Maintaining and Understanding Your RV Batteries

RV battery BoxFor those who enjoy boondocking or bringing amenities and the comfort of home such as hair dryers, laptops and more – you’re going to need power. What’s the best way to get power through your RV? Batteries! Now as RVs are getting more technologically advanced, RV batteries are a necessity, but how well do you understand the batteries for your RV?

The basics of understanding your RV battery

At their most basic level, a RV deep cycle battery is lead acid, which means they have several cells connected in a series. Each cell produces volts which is where you get the power from. There are three major kinds of deep cell batteries for RVs available that are made out of plates and electrolytes composed of sulfuric acid, lead and water: AGM, flooded wet cell and gel cell. Each RV battery has both its advantages and disadvantages:

Flooded wet cell battery: available in 6-volt or 12-volt variations, flooded wet cell batteries are the most common RV batteries and are very affordable.

How it works: Flooded wet cell batteries vent oxygen and hydrogen gas while charging, the gases are produced from the electrolysis of water. It requires distilled water to be added and has to be in a ventilated area due to the gases.

RV Battery AGM battery: variation of a lead-acid battery that has advantages over a flooded wet cell battery including a spill-proof design, faster charging time and a longer life.

o How it works: AGM batteries have a fiberglass mat between the plates to absorb the electrolytes while charging and can be mounted in any position. They are more expensive and require a compatible battery charger.

Gel cell battery: Does not contain liquid and is therefore leak proof. It also has a high performance at many different temperatures.

o How it works: Unlike the other two batteries, the sulfuric acid in gel cell batteries is mixed with a thickening agent and forms a gel-like substance. They charge at a slower rate and are more expensive as well.

The life expectancy of RV batteries will depend on how you use them, how well they’re maintained, how they’re charged/discharged and stored. The average time of usable power for deep-cycle batteries is 20 hours but the greater the amp-hour rating, the greater the battery storage capacity. There are many sizes available, but the most common are group 24, 27 and 31.

Battery Diagram

Maintaining RV batteries

Exploded BatteryThe two most common causes for RV battery failure are overcharging and undercharging which can lead to sulfation, which is the formation of sulfate crystals that corrode battery parts. Undercharging is a result of batteries being repeatedly discharged and not fully recharged between cycles. Overcharging is when there is a severe loss of water and plate corrosion and causes overheating and loss of water. Luckily – both of these events are avoidable. Some maintenance tips include:

Checking the batteries once a month to see how they look and refilling the water if needed
Cleaning the batteries to remove corrosion (usually with a stiff wire brush or toothbrush)
Use battery sealant spray to prevent further or future corrosion

RV battery storage

PowerArmor SolarOne of the best ways to help maintain your RV battery is to make sure they’re stored properly, fully charged in an enclosed and well-ventilated area. The PowerArmor RV battery box is designed to provide a safe, lockable storage area for 12 and 6-volt battery applications. Made from 100% heavy gauge diamond plate aluminum with black high impact powder coat frame, we’re not the only ones that think this box looks and functions great.  

“It is doing a good job of keeping the battery charge. Plus, it is super easy to unlock the PowerArmor, I feel confident that my battery will still be there the next time I travel.”

-Jim Baker

When using the PowerArmor to store batteries, you benefit from having extra battery power for your RV, boat, truck camper or vehicle. An access port allows for electrical wires to pass through the side wall of the box so it easily connects to your electrical circuit system. With battery health and performance in mind, the locking battery box features a special ventilated design and acid neutralizing battery mat.

Features of the PowerArmor include:

PowerArmor Solar Prevent common and expensive storage/battery theft (lock included)
Maintains charge increasing the longevity of the batteries up to 400% to avoid premature battery replacement (solar only)
Dual use for securing batteries and other gear
Bolts to your RV, camper bumper, boat, truck, van, etc.
Heavy gauge diamond plate aluminum for maximum durability
Designed specifically to access RV batteries avoiding interference with your RV
Uses a 10 Watt solar panel (solar only)
Comes in bright tread diamond plate featuring black high impact powder coat frame
Multiple box sizes available holding up to five batteries
Adjustable dividers for custom size compartment storage (PowerArmor Max only)
Acid neutralizing battery mat to avoid corrosion
Legendary Lifetime Warranty
Proudly made in the USA

PowerArmor and PowerArmor Solar:

17-inch box can hold up to one group 24-27 battery
17-inch box can hold up to one group 24-27 battery
24-inch box can hold up to two group 24-27 batteries
26-inch box can hold up to two group 24-27 batteries, and two group 31 batteries

PowerArmor MAX: 

58-inch box can hold a combination of up to two group 24-27 batteries with two group 31, for our 31 or 27, or five group 24 batteries

RV Battery box size diagram

If you’re interested in learning more about the Torklift International PowerArmor, there are a couple of options for you! Call us at 800-246-8132 and our tech support would be happy to answer your questions about protecting and maintaining your RV batteries. Or, find one of our Certified Dealers near you by clicking here to get set up with one of these RV battery boxes and onto your next adventure.

