and Tequila has only positive things to say about his revolutionary trailer steps:

 “I must say I am impressed… It is nice to have stable steps, especially when carrying loads in and out of the trailer. All in all, one of the best mods I have done to my trailer. They are a winner. They certainly attract attention in RV parks.”  - Tequila

RVStepFailTorklift International’s GlowStep Revolution is the Ultimate Step System and the first step toward fixing all your factory step problems. You can find an #RVStepFAIL almost anywhere you look. If you or a friend find yourselves dealing with clearly unsafe or dysfunctional factory steps, or happen to stumble (pun intended) across some while camping, we want to know about them.

Submit your photo or story here or post on social media using hashtag “#RVStepFail” to be entered to win the GlowStep Revolution by Torklift International.


Jake Holley-headshotWritten by Jake Holley:
As a graduate from Western Washington University with a B.A. in Creative Writing, Jake Holley is an aspiring writer with a passion for language, philosophy and seeking out obscure films and literature. He is also an unabashed metal head and looks darn good in a suit.

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Talon tie downs: Keep your camper secured with an eagle’s grip

Talon camper tie downsTalon truck camper tie downs is the toughest tie down system on the market. Developed to handle the most extreme conditions, Talon Tie Downs are made from military grade aluminum alloy and sealed with high impact powder coat. Like many great birds of prey, Talon Tie Downs are exceptionally strong, light weight and free for life—of rust, that is. No matter what adventure you have planned, you can trust Talon Tie Downs to keep your truck camper tightly in its grasp.

New arrivals weekly
Talon Tie Downs fit a variety of truck frames, all
applications bolting directly to the frame with no talon tie downdrilling required. This includes popular Ford, Dodge RAM and Chevy trucks, with new fits being added weekly. Because these custom truck camper tie downs are engineered and designed for specific vehicles, they ensure that your truck camper has the most stable and secure fit available in the industry. Whatever you’re looking for—whether Ford tie downs, GMC truck tie downs, Dodge RAM tie downs or Chevy truck tie downs, no other truck camper tie down system performs like the Talons.

If you’re the owner of one of the following vehicle makes or models, you’re in luck—these 2016 tie down applications have just been made available:

2016 Chevrolet/GMC 2500 Crew Cab, Bed Length:  6.5’
2016 Chevrolet/GMC 3500 Crew Cab, Bed Length:  8’
2016 Dodge RAM 3500 Crew Cab, Bed Length:  8’

To check for updates on additional fits for Talon Tie Downs, visit our automated application guide.

damage caused by truck bed mounted tie downsFrame-mounted camper tie downs
Talon tie downs bolt directly to the vehicle frame, which offers a dramatic improvement in the handling of your vehicle when hauling any size of truck camper. Frame-mounted camper tie downs help eliminate vehicle sway and camper movement, offering a safer and stable ride for you and your family. Also, because the frame is the strongest part of the truck, you’ll be happy to avoid damage to your truck bed or bumper when using Torklift frame-mounted camper tie downs. There have been countless instances where folks switch to Torklift frame-mounted tie downs as a result of bed-mounted applications damaging their truck bed, bumper or even vehicle frame.

talon truck camper tie down truck frameTalon truck camper tie downs attach to the truck frame (shown in yellow for contrast)Don’t take our word for it. Vehicle manufacturers also strongly recommend attaching campers directly to the truck frame with no extra holes being drilled in the horizontal flanges of the frame side rail. Talon Tie Downs provide a solution to both problems: they attach directly to the frame and no drilling is required. Talon tie downs for 2016 Chevy trucks (or Fords, Dodge RAM or GMCs…) quickly bolt to the frame. All fits for Talon Tie Downs maintain the integrity of your truck.

Quality guaranteed
Both the Talon tie down receiver tube and insert are made from 100% military grade aluminum—the same material trusted by the US armed forces. Talon Tie Downs are unrivaled in strength and durability. While Talons are reinforced to hold up in any environment, they are also ultra-light weight and are completely concealed when in use so that ground clearance is not affected. The Tie Down Finishing Kit is also included with each set to help protect the tie down tubes when not in use. Also learn how to lock tie down inserts with our new Tie Down Locks.

tie down finishing itTie Down Finishing Kit is included with Talon Tie Downs

Both our warranty and faith in our products is unmatched. Like all Torklift products, Talon tie downs are proudly made in the USA and backed by Torklift International’s legendary lifetime warranty. For additional information and warranty details, call us at 1-800-246-8132.

go anywhere with talon tie downsGo anywhere with Talons and your truck camperUnparalleled performance
Whether your next adventure takes you through winding roads in snowy mountains or down a leisurely drive along the coast —no matter the severity of the terrain—Talon Tie Downs will help keep you safe while you’re on the road so you can focus on what’s really important: the journey.

To find a Talon aluminum tie down fitment for your 2016 truck, learn more about Talons or search our automated application guide.


Jenica headshotWritten by Jenica Donahue:
Jenica holds a B.F.A. in Creative Writing from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. She is a freelance writer interested in blogging, copy writing and editing. She enjoys exploring new places and hiking in the Pacific Northwest.

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Lock and Load: When You Need a SideKick to Have Your Back

1Truck CamperWith the SideKick generator tray
power will always be with you
The word “generator” brings three words to mind: light, heat and power. These words represent the things we rely on the most when confronted with the dark and oftentimes intimidating world of the great outdoors. Like two sides to a coin however, there are negative words that also apply to generators: grease, fumes and noise. It’s a simple fact of life that you cannot have one thing without the other. If you want a functioning generator to stay powered up, you’re going to have to compromise. When it comes to generators, compromising means putting up with messy maintenance and dealing with thick fumes, loud noises and other unpleasant experiences.

However, Nolan Sturgeon didn’t have to compromise. Nolan decided to use Torklift’s Lock and Load SideKick generator tray. The Lock and Load SideKick cargo tray allows for storage of generators outside of the truck and camper while still under lock and key. Because of this, Nolan’s trip with his family to the lake was actually spent with his family at the lake and not cleaning away grease or airing out the thick aroma of gasoline. He also didn’t have to worry about his generator being stolen. With the SideKick generator tray, permanently store your generator while on the road or off the grid, all while avoiding those harsh exhaust fumes and unsightly stains.

Stay Locked and Loaded
Nolan (otherwise known as Anutami on spoke highly of the SideKick locking generator tray and wrote:

“I usually store the gen in the cab of the truck but now can keep it locked outside, and [the Torklift Lock and Lock SideKick generator cargo carrier] worked great for the whole trip.”- Anutami

2Truck CamperEnjoy the use of you RV generator wherever the road takes you

Nolan set out on his trip with the locking cargo tray for his Honda generator attached to a receiver on the back of his rig. Nolan was able to prevent generator theft with a high security tamper-proof lock (which comes included) and adjustable high security straps. The locking cargo tray kept his generator secured and safe from the perils of damage and costly generator theft, even as the generator was running.

3lock and load sidekickLock and Load SideKick

There are many different ways to mount your generator, but Nolan only needed one. Mounting the generator was no problem for Nolan, thanks to the SideKick’s ultra-lightweight and compact design. Forged from high impact powder coated aircraft grade aluminum, no heavy lifting was needed to attach the generator tray to the receiver hitch. All he needed to do was attach the 21.25” x 16.125” generator tray to his rear 2” x 2” hitch receiver. The generator stayed on the tray, even while in use. The task would have been especially easy with the addition of Torklift Space Dock receiver hitch accessory, a 4space dock mounting armSpace Dock mounting arm attached to a Palomino truck camper bumper (Not required to use the
Lock and Load SideKick)
specially designed mounting arm adapter (which is sold separately) used to mount a locking cargo carrier to a Palomino Landing Pad bumper. Best of all, Lock and Load’s larger size, the Original Lock and Load, is perfect for larger generators, motorized equipment and added storage. With the use of any size Lock and Load, folks like Nolan can enjoy the added comfort of the additional space as the generator is permanently out of the way.



5Truck camper familySideKick generator tray mounts on
front or rear receiver hitch
Access to the power your family needs
Nolan had nothing to worry about as his family made their way to Leavitt Lake. Thanks to quick, tool-free security access to the generator in its generator carrier, maintenance was as easy as reaching over the security straps and locking bar for direct access to the vital areas of his Honda RV generator. Lock, store and run a Honda or Yamaha generator and other motorized equipment simultaneously. With quick adjustments for generators ranging from 16.5” to 18.5” in height on the SideKick, access to the generator’s most precious components is made easy.

What belongs outside, should stay outside
As Nolan began the long journey home, his Honda generator remained secured to his rear receiver. Safe from thieves and securely locked, his generator kept the lights on and his family warm for the entirety of their trip, emitting clouds of fumes and keeping its symphony of rumbling hums outside where they belong. Backed by Torklift’s lifetime warranty, the Lock and Load SideKick keeps Nolan and his family in good hands for any future camping trips together.

6Truck CamperKeep the noise and the mess outside where they belong
with the Lock and Load SideKick

7Truck Camper
Make your trip more comfortable knowing your family has power

Our goal has always been to help people make joyous memories through our dedicated customer service and reliable products, which are always proudly made in the USA. We at Torklift are delighted to have helped make Nolan’s family trip a happy one.

Be sure to read Nolan’s full trip report on RV.Net.

For more information or to buy the Torklift Lock and Load SideKick generator tray, click here or find a dealer near you.



andrew-headshotWritten by Andrew Wales:
Andrew is a recent graduate from the University of Washington, where he earned his B.A. in Arts, Media and Culture. In his free time, he channels his passion for writing into numerous projects, including the development of a series of full-length science fiction thriller novels. He seeks to put his devotion to writing to good use in the professional field as a technical writer.

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See Torklift International at the 2016 Seattle RV Show

 Seattle RV ShowIt’s that time of year again. As February draws closer, Torklift International is hard at work preparing for the much anticipated 2016 Seattle RV Show. Not only will Torklift be available to share towing and RVing tips, we’ll also feature the newest and most innovative RV accessories designed to improve the camping experience. From February 11-14, guests from all over the state and across the nation will have the opportunity to attend Seattle’s best RV show. With RV seminars, “Ask a Tech” informational exhibit and interactive activities for the kids, there’s something for everyone at the Seattle RV Show.

Centurylink FieldThe RV expo emulates all things RV. Located at Century Link Field Event Center, campers and outdoorsmen alike will enjoy four days of ultimate access to the industry’s top providers and manufacturers. We at Torklift International are thrilled to be among the show’s contributors. With a number of interactive displays and opportunity for hands-on experience, find our products featured at booth E1. We will bring the unique Torklift brand to this RV show near Seattle with products designed to make your outdoor adventures safe and convenient.

