Tour de Torklift: Treasure Hunt winners return from weeklong truck camping vacation

Recently we sat down with our Torklift International Treasure Hunt winners to relive their recent expedition throughout the New England states. The Treasure Hunt winners Richard and Céline Raymond enjoyed a weeklong, all-expense paid truck camping trip, courtesy of Northstar Campers, Truck Camper Warehouse, and Torklift International.

2014-06-22 005Having nearly 25 years of experience with truck camping, Richard and Céline are no strangers to the truck camping lifestyle. However, this opportunity marked the first instance in which they’ve won a grand prize. It was probably just as much of a joy awarding the trip to them as it was for them to receive it!

From Quebec, Canada, Richard and Céline flew into Hartford, Connecticut to embark on their journey. The pair was warmly welcomed and transported to Truck Camper Warehouse in Chesterfield, where they met owner Bill Penney. Bill set them up with a 2014 Northstar 8.5 Arrow U camper and 2014 Ford F350 S/B Diesel. Torklift StableLoads, True Frame-Mounted Tie Downs, and FastGun turnbuckles were outfitted on the rig so the couple could enjoy a safe and memorable weeklong outing.

“The next truck camper I buy is going to be from Bill at Truck Camper Warehouse,” noted Richard. “He knows what people want and certainly knows his stuff when it comes to truck campers!”

Once they became familiar with their Northstar Camper and Torklift products, they took off toward Vermont and the White Mountains. From there, they spent the week exploring Mount Washington, Old Orchard Beach in Maine, and concluded at the popular vacation destination of Hampton Beach in New Hampshire.


“The highlight of the trip was Mount Washington. Even though it was cloudy, cold and a bit windy, it sure was an awesome experience,” explained Richard.

Throughout the week, Richard and Céline were able to experience their Northstar 8.5 Arrow U truck camper. “It was nice to be able to park the truck camper right in town and close to cars. With the camper and short bed truck, it’s almost like having only a truck with no load!” Richard recalled. “It’s so convenient for when you want to see something in the city. Everywhere a car can park, you can park!” Céline and Richard also explained the joy of having such large windows on the camper. “The space felt large because of the natural light streaming in,” said Richard.

We were eager to hear the couple’s feedback about the Torklift products. It turns out that Richard and Céline enjoy the use of their SuperHitch 17K, SuperTruss Extension and True Frame-Mounted Tie Downs on their truck at home.

Prior to purchasing Torklift’s True Frame-Mounted Tie Downs for his own truck, Richard hassled with finding a way to secure his camper safely to the frame of his vehicle. With the system prior to Torklift’s he felt the camper was backing off the truck.

“We felt more secure and a lot safer once the Torklift Tie Down system was installed,” Richard said. “The best feature of Tie Downs was that they bolted right onto the frame. The installation was so fast and easy - I had no issues with it fitting perfectly onto the truck.”

The Treasure Hunt vacation prize was the first time Richard and Céline had the opportunity to experience the StableLoad suspension upgrade. As an affordable alternative to airbags, the StableLoads pre-activate the factory suspension to prevent sag, sway and body roll while under heavy loads. After the trip concluded the couple was happy to report no side-to-side sway or poor handling issues with the camper loaded.

“It almost felt as if there wasn’t a camper on the truck,” Richard explained. “Even in areas on the road where we were driving fast on tight curves, the truck felt very safe and stable.”

The couple explained how they fell in love with the convenience of Torklift’s FastGun turnbuckle. “Something I had seen, but not used before were the Torklift FastGuns,” Richard noted. “Before I used it, I knew I wanted them -- but now I’m sure!”

With their current chain turnbuckle at home, it usually takes at least a half hour to remove the camper and is quite a chore for them. With Torklift’s FastGun, it’s quick-disconnect capabilities get the job done in about 10 minutes or less.


With the help of Bill Penney at Truck Camper Warehouse, Northstar Campers, and Torklift International, we were pleased to award the Treasure Hunt grand prize this year. To take a look at all the products Richard and Céline experienced visit or select the product below.