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Written by Kerstin Stokes:
As a graduate from the College of Idaho with a B.A. in both History and Art, Kerstin has found her passion for writing and marketing. She enjoys looking up tasty recipes, spoiling her cat Clio and daydreaming about future travels.

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What RV battery do I need for my towable RV?

PA Blog 1

With so many types of batteries available, it can be difficult to know which type you need for your towable. Do you need a large battery that will provide more power, or a battery just for small things? Depending how much power you need, there are various battery sizes – the most common is a group 24 battery and a group 27 battery, also known as “house batteries.” The group 24 battery is a good choice if you are limited on space or only have smaller accessories you need to power.

The most important thing to consider when purchasing a battery for your towable is the amount of power you need. Deep cycle batteries come in all different sizes. Some are designated by group size, like group 24, 27 and 31. The larger the battery the more amp hours you get. The same can be said for the types of batteries you get. Although all group 24 batteries are the same size, the brand of the battery will also make a difference. Some recommended battery brands with the best power span for a towable are Trojan, Interstate and Exide. You can read about the best batteries for your RV here.

PA Blog 2

With a larger battery also comes more amp hour reserve capacity. If you have more space available to you, a 6-volt battery, also known as a group 29 and 31 battery, will meet your needs. With battery theft a major concern, including a recent growth of battery theft in Canada, how can you protect your investment?

The PowerArmor Solar
Torklift has designed a high-quality locking aluminum battery box with solar panel that features a uniquely designed sliding lid that can be easily accessed no matter the mounting location. This box comes with an aluminum tread diamond plate featuring a black high-impact powder coated frame for durability. The battery box bolts directly to your RV, trailer tongue, boat, camper bumper and more. With an access port that allows electrical wires to pass through the side wall, you can easily connect the box and batteries to your circuit system. The PowerArmor Solar extends battery life up to 400% and prevents premature battery replacement with the 10-watt solar panel attached to the lid. 


thmb a7720rs• 17-inch box (A7720RS) can hold up to one group 24 or 27 battery – perfect for marine applications or if you only have room for one battery*
• 24-inch box (A7708RS) can hold up to two group 24 and 27 batteries
• 26-inch box (A7712RS) can hold up to two group 24 and 27 batteries, or two group 31 batteries

PowerArmor Max Solar

• A7710R Box holds up to two group 24, 27 and 31 batteries, up to four 31 or 27 batteries, or five group 24 batteries
• PowerArmor Max comes with adjustable dividers to customize storage compartment size

PowerArmor DH
PA Blog 4This PowerArmor battery box design has many of the same features as the PowerArmor Solar, but without the 10-watt solar panel. With a safe, lockable storage box available in multiple sizes, the battery or extra camping gear you store in the PowerArmor is safe from theft and tampering. 

• 17-inch box (A7720R) can hold up to one group 24 or 27 battery 
• 24-inch box (A7708R) can hold up to two group 24 and 27 batteries
• 26-inch box (A7712R) can hold up to two group 24 and 27 batteries, and two group 31 batteries

PowerArmor Max

• A7710RS holds up to two group 24-27 batteries and two group 31, or four 31 or 27, or five group 24 batteries
• Comes with adjustable dividers to customize storage compartment size

PA Blog 5

Each battery box has a ventilated design to prevent batteries from overheating, as well as an acid neutralizing mat to avoid corrosion. All Torklift International PowerArmor battery boxes come with locks, a Legendary Lifetime Warranty and are made in the USA.

PA Blog 6

With a locking battery box, you can prevent common battery theft and also use them to safely store other gear once you choose which battery is the perfect fit for what you need. Using a proper storage method, like the PowerArmor, you can keep your batteries in optimum condition year round, saving cost on premature battery replacement. For more information on any of our battery products contact us at 800.246.8132. 