At the Seattle RV Show, explore many features and benefits we offer with the following products:

GlowStep Revolution RV Step System
HiddenPower under vehicle battery mount
StableLoad suspension stabilizer
SuperHitch Outlaw Series
Truck camper turnbuckles
TRUE Frame-Mounted Tie Downs


Elevation Control Bubblev2

GlowStep Revolution
This never-before-seen RV step system is revolutionizing and changing RV’s as we know it. Trying out the GlowStep Revolution should be first on your ‘must-do’ list when you attend the Seattle RV Show. We’ve seen countless RV’s and trailers with wonky steps that hover above the ground. Don’t believe us? Check out #RVStepFail to see for yourself. Often there aren’t enough steps to safely reach the ground and the lack of connection sends the RV into a diving board motion. How does the GlowStep Revolution solve your RV step woes?

Here’s how:

 • GlowStep Revolution is available in 2-6 steps and has 7 inches of vertical step elevation adjustment 
• Since the steps connect firmly to the ground estabilishing stability, there is no need for a clunky booster step 
• All Terrain Landing Gear uses adjustable feet to level on uneven terrain 
• Made from lightweight aircraft grade aluminum (rust free) 
• Glows in the dark for up to 10 hours with only five minutes of light exposure 
• Legendary Lifetime Warranty 
• Proudly Made in the USA

 When you come to the show, you have check these out! This is something folks in the RV industry are buzzing about. See the recent article in Trailer Life Magazine here.

Torklift’s HiddenPower
HiddenPowerHiddenPower does not affect
ground clearance

In the world of the modern RV, energy efficient electrical systems are essential. There is nothing more frustrating than driving somewhere, only to suffer sudden and unpredictable battery failure. At the Seattle RV Show, learn about the HiddenPower under vehicle hidden battery mount, our universal battery tray for all types of Group 24, 27 and 31 twelve volt batteries (including lead acid, AGM, sealed and gel cell).


Under Vehicle Battery MountUnder vehicle
battery mount
At the booth, visually learn how to significantly extend the time you’re able to run your 12-volt systems by recharging through your existing solar panels, generators and converters. By adding the HiddenPower Wire Harness, directly wire your truck or RV into the extra battery. You’re able to avoid wasting fuel by powering accessories without turning your truck engine on.

When you see us at the show, don’t forget to ask us about installation. The HiddenPower is engineered to include no-drill installations with a quick disconnect feature so you can quickly detach the battery for service and maintenance. Attend the Seattle RV Show for more details on the HiddenPower battery storage tray.

Find a solution for your suspension with StableLoads

Do you often tow or haul heavy loads? If you’re visiting us at the Seattle RV show, you’re probably no rookie when it comes to pulling a load or two behind your truck. One thing’s for certain -- the feeling of your load controlling your truck and not you isn’t something anyone wants to experience. Some of the problems drivers often encounter when hauling or towing heavier loads include excessive side-to-side sway, porpoising and body roll. If you’re looking for a way to improve your vehicle’s suspension, look no further than the StableLoad suspension stablilizer. 

    Leaf Springs StableLoads

At the Seattle RV Show we’ll illustrate the science behind the StableLoad Suspension Stabilizer and how it’s able to dramatically improve vehicle handling characteristics by "pre-activating" the overload leaf springs. StableLoads tap into the primary function the vehicle manufacturers intended, maintaining four-point suspension. Click here to see how the StableLoad measures up to other aftermarket suspension products.

If you’re a veteran of towing and hauling, why else should you consider StableLoads?

• StableLoads are designed with a “quad contact” design that complements the manufacturer’s four-point suspension, as opposed to reducing it to two points of contact with all other rear suspension products 
• StableLoads have the ability to be turned on and off in seconds – engage the StableLoads when in tow/haul mode, disengage or turn them off when not towing or hauling so you can enjoy your smooth factory suspension 
• Quick, no-drill installation available

StableLoadStableLoads come in a set of four to outfit one vehicle

If you would like to know more, click here or attend the Seattle RV Show for more details.

SuperHitch your Ride
What are you towing? Whether it be a fancy boat, travel trailer, toy hauler or flatbed trailer, you’ll want to discover the SuperHitch Outlaw Series. At the Seattle RV Show, we’re excited to have the crowned jewel of the Outlaw series on display: the SuperHitch Magnum 30K. Also see how the SuperTruss Receiver Extension is the safest and strongest towing extension on the market.
TowingSuperHitch and SuperTruss allow you to tow and haul at the same time

The SuperHitch Series includes:

SuperHitch Magnum 30K -- 3,000 lbs tongue weight, 30,000 lbs pull*
SuperHitch Original 20K -- 2,000 lbs tongue weight, 20,000 pounds pull*
SuperHitch Hero 15K -- 1,500 lbs tongue weight, 15,000 pounds pull*
SuperTruss Receiver Extension -- Pick your extension size to find weight capacities
SuperHitch Everest WD System -- 3,000 lbs tongue weight, 30,000 lbs pull
SuperHitch Pintle & Ballmount accessories rated up to 30K

*When used with weight distribution. 

When at the Seattle RV Show, take a close look at the design features of the SuperHitch. Ask us how our design prevents “egging” (common elongation from rigors of heavy towing). We’ll be happy to share with you each and every benefit the SuperHitch Outlaw Series offers, providing you with the safest towing experience you can trust and depend on.

Turnbuckle Up
Not only do we have trailers and towing covered, Torklift International is also the number one source for truck camper equipment. Keeping your truck camper secured properly to your truck is crucial. The combination of truck camper tie downs and turnbuckles plays a huge part in how effectively you’re hauling your camper.

FastGunsBy far the most popular turnbuckle is the Torklift Original FastGun. With a quick-disconnect handle and spring tension indicator, this turnbuckle is hands down the easiest way to connect your truck to the camper tie downs. It takes as little as four minutes to install the FastGuns as opposed to upwards of 30 minutes using traditional chain configuration. At Seattle’s RV Show, ask us why having spring-loaded turnbuckles are an important factor.


We have a variety of turnbuckles for both bed-mounted and frame-mounted tie down configurations. Explore our turnbuckle line or find the one that best suits you by trying each design at the Seattle RV show.

FastGuns in UseTruck Camper Tie Downs
Truck campers are a quintessential staple of any RV trade show. While visiting the RV show in Seattle, check out Torklift’s frame-mounted truck camper tie downs in both steel and aluminum versions. You’ll be able to compare the differences between the Talon aluminum tie downs versus traditional steel, and how lightweight the high performance Talons compare.

Torklift will be happy to share with you why choosing a frame-mounted tie down application is the safest and most secure way to haul a truck camper.

Torklift Seminars
Seattle RV Show SeminarAttend a seminar at Seattle RV ShowFinally, guests at Seattle’s RV exhibition will have the opportunity to attend Torklift Central’s RVing seminars. We’ll cover everything from towing to hauling so you leave armed and prepared with knowledge on how to hit the road with safety top of mind. Attend one or attend all -- Our seminars will cover the following topics:

• Proper Dinghy Towing (Thursday at 12pm, Saturday at 12pm)
• Proper Travel Trailer Towing (Thursday at 2pm, Sunday at 11am)
• Proper Fifth Wheel Towing (Friday at 2pm, Sunday at Noon)
• Equipping your truck to carry a truck camper (Friday at Noon, Saturday at 11am)
• Towing Capacity – Truck and Trailer (Thurs-Sun at 1pm)

Have a particular question? Torklift will also be available to talk all things towing and RV in the “Ask a Tech” exhibit. Don’t forget to mark your calendars for February 11-14, 2016 and visit Torklift at booth E1 at the Seattle RV trade Show. See you there!


andrew-headshotWritten by Andrew Wales:
Andrew is a recent graduate from the University of Washington, where he earned his B.A. in Arts, Media and Culture. In his free time, he channels his passion for writing into numerous projects, including the development of a series of full-length science fiction thriller novels. He seeks to put his devotion to writing to good use in the professional field as a technical writer.

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Have an RV Step horror story? Win the GlowStep Revolution with #RVStepFail


There’s a lot of creative people in the world and that leads to countless quick-fix solutions when problems are encountered. At its best, this inspires innovation and invention; at its worst, it leads to some pretty humorous attempts at problem-solving. As we ring in the New Year, we would love to celebrate both the innovation and the lack thereof. That’s why we’re introducing our RV Step Fail contest.

RV Step Fail

Failed RV StepFailed RV StepsRV steps are notorious for needing modification: the steps are either too short or too shaky, they can’t easily accommodate uneven ground and the surface area is always too small. Complaints about factory trailer steps are as numerous as the ways folks have tried to solve them—with stool legs, concrete blocks, wooden platforms, booster steps and makeshift handrails. You name it and someone has likely tried it.

If you or someone you see has ever been in this situation, we would love to hear about it! Send us photographs and stories of either your steps or steps you’ve spotted and you’ll be entered into a drawing for the chance to win the GlowStep Revolution: the revolutionary, all-in-one RV step solution.

Here’s how to enter:
• Post your photo on Facebook or Twitter using hashtag “#RVStepFail”
Email us your photo

Find Torklift International on Facebook or Twitter, @Torklift and learn more about the drawing on Drawing will take place on May 25th, 2016.

Make the GlowStep Revolution your New Year’s Resolution
The GlowStep Revolution is the ultimate RV step system. It was specially engineered as a solution for the common problems that people face with factory RV steps, including step height, connection to the ground and long-lasting durability. Made from lightweight aircraft grade aluminum, the patent pending design of GlowStep Revolution is built to last. It is proudly made in the USA and backed by Torklift International’s legendary lifetime warranty. Plus, it glows in the dark! Who doesn’t love that?

Five Ways the GlowStep Revolution Outshines Traditional Modifications

 1. Elevation Control

The GlowStep Revolution has 7 inches of vertical adjustability, allowing you to pinpoint the perfect level for your RV steps. Why is that important? Because this step is 100% booster step free. Elevation Control Bubblev2Determine the space between the top step and RV entry with different settings, allowing for a range of 4 inches. The adjustable feet of the All Terrain Landing Gear provide an additional 3 inches for determining the perfect level of steps. Since the feet on the All Terrain Landing Gear are individually adjustable, battling the woes of uneven ground is no longer a concern. Simply choose the setting that provides the most level and safe step configuration for you and your RV.


2. Safety and Stability

There are many reasons why we see trailer owners fixing RV steps, but the one we most often hear about is that the initial factory RV step is too high. GlowStep RevolutionGlowStep Revolution glows for safe entry at nightPeople invent all sorts of solutions to connect their factory trailer steps to the ground but often run into issues with instability. No one wants to walk out at night on a shaky platform, risking ankle injuries as they “jump” from the bottom step. This is where the GlowStep Revolution really shines—it is equipped with All Terrain Landing Gear, adjustable feet that connect the step system to uneven ground, which safely eliminates that swaying diving-board sensation. You’ll never need an RV booster step again.

Additionally, the GlowStep wasn’t christened as glowing for naught—it literally glows in the dark for up to 10 hours after only five minutes of light exposure. Getting in and out of your RV at night has never been easier. Enter our contest, and you could be the lucky winner that gets to see how the GlowStep Revolution shines.

