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Are you tired of your old worn out truck camper turnbuckles that are hard to deal with? At Torklift, we have the perfect product for you. Our quick-disconnect FastGun truck camper turnbuckles are high impact powder coated to prevent rusting and weather damage. We also have a polished, stainless steel version available.

For a limited time, save up to 10% off when two sets of FastGun turnbuckles are purchased together. They’re 100% tool free and made from aluminum and stainless steel. The patented design is meant to work with and secure your truck camper in only four minutes! The FastGun connects and disconnects in seconds reducing the time to load and secure your truck camper. FastGun long range work with frame-mounted tie downs with a reach of 25-inches to 43-inches and the FastGun short range turnbuckles are meant for bed-mounted tie downs with a reach of 14.5-inches to 21.5-inches.

truck w cameperOur FastGun turnbuckles have a spring-loaded design to ensure a safe ride for your family and your truck. Precision made with strong stainless steel and aluminum. The high impact powder coat keeps them safe from all the harsh weather. All Torklift International turnbuckles are proudly made in the USA and have a Legendary Lifetime Warranty. Installation of Torklift turnbuckles can be done in a snap! For example, below are average installation times for Torklift’s best-selling truck camper turnbuckles:

• FastGun turnbuckle: Four minutes
• SpringLoad XL turnbuckle: 10 minutes
• Basic SpringLoad: 10 minutes
• Derringer Handle (can be used with any turnbuckle to turn it into a FastGun handle): seven minutes

You get to pick your savings! At participating dealers, get up to $35 off a set of two FastGun turnbuckles. Now is the perfect time to get two sets for front and back securing all four tie down points with FastGun turnbuckles! Each set of FastGun turnbuckles includes two FastGuns. Here’s a table to show you just what’s exactly on sale and how the discounts work at our participating dealers.


Part #

Regular Price

Sale Price

FastGun Short Range (Grey)




FastGun Short Range (White)




FastGun Long Range (Grey)




FastGun Long Range (Polished)




FastGun Short Range (Polished)




FastGun Long Range (Black)




FastGun Long Range (White)





Hold Down Your Truck Camper with the Best!

"I had the Happijac turnbuckles, and bed tie downs. When I bought the Lance 1181, I converted to the Torklift frame mounts, and Torklift Derringers. I love them. Much quicker and easier to tie down. And, to me it feels more secure. The Torklift "no drill" frame mounts were true to their word, took me maybe 45 minutes to bolt all 4 frame mounts in, and much nicer setup in my opinion. The Happijacs were what I used for many years, but, with a heavier camper I really like the frame mounts."

Kevin, Wash


Tie Down LocksDid you know that participating dealers are also offering up to 10 percent off Torklift truck camper tie downs and Talon tie downs when you purchase two sets together as well? But the best part of the sale? It’s going on all year long, so you get plenty of time to get your tie downs before the sale is over.

Torklift tie downs come in sets of two. So by purchasing a front set and a rear set you can outfit your entire truck to haul a camper safely. Also speaking of safety, our tie downs are securable with our Tie Downs Locks! Since our tie downs come with two tie downs in each package, make sure you get two sets – one for the front and one for the rear of your truck as well as one package of tie down locks for safety.

Features of Torklift tie downs include:

• Dramatic improvement with vehicle handling and stability and is the safest way to haul a truck camper (Prevents vehicle sway and camper movement in all directions)
• Avoid bed and bumper damage by attaching to the strongest part of the truck: the frame
• Maintain the value of your truck and prevent rust and bed damage by avoiding drilling into your truck bed or bumper
• Provides safety, security and stability while on the road
• The only truck camper tie down that mounts using independent tie down points that bolt directly to the truck frame
• Fast, no-drill installations securing your truck camper to your truck (100% no-drill for all trucks after 2001- Check your application here)
• No loss of ground clearance
• Hidden design when not in use

finishing kitAs an additional accessory we also have our Tie Down finishing kit. This cost-effective measure allows you to minimize the harsh effects of the environment such as rust on your tie downs.

The FastGun turnbuckles and Torklift tie downs come with a Legendary Lifetime Warranty and all Torklift products are proudly made in the USA! When it comes to a safe camping trip and a safe smooth ride for you, your loved ones and your truck, make sure to go with the safest and most reliable system available on the market.

If you’re interested in any of our products (especially while they’re on sale at participating dealers) contact our Tech Support at or call our team at 800-246-8132. Or, to buy your FastGun turnbuckles and tie downs today, you can shop at participating dealers near you by clicking the button below.


Written by: Mariah Kilmer

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Tour de Torklift: Treasure Hunt winners return from weeklong truck camping vacation

Recently we sat down with our Torklift International Treasure Hunt winners to relive their recent expedition throughout the New England states. The Treasure Hunt winners Richard and Céline Raymond enjoyed a weeklong, all-expense paid truck camping trip, courtesy of Northstar Campers, Truck Camper Warehouse, and Torklift International.

2014-06-22 005Having nearly 25 years of experience with truck camping, Richard and Céline are no strangers to the truck camping lifestyle. However, this opportunity marked the first instance in which they’ve won a grand prize. It was probably just as much of a joy awarding the trip to them as it was for them to receive it!

From Quebec, Canada, Richard and Céline flew into Hartford, Connecticut to embark on their journey. The pair was warmly welcomed and transported to Truck Camper Warehouse in Chesterfield, where they met owner Bill Penney. Bill set them up with a 2014 Northstar 8.5 Arrow U camper and 2014 Ford F350 S/B Diesel. Torklift StableLoads, True Frame-Mounted Tie Downs, and FastGun turnbuckles were outfitted on the rig so the couple could enjoy a safe and memorable weeklong outing.