*A7720RS requires use of a 6-amp regulator. Details here.



shyannWritten by Shyann Guerra:
Being in an environment in which I can problem solve is where I flourish. Every answer to a problem leads me to a new concept to understand or a lesson to learn. When I'm not solving problems I enjoy camping and going to festivals with my family - from the local city center festivals to the mountains of Wenatchee at the Winter Grass, blue grass music festival. Experiencing culture is where my heart is content. 


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How much does an RV battery cost?

 With a wide variety of RV batteries to choose from, their prices range just as wide. The cheapest RV battery on the market is the Apex Group UI RV battery that costs $48.25, and the most expensive battery being a Lifeline GPL-8DA deep cycle RV battery for $699.88. All RV batteries have the same purpose, but not all are equally created. So, what kind of bang are you getting for your buck? We asked our veteran RV tech Darrel what his opinion is. Darrel has worked in the RV industry for decades and personally installed his share of batteries.

Battery Blog 1Duracell ultra-high capacity battery for deep cycle 6v RV-$109.99

• This is a 6-volt battery with 230 Ah
• 12-month free replacement warranty 
• Easy twist and release vent caps for watering

Trojan Reliant-$377.97

Battery Blog 2• This is a 12-volt battery with 150Ah 
• This battery is made with robust plates that extends the life cycle and comes with a low calcium grid alloy that reduces gas emissions
• A separator of glass fibers serves to isolate the positive and negative plates while acting as a blotter to absorb the electrolytes

Lifeline GPL-8DA-$639.99

Battery Blog 3• This is a 12-volt battery with 255Ah
• This battery is specifically manufactured for deep cycle applications 
• All Lifeline batteries are Coast Guard approved and handmade in the USA, backed with an industry leading five-year warranty

Which one does Darrel recommend?

Darrel recommends the Trojan Reliant. When talking with Darrel he said he recommended this battery because, “the brand produces quality batteries that have been around for years, and they are high capacity batteries that are durable.”

How many batteries do I need for my trip?
Depending on what kind of trip you are taking, you may need anywhere from two to five extra batteries. Extra batteries are always a good thing to have on hand. You are able to expand your power capacity and extend your trip with having extra batteries. Any of us who go off-roading or off-grid boon docking understand the importance of having that extra power to be able to use light bars as well as our stereos. For those of us who travel, whether it’s in a trailer or RV, we all appreciate being able to use the appliances because we have enough power to do so. Having extra batteries brings convenience and many luxuries to the outdoor life.

Where can I store these extra batteries?

Battery Blog 4Torklift has designed a high-quality locking aluminum solar battery box featuring a lockable slide top that can easily be accessed no matter the mounting location. This box comes with a precision laser cut 100% aluminum bright tread diamond plate featuring a black high impact powder coated frame. Boxes can bolt directly to RV, trailer tongue, camper bumper, etc. It features an access port that will allow electrical wires to pass through the side wall of the box to easily connect to your electrical circuit system.

PowerArmor DH Solar/ PowerArmor Max Solar
The PowerArmor solar boxes extends battery life up to 400% and prevents premature battery replacement with the 10-watt solar panel bolted through its lid. 

PowerArmor Solar DH starting at $468.99

• 24-inch box can hold up to two group 24-27 batteries
• 26-inch box can hold up to two group 24-27 batteries, and two group 31 batteries

PowerArmor Max Solar starting at $651.99

• can hold up to two group 24-27 batteries, two group 31, four 31 or 27, or five group 24 batteries. 

PowerArmor DH/ PowerArmor Max

This battery box design has the same features as the PowerArmor Solar and the PowerArmor Max Solar minus the solar panel. The PowerArmor Max comes with adjustable dividers to customize storage compartment size.

PowerArmor DH starting at $310.99

• 24-inch box can hold up to two group 24-27 batteries
• 26-inch box can hold up to two group 24-27 batteries, and two group 31 batteries

PowerArmor Max starting at $525.99

• Can hold up to two group 24-31 batteries with ample room to store additional hitch or RV towing related equipment by utilizing the storage dividers, or as many as four group 27 or 31, or five group 24 batteries.

Each battery box comes with Torklift International’s Legendary Lifetime Warranty.

Still not convinced? Picture this: You are on a camping trip when you leave your trailer to go on a hike. Your two Trojan Reliant batteries are sitting unsecured in the factory installed brackets on the tongue of your trailer. You then return back to a crime scene. That’s over $750.00 in batteries disappeared not to mention hundreds to repair the cut wiring left by thieves! The PowerArmor box will protect your investment with its key entry system.