3. Adaptable Versatility

The third big factor that concerns RV owners is leveling RV steps on rough ground. Jumping off the bottom step onto uneven surfaces is an accident waiting to happen, but with the GlowStep Revolution’s precision elevation control and the All Terrain Landing Gear you’ll never again need to worry about uneven ground. The landing gear adapts to any type of terrain, providing unparalleled versatility in the most unpredictable environments.

Another issue that some RV owners face when parking on uneven surfaces or small hills is trouble deploying factory trailer steps. Have you ever needed to dig a hole to allow your bottom step to unfold? (If so, be sure to share it with us!) Accommodate even the trickiest of scenarios and achieve the perfect step height with GlowStep Revolution.

4. Long-lasting Durability

Too often we hear consumers complaining about broken RV steps—steps that just can’t handle life on the road. Unlike traditional RV steps which are made from steel, the GlowStep Revolution was crafted from aircraft grade aluminum to keep rust at bay. Designed specifically for towables and Stowed GlowStep RevolutionGlowStep Revolution in stowed positionside-entry truck campers, these aren’t just any ordinary scissor steps. Torklift’s design was engineered with bushing bearings bolted at each hinge point along the scissor design, which help prevent loosening of steps over time and improves weight-bearing ability. With its lifetime warranty, Torklift promises durability and longevity of the GlowStep system—which is more than we can say for those quick-fix systems.

5. Customize Your RV Steps
Just in case you want to dress up your GlowStep Revolution, there are several bright and shiny accessories that were engineered to pair nicely with its initial design. Attachments such as the GlowGuide Handrail, the SafeStep pet barrier panels and the DirtDestroyer shoe cleaning attachment provide a wealth of creative solutions to meet your additional RV step needs.

GlowStep Revolution Features

For more information on the GlowStep Revolution, be sure to check out Kevin Livingston’s article “Step Right Up” featured in Trailer Life Magazine.

GlowStep Revolution In UseWin your own GlowStep Revolution today!
Don’t forget to send us your stories and photographs. We want to see the breadth of ways you have come up with to fix those notorious factory RV steps. We’ll laugh and cry with you -- maybe we’ll even feature a few of our favorite RV Step Fails on the blog!

Submit your photo here or post on social media using hashtag “#RVStepFail” to be entered to win the GlowStep Revolution by Torklift International.


Jenica headshotWritten by Jenica Donahue:
Jenica holds a B.F.A. in Creative Writing from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. She is a freelance writer interested in blogging, copy writing and editing. She enjoys exploring new places and hiking in the Pacific Northwest.

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Finding your HiddenPower at The Washington Sportsmen’s Show

Washington Sportmens ShowWashington Sportsmen's Show“Excuse me, pardon me,” you chime as you navigate the show you’ve been waiting all year to attend. Moving quickly with intent, your eyes darting back and forth, scanning each booth. You’re like a kid in a candy store, stopping every time something catches your interest. “Where’s Torklift?” you say to yourself as you continue to search row after row. Don’t fret! The magic number to remember is booth 712.

Join Torklift at the highly anticipated Washington Sportsmen’s Show January 27-31, 2016. Located at the Washington State Fair Events Center in Puyallup, Washington, the Sportmen’s Show has become the mecca for all outdoorsmen. From wall to wall, sportsmen, hunters and campers alike gather to seek and discover the finest products to assist them in their outdoor adventures. Whether your interests are fishing in serene lakes, camping in exotic locales, hunting mighty beasts or doing plain old work outside, the chances of you finding something to aid your endeavors are high.

As you make your way through the show, you can make out a friendly sight in the distance. You see the word “Torklift” and you’ve been waiting all year to see what innovative products they’ve come up with. When you reach booth 712, Torklift’s HiddenPower battery mount quickly catches your interest.

A HiddenPower Uncovered
Seeing you could always use extra battery power whether for work, hunting or camping trips, you ask a Torklift representative about the hidden battery tray.

You learn that the Torklift HiddenPower battery box is a specially designed and convenient auxiliary under vehicle battery mount for all types of Group 24, 27 and 31 twelve volt batteries such as lead acid, AGM, sealed and gel cell.
Washington Sportmens HiddenPowerOwning a HiddenPower is convenient and installation is simple

You know you could put this battery box to great use. Clearly engineered with convenience in mind, HiddenPower features no drill installations and has a quick disconnect feature for easy access to battery maintenance and service. Not sure where to store an extra battery? The battery mount bolts directly onto the truck’s frame with a hidden location ideal for battery security.

Previously, you’ve often worried about losing power or not having enough of a charge, but as you learn more and more about the HiddenPower’s features, your fears quickly subside. With the HiddenPower, enjoy significantly extended time you can run on your 12-volt systems by keeping them constantly charged. Do you like using electric accessories such as lights, stereos and computers, but dread the fear of running your battery dead by using them without the truck running? By using the HiddenPower Wiring Harness, avoid wasting fuel and leaving your truck engine running by having your accessories directly wired into the extra battery. The HiddenPower auxiliary battery is designed to maintain its charge while RVing by becoming an extension of your RV's battery.

The Wiring Harness is sold separately and completes the HiddenPower installation. The sealed Wire Harness helps protect against dirt and moisture and is fused to protect your vehicles electrical system.

See how it works by watching this video:

It’s Show Time!
As the highlighted Torklift International product, the HiddenPower battery box will be exclusively featured at the Washington Sportsmen’s show. So mark your calendar:Washington Sportmens Show Date

Washington Sportsmen’s Show 
January 27th-31st, 2016 
Washington State Fair Events Center

Booth #712

We’ll let you in on a little secret…. The HiddenPower will be 40% off with a special show discount exclusive to Washington Sportsmen’s Show. You must visit our booth to receive the discount code on this unique hidden battery box, so be sure to come by!

Learn more about the Washington Sportsmen’s Show and find details on Torklift International HiddenPower by clicking here. We hope to see you at the show!



andrew-headshotWritten by Andrew Wales:
Andrew is a recent graduate from the University of Washington, where he earned his B.A. in Arts, Media and Culture. In his free time, he channels his passion for writing into numerous projects, including the development of a series of full-length science fiction thriller novels. He seeks to put his devotion to writing to good use in the professional field as a technical writer.

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Suspension solutions for hauling a truck camper with a Dodge Truck

StableLoads Dodge1Hauling a truck camper with Dodge RamYou’ve just purchased that truck camper you’ve always wanted and you’re getting ready to load it up to the bed of your Dodge RAM 3500 truck. You double check that you’ve covered all the basics: bed mat, tie downs, turnbuckles. The whole enchilada. Finally, you’re ready for a fiesta in your new truck camper, but once the truck is loaded and you start driving down the freeway, you realize that you’ve forgotten about something important. The StableLoad suspension stabilizer.

With the added weight of the truck camper you can’t help but notice that the truck is no longer level with rear-end sag in the back and its headlights are now pointing upward, blinding oncoming traffic. Your knuckles whiten on the steering wheel from the side-to-side sway, and there’s an uneasy feeling of “body roll” as you turn corners, like the truck might tip over. It’s also taking much longer to stop the vehicle effectively.

StableLoads Dodge2Suddenly, the elation you’ve been feeling about this new camper has come crashing down. Luckily, Torklift International has a quick fix for suspension that addresses handling issues like those mentioned above. By installing the StableLoad suspension stabilizer on the rear Dodge RAM truck suspension, the ability to haul a heavy truck camper is as stress free as swinging aimlessly at a piñata.

Here’s how suspension works:
The factory suspension in your truck is designed to evenly absorb the weight you haul in your truck for a smooth ride. The factory leaf spring design features several curved leaf springs as well as a thick overload leaf spring. When the truck is weighed down, the leaf spring pack absorbs the downward force and makes contact with the overload leaf spring for extra support. When activated, the overload leaf springs are designed to help support heavier weight.

Unfortunately, in order for the leaf springs and overload to touch, the vehicle must drop several inches, which causes the vehicle’s rear to sag and the front of the truck to point upward. The forward tilt affects the vehicle’s stopping ability, while the misalignment results in side-to-side sway, body roll, and porpoising—all of which make for a miserable drive.

StableLoads Dodge3StableLoad mounted to the lower overloadThe lower quick-disconnect StableLoads are bolted onto the lower overload leaf spring, where it fits snugly in the gap between the overload and leaf spring pack. With the gap eliminated, the lower overload can do its job and give you a much smoother ride when hauling a truck camper with a Dodge RAM 3500 truck (or any other truck that has factory installed upper or lower overloads). Click here to see how the upper StableLoads work.

How the StableLoad Compares to Other Suspension Products
The StableLoad suspension stabilizer was uniquely designed as a suspension upgrade that complements the factory suspension system in your Dodge RAM truck. It is proudly made in the USA and comes backed with Torklift International’s legendary lifetime warranty, which includes coverage for the factory leaf springs.

Four StableLoads are included in the suspension kit, which will outfit one complete vehicle. The StableLoads have a quad contact design, meaning they eliminate the gap between the overloads and leaf springs at four points in the rear factory suspension system. This design maintains four points of contact in which the original factory system was intended by the vehicle's engineers. This dramatically improves the handling issues experienced when hauling a truck camper, making it a better solution than other suspension products, such as sway bars, airbags, or shocks which uses a design with only two points of contact.

Additionally, the StableLoads mounted to the lower overload leaf springs are specially engineered to disengage in a matter of seconds. When engaged, they fill the gap between the leaf springs preventing handling issues—exactly what you need for towing or when hauling any heavy load like a truck camper. But when you aren’t towing, the StableLoads can simply be rotated away from the leaf springs to bring your Dodge RAM truck back to its factory feel.

Installing StableLoads: One User’s Experience
StableLoad installation on a Dodge RAM truck is quick and simple. One forum user, Camilo Correo,
demonstrates the installation of StableLoads on his 1997 Dodge Ram 3500 so he can get a better haul for his 1985 Lance truck camper. Jeff Wood in Stanton, California did the install, which took approximately 1.5 hours.

StableLoads Dodge4Factory leaf springs on
a 1997 Dodge Ram
Correo shows his factory leaf springs prior to the installation (to the left) and compares them once the StableLoads are installed. The pictures below show the StableLoad in both engaged and disengaged positions. When engaged, the StableLoad fits perfectly in the gap between overload and leaf springs. When disengaged, it is simply rotated to the side so it’s not engaging the leaf spring.


StableLoads Dodge5Engaged StableLoad StableLoad Dodge6Disengaged StableLoad

Are you ready to take the StableLoad Challenge?
The StableLoad Challenge attests to the effectiveness of Torklift StableLoads. We gave individuals the opportunity to test-drive two identical trucks carrying 2,800 pounds in each bed—one truck has StableLoads installed, while the other just has the factory suspension. You’ll be amazed to hear the differences between the two rides. You can also click here for more information about the science behind the StableLoads.

Watch the StableLoad Challenge video below or click here for more information on Torklift International’s StableLoad suspension stabilizer.



Jenica headshotWritten by Jenica Donahue:
Jenica holds a B.F.A. in Creative Writing from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. She is a freelance writer interested in blogging, copy writing and editing. She enjoys exploring new places and hiking in the Pacific Northwest.