“The next truck camper I buy is going to be from Bill at Truck Camper Warehouse,” noted Richard. “He knows what people want and certainly knows his stuff when it comes to truck campers!”

Once they became familiar with their Northstar Camper and Torklift products, they took off toward Vermont and the White Mountains. From there, they spent the week exploring Mount Washington, Old Orchard Beach in Maine, and concluded at the popular vacation destination of Hampton Beach in New Hampshire.


“The highlight of the trip was Mount Washington. Even though it was cloudy, cold and a bit windy, it sure was an awesome experience,” explained Richard.

Throughout the week, Richard and Céline were able to experience their Northstar 8.5 Arrow U truck camper. “It was nice to be able to park the truck camper right in town and close to cars. With the camper and short bed truck, it’s almost like having only a truck with no load!” Richard recalled. “It’s so convenient for when you want to see something in the city. Everywhere a car can park, you can park!” Céline and Richard also explained the joy of having such large windows on the camper. “The space felt large because of the natural light streaming in,” said Richard.

We were eager to hear the couple’s feedback about the Torklift products. It turns out that Richard and Céline enjoy the use of their SuperHitch 17K, SuperTruss Extension and True Frame-Mounted Tie Downs on their truck at home.

Prior to purchasing Torklift’s True Frame-Mounted Tie Downs for his own truck, Richard hassled with finding a way to secure his camper safely to the frame of his vehicle. With the system prior to Torklift’s he felt the camper was backing off the truck.

“We felt more secure and a lot safer once the Torklift Tie Down system was installed,” Richard said. “The best feature of Tie Downs was that they bolted right onto the frame. The installation was so fast and easy - I had no issues with it fitting perfectly onto the truck.”

The Treasure Hunt vacation prize was the first time Richard and Céline had the opportunity to experience the StableLoad suspension upgrade. As an affordable alternative to airbags, the StableLoads pre-activate the factory suspension to prevent sag, sway and body roll while under heavy loads. After the trip concluded the couple was happy to report no side-to-side sway or poor handling issues with the camper loaded.

“It almost felt as if there wasn’t a camper on the truck,” Richard explained. “Even in areas on the road where we were driving fast on tight curves, the truck felt very safe and stable.”

The couple explained how they fell in love with the convenience of Torklift’s FastGun turnbuckle. “Something I had seen, but not used before were the Torklift FastGuns,” Richard noted. “Before I used it, I knew I wanted them -- but now I’m sure!”

With their current chain turnbuckle at home, it usually takes at least a half hour to remove the camper and is quite a chore for them. With Torklift’s FastGun, it’s quick-disconnect capabilities get the job done in about 10 minutes or less.


With the help of Bill Penney at Truck Camper Warehouse, Northstar Campers, and Torklift International, we were pleased to award the Treasure Hunt grand prize this year. To take a look at all the products Richard and Céline experienced visit or select the product below.


StableLoad suspension upgrade  |   True Frame-Mounted Tie Downs
FastGun Quick-Disconnect Turnbuckles  |  Northstar 8.5 Arrow U Camper – 2014 Model



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Announcing the Treasure Hunt winner...

By: Torklift Jen

Sue Jurf!

Congratulations, you and your guest will be partaking on a weeklong truck camping adventure this June!


Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 3.37.06 PM

As you read this, your new Northstar truck camper is being built at the plant in Iowa. From there, it will be delivered to Bill Penney at Truck Camper Warehouse in New Hampshire where it will be outfitted with the latest Torklift International gear including Torklift Tie Downs and FastGun turnbuckles.A7200-stableLoad-installedsmall


We are going to fly you and your guest out to Truck Camper Warehouse where Bill Penney and his team will show you around your new camper and get you ready for your adventure. If there is something we learned about Bill and his team, they take the time to make sure you are comfortable with your truck and camper so you are prepared for your travels.


As part of the vacation, we will cover your airfare within the United States, pay for your campsite rentals and provide funds for groceries and fuel.




We look forward to getting in touch with you soon so that we can plan your camping destinations!

P.S. We assure you, this is not an April Fools Day joke!





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Life before FastGuns... by Torklift Jen

Although it’s impossible for me to imagine, and difficult for those who have come to love the FastGun, that there was life before this revolutionary turnbuckle.

IMG_0107 copyI went to the oldest person I know, my 105-year-old grandmother, and asked her what it was like before the FastGun.  She said, “ We used bows and arrows.”

So, okay, not that far back.

She’s not a truck camper, but she did tell me a camping story that falls somewhere in the timeline between covered wagon and the Winnebago, but I’ll save that for a later date.

I resolved to find out what it was like.  So, I went to the computer and typed in a query.

A generic turnbuckle is really just a simple piece of tension building hardware used in marine applications, sports, shipping and construction.

It is a simple piece of hardware that can make a simple task difficult.

“Big Red,” the Ford F-350, doubles as a work truck and a weekend camper.  I can’t imagine taking the camper off and back on this often without the FastGun turnbuckle.

OutofUseThey are spring loaded for superb functioning, easy adjustment and have spring tension indicators, that take the guess work out of tightening and securing.

They have a quick disconnect feature that makes the leveling process fast.  They allow use of the electric jacks to level when the camper is left on the truck.  This avoids the hassle of leveling blocks under your tires.

100% no tools, 100% lockable, quick-lever handle and a lifetime warranty that means with my genetics for longevity may be a very, very long time.

There is no turning back for the turnbuckle.



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