The PowerArmor Solar boxes take it a step further. The 10-watt solar panel on top will trickle charge the batteries and extend their life by up to 400%. The trickle charge helps by keeping the battery in optimum condition year-round unlike batteries sitting in storage that may suffer from sulfating (caused by undercharging). The solar panel easily maintains battery life by not under or overcharging them, keeping them in great condition and extending your battery investment. Even without direct sunlight the solar panel on the PowerArmor Solar absorbs reflective light. Each PowerArmor box comes with Torklift International’s Legendary Lifetime Warranty and is proudly made in the USA.

To start protecting your investment, call us at 800.246.8132 or visit our website


shyannWritten by Shyann Guerra:
Being in an environment in which I can problem solve is where I flourish. Every answer to a problem leads me to a new concept to understand or a lesson to learn. When I'm not solving problems I enjoy camping and going to festivals with my family - from the local city center festivals to the mountains of Wenatchee at the Winter Grass, blue grass music festival. Experiencing culture is where my heart is content. 


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HiddenPower helps save a life in power outage

4. Add additional batteries under your truck bedWe recently had a customer tell us their story about their Torklift International HiddenPower battery box. Phil McClelland spoke to us about how Glenn’s Welding and RV Supply helped him set up an inverter with the HiddenPower battery system. This was an effort to continue going on camping trips with his disabled wife, who needs access to oxygen tanks.

hp03mFor those who don’t know, most oxygen tanks take around seven hours to fill but only around two hours to deplete. You need to fill up many oxygen tanks in order to last a day, let alone going on a weekend or a weeklong camping trip. With the HiddenPower installed underneath their truck and the inverter installed on their trailer, Phil and his wife can now go on extended camping trips without having to worry about running out of oxygen.

Screen Shot 2016 09 30 at 4.06.26 PMA recent power outage they experienced could have been dangerous to his wife’s health due to a limited number of oxygen tanks and the need for power to run the oxygen concentrator to help her breathe properly. Luckily he had the inverter and HiddenPower under vehicle battery mount installed on his truck and trailer. This allowed them to wait out the power outage in the comfort of their trailer and provided his wife with enough oxygen to last for days if need be. The HiddenPower provides extra battery power in your RV, significantly extending the time you can run on your 12-volt systems or in the McClelland’s case, keeping constant oxygen flowing.

Some features of the HiddenPower include:

 Add additional batteries under your truck bed that are always charged up3. Hidden when in use
 Avoid wasting fuel and leaving your truck engine running while using electrical accessories such as lights, stereos, computer, etc. 
• Power your accessories without turning your truck engine on by having them directly wired into the extra battery
• No-drill frame mounted with quick disconnect feature for battery service 
• Kept constantly charged and RVing-ready by your RV and truck’s charging system
 Hidden when in use with no loss of ground clearance
 Works with group 24 to 31 batteries
 Designed for all types of batteries: lead acid, AGM, sealed, gel cell, etc.
 Legendary Lifetime Warranty
 Proudly made in the USA

We’re relieved that Phil and his wife were safe with plenty of additional battery power due to the ingenuity of the hard workers at Glenn’s Welding and RV Supply, Phil himself and the Torklift International HiddenPower battery box. Click here for more information on the HiddenPower or find out where to buy this under vehicle battery mount here.


kerstinWritten by Kerstin Stokes:
As a graduate from the College of Idaho with a B.A. in both History and Art, Kerstin has found her passion for writing and marketing. She enjoys looking up tasty recipes for baking and daydreaming about future travels. 


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The supreme battery box that pays for itself: PowerArmor Solar

20160221 142537The PowerArmor Solar installedWhen it comes to the best quality products with a legendary lifetime warranty, we hope Torklift comes to mind. Torklift International has designed a solution to ease the mind of the outdoor recreational enthusiast: the PowerArmor Solar battery box. This locking storage box bolts right onto the recreational vehicle of choice and gives you the protection of lock and key. Made in America from heavy gauge diamond plate and a durable powder coated frame, this box is like nothing else on the market. No flimsy straps or unsightly clamps on this puppy. Have a spare battery or need an extra storage box? We got you covered there as well. We have multiple sizes to accommodate up to four batteries or use the extra space to store gear that needs to be kept in a secure space.

The Power of Solar
Torklift's innovative PowerArmor Solar battery box comes with a solar panel from the leader of RV solar power, Zamp Solar. This solar panel actually has the ability to extend battery life fourfold. The solar panel trickle charges your battery even when there is no direct sunlight, and keeps charged batteries at the optimal level to maintain healthy RV batteries. No overcharge. No undercharge. It is the perfect design for RV battery storage.