StableLoad suspension upgrade  |   True Frame-Mounted Tie Downs
FastGun Quick-Disconnect Turnbuckles  |  Northstar 8.5 Arrow U Camper – 2014 Model



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Prolong the Life of Batteries & Prevent Theft with Secured Solar Power Battery Box

Those who have experienced RV battery theft know the pain of replacing such costly items. With increasing reports of campsite battery theft and the familiar problem of battery failure, Torklift International has developed a product to remedy our woes.

The PowerArmor Solar is the only aluminum battery box available that not only will secure batteries under lock and key, but also uses an integrated solar panel to keep spare batteries charged and prolong battery life.


Undercharging or overcharging your batteries can lead to battery failure. With the solar panel battery charger adhered to the lid of the PowerArmor locking battery box, extend battery life up to 400%. During times when your batteries are not in use, maintaining a consistent solar battery charge will dramatically increase the longevity of your batteries. Using energy from sunlight exposure, the PowerArmor Solar can impressively bring your batteries back from 50% charge. If you’re planning on charging just one battery and using the remaining space for storage, it’s recommended to install our regulator to prevent overcharge from occurring. The solar panel itself is produced by industry leader Zamp Solar and is backed by the manufacturer’s 25 year warranty.

PreventTheftatCampsiteThe solar power locking battery box comes in different sizes to accommodate your battery or storage needs. Safely store two to five batteries (dependant on a variety of battery sizes) in the solar power battery box. When not used for batteries, utilize the spacious compartment for safe, lockable storage. Do you have valuable tools or equipment? Be sure they are safely stored.

To prevent theft on the campground, the secure battery box is developed from heavy gauge, high quality aluminum with designs in bright tread diamond plate or high impact powder-coat black diamond plate. With a unique slide top for quick and easy access to extra storage space, the locking battery box can bolt to your trailer tongue or camper bumper. All PowerArmor Solar boxes include an interior battery mat that neutralizes battery acid preventing any corrosion that may occur.

Not only can your batteries be stolen, your camper or trailer can be seriously damaged in the event of cut and run theft at the campsite. Don’t let expensive battery theft happen to you. Gain peace of mind by knowing your batteries are safely stored and also take full advantage of the longevity of battery life. After all, replacing batteries and repairing your vehicle can become very expensive!

The solar charging battery box is covered by Torklift’s legendary lifetime warranty.

For more information visit

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Even Houdini himself can’t escape Torklift Jen

By: Torklift Jen

Or maybe you are more of a Criss Angel fan or even David Copperfield.

Either way, none of those magicians can make your generator disappear when it is stored in the Torklift International Lock and Load.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 8.50.55 PM copy

What I find interesting about the Lock and Load is its versatility. Not only can you store generators, but you can keep your plasma cutters, toolboxes and anything else that you can fit into this lockable tray, safe.


I know first hand that storage space is limited when traveling with a truck camper and even larger RVs like towables. Having the ability to store your generator on the outside safely from theft has other benefits too.

What do all internal combustion engines have in common that makes you not want to have them in your living room?

Gas, exhaust fumes and oil leaks. Having a generator sitting in your living room sounds silly. But if you RV with one and don’t have a Lock and Load to transport your generator or to keep it secure when you’re away from your camp spot, you have to either put it in your cab or lock it in your RV. This can make for a super stinky mess.

Thank you Lock and Load for not only keeping my generator safe, but also for making sure my living space is smell and mess free.


All silliness aside, one more thing I would add has to do with my size. I’m a little on the small size and by no means do I want to move my generator around. The Lock and Load allows me to leave the generator locked in the stored position while I use it.  I never have to take it out of the tray. This means no chiropractor visits from excessive bending and lifting.

Pretty neat.

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Fireside Torklift Jen

It was as close to sitting around the campfire and shooting the breeze as you can get for a Wednesday night in front of the computer.


Sans the s’mores and the sweet smells of the great outdoors, Torklift International participated as the featured live guest on the Lance Owners of America’s (LOA) first online chat event.


We were honored to take part in the launch of their new program to bring their community of RV owners together to talk directly with manufacturers and to get their questions answered and opinions heard.


I got to represent Torklift and joined in with members of the organization to discuss topics on truck camping, travel trailers, and aftermarket RV parts and accessories.  We also covered upcoming events and ways everyone can get more involved.


