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SuperTruss: The cure to your hangover

cureWhen it comes to towing, determining the correct configuration and proper towing equipment can be a headache, sadly like a hangover.  But the hangover we’re talking about is hauling something that blocks access to your trailer hitch, preventing you from hooking up that boat or trailer behind your rig. Also known as an overhang, this could be the case if your truck bed is often home to a truck camper, sled deck, or hauling something that requires the tailgate down.

To remedy your towing troubles, we know just the trick to towing a trailer with this so-called “hangover” situation. The cure: Torklift International SuperHitch SuperTruss extension.


SuperHitch and SuperTruss hitch receiver extension

Use your words
All you knew when you bought the truck camper was that you wanted to haul your boat and take camping trips with the family all summer long. But hold up -- What are all these unfamiliar words being tossed around? When you go to install the trailer hitch and the guy says, “What are you towing?” The short answer is, “My boat.” Then you realize that your camper prohibits the boat trailer from hooking up properly. Whoops. So what does that mean in terms of what you need? Start here…

Did you know that the payload of the truck and the towing capacity have two different meanings?

towing-with-overhangTowing with truck camper overhangThe payload usually refers to how much weight a truck can carry in both passengers and cargo (and this includes the camper on the back), and the towing capacity refers to how much weight a truck can safely tow. The payload can include the tongue weight, which is the portion of trailer weight bearing down on the trucks hitch. These are important things to have right. Luckily, the SuperHitch Outlaw Series has all the equipment needed to tow safely.

gavelIt is what it is
The towing capacity of your receiver hitch does not override the maximum capacity ratings assigned by the vehicle manufacturer. Unfortunately, you can only safely tow or haul as much as the lowest set rating on either truck, hitch or hitch extension. Maximum capacity ratings listed by the manufacturer are absolute and set for a reason. There isn’t any magical cure you can try that will alter that number. You can, however, upgrade your hitch to maximize the towing capabilities of your truck and avoid the limitations of the factory hitch. This way you are only bound by the towing limitations of your vehicle instead of the hitch. Often times a truck is outfitted with a hitch that is not strong enough for the truck. When it comes to adding a receiver extension for your hitch, know that towing weight capacities will change.

An extension by any other name is not the same
Not just any towing extension will do. When weight capacities correlate directly with safety and the lives of you and others on the road, it’s no surprise why we take this so seriously.

supertruss-customerDual truss design on SuperTrussA longer extension has less capacity than a shorter one that has the ability to handle more stress and added weight. Why does the SuperHitch SuperTruss have the highest capacities in the industry?

Top three reasons:

batman-robin#1) Dual truss design
This is the only towing extension in the industry with two tubes. With the reinforcement and strength from the dual truss design, Torklift is able to achieve the highest weight ratings for towing in the biz.

The SuperTruss fits perfectly into the double receiver of any SuperHitch from the Outlaw Towing Series. Partners in crime…two peas in a pod…the dynamic duo. You understand.   

#2) Lateral-support safety chains
Also unique to the SuperTruss design, the patented safety chains strengthen the towing extension from moving side-to-side.

#3) Reinforced hitch pin locations
The spot where the hitch is attached to the towing extension uses a large pin. When towing regularly, “egging” or elongation can occur. The slop ends up creating more slop, until you have to replace your equipment. Since we reinforce the hitch pin locations on the SuperTruss, you can avoid this issue altogether. Less headache!

Size Matters
Whoever said size doesn’t matter never tried to tow a boat and large camper with too short of a hitch receiver extension.  Not only that, remember when we mentioned that the size of the hitch extension has a dramatic effect on towing capacities? Use our easy measurement guide to determine the appropriate extension size for your set up.

The Torklift International SuperTruss Extension is available in eight different lengths to handle even the worst of hangovers. In the case of receiver extensions in relation to capacities, bigger isn’t always better. From 21 inches to a whopping 60 inches or 5 feet, the SuperTruss is perfect for larger campers or anything that extends past the truck bed.

Take a look at the SuperTruss extension capacities here:

F1 - Trailers Gross Tongue Weight (GTW) when fully loaded
F2 - Trailers Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) when fully loaded

When used with weight distribution, the ability to tow up to 14,000 pounds when using a 21-inch extension is not something you can find from other receiver extensions.

LegendaryLifetimeWarrantyWe put the truss in trust
We’ve made it easy to put your trust in the Torklift SuperTruss. As a noun “Truss” is meant to indicate a brace or support. Make it a verb by adding a “T” and you’ve got yourself a sense of security. These meanings embody the true definition of our SuperTruss hitch extension. Covered by Torklift’s Legendary Lifetime Warranty, the SuperTruss is made in the USA.

If you have any questions or need help to steer you in the right direction, please call our towing experts and technical support team at 800-246-8132. We can help get you in compliance and safe on the road.

Learn more about the SuperHitch Outlaw Series or SuperHitch SuperTruss by clicking here.


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