Zamp Solar PanelZamp Solar PanelPowerArmor SolarPowerArmor Solar battery box


Delivering savings again and again
savemoney11-300x290Anyone who has ever had to purchase a new battery understands the bite it takes out of your wallet, especially when that money could be used in your quest for adventure. The PowerArmor Solar battery box literally pays for itself. “How?” you ask. It’s simple. Think of how pricey it is to replace batteries each year. By maintaining batteries with the PowerArmor Solar, your battery life extends up to 400 percent. By dodging payment for battery replacement, you’re keeping valuable dollars in your pocket. Those dollars quickly cover the price of the box and convert into much more in future savings.

A Lance Owner’s Experience
20160221 124520With Factory Battery Boxes Before PowerArmor InstallationA lifetime member on a Lance owner’s forum, Mike P, was so thrilled by the PowerArmor battery storage box he wrote out step by step how he installed it on the tongue of his 1575 Lance trailer. The PowerArmor installation is straight forward with instructions and multiple mounting options to fit your needs. Here is a brief overview of how Mike installed his PowerArmor Solar:

20160221 142337PowerArmor Solar Locking Mechanism and Solar Panel Part

“First I removed the existing two standard battery boxes from the A-frame and also removed two small L-shaped tabs that were on either side that would be in the way. Following the instructions, I made the required cuts in the [corrosion proof] mat and threaded the battery retaining straps through making sure they were positioned so the buckles would be on the top.

Next I placed the two batteries into the box and secured them with the straps and then attached the power cables. The cables from the camper go through a round hole at the back of the PowerArmor [Solar]. In the picture below you can see the solar panel SAE connector and the locking mechanism.”

Nothing to it, right? Mike ended his post by giving a glowing review not only on the installation but on the entire experience with the PowerArmor Solar product.

“My overall experience with the installation is very positive with only having to drill twice into the A-frame. It was a very easy process. The PowerArmor itself appears well made and has a very practical design. The solar panel on top is a nice touch and will help to keep the batteries charged. The batteries and wiring are all now out of sight giving a nice neat appearance to the front of the trailer. I now have one less thing to worry about when we wander off on one of our hiking adventures and leave the trailer all alone!”

20160221 142559PowerArmor Locking Battery Box Installed

Learn more about the PowerArmor Solar and how it works by checking out this article.

Find a dealer near you to purchase your PowerArmor battery box and start saving today.


winski Written by Danielle Winski: With a B.S. in Marketing Management from Western Governors University of Washington, Danielle is passionate about using different technical and creative outlets for designing marketing content. She is an avid reader, writer and nature photographer in her free time. 

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The trick to avoiding RV battery theft and achieving a worry-free summer

Don’t let stolen RV batteries ruin your ability to camp

Now that summer is here, all you want to do is relax by the campfire and enjoy the starry nights creating quality memories with family and friends. The last thing on your mind should be

Not worrying about little Johnny’s flaming marshmallow taking flight as he whirls the roasting stick above his head… Not worrying about the next school season, bill payments or your adolescent daughter’s new high school “boyfriend.” And above all, you should never have to worry about someone stealing your expensive RV and camping equipment.

Like a thief in the night
No one wants to think about the possibility of someone committing crimes while they’re out enjoying nature. Our vacations are meant to be restful, filled with fun and lots of laughter. You’ve spent the time to plan, you’re finally at your destination and then one morning you wake up and wonder why the coffee maker won’t turn on in the RV? You find yourself checking everything; the lights, the TV, the electrical panel and finally, the batteries. Wait a minute. The batteries are...gone.

anti-theftMore common than campground theft, most burglary happens when your trailer or camper is sitting in storage between trips or just parked outside of your house. When you finally take that well-deserved time off for a trip, nothing’s worse then discovering you’re not as ready as you thought you were. The ability to quickly pack up and get on the road is blown to oblivion because scheduling repair and investing in new batteries is now a priority. Tssssssssssss. Do you hear that sound? That’s those expensive batteries burning a hole in your pocket.

Who moved my cheese?
According to a police report in Medford, Or., RV battery theft is on the rise with an increase in battery theft expected throughout the summer months, just when everyone has their equipment and gear ready to go camping or on vacation.

battery-theft-cut-wiringThieves steal batteries and damage wiring

The recent article in RV Pro Magazine mentions how batteries are fairly simple to steal if left unsecured. As more campers, trailers and boats are taken out of storage and parked in driveways or on the street in preparation for summer travel and recreation, they turn into easy targets and attract thieves.