These planned rallies held by L.O.A and similar groups are a great way to meet-up with old friends, new forum acquaintances, and share information with those who share the same passion for a hobby and the lifestyle that outdoor and travel enthusiast’s share.  I am looking forward to attending my first gathering with them soon and from the reminiscing I heard, these campouts are a blast!


LockandLoadTalonTorklift was able to offer support and chat with participants on our products and share some upcoming attractions.  The Lance Ultra Deck Plus bumper was discussed and great questions were asked about the benefits of the new light weight aluminum Talon TieDowns.  We were able to help with inquiries about our turnbuckle lines, new PowerArmor battery boxes, StableLoads for suspension upgrades and many other product applications.  We also discovered that these live chats are another avenue to provide customer service and gain valuable community feedback.  This was a great opportunity and learning experience for Torklift.


True to the camper’s credo when living in the northwest and, coincidentally, to that of anyone relying on perfect performance of your technical systems when you really need it, “When it rains, it pours.”


For the active members, it came across on the screen as a brief delay as Torklift Jen went missing in action.  However,  I’ll let you in on the fact that there were some behind the scenes events in this chat room that would make for some great blooper footage.


I am definitely in the spirit now to start some new adventures, and if I squint really hard the glow of the computer is starting to look like a campfire.  Yes, I really need to get out there.  Happy Camping!polaroids2

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Off-road, On Torklift Jen

polaroid1Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

That excerpt from the Road Not Taken by Robert Frost (poet 1874-1903) may not directly refer to modern day 4x4ing, but it makes sense to Matty Pickering, Torklift International’s expert in technical support and also an avid off-roader.

In my Torklift Jen adventures, as a newbie and trusted with company insurance, I have stayed on the road on purpose.  I understand that it takes special equipment and skills for safe and extreme off-roading adventures.

I have seen some extraordinary truck campers off-roading in photos and reading trip logs of my new friends on the forums. It looks like a lot of fun, but I think I’ll leave the true off-roading to Matty.Matty Questionaire

During the week he is a pillar of knowledge and imparts true customer service, industry experience, technical abilities, and an outstanding character that makes him a great guy to work with and an understanding resource for everyone he helps daily.

Along with his experience, Matty’s direct customer interactions and feedback help develop and research new products.  He is the point man on the front line of Torklift International and is a reason why our reputation is having the best customer service in the business.

polaroid2You’ll find Matty going on beyond and exceeding the expected in everything he does.


Call in 1-800-246-8132, or e-mail Anytime, we’ll be there to help.

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Breaking the ice for Torklift Jen

IMG_1234Welcome to the first post of Torklift Jen for the New Year.

I am looking forward to another year full of adventures, learning opportunities and sharing more truck and camper news.

Winter is not a time to hibernate here at Torklift.  I don’t have the excuse of being stuck in the Antarctic waiting to be rescued by the USCGC Polar Star or even being sucked into a Midwest freeze by the Polar Vortex to not participate in this season of new lessons.   I just have to be prepared with a bit more planning, several more clothing layers and a few classes in cold weather camping, driving, and winterization to get me started.

Also, Breaking up the ice and chill in 2014 will be some hot news on solar accessory options, bumpers, and other new products from Torklift.

Another sign it’s the New Year are all the speculations and talk about the 2015 truck and RV model year designs.  Ford’s new aluminum trucks , meet our Talons!  But, I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself as I still have a lot of new experiences to live for this year.  The best resolutions have to start somewhere, so let’s get out there!

IMG_1241 3.11.23 PM


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A Visit from Torklift Jen


‘Twas the night before the Torklift Toy Drive, when all through the house

     not a creature was stirring, not even an office Mac mouse.

 The toys were all loaded in Big Red with care,

     with hopes for Happy Holidays for all to share!

The Torklift International factory has produced more than serious grown-up toys for heavy-duty haulers and campers this holiday season.  We were pleased to take part in the annual Toy Box Drive for our local community.


Even Santa and the elves would have been impressed by this year at Torklift.  We have continued with tremendous growth of the company and our focus on delivering the best products we can to our valued customers.  We have been able to greatly expand our workforce and invest in advanced new equipment and capabilities in all departments.


