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At Torklift, we call our Truck camper tie downs TRUE Frame-Mounted Camper Tie Downs. This is because they are the only truck camper tie downs available that attach to the strongest part of your truck, which is the truck frame. All other tie downs, commonly referred to as homemade truck camper tie downs or bed-mounted tie downs generally attach to the bed or stake pocket. You might be wondering why that is an issue, we can help explain.

Bed-mounted tie downs bolt through the side of the truck bed leading to flexing and cracking of the bed as well as eventual exterior rust that is very noticeable that often leads to further body cracking and paint cracking. Truck beds are made of thin sheet metal which increases the risk of damage because that is the main attachment point for bed-mounted tie downs and stake pocket tie downs. By mounting truck camper tie downs to the truck frame, you are ensured to have your truck camper attached to the safest and strongest location of your truck. Whether you are hauling a small camper or a larger camper – we are still dealing with thousands of pounds that has potential to shift in the truck bed and alter the center of gravity of your vehicle which makes it even more critical to attach your truck camper tie down to your truck frame.

We believe the Torklift truck camper tie downs are the best tie downs for truck campers but don’t take our word for it. Check out this review written by Truck Camper Adventure here.

Use our fit finder to locate the perfect application designed just for your truck and check out more information on why this truck camper tie down system is right for you.

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Torklift Truck Camper Tie Downs – TRUE Frame Mounted Features

  • Only truck camper tie down system that attaches to the strongest part of the truck – the frame
  • Torklift tie downs dramatically improve vehicle handling and stability resulting in the safest way to secure a truck camper
  • Prevents vehicle sway and camper movement in all directions due to TRUE Frame Mounted Tie Down system attachment points
  • Recommended by Lance Campers, Northern Lite, Northstar Campers, Lance Owners of America, Arctic Fox, Northwood Manufacturing, BigFoot Campers, Travel Lite and more
  • Vehicle manufacturers recommend that all full-height slide-in camper bodies be directly attached to the vehicle frame structure
  • Avoid bed damage, bumper damage and body rust that is common with other truck camper tie down systems
  • NEVER drill into your truck bed to install these truck camper tie downs
  • Custom fit to your specific truck make and model to allow for the perfect fitment specific to you
  • The only truck camper tie down that mounts using independent tie down points that bolt directly to the truck frame
  • Fast, 100% no-drill installations securing your truck camper to your truck for fitments since 2001. Some modification can be required for fitments older than 2001 Check your application here)
  • No loss of ground clearance, perfect for off-road truck camping
  • Hidden design allows for removal of inserts when not in use to return your truck to its original look
  • Truck camper tie down brackets remain bolted to the truck frame or can be removed for storage
  • Designed for light weight to heavy truck campers
  • It is required that no additional holes be drilled through the vehicle frame side rail horizontal flanges
  • It is suggested that outrigger-type "L" brackets be attached to the frame's vertical web to which the camper body can be conveniently attached
  • Protect your truck camper tie downs from theft by locking up your investment with Tie Down Locks
  • All truck camper tie downs require a truck camper turnbuckle, see the world’s all-time best selling FastGun Turnbuckle here
  • Only truck camper tie down system with a Legendary Lifetime Warranty
  • Proudly made in the USA

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The reason we call our truck camper tie downs TRUE Frame Mounted Tie Downs is because they are the only truck bed camper tie downs that bolt directly to the frame which is the strongest and safest position on your truck. Afterall, everything else that is critical to your truck is also attached to the frame.

These truck camper tie downs are for Ford, Chevy, Dodge and Ram, Nissan, Jeep and Toyota and have been specifically designed just for your truck with its own individual fitment. If you are wondering how to tie down a slide in truck camper you will need truck camper tie downs and truck camper turnbuckles.

Our truck camper tie downs are designed to be an easy DIY installation for a novice at-home wrench enthusiast – anyone can do it! An installation generally involves bolting the truck camper tie down brackets to the truck frame using pre-drilled holes. All hardware is included. The included tie down inserts then fit into the receiver opening of the bracket that was installed. After that, all that is needed is to select a turnbuckle which serves as the connection point between the truck camper anchor point and the truck camper tie down insert. We offer a variety of turnbuckles but our all-time best-selling one can be found here.

The TRUE Frame Mounted Tie Down features a patented design that incorporates four independent camper tie down points that bolt directly to the truck frame to dramatically improve stability and handling.

These truck camper tie downs are engineered to fit tight and secure to your truck frame with no loss of ground clearance. Our pickup camper tie downs are guaranteed to eliminate bed and bumper damage and are backed by our Legendary Lifetime Warranty.

What’s in a warranty? Well, ours actually works for you – you’ll like this. Rather than a typical one-year parts-only warranty where you have to fill out loads of paperwork and share your mother’s maiden name as well as the city you were born in so that you can hopefully speak with a real live person about a problem you are experiencing… we actually take care of you. We appreciate and recognize that the only reason we are here today is because of our customers. We will do our level best to make sure that you are taken care of in the way we would want to be taken care of. We will work hard to make sure you make it to your camping trip, help you install your products and have fun doing it. Give us a shot at taking care of you.