Reports of battery theft are more prevalent each year.

As cited in the article by RV Pro, police Lt. Mike Budreau fell victim to battery theft from his boat as it sat outside his friend’s house. Now he has learned that it’s worthwhile to lock up or lug the batteries into storage to prevent it from happening in the future.

To read the full RV Pro article on battery theft, click here.

save-moneyGypsies, Tramps and Thieves
Thieves have targeted RVs for years as a way to make quick and easy cash. While batteries typically cost anywhere from $75 to $130 a piece, battery bandits re-sell them for a very small portion of profit. Often thieves cause even more damage by cutting wiring. Wiring repairs are a huge hassle. This makes securing your exposed batteries a priority, regardless if where you’ve parked your RV or trailer.

Up until recently, there weren’t many options available. The only solution was to jury rig your own locking contraption or completely disconnect the battery and bring it inside a locked structure. What an annoyance to be bothered with that when you’re just trying to enjoy your time off. So what’s a poor schmuck supposed to do, put GPS locators on the batteries?stop-sign


Torklift International has developed a new line of locking storage boxes to prevent common and expensive battery theft! Your key to successfully keeping your batteries safe: 
the PowerArmor Solar.

Fringe with benefits
We’re not just talking about the benefit of knowing your batteries are secure. The benefits from owning a PowerArmor Solar are that it’s much more than a security feature of the Torklift brand and quality. Whether your RV is parked in your driveway or you’re set up beside the lake, you don’t ever have to be without power.

PowerArmor-locking-battery-boxPowerArmor Solar

Using a 10-Watt solar panel, Torklift PowerArmor Solar battery box maintains the charge of your batteries. By using a trickle charge method, longevity of the batteries increases up to 400% so you can avoid replacing the batteries prematurely. The bottom of the locking storage box is lined with an acid neutralizing battery mat to prevent corrosion caused by battery acid.

And that’s not all...

  1. Made from heavy gauge diamond plate aluminum for maximum durability
  2. Comes with mounting bracket and is designed specifically to access RV batteries avoiding interference with your RV
  3. Multiple box sizes available holding up to five batteries
  4. Adjustable dividers for custom size compartment storage (Max size only)

Don’t squander your power
The choice is yours. You don’t have to be a victim of battery theft. No other home option is as easy to install and provides the level of security as the PowerArmor Solar by Torklift International. Bolting easily to your trailer tongue or camper bumper, you’ll find the locking cargo box provides extra storage for your gear in addition to its security.

Now that Torklift International has helped stop battery thieves in their tracks, there’s no need to think about attaching GPS locaters to your batteries.

Bonus tip for keeping safe from any type of theft at the campsite: Lock it up.

  1. Lock your expensive generator with the Lock and Load or Load and Load SideKick generator tray
  2. Protect your shore power cords with the Fortress PowerLock
  3. Avoid propane tank theft and tampering with a Fortress GasLock
  4. Keep your Torklift RV scissor steps in place with GlowStep Locks
  5. If truck camping:
    1. Look into locking your turnbuckles and tie downs
    2. Prevent camper theft with the FastGun Wobble Stopper

Click here to learn more about the Torklift International PowerArmor Solar.



Tamy finalWritten by Tamara Williams:
Currently Tamara Williams studies English at Arizona State University. She is a writing professional specializing in technical writing and SEO blogging for small businesses. Tamara also works with Project Pen, an innovative program for inmates at New Mexico and Arizona prison systems editing and providing feedback for their essays, poems, short and non-fiction stories.

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A fresh take on a green idea: PowerArmor Solar

green-ideaAfter hearing of numerous customers’ challenges regarding battery theft from their RVs and trailers, Torklift employee Darrel Hagglund was inspired to begin developing a design that would not only prevent battery theft, but would also extend the life of the battery through the use of solar energy.


Solar-panelSolar panel keeps RV batteries healthy

We make it easy to be energy efficient
While the use of solar panels on RVs isn’t new, saving energy by combining security and improving the effectiveness of battery life is a fresh take on efficiency.  Not only will you sleep better knowing that your battery is safe from thieves but when the mercury climbs, the new PowerArmor Solar provides a 400% increased battery life on RV batteries, allowing you to turn up the heater to stay warm and comfortable all night without the worry of running out of juice.