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Get hooked on Torklift’s frame-mounted Talon Camper Tie Downs

talon tie down1Torklift's Talon camper tie down receiver (black) and insert (silver)Do you have any qualms regarding your current truck camper tie downs? Are they perhaps rusty or experiencing corrosion? Does that make you worry about how secure your camper actually is when you’re on the road? Or are you perhaps worried about lack of ground clearance? Torklift’s frame-mounted tie downs will put your mind at ease.

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then it may be time to look into the best Torklift International has to offer when it comes to frame-mounted truck camper tie downs: the high performance Talon Tie Downs.

The Talon camper tie downs were engineered to not only meet, but exceed the toughest demands of the most extreme adventurers. Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. out of 100% military grade aluminum, the tie down receiver tube and the tie down inserts are ultra-lightweight and boast rust-free corrosion protection for life. Better yet, the Talons are easy to install with 100 percent no-drill applications. Completely hidden when not in use, there is no loss of ground clearance. Torklift tie downs smart engineering and frame-mounted design provide the best ride quality in the industry. Every purchase of a set of Talons also includes a Finishing Kit to protect tie downs from water or road debris and Torklift’s International’s Legendary Lifetime Warranty, the only of its kind in the industry.

tie-down-lockTie Down Locks in action:
securing your tie down insert to the receiver tube
And for those of you interested in a little extra security to prevent the theft and inconvenience of costly replacement of your tie down inserts, Torklift also offers Tie Down Locks that not only secure your tie down insert to the receiving tube, but are compatible with both the aluminum Talon Camper Tie Downs and the steel True Frame Mounted Camper Tie Downs, making them an ideal and versatile accessory.

Regardless of which of our tie downs you happen to fancy, it’s important to know how your tie down system should fit. We often hear confusion around loose and rattling camper tie down inserts, so we’d like to briefly overview how tie down inserts should properly fit into the tie down receiver tubes.

You may note your tie down inserts don’t fit as snugly into your frame-mounted tie down receiver as you’d initially think. But rest assured, your camper tie down system was specifically designed this way. It is designed to allow the tie down insert to pivot upward and make the tube’s corner points to make contact with the inside of the tie down receiver.

But why, you ask?

talon tie down3Because the corners of the square tubing are the strongest aspect of the tie down design. When tension is applied using turnbuckles to connect the truck camper, the insert pivots/twists upward within the tube allowing pressure to be applied to the corners of the tube which is again, the strongest point of the tube. This ensures your truck camper is soundly secured. Once your tie downs are secured to your camper via turnbuckles, there is no longer any movement from the tie down insert within the tie down receiver — meaning no “rattling” tie down inserts while on the road. To eliminate any unwanted rattling or noise after your adventure, simply remove your tie down inserts and you’re good to go.

talon tie down4True frame-mounted Tie Downs (shown in yellow) and Talon Tie Downs become part of your truck's foundation: the frameDon’t compromise when it comes to safely securing your truck camper with an inferior tie down system when Torklift International has your back with the frame-mounted Talon camper tie downs. Learn more about Talon Tie Downs by clicking here or find the fitment for your truck on our application guide.

Happy Travels.




Jake Holley-headshotWritten by Jake Holley:
As a graduate from Western Washington University with a B.A. in Creative Writing, Jake Holley is an aspiring writer with a passion for language, philosophy and seeking out obscure films and literature. He is also an unabashed metal head and looks darn good in a suit.

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Gear up for 2016 with truck camping necessities

Purchasing your first truck camper is exhilarating—there’s the anticipation of taking it on the road for the first time and the thought of spending long weekends in your new home away from home. It’s an exciting time in your life; however, preparing for a truck camper can also get a little overwhelming because it’s necessary to secure your truck camper before you can use it.

If you’re a truck camper newbie, we want to make life a little simpler for you by sharing a few tricks of the trade and by highlighting some of our favorite products to answer your questions about how best to hold down a truck camper.

The Three T’s: How to Successfully Secure Your Truck Camper
Those new to truck camping are often unclear about how to hold down a truck camper. Here, we list our “Three T’s” for doing just that. Keep these in mind as you’re preparing for your new addition.

truck camping necessities1Frame-mounting tie downs shown in yellow for contrast#1) Tie Downs
One of the first accessories you’ll need to purchase for your truck camper is truck camper tie downs. Tie downs are part of a system to secure the truck camper to its vehicle using either a frame-mounted or bed-mounted design. If you aren’t sure which to use, Torklift International recommends using frame-mounted tie downs as opposed to bed-mounted tie downs.

The benefits of attaching the tie down system to the frame of your truck:

• Dramatic improvement with vehicle handling 
• Provides safety, security and stability while on the road 
• Avoid bed and bumper damage: truck camping necessities2
• Maintain the value of your truck and prevent rust and bed damage by avoiding drilling into your truck bed or bumper

The truck bed is not a secure point for a tie down to attach. Using this method may result in paint damage and truck bed flexing and cracking. Vehicle manufacturers recommend that truck campers should be directly attached to the vehicle frame structure and that no additional holes be drilled through the vehicle frame. See the details here.

#2) Turnbuckles
Truck camper tie downs are important, but tie downs alone won’t secure your camper—you’ll also need a set of turnbuckles to complete the system. Now, you might be scratching your head and thinking to yourself—what in the world are turnbuckles? Don’t worry—it takes time to get used to the truck camping lingo. Turnbuckles, which can confusingly be referred to as tie downs as well, connect the truck camper to the truck and tie down system for maximum stability. There are many different designs of turnbuckles. Below we’ll highlight a few of these—like the FastGun Quick-Disconnect turnbuckle and the SpringLoad XL—to help you decide which turnbuckle is right for you. truck camping necessities3How to attach a truck camper to a truck

#3) Tension
Often, tension is a bad thing—if your spouse comes home from work and you ask how their day went and they answer, “Tense,”—you can almost guarantee that something unpleasant has happened and they may not be in a good mood. With truck camping, tension is actually a good thing—especially when it comes to turnbuckles. Camper manufacturers recommend that 300 truck camping necessities4Torklift's spring tension indicator makes adjusting turnbuckles easypounds of tension be applied to the turnbuckle in order to properly secure the camper. When you’re shopping for your new truck camping gear, don’t settle for any old camper turnbuckles—make sure to purchase spring-loaded turnbuckles. The spring system will help absorb shock you encounter with bumps along the road. It will also help protect the anchor points on your truck camper and tie down system.

Click here to learn how the spring tension indicator on Torklift’s truck camper turnbuckles make it extremely easy to achieve the perfect amount of tension every time. 

Now that you know the Three T’s, it’s time to start looking for a solid turnbuckle.

The Famous FastGun: A Quick Disconnect, Spring-loaded Favorite
The Original FastGun turnbuckle is like the Olympic gold medalist of turnbuckles. It’s the #1 selling quick-disconnect turnbuckle in the world. FastGun turnbuckles require no tools; instead, they’re designed with a lever action handle that makes connecting or disconnecting a breeze. In fact, you can install a set of four in under four minutes. With the FastGun, installing turnbuckles or learning how to adjust turnbuckles couldn’t be easier.

truck camping necessities5FastGuns come in several finishesAll FastGun turnbuckles are made from high impact powder-coated stainless steel, and are available in long and short sizes to be compatible with both frame-mounted tie downs and bed-mounted tie down applications. Each FastGun comes in a set of two, and you can choose from a selection of high impact powder coated bright white, grey, black or stainless steel polished finishes. FastGun turnbuckles are backed by Torklift International’s legendary lifetime warranty and are proudly made in the USA.


truck camping necessities6Finally, FastGun turnbuckles are spring-loaded, and they come with our patented spring tension indicator or “o-ring”, which allows you to quickly determine whether or not you have applied the right amount of tension. They are also 100 percent lockable with the addition of FastGun locks. So go ahead and let the stress melt away—you can’t go wrong with the FastGun spring-loaded turnbuckles.



Additional Turnbuckles for Truck Campers
If the FastGun turnbuckle takes the Gold, the SpringLoad XL turnbuckle takes the Silver. The SpringLoad XL is designed specifically for frame-mounted tie downs. It’s made of aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel and also comes in a set of two. Spring tension indicators ensure that tension has been properly applied. The SpringLoad XL is hand-tightened when installing or adjusting the turnbuckle, but it can be done in a matter of minutes. truck camping necessities7SpringLoad XL turnbuckle

truck camping necessities8Basic SpringLoad KitThe Basic SpringLoad turnbuckle is a basic chain turnbuckle application. It comes with two quick links, two heavy-duty forged steel turnbuckles and 24” of marine grade chain. The Basic SpringLoad also protects both the vehicle and the camper anchor points from damage.

Both the SpringLoad XL and the Basic SpringLoad are proudly made in the USA and backed by Torklift International’s legendary lifetime warranty.

Already have a set of camper turnbuckles? You can turn any set of camper turnbuckles—including the SpringLoad XL or Basic SpringLoad—into a quick-disconnect turnbuckle with the addition of a Derringer Handle.

Check out the video below to compare the various turnbuckle models: 

Start the New Year Right with Torklift Turnbuckles
In the rush of the holidays, it’s easy to put off buying equipment for your truck camper. But spring will be here before you know it and as the road beckons, you’ll wish you hadn’t waited. Why not prepare for your truck camper now?

Be sure to start the New Year with all the truck camping accessories you need. Click here for more information on the FastGun turnbuckle or find a dealer near you by searching our Where to Buy locater.



Jenica headshotWritten by Jenica Donahue:
Jenica holds a B.F.A. in Creative Writing from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. She is a freelance writer interested in blogging, copy writing and editing. She enjoys exploring new places and hiking in the Pacific Northwest.

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GlowStep Revolution gets Ready for a Glowing Debut with RVIA

 Our one-of-a-kind leveling step system, the GlowStep Revolution, will soon be featured in a national television commercial sponsored by the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA). RVIA is highly esteemed in the RV industry for its safety and compliance monitoring of RVs and RV accessories and it’s also a leading source of RV news and product information.

Torklift International could not be more thrilled to have RVIA endorse the GlowStep Revolution RV step system in its upcoming television commercial.

RVIACommercial1Eric's famed RV featuring the GlowStep RevolutionAn Impressive Performance
We owe our thanks to Eric Martinez—a sales associate at Lazy Dayz RV in Tampa, Florida. The GlowStep Revolution captivated Eric while he was attending a Torklift Dealer training with Torklift’s National Sales Manager Randy Fisher. “When I saw the presentation that your sales manager put on, I was impressed with it,” Eric said. “It was an impressive performance.”

Little did Randy know, Eric had recently been contacted by the RVIA media campaign after he had shared photos of his RV online. RVIA offered Eric the opportunity to participate in their upcoming commercial, and after seeing Randy’s demonstration, Eric wanted to install the GlowStep Revolution on his trailer so that it would be included in the commercial as well. “It seems like a great product,” he said, “that’s why I asked.”

