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Advice for camping with a cat... by Torklift Jen


Camping is great fun for the whole family.  Including the four-legged ones.

So, it was time to let Ivy, my cat, enjoy the freedom of truck camping and a new second home on wheels.  Why not?

Dogs love to swim, explore all the new smells of the great outdoors, sneaking dropped camping goodies, and the thrill of hunting big game, even if it is just chasing a chipmunk.


Her eyes became as wide as saucers and she was all claws, my otherwise docile kitty quickly showed me who was boss.  She obviously didn’t appreciate the safety and comfort I was able to provide for her in a camper.IMG_2645

She lived up to the name “Poison Ivy” as in something that you get while camping and never want to be exposed to it again. I left her home to reign over her own little kingdom, maybe it’s not too late to rent a dog for the weekend.

Safe Step:    Step riser guard panels protect pets from falling and “see through” anxiety on scissor steps.


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Guest — Forrest
I take my cat for walks around the yard, but I'd never think about taking her camping!
Thursday, 08 August 2013 11:11
Guest — torkliftjen
I miss my furry friend when I'm gone, but she's definitely happier at home, I agree! Thank you for reading about my adventure.... Read More
Friday, 09 August 2013 13:56
Guest — the tc life
we have 2 dachshunds just so they could go camping with us. well...sort of. we (meaning my wife but in the end she was...uh....rig... Read More
Thursday, 08 August 2013 16:04
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