Keeping it simple
Multiple PowerArmor Solar sizes are available to accommodate up to five spare batteries.  Each PowerArmor Solar battery box uses a Zamp Solar 10-Watt solar panel to trickle charge the batteries. The locking battery box is made with heavy gauge diamond plate aluminum and bolts easily to your RV, truck, van or camper bumper with a unique slide top for easy storage access.  Designed to securely store batteries, trailer hitch parts and camping gear, PowerArmor Solar is easy to clean and available in bright tread diamond plate with black high impact powder-coated trim. The larger-sized box, PowerArmor MAX, comes with adjustable dividers to customize your storage needs.

Power Armor Solar protects and extends the life of your batteries

Ask and you shall receive
While many outdoor enthusiasts might consider RV camping downright sacrilegious, there are still a lot of us who want to enjoy the great outdoors with some of the comforts of home in an RV. With some of these latest and innovative gadgets to hit the market in the RV world this year, not only can they make the experience more enjoyable; now you can extend your stays, save money and keep your belongings safe and secure.

mega-phoneAt Torklift International, a family-owned company since 1976, we take customer suggestions and needs into great consideration. PowerArmor Solar is one example of how, by listening to the needs of our customers, Torklift can make camping easier and more fun for the entire family.  The PowerArmor Solar comes with Torklift’s Legendary Lifetime Warranty and is proudly made in the USA.

Click here to learn more about the PowerArmor Solar battery box.


Tamy finalWritten by Tamara Williams:
Currently Tamara Williams studies English at Arizona State University. She is a writing professional specializing in technical writing and SEO blogging for small businesses. Tamara also works with Project Pen, an innovative program for inmates at New Mexico and Arizona prison systems editing and providing feedback for their essays, poems, short and non-fiction stories.

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How the PowerArmor Solar works

The PowerArmor Solar is interesting battery attire. It is dressed in heavy gauge diamond plate, framed in black high impact powder coat and wears a smart energy efficient solar cap.

PAS-on-trailer-tonguePowerArmor Solar installed on trailer tongue  PowerArmor-locking-battery-boxPowerArmor Solar battery box

Solar-panel10-watt solar panel maintains battery charge
What’s in 10 watts?
The solar panel on the PowerArmor Solar is 10 watts. That might not sound powerful to the average solar energy consumer but that’s because we haven’t explained all the benefits yet. For a PowerArmor Solar battery box that holds two batteries, a single 10-watt solar panel is successful in maintaining and increasing the longevity of your spare RV batteries.

Sticky fingers

We’re not talking about the maple syrup from hot cakes at your quintessential campsite breakfast that sticks your utensil to the inside of your index finger. The sticky fingers we’re talking about will cost you much more than the price of Mrs. Butterworth’s concoction of sugary delight. Would you rather wake up to the delectable smell of eggs and sausage on the griddle, or to the despair of no power due to stolen batteries?

Campsite theft and stolen batteries have been reported more frequently on local newscasts, warning users to either lock up their expensive batteries or literally pay the consequences.


Click here to see a King 5 newscast that shows just how common this problem is becoming. In addition to stolen batteries, thieves and their sticky fingers are causing significant damage by snipping wiring, an even bigger hassle to get repair work on.


We think it’s a better approach to “wash your hands” of these thieves (so to speak) and invest in a locking battery box you can depend on.

Live long and prosper
live-longThe 10-watt solar panel can increase battery life and longevity by up to 400 percent. Sometimes even the most avid traveler will find themselves with a slew of dead batteries. Camping season isn’t year round for most folks so when the RV goes into storage, the batteries sit for months. While they are sitting in storage, the batteries begin to die, or they die completely. Two dead batteries cost more than $350 off the shelf.

battery-chargeThe 10-watt solar panel maintains your spare batteries to the level of charge they are currently at. If you have batteries that are charged at 100 percent, when used properly, the solar panel will maintain them at 80 percent charge while they sit in storage. If your batteries are 80 percent charged, the solar panel will maintain them at 50 percent charge and so on.

powerarmor-locking-boxSecures and stores batteries under lock and key
Charged and well-maintained healthy RV batteries translate into freedom for you. No stress or worries struggling to get your batteries charged so you can get to your travel destination on time. The high quality battery box comes equipped with a lock and key. Not only are your batteries left in great shape, but also they are protected from theft and tampering.

Top quality solar energy

Torklift International is dedicated to producing quality equipment and supporting other manufacturers who do the same. That’s why we have partnered with Zamp Solar. As industry leaders in solar panel energy, we trust their product to recommend it to our customers with confidence.