Say “Hello” to the Star of Sensible Support
Designed for towables, the GlowStep Revolution is a complete step system that has the ability to adapt to any type of terrain using the included All Terrain Landing Gear. It is the only RV step system with 7 inches of precision vertical step elevation adjustment. The All Terrain Landing Gear acts as leveling feet for RV steps, ensuring the steps safely touch the ground. This provides unparalleled stability—say goodbye to the unstable springboard effect that occurs so often with factory RV steps.

RVIACommercial2GlowStep Revolution in action

The Glowstep Revolution is proudly made in the USA and is backed by Torklift International’s legendary lifetime warranty. It’s made from durable, lightweight aircraft grade aluminum that stays corrosion free. Unique bushing bearings are used on each hinge-point to provide additional stability and longevity, plus there’s a locking mechanism that secures the RV steps into place.

The GlowStep Revolution RV step features GlowStep technology—self-illuminating strips adhered to each step that glow-in-the-dark for up to 10 hours after only five minutes of light exposure. It pairs perfectly with our other step system accessories, such as the GlowGuide Handrail, the DirtDestroyer shoe cleaning attachment and the SafeStep pet safety barrier.

The Leading Lady of Leveling Steps
RVIACommercial3Factory trailer steps compared to the GlowStep RevolutionFactory RV steps just can’t compare with the GlowStep Revolution. Often, depending on how uneven the ground is where the RV is parked, factory trailer steps are to low to the ground to even deploy or are so high off of the ground that they require an unsafe booster step—a safety hazard, especially if you are entering or exiting your trailer at night. Not only does the GlowStep Revolution illuminate your path, it completely eliminates the ground-to-step gap by connecting your RV steps directly to the earth. You’ll never have to use or lug around an unsafe booster step again. The patent pending design also dramatically increases the longevity of your step system because the ground now supports the steps.

Instead of fixing RV steps, replacing recalled steps or repairing broken RV steps, why not take Eric’s advice and invest in the ultimate set of leveling RV steps: the GlowStep Revolution.

Costars of Additional Security
Not only will RVIA’s commercial feature the GlowStep Revolution, but it will also highlight the PowerArmor Solar and the Fortress GasLock—two additional Torklift International products that Eric has also installed on his trailer.

RVIACommercial4PowerArmor SolarThe PowerArmor Solar is a durable locking battery box that provides extra storage when not used for batteries. Its unique solar panel maintains battery charge thereby increasing the longevity of batteries by up to 400%. It’s a great way to ensure that your batteries stay safe while also maintaining their charge.


The Fortress GasLock is a locking mechanism for mounted propane RVIACommercial5Fortress GasLocktanks. Propane tank theft is a growing concern, but there’s no need to worry with the addition of the Fortress GasLock. It’s a simple accessory that can save you hundreds in damages related to LP tank theft.

Both the PowerArmor Solar and the Fortress GasLock will be featured alongside the GlowStep Revolution in RVIA’s upcoming commercial.


RVIACommercial6Eric Martinez with his kids

Share Your Story With Us
Here at Torklift, we are passionate about our products because we’re passionate about RVing. We llove the freedom and flexibility of a life on the go. Our goal in developing the GlowStep Revolution RV steps for towables, as with all of our products, is to ensure consumer safety while enhancing their RV experience.

If you’re an avid RVer with a story to share, we would love to hear from you. Share your triumphs and trials with us on social media using the hashtag #GoRV.

Stay Tuned for More Information
You won’t want to miss our big debut—RVIA’s national television commercial featuring Torklift International’s GlowStep Revolution will be airing in 2016. In the meantime, we wouldn’t want you to miss out on your own GlowStep Revolution complete with All Terrain Landing Gear.
To get the GlowStep Revolution on your RV, visit the Where To Buy section on our website, or find more details about the RV step here.


Jenica headshotWritten by Jenica Donahue:
Jenica holds a B.F.A. in Creative Writing from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. She is a freelance writer interested in blogging, copy writing and editing. She enjoys exploring new places and hiking in the Pacific Northwest.

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Torklift Delivers Christmas

We take great pride in listening to our customers wants and needs, striving to provide quality made products and the best possible customer service experience in the industry. This winter season is no different.

While befriending one of our loyal customers on an online forum, we came across an exciting opportunity.

John Patterson, also known as ‘gandydancer’ expressed that the Lock and Load maximum security locking cargo tray is listed at the very top of his Christmas wish list. With a larger sized generator that he uses when camping, John was missing the security and peace of mind that a locking generator tray could provide. Already outfitted in Torklift Frame-Mounted Tie Downs and quick-disconnect FastGun turnbuckles, we thought the Lock and Load would be a great addition to John’s rig.


Torklift Kerstin writes:

Hey John,

I really hope Santa is able to get you what you want off of your Christmas wish list too! Maybe if you just let his elves know then maybe something will happen… But I’m really happy to hear that you enjoy our products and I look forward to talking to you soon!

Merry Christmas to you John, I think it’s going to be a good one this year.

Torklift Kerstin


Little did John know, Torklift’s magical elves, or “Santas” if you will, were already planning the perfect surprise….



John's message writes: 

Yesterday morning I received the biggest surprise of my life when the doorbell rang and as I opened the door to see who it was, I saw a FedEx delivery truck drive away and found a large box sitting on my porch from Torklift International. I am truly speechless beyond words as I really don't know quite what to say except to thank each and everyone of you at Torklift for the best Christmas present that I have ever received. Never in my life did I ever expect something so wonderful to happen to me.

I truly appreciate your kindness in the lock and load maximum security cargo tray that was sent to me and I will use it often on my truck camper adventures without fearing that my portable inverter generator will be stolen.

This is indeed the best Christmas that I have ever had and I hope that everyone at Torklift has a wonderful and Merry Christmas also. Thank all of the magical "Santa's" at Torklift for me.

Very grateful to all,
John Patterson

Merry Christmas John!

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Please hold, your call is important to us - The HiddenPower of Torklift’s Customer Service

What’s the hold up? onholdphoneDon’t get caught in an
automated phone system

“Your call is important to us. Please continue to hold while we transfer you to a customer service representative,” the voice over the phone speaks. It was a cold voice. Genderless and completely devoid of emotion, it lacked the warm touch of humanity, the touch that comforts all those who wander the uncanny valley of pre-recorded messages. As the royalty-free tune plays through distorted speakers, you sigh and pinch the bridge of your nose between two fingers.

At Torklift International this will never happen to you. Believe it or not, humans answer our phones.

hiddenpowertomTorklift Ambassador/ Wagon Master Doug Baughman and Tom StrockTom’s Story  
As an attendee from the 2015 Midwest Truck Camper Rally, Tom Strock was the lucky winner of the HiddenPower treasure hunt. His prize? A free Torklift HiddenPower battery box for his 2003 Chevy 2500 truck, of course. Once he received his prize, he opened the box and carefully read the instructions. As he started the installation of the battery box mount, Tom reached an impasse. For this particular part number’s fitment, the instructions had asked him to “locate two half-inch holes in the frame on the driver’s side just ahead of the fuel tank.” However, no such holes existed on his truck. 


customerservicekyleTorklift Tech Support is here to help youTom contacted us and our Tech Support team member Kyle answered right away. Working closely with Kyle, Tom recognized that Torklift would do whatever it took to solve the problem at hand. Kyle consulted Torklift’s team of engineers, who was able to troubleshoot and resolve his fitment woes by relocating an appropriate mounting area.


“All of this took place within a few hours of my initial call. Talk about great customer service,” writes Tom.

We guided Tom as he drilled the two half inch holes into the truck’s frame, and the rest of the installation went off without a hitch. According to Tom, “The team at Torklift are great people to work with in quickly solving a problem they had not seen before. Now with two group 31 batteries and 105 watts of solar, there should be plenty of easy boon docking in my future.”

No matter what the situation is, Torklift’s Tech Support will do whatever it takes to make sure the customer’s needs are taken care of.

hiddenpowerTorklift HiddenPower
battery box
The Power of Extra Batteries
The HiddenPower doesn’t just charge batteries. Now Tom can enjoy that extra “jolt” needed to significantly extend the time he can run on his battery system. With the ability to experience stress-free boon docking, the extra battery stays charged and healthy with the HiddenPower wire harness, ready to supply power to his RV with little to no maintenance.

hiddenpower1Battery mount stays hidden
underneath the truck
Another plus? With an extra battery in the HiddenPower, avoid wasting fuel and don’t’ leave your truck running to generate power. Many of us leave the vehicle running so you can use electrical accessories – with HiddenPower, enjoy use of those electrical accessories without running the vehicles engine. Simply hook up your extra battery by mounting it with Torklift’s HiddenPower and installing it’s specially designed wiring harness.


The HiddenPower by Torklift International is a convenient and completely concealed under vehicle battery mount for all types of Group 24, 27 and 31 twelve volt batteries, including lead acid, AGM, sealed and gel cell models. It is designed with the user in mind featuring no drill applications that make battery mount installation simple. If you ever run into a snag or have questions, Torklift’s Tech Support is ready and willing to walk you through any installation.


Whether you need an extra battery mount for a Chevy, Dodge RAM or Ford truck, HiddenPower provides you with the power you need for any task.

Other features of the HiddenPower system include:

• Hidden when in use with no loss of ground clearance
• Works with group 24 to 31 batteries
• Designed for all types of batteries: lead acid, AGM, sealed, gel cell, etc.
• Legendary Lifetime Warranty
• Proudly made in the USA

Harness your power
Don’t forget about the battery isolating Hidden Power Wiring Harness, either. While sold separately, the battery wiring harness completes the HiddenPower installation for trucks that do not have a factory installed battery isolation system. With a universal design that works with any HiddenPower part number or fitment, this connection is necessary to make the extra battery act as an extension of your RV battery.

This special HiddenPower Wiring Harness prevents your vehicle’s battery from being drained. The vehicle battery and extra battery feed off of each other. The battery within the HiddenPower battery box mount keeps constantly charged by your truck’s charging system and vice versa. With the ability to detach quickly via a quick disconnect plug for servicing, the wiring harness works with all batteries and is even fused to protect your vehicles electrical system. In addition, the Wire Harness is sealed to prevent damage caused by dirt and moisture, ensuring longer lasting wiring for batteries.

Watch this video to see how the special battery isolating HiddenPower and HiddenPower Wiring Harness provides the extra power you need:

Harness up the HiddenPower and enjoy the convenience of staying charged at all times. To purchase the HiddenPower, locate a dealer near you.



andrew-headshotWritten by Andrew Wales:
Andrew is a recent graduate from the University of Washington, where he earned his B.A. in Arts, Media and Culture. In his free time, he channels his passion for writing into numerous projects, including the development of a series of full-length science fiction thriller novels. He seeks to put his devotion to writing to good use in the professional field as a technical writer.

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Winterizing? Protect your tie down system over the off-season

“I’ve hauled worse than this,” you grunt as you press down on the gas pedal. To your right is your daughter. She is twenty years old, a pair of purple headphones occupies her ear canals and she is currently rolling her eyes with a loud sigh. Suddenly, she rips the headphones from her head and glares at you.