In conclusion, the Torklift International Power Armor solar battery box is a great way to take care of expensive batteries. Solar energy maintains them by keeping the batteries charged and healthy for longer use, and the carefully designed lockable box prevents them from being stolen whether at the campsite or while stored at home.

Torklift PowerArmor Solar comes in a variety of sizes. Click here for additional details on PowerArmor Solar.

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Prolong the Life of Batteries & Prevent Theft with Secured Solar Power Battery Box

Those who have experienced RV battery theft know the pain of replacing such costly items. With increasing reports of campsite battery theft and the familiar problem of battery failure, Torklift International has developed a product to remedy our woes.

The PowerArmor Solar is the only aluminum battery box available that not only will secure batteries under lock and key, but also uses an integrated solar panel to keep spare batteries charged and prolong battery life.


Undercharging or overcharging your batteries can lead to battery failure. With the solar panel battery charger adhered to the lid of the PowerArmor locking battery box, extend battery life up to 400%. During times when your batteries are not in use, maintaining a consistent solar battery charge will dramatically increase the longevity of your batteries. Using energy from sunlight exposure, the PowerArmor Solar can impressively bring your batteries back from 50% charge. If you’re planning on charging just one battery and using the remaining space for storage, it’s recommended to install our regulator to prevent overcharge from occurring. The solar panel itself is produced by industry leader Zamp Solar and is backed by the manufacturer’s 25 year warranty.

PreventTheftatCampsiteThe solar power locking battery box comes in different sizes to accommodate your battery or storage needs. Safely store two to five batteries (dependant on a variety of battery sizes) in the solar power battery box. When not used for batteries, utilize the spacious compartment for safe, lockable storage. Do you have valuable tools or equipment? Be sure they are safely stored.

To prevent theft on the campground, the secure battery box is developed from heavy gauge, high quality aluminum with designs in bright tread diamond plate or high impact powder-coat black diamond plate. With a unique slide top for quick and easy access to extra storage space, the locking battery box can bolt to your trailer tongue or camper bumper. All PowerArmor Solar boxes include an interior battery mat that neutralizes battery acid preventing any corrosion that may occur.

Not only can your batteries be stolen, your camper or trailer can be seriously damaged in the event of cut and run theft at the campsite. Don’t let expensive battery theft happen to you. Gain peace of mind by knowing your batteries are safely stored and also take full advantage of the longevity of battery life. After all, replacing batteries and repairing your vehicle can become very expensive!

The solar charging battery box is covered by Torklift’s legendary lifetime warranty.

For more information visit

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Fireside Torklift Jen

It was as close to sitting around the campfire and shooting the breeze as you can get for a Wednesday night in front of the computer.


Sans the s’mores and the sweet smells of the great outdoors, Torklift International participated as the featured live guest on the Lance Owners of America’s (LOA) first online chat event.


We were honored to take part in the launch of their new program to bring their community of RV owners together to talk directly with manufacturers and to get their questions answered and opinions heard.


I got to represent Torklift and joined in with members of the organization to discuss topics on truck camping, travel trailers, and aftermarket RV parts and accessories.  We also covered upcoming events and ways everyone can get more involved.


These planned rallies held by L.O.A and similar groups are a great way to meet-up with old friends, new forum acquaintances, and share information with those who share the same passion for a hobby and the lifestyle that outdoor and travel enthusiast’s share.  I am looking forward to attending my first gathering with them soon and from the reminiscing I heard, these campouts are a blast!


LockandLoadTalonTorklift was able to offer support and chat with participants on our products and share some upcoming attractions.  The Lance Ultra Deck Plus bumper was discussed and great questions were asked about the benefits of the new light weight aluminum Talon TieDowns.  We were able to help with inquiries about our turnbuckle lines, new PowerArmor battery boxes, StableLoads for suspension upgrades and many other product applications.  We also discovered that these live chats are another avenue to provide customer service and gain valuable community feedback.  This was a great opportunity and learning experience for Torklift.


True to the camper’s credo when living in the northwest and, coincidentally, to that of anyone relying on perfect performance of your technical systems when you really need it, “When it rains, it pours.”


For the active members, it came across on the screen as a brief delay as Torklift Jen went missing in action.  However,  I’ll let you in on the fact that there were some behind the scenes events in this chat room that would make for some great blooper footage.


I am definitely in the spirit now to start some new adventures, and if I squint really hard the glow of the computer is starting to look like a campfire.  Yes, I really need to get out there.  Happy Camping!polaroids2

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