“The truck camper barely fits in back. I’m surprised they even got it in there,” she says.

“I know what I am doing,” you say. You believe the truck camper tie downs you fabricated are strong. You installed them yourself just a few years ago. They could survive an atom bomb, you assure yourself.

“It’ll hold.” You nod, confident that your tie downs can handle the weight and mass of the large truck camper. Prophetically, the camper unit shakes abruptly and slides back in the truck bed with these words. Slowly, your confidence erodes and is replaced with doubt, then fear.

“Please hold…” you mumble under your breath. Luckily for you, your daughter doesn’t hear this. She is too preoccupied with the sounds of a synthetic tune and lyrics shouted from three guys in skinny jeans. As you round a corner, you find yourself facing a hill beyond a set of red traffic lights. The road was wet, stained by the deluge of a thousand storms, but you know your truck can make the climb. The light turns green and you hit the gas.

hauling camperThen, it happens. You reach the top of the hill and the sound of grinding shakes you and your daughter to the core. The camper unit slides backward and a symphony of the camper crashing erupts behind you. Barreling onto its side is your truck camper, doing damage to not only the motorists behind you, but your wallet as well. Your truck is now dented from the failed tie downs and you can’t fathom the camper is even repairable.

“Told you,” she mutters, crossing her arms and shaking her head. As the rain begins to fall and bounce off of your windshield, you find your homemade, rusted tie downs newly freed from the unbearable weight of your precious cargo. You have allowed this damage to go unchecked for too long, and now your investment has been completely destroyed. All that work getting your rig and tie down application just right, gone to waste.

It didn’t have to be this way.

Tie down revival 
By using Torklift International TRUE frame-mounted camper tie downs that bolt directly to the foundation of the truck, all of this mess could have been avoided. Not only are Torklift tie downs engineered to snuggly fit specific truck applications, the tie down system provides unparalleled strength and stability to support a large truck camper.

As you jump out of the truck and into the rain, you survey the damage and investigate what exactly caused the failure of the homemade camper tie downs you worked so tirelessly on fabricating. It’s obvious that there were several flaws in the design of the failed camper tie down system and the rusty mess that played a part in the epic defeat you’ve just experienced.

What’s the price of peace of mind and your family’s safety?

“That’s it,” you say out loud. “I’m getting Torklifts.”

tie-downsWith Torklift Tie Downs you know you’re investing in quality you can trust:

• Best ride quality in the industry
• Connection to the truck foundation through four individual tie down points
• Fast, no-drill installations - Don’t drill into the truck and compromise its integrity, diminishing the value and potentially voiding its warranty 
• Legendary Lifetime Warranty
• Proudly made in the USA

In starting over, it’s clear that you want to protect your new Torklift frame-mounted tie downs. With nasty road conditions and a rough winter ahead, you flashback to the vision of your rusted tie downs and it’s easy to make the decision on using a Torklift International Tie Down Finishing Kit.

reminderDon’t forget the Finishing KitOne last detail
When it comes to truck camper tie downs, there is nothing more brutal and unforgiving as the forces of nature and the sands of time itself. The Finishing Kit uses special protective foam inserts and caps to prevent water and debris from entering your tie down tubes. This protective measure allows you to minimize any damage the environment can cause. Helping to prevent rusted tie downs and tie down water damage is a full-time job, but luckily the Tie Down Finishing Kit is a perfect candidate that takes care of business. Apply it to either Torklift International True Frame-Mounted Tie Downs or Talon Tie Downs.

capping-kitVinyl plug on finishing kit


Whether your Torklift Tie Downs are forged from steel or crafted from high performance military grade aluminum like the Talons, the Tie Down Finishing Kit keeps the combined forces of Mother Nature and Father Time at bay.



Installation is made easy with 3 steps:

1. Simply remove the tie down inserts

tie-down-capping-kitTie Down Finishing Kit
(back and front side)
2. Locate the back end of the tie down tube. Place the protective foam plug into this tube opening. If you have trouble finding the opening, you can use the outside opening and push the foam plug all the way through the tube so it blocks the backside. *This may depend on the tie down design, which varies with part number.

3. Use the vinyl caps to cover the outer end of the tube opening. Since Torklift Tie Downs do not affect ground clearance, your tie down system is completely hidden from view when the tie down inserts are removed.

finishing-kitProtect your tie down system
from water and debris
If you’re removing the truck camper and winterizing for the off-season, the Tie Down Finishing Kit is a simple but critical measure in maintaining your tie down system. Keeping them protected over the winter months will ensure they remain in excellent condition come camping season next year.

Torklift International Tie Down Finishing Kit is sold in a set of four. Talon aluminum tie downs come standard with the Finishing Kit included (2 per set of 2 Talons).


Click here or more information on Torklift International’s Tie Down Finishing Kit and find a dealer near you by visiting our Where to By locater.



andrew-headshotWritten by Andrew Wales:
Andrew is a recent graduate from the University of Washington, where he earned his B.A. in Arts, Media and Culture. In his free time, he channels his passion for writing into numerous projects, including the development of a series of full-length science fiction thriller novels. He seeks to put his devotion to writing to good use in the professional field as a technical writer.

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New Torklift Product revealed at Mt. Rainier summit

rainier-jon-and-jackTorklift founder Jon Kay (left) and President Jack Kay (right) after Torklift’s Mt. Rainier climbTorklift’s recent trek to the summit of Washington state’s Mt. Rainier not only marked the celebration of Torklift’s 40 years in business come 2016, it also brought upon an exciting announcement for the truck camping community. With plans to announce this new product once the summit was reached, in the spirit of inspiration and innovation Torklift President Jack Kay and Assistant Marketing Director Sheryl Bushaw did just that.

Summit up
Appropriately named “Summit,” the new product is following in the footsteps of Torklift’s well-established line of custom truck camper bumpers made specifically in partnership with several truck camper manufacturers. The Summit bumper is planned for universal applications that will span across several truck camper brands and models. If you have a truck camper that’s not compatible with the current aftermarket truck camper bumpers like the Ultra Deck Plus for Lance Campers, Fox Landing for Arctic Fox, Palomino Landing Pad for Palomino truck campers and Northstar bumper for Northstar truck campers, Torklift’s Summit bumper is being developed with you in mind.


Some of our current designs include:

• Additional lockable bumper storage
• Custom step tread
• Slide out or swing step designs
• DOT certified LED bumper lights
• Hinge locking systems

“The Torklift bumper will be designed to work as universal as possible and is expected to encompass a landing, storage and security features,” explained Kay. “The bumper is made for truck campers to celebrate where we came from. While we have expanded quite a bit into the towable, motorhome and fifth wheel segments, our roots began with truck campers and we are extremely grateful to those truck camper customers who have gotten us to where we are 40 years later.”

With Torklift International’s 40th anniversary fast approaching, the Summit truck camper bumper is currently in the preliminary design phases set to be released as a special edition anniversary product next year. The Summit bumper will “sum it up” – all the things you’d want in a camper bumper wrapped up in one.

American made
made-in-usaManufacturing a durable, safe and smart camper bumper design that provides ultimate convenience is important to us.  It’s just as important to us that all of our products are manufactured right here on American soil providing support to the American families behind this organization. Over the past 39 years in business, being made in the USA is a commitment and promise to our customers and ourselves. With future growth at our doorsteps, this is one aspect of Torklift that will never change.

Designed with you in mind
If you could create a customized truck camper bumper, how would you design it? How important is storage and locking/security capabilities? Does a porch and specific type of truck camper step assembly configuration best apply to all of your needs? towing-with-overhangTow and haul a camper at the same timeA great aspect of hauling a truck camper is that it still gives you the option to tow behind the truck. Whether it is an enclosed trailer or boat trailer, with the use of a SuperHitch and SuperTruss receiver hitch extension you’re able to successfully tow and haul at the same time. But do you have to disconnect the trailer in order to access your truck camper entry? It’s these little things that make the design of a customized aftermarket truck camper bumper so important. With the Torklift bumper, we hope to address every little detail.

celebrateHave ideas? Share with us by commenting below and let us know if there’s a feature or a specific issue that is the most important to you. Stay tuned for more information on the 40th anniversary special edition Summit bumper and join us in celebrating this significant milestone.

Learn more about our existing camper bumper applications here.

To read about the climbing experience, check out our 3 part series:

Part 1: Mind over matter
Part 2: Into the unknown
Part 3: The climb

sherylWritten by Sheryl Bushaw:
As a graduate from Arizona State University with a B.A. in Journalism and emphasis in Public Relations, Sheryl is a passionate writing professional with focus in areas of copy writing, social media and creative design. She is a travel enthusiast and explorer-extraordinaire with a zest for life.

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Northstar Camper Bumper: Your aluminum safety net and storage savior

It’s 9 o’clock at night. The once blazing campfire has been reduced to ashes and embers. An echo of the celebration that took place on your first night in the woods is still present. Confident in your abilities as an outdoorsman, you turn your attention to your truck camper and smile. From the well-lit interiors, you feel the warmth wash across your face as the sound of gentle humming from a loved one resonates in your ears. Content that you will spend the evening in the warmth and comfort of your camper, you step up to mount the truck camper entry steps — and immediately slip and fall backwards. Pain jets up and down your back and neck, which is now cold and wet. Suddenly, as if mocking you, the decrepit camper steps break away from your truck camper and land in the mud. As you glare at its inefficiency, you can’t help but wonder: Is this it? There has to be something better than this.

And there is.

northstar-camperNorthstar Bumper on the 2014 Northstar 8.5 Arrow UFrom Torklift International comes the Northstar camper bumper designed specifically for Northstar truck campers. Forged from lightweight, aircraft grade aluminum, this factory installed truck camper bumper uses a custom swing step and thick step treads to carry you gently into the warm embrace of your camper on any Northstar framing system. In addition, reinforced gussets support higher weight levels, providing an extra level of safety. Gone are the days of stepping into the unknown and risking possible injury. With the Northstar truck camper bumper, your safety is promised. Other features include RV sewer house storage that locks to protect your equipment, plus the ability to tow any trailer when using a SuperTruss Extension. Finally, the Northstar Camper Bumper comes with a legendary lifetime warranty, ensuring quality and protection in any situation. This product is a great aftermarket upgrade, meaning that available spare parts are only a phone call away.

Northstar Camper Bumper

custom-step-treadSwing step on Northstar BumperThe Northstar Camper Bumper is a continuation of Northstar’s quest to build superior products. Reviews of their campers, such as the 2014 Northstar 8.5 Arrow U, are evidence of Northstar’s commitment to quality. One such review praises Torklift’s Northstar Camper Bumper, particularly its truck camper swing step feature, with the steps “ease of use” being highly regarded:

“Northstar’s aluminum bumper and Torklift International GlowStep flip-down step system is really fantastic.  When traveling, the GlowStep securely locks into position preventing the steps from moving during transport.  Upon arrival, the step is released by pulling a spring loaded latch on the inside left of the step hinge.  Entry into the camper is further aided by a large swing-out assist handle.”       – Truck Camper Magazine

Proudly made in the USA, the Northstar Camper Bumper is brought to you by the partnership of Torklift International and Northstar Manufacturing, better known as R.C. Willet Co., Inc.  Located on the corner of Leversee Road and Airline Highway in Waterloo, Iowa, the Willett family has been setting the standard for truck camper manufacturing as “The Truck Camper People.”

northstar-logoFounded by Ralph Willett in 1955, he and his son Robert Willett (also known as Chuck), took to building a business of manufacturing truck campers. From 1961 on, they have sold their Texson Campers to dealers across the country. Since the early 1980s, the reigns have been passed to Chuck’s son Rex, who has commanded the company with distinction. Surpassing their 54th anniversary, Rex has maintained Northstar’s continuous legacy of excellence and quality, using passed down knowledge along with continuously advancing technology to keep its competitive edge while improving the product.        

Both Torklift and Northstar pride themselves on their rich history as family-owned companies, using both innovation and knowledge handed down through generations to perfect their craft. Each company has stood the test of time, building two powerful titans of manufacturing in the name of enhancing and evolving the RV industry.

To order a Northstar Camper Bumper contact Rex Willet at Northstar campers at 1-319-233-3461.


andrew-headshotWritten by Andrew Wales:
Andrew is a recent graduate from the University of Washington, where he earned his B.A. in Arts, Media and Culture. In his free time, he channels his passion for writing into numerous projects, including the development of a series of full-length science fiction thriller novels. He seeks to put his devotion to writing to good use in the professional field as a technical writer.


Photo Credit: Truck Camper Magazine

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Storage for the Long Haul: The Ultra Deck Plus, a truck camper bumper designed exclusively for Lance Truck Campers

lance-bumper-storageUltra Deck Plus Camper BumperAs fantastic as truck camping can be, there never seems to be quite enough room to store all the accessories you need — tools, ice chests, fishing poles, hiking gear. With the Ultra Deck Plus — a truck camper bumper engineered by Torklift International and designed exclusively for Lance Campers — you’ll never lack for storage space again. The Ultra Deck Plus bumper is a versatile aftermarket truck camper bumper, elegantly designed to increase your storage capacity without adding additional bulk to your truck camper. For those long journeys on the road, the Ultra Deck Plus bumper is destined to become your new best friend.

Transform the Journey with the Ultra Deck Plus
Have you ever caught yourself debating whether it’s more valuable to bring along your fishing gear or your ice chest on your next trip? If so, the Ultra Deck Plus bumper is the product for you. This compact truck camper bumper features a sleek contoured body style that gives specific models of Lance truck campers an additional 7.8 cubic feet of truck camper storage so you’ll never again need to agonize over that decision.

On either side of the deck, two spacious compartments provide deep storage for large items such as a cooler or a tackle box. Both compartments also have built in drains that make cleaning a breeze. The central deck features a sliding storage drawer that can support up to 600 pounds; it also comes with a standard truck camper swing step. lance-slide-outUltra Deck Plus features slide-out porchOffered as an option the truck camper entry step system is designed to also incorporate Torklift International’s patent pending GlowStep technology and can be deployed from either the center, right, or left side making The Ultra Deck Plus bumper perfect for safe and easy side access critical with towing, especially when using a SuperTruss Extension.  

Torklift International Ultra Deck Plus for Lance Campers

With so many details, the Ultra Deck Plus is sure to dazzle. However, perhaps the best feature of all is that the bumper storage is lockable. Not only does the Ultra Deck Plus bumper allow you to bring all of your favorite gear with you, but it can also afford peace of mind about the safety of your items while you’re out exploring.

Check out the video below for more detail about the Ultra Deck Plus bumper, its lockable storage features, and its durable design:

Truck Camper Storage at its Finest
Engineered by Torklift International, the Ultra Deck Plus was specifically designed for Lance truck campers and is directly compatible with the following units:

• 2015/2016 1050S Model
• 2015/2016 1052 Model
• 2015/2016 995 Model
• 2016 975 Model
• 2016 1062 Model

Like all Torklift products, the Ultra Deck Plus bumper is proudly made in the USA from quality materials you can trust. It is built with aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel, resulting in a light but durable truck camper bumper. High impact powder coating not only adds style to the Ultra Deck Plus bumper, but it also ensures extreme durability. Lockable storage compartments feature a unique hinge lock system exclusive to Torklift International designs. Finally, DOT certified LED lights are sealed and guaranteed never to leak — a promise backed by Lance Camper Manufacturing.

Ultra Deck Plus features DOT certified LED lights

Spacious Storage and Uncompromised Style
With the Ultra Deck Plus truck camper bumper, you have all the space you need yet you sacrifice nothing in style. The Ultra Deck Plus is sleek, sturdy, and elegantly simple, and it is sure to add class to the back of your Lance truck camper.

lance-campers-tcPhoto Credit: Lance CampersWe are certain you’ll be impressed with the Ultra Deck Plus bumper, but we would like to know what you like best about it. What features stand out most? What would you like to add?

Are you ready to embark on your next adventure? Why not try the Ultra Deck Plus bumper for yourself? For information on how to order the Ultra Deck Plus, contact your local Lance dealer by visiting or call (661) 949-3322.

Jenica headshotWritten by Jenica Donahue:
Jenica holds a B.F.A. in Creative Writing from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. She is a freelance writer interested in blogging, copy writing and editing. She enjoys exploring new places and hiking in the Pacific Northwest.

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Torklift’s journey to Mt. Rainier’s summit Part 3: The Climb

Continued from Part 2

A race against time
As our guides rope us up for the final ascent, I couldn’t help but notice how our climbing teams were re-organized. One of our female group members decided to stay behind at camp along with a guide. Continuing the climb was four rope teams: Two groups of three climbers consisting of two men plus a guide and two additional groups of 2, another woman and myself each had our own personal guide. Jack and I were separated onto two different teams and at this point, I knew the guides anticipated that I would be one of the first to turn back early. This factor was just extra fuel. I wasn’t prepared to give up until I reached my goal.

crevasse-crossingCrossing a crevasseWith only a headlamp and the moonlight, I closely followed my guide and laser-focused on each immediate challenge in front of me. Bottomless crevasse? Check. I’ll go ahead and death-grip a rope while I inch my way across wobbly wooden 2x4 planks thrown over a flimsy aluminum ladder with my clunky spike shoes. Vertical ice walls? Check. That’s what my crampons and ice axe were for, right? Scale the edge of a cliff across loose rock and boulders? Check. With the path just inches wide in some areas, I tried my best to put fear aside and refused to succumb to the exhaustion nipping at my heels. With no time to waste, I kept moving as quickly as possible, which was sadly similar to the pace of a zombie.

At the top of Disappointment Cleaver, two climbers had already turned around at two separate points. Since it required a guide to take each of them back down to camp, only two guides remain for the entire group. There was a rope team of two gentlemen plus Jack and I. The two of us roped up with our guide to tackle the remainder of the ascent. As the wind picked up and our faces began to freeze, we trekked onward.

guide-breakOur Lead Guide stops for a quick breakThe climb was ruthless. With infinite steep switchbacks and several sections of treachery, I slowly began to lose momentum. It got to the point where our guide was literally pulling on the rope to keep up a pace. With no breath or energy left in my legs, I was ready to surrender. My body wanted to quit and my mind was screaming mercy. But there were just a few things to consider. In order to summit, we needed at least two mountaineering guides. If I quit, the three remaining climbers on this trip would not have a chance to summit. Jack had dedicated endless hours of preparation and I would shatter his dream of reaching the summit.

All of Torklift was expecting me to complete this climb. The immense pressure to not give up was the only thing that kept my feet moving one in front of the other. Slowly but surely, I just kept moving, pushing beyond any effort I thought I was even capable of. Regardless of a mind and body wrenching in pain, I just kept going.

A mountain of meaning
summit-torkliftTorklift on top of Mt. RainierAs I forced myself up the last fifty brutal feet of the climb, I finally approached the top rim of Mt. Rainier’s volcanic crater. The elevation was over 14,400 feet and the simple act if breathing was a distant memory. I was still in shock and disbelief that I had made it to the summit. After being disconnected from our rope team, I took a moment of triumph to look out over the horizon as the sun had inched its way into the sky and I could see layers after layers of mountainous landscaping below. Never had the word “breathtaking” been so literal.

I carefully entered Rainier’s crater while Jack trudged onward to the Columbia Crest, the highest tip of the summit. He signed our names in the summit book alongside our Lead Guide, who just happened to be on his 115th visit to that very spot. Upon their return we signed a Torklift flag to commemorate the event. I even attempted my signature “jump for joy” although exhaustion had definitely taken its toll.

My signature “jump for joy” in Mt. Rainier’s crater

I know the journey was of huge significance to Jack as well. As he stood upon Rainier’s summit, he placed emphasis on one of his favorite quotes:

“Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat.”
                            -- Theodore Roosevelt

This quote is heard often at Torklift headquarters and is even posted on the wall in the company’s conference room. It’s a daily reminder to take chances, even if it means failure. To face challenges, overcome obstacles and reach for the highest heights. It’s what Jack and I had just struggled to conquer and what’s made Torklift the company it is today: an organization ready for the biggest challenges.

There were a few things I thought about while standing in the crater at the top of Mt. Rainier. One: Just when you think you can’t go forward, you can always push harder - there is always more to give. Two: With the support of family and friends, and the positive mindset of believing in yourself, you can literally accomplish anything. The whole experience is somewhat surreal for me and is something I will remember forever.

finalTorklift President Jack Kay, IMG Lead Guide, Asst. Mkt Director Sheryl Bushaw

After the climb, Jack and I realized that in those moments of both struggle and triumph on the mountain, we both thought about our families, friends and most importantly, our Torklift family. The primary inspiration and motivation to complete a journey of this magnitude was Torklift. Celebrating 40 years in business is a direct result of the hard work, dreams and dedication of our employees.

For 2016, we hope that you join us in celebrating our 40-year milestone.

Torklift Sheryl

sherylWritten by Sheryl Bushaw:
As a graduate from Arizona State University with a B.A. in Journalism and emphasis in Public Relations, Sheryl is a passionate writing professional with focus in areas of copy writing, social media and creative design. She is a travel enthusiast and explorer-extraordinaire with a zest for life.

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Torklift’s journey to Mt. Rainier’s summit Part 2: Into the unknown

Continued from Part 1

rope-upLearning mountaineering maneuversThe first leg of the trip to Camp Muir flew by with ease. Other than mild foot blistering and a substantial physical exertion, this section of the trip was familiar to me. I wouldn’t say comfortable, but it was still within my comfort zone. The second day before departing to camp two at Ingraham Flats, our guides took time to teach us basic mountaineering maneuvers. We learned different ways to walk with crampons, a metal plate with large 1” spikes fixed to our boots that help us to tread on ice and rocks. We also learned self/team-arrest, which is the process of anchoring your body into the mountain in effort to stop the fall of a fellow climber in which you are roped to. After rolling down a steep ice hill both feet and head first, getting familiar with using an ice axe, we finally roped up and headed toward camp two. Our group broke into separate climbing teams of 2-3 people, including a guide for each.

It was at this point we left behind our hiking poles and only used the ice axe for support. With fifty-plus pounds strapped to my back, maneuvering an exceptionally steep trail of loose rock sans pole support was a new challenge I had to face. I seriously struggled and I could tell the guides were analyzing my performance. When we arrived at Ingraham Flats, I retreated to my tent that was already set up on the glacier with newfound frustration. It was that evening when we all grouped together for our meal and that our Lead Guide briefed us on what was about to happen next.


cathedral-gap-topNearing the top of Cathedral Gap

Camp two at Ingraham Flats


guide-tentGuide tent on Ingraham Glacier, camp twoFlash of doubt
As we sat in the guide tent and listened to directions from the Lead Guide, he made it very incredibly clear the amount of difficulty we were about to endure. We were also under a time crunch and pace requirement. If our climbing teams were unable to reach a certain point on the mountain by a specific time, your rope team would have to turn back and give up on the chance to achieve summiting. This put an immense amount of pressure on performing well, as the opportunity for others to summit depended on the level of your endurance. By the end of the pow-wow, I was highly doubtful that I would be able to complete this climb. They indicated that this portion of the climb was undoubtedly the most difficult and I had already struggled leading up to this point. It didn’t help that inclement weather prior to our climb had left the mountain in poor condition for summiting; forcing the route to be the longest it’s been in at least the last 10 years. The large sections of crevasses forced climbing teams to re-route a zigzag pattern and a far more challenging path to the summit.

View over Ingraham Glacier and Little Tahoma

I lay down in my tent and closed my eyes. Light-headed and struggling with deep breaths, I realized the lack of oxygen at high altitude was causing me to cough uncontrollably. I focused on breathing while my mind shifted into its own thoughts. How the heck was I going to pull this off? There was absolutely no way, I convinced myself.

As my mind drowned in fear, worry and insecurity, my thoughts shifted toward my team of Torklift employees and how much they believed that if anyone could do this with Jack, it was going to be me. It was in that moment that I realized I needed to turn this around. I needed to psyche myself out and change my mindset in order to accomplish this challenge successfully.

Even though I had the support of my fellow co-workers, there were also several people that expressed doubt that I could summit this mountain. How amazing would it feel to prove them wrong? How could I allow others to tell me what I could and couldn’t accomplish? Only I was in control of reaching my goal, and right there, lying on the icy floor of my freezing tent, I made my decision. Summiting this mountain wasn’t an option. I was going to give every ounce of effort within my soul to make this momentous achievement a reality. If I believe it, I can achieve it, I thought to myself repeatedly.

As nightfall set in I made a serious effort to get some much-needed rest, but the anticipation of the last and crucial segment of the climb was weighing on me. I was amped up. Not even the violent flapping of my tent from gusting winds was going to intimidate me. At 1:30am our guides gave us the wake up call. I quickly mended my blistering feet and strapped the back of my heels with a generous amount of duct tape. I forced a breakfast of watered-down instant oatmeal and went to gear up. My climbing harness is tightly secured, my ice axe in-hand and my headlamp is on. It’s go time.

Read what happens next by following

- Torklift Sheryl

sherylWritten by Sheryl Bushaw:
As a graduate from Arizona State University with a B.A. in Journalism and emphasis in Public Relations, Sheryl is a passionate writing professional with focus in areas of copy writing, social media and creative design. She is a travel enthusiast and explorer-extraordinaire with a zest for life.

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Torklift’s journey to Mt. Rainier’s summit Part 1: Mind over matter

Out of site, Out of mind
packingTorklift Sheryl and Jack Kay packing our backpacks for the trip
The final days before our scheduled climb to Washington State’s iconic Mt. Rainier, it still hadn’t completely sunk in. The plan was simple. The goal was absolute. But was I ready? To be honest, I had no idea. I had no clue what I was getting myself into when I happily jumped at the opportunity to climb Mt. Rainier alongside Torklift President Jack Kay, who had been training over a year for this moment. I had less than two months to prepare and condition my body and lungs for not only the grueling physical demand a glaciated mountain required, but also for an altitude I had never experience before. Without knowing how far I could push my physical capability and how my body would react to the common side affects of high altitude, I managed to keep all of the cold hard facts out of my mind as the days dwindled down to the trip’s departure. All I could think about was how amazing it was going to be to have my feet on the top of that majestic mountain... witnessing the sun igniting its fiery glow across the mesmerizing Pacific Northwest landscape. I kept the details of what it would take to get there completely pushed aside. Out of sight, out of mind, right? But the magnitude of Mt. Rainier isn’t something you can ignore for long.

Torklift International President Jack Kay chose to climb Mt. Rainier to signify the celebration of Torklift International’s 40 years in business come 2016. Be sure to read how I was selected for the opportunity to accompany him on this journey in by clicking here.

Ready or not…
imgInternational Mountain Guides arrive
morning of climb departure
As we arrive at Paradise in Mt. Rainier National Park the day before the climb, the shear reality of the climb finally begins to set in. I had hiked up to Camp Muir at 10,000 feet elevation several times before to help prepare myself. It was beyond that point that had me edgy. To pass Camp Muir, climbing teams must be roped up for safety as crevasses and other hazards were prevalent. I didn’t know what it might be like after the point of Camp Muir, especially since the majority of our trek to the summit would occur during nightfall. Have you ever had that tingling pit in your stomach when you’re nervous about something? The night before our departure, I couldn’t shake that feeling. I even thought about leaving a note for my family just in case something was to happen to me. With rock falls, avalanches and crevasses hundreds of feet deep, the dangers of climbing this mountain became very real to me.

campmuir-routeRoute up toward Camp MuirOur climbing team was made up of seven people and five experienced mountaineering guides from tour company IMG (International Mountain Guides). As the last climbing team of the season not only was the mountain in less than ideal condition, but we were also the only people on it. Should an emergency rescue be required, we had fewer resources to rely on in a time of need. For this reason IMG sent us up the mountain with extra guides on hand, who would also help with equipment tear down since our trip marked the conclusion of their season. Our team consisted of folks from around the world, and as representatives from Torklift International and local Washingtonians, Jack and I were honored to be climbing with such an amazing group of people.

Climbing team with two IMG Guides on departure day

Trailhead from Paradise to Camp Muir

Stay tuned as the journey continues…

- Torklift Sheryl



sherylWritten by Sheryl Bushaw:
As a graduate from Arizona State University with a B.A. in Journalism and emphasis in Public Relations, Sheryl is a passionate writing professional with focus in areas of copy writing, social media and creative design. She is a travel enthusiast and explorer-extraordinaire with a zest for life.

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7 offers you can’t afford to miss for safeguarding your RV this winter

Safeguard your Camper with these Winter Rebates
The time has come to ready your RV for the off-season. You’ve had a nice year together—exploring the streets of brightly lit cities, spending long nights under canopies of evergreen forests, camping along sandy beaches—but winter is fast approaching, and it’s time to start thinking about storage and theft prevention.

winterProtect your RV this winter seasonWe understand if storing an RV during the off-season causes a little added stress. As the winter whistle starts to blow, it not only brings rain, snow and ice but also increased theft. This year, as you prepare your truck camper or trailer for its winter hibernation, there’s no need to worry—Torklift International has you covered with the latest RV storage and camper security products, including a locking battery box, a locking cargo carrier, a lock for LP tanks and more.

Don’t delay—these winterization rebates expire on December 11th!

7 Offers You Can’t Afford to Miss

fortress-gaslockFortress GasLock1) Fortress GasLock – Propane Tank Security
Torklift is offering $10 off the Fortress GasLock, a propane tank lock that could save you over $500 in damages related to propane tank theft and cut lines. This nifty lock allows tanks to be secured when mounted to trailers, towables and RVs. It’s the only propane tank lock in the industry and it works hard to protect your propane tanks from prowlers.

power-lockFortress PowerLock2) Fortress PowerLock – Locking Shore Power Latch
The Fortress PowerLock covers the RV shore power cord access door and protects power cords from being stolen. As the price for copper increases, the risk of stolen power cords also grows. This easily installable locking shore power latch can help prevent the risk of cut power cords. Torklift is offering a $10 factory rebate on the Fortress Power Lock—a product that can save you over $300.

3) PowerArmor – Locking Battery Storage
Battery theft is increasingly common and very expensive—damages total up to $800. With the PowerArmor locking battery box you’ll never need to worry about your camper batteries again. The PowerArmor battery box has the dual purpose of securing expensive batteries and providing additional storage space for your gear. Not only that, but the solar option maintains the life of your battery up to 400%. The PowerArmor box is $30 off with Torklift’s winterization rebate.

PowerArmor Solar battery storage box

generator-trayLock and Load generator tray4) Lock and Load – Locking Cargo Carrier
You wouldn’t leave valuables unprotected in the front yard, so why leave prized RV accessories vulnerable? Stolen generators generate megabucks for thieves, while costing you around $1,800. The Lock and Load is a maximum-security generator tray that is great for protecting all of your big-item valuables—generators, camping gear, toolboxes and more. The Lock and Load also allows you to lock, store and run your generator simultaneously. Torklift’s rebate can save you $30 on this locking cargo tray.


camper-stabilizer5) FastGun Wobble Stopper – Camper Stabilizer
The Torklift rebate offer can save you $20 on the FastGun Wobble Stopper. Not only does the FastGun Wobble Stopper prevent theft, but it also reduces camper jack and frame stress. This decreases the risk of jack failure and frame damage—saving thousands if you had to repair your camper frame. The FastGun Wobble Stopper is simple to use and features FastGun technology to make adjustments and disconnects a breeze.


6) HiddenPower – Under Vehicle Battery Mount
 battery-mountTorklift HiddenPowerNot only does the HiddenPower battery mount keep your batteries out of sight—you’ll also never lack for an extra RV battery. Additional HiddenPower battery is kept charged by your trucks charging system batteries are simply mounted under your truck bed. Now you can even power your RV or other accessories without turning on the ignition—just wire them directly into the extra battery. Torklift is offering a $20 factory rebate when you purchase the HiddenPower battery mount.

camper-standsCamper Packer Storage Stands
for truck campers
7) Camper Packer – Camper Storage Stands
You’ll definitely want to keep your camper steady while it’s off the truck. Don’t forget to consider the Camper Packer storage stands for your long-term storage needs. These 6,000 lb. capacity camper storage stands dramatically reduce stress to your camper jacks and frame. Torklift’s rebate offer will save you an additional $10 as your prepare to store your camper for the off-season.


Save Big this Winter
Theft isn’t cheap. That’s why we want you to take full advantage of Torklift International’s winterization rebates and save between $10 and $30 on select camper storage or RV security products. When winter comes to an end and you’re back on the trail with your camper, we know you’ll be glad you did.

LAST CHANCE! Protect yourself this winter — access Torklift rebate offers by clicking here.


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