We will be delivering the toy donations to the Sumner Washington Police Department and look forward to supporting our local community.  We are proud to be able to share in the many blessings of the year and to help provide special celebrations for less fortunate kids and families.


IMG_1214Torklift International is looking forward to sharing a great year ahead with new products and innovations and we thank you for your support.


But I heard it exclaimed, ‘ere she drove out of sight, “Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”

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These boots were made for walking... by Torklift Jen



“Alright!  Who tracked in this mud?”


I get caught every time.  Wearing these boots with their distinctive waffle tread, it’s like my fingerprint that’s left at the scene of that dirty crime of tracking grime into the truck camper.


As you can see, My Left Foot, is now famous, not because it has an acclaimed movie of the same name, but because it is now the face, well, foot of the Dirt Destroyer.


I was thrilled to model my boots and be in on a new innovation from Torklift International.


The Dirt Destroyer is a boot/shoe brush that will solve the “who dunnits” inside the truck camper.


It’s simple, sturdy, and fits perfectly as an attachment with the Torklift GlowStep series.  It can be mounted tool free at any level of your steps for convenience and to keep your feet high and dry out of the elements.




For more info on step accessories and the Torklift Dirt Destroyer :



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The eagle has landed... by Torklift Jen

This time the eagle has landed at Torklift International and has inspired a brand new tie down system.

Yes, our original True Frame Mounted Tie Downs are the best in the business and that design and exceptional manufacturing will remain the same.  The Talon Camper Tie Down is a specialized alternative for high performance in the toughest climates and terrains.

Talons are yet another new and exciting product from the innovators here.  I love the visual image of the majestic eagle as it swoops down to securely attach to the truck frame and secure the camper with awesome power and incredible strength.  And like all of our products, they are a true symbol of being made in the USA.

These new Tie Downs are built especially for those who take their campers and trucks to the extreme and face inclement weather and harsh environments.  Talons can meet and exceed all of your traveling demands while keeping your family, truck, and camper safe.

If your equipment is encountering salt water and treated roads on your adventures, you will find these elements to speed up the natural corrosion process of metals.  The Talon’s aluminum structure will enhance the lasting durability and ease of maintenance, also making it more lightweight at the same time.  It’s the same stuff we trust when we’re cruising at 35,000 ft. in your favorite airliner.

Talon in the prototype stage, I installed this one myself!

Talon in the prototype stage, I installed this one myself!

Check out these beauties on our website: Talon Camper Tie Downs

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It'll go down in history as tailgate... by Torklift Jen

IMG_1569This has nothing to do with scandal, politics, or conspiracy.  Unless you consider a crosstown rivalry between opposing football teams “politics.”

Tailgating is the ritual of pregame parking lot BBQ’s, good-natured razzing and one-upping your neighbor.

In that spirit, I couldn’t wait to try out the latest in Torklift design innovation and do a trial run with the newest achievement in truck camping functionality.  You may have thought you’d seen it all in truck camping, but now Torklift is designing and manufacturing multi-functional bumpers for the RV industry.

So, this is how it went down.

When I pulled up in the new camper with the Torklift designed bumper feature, the crowd went silent.

The BBQ smoke magically cleared as I circled the lot for a space.  If I am not mistaken, I think I even saw a couple of mouths drop and some bow downs.

I had brought in some real competition to this parking lot.  It was the best new bumper on the block.

Now I not only had the truck camper for the ultimate, all-inclusive, pre-game celebration.  I now had the ultimate patio and entertainment center to go with it.bumper_cutout

The new campers with this bumper will have features like custom steps, huge drawers for storage, lockable bins and racks, and area for BBQs.  It is a true gathering area with all the comforts of home.

So, my football team may have come in a distant second place, I will always be known as the winner with this tailgate set-up.


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Breaking Bad... by Torklift Jen

Don’t worry, this isn’t a spoiler!DSCN3851

I was surprised to find out that my innocent looking propane tank and auxiliary battery can live out a sordid existence in the wrong hands.

I guess I thought that theft of these items would be due to someone who needed to BBQ more than me or maybe he/she had unfortunately left their headlights on somewhere.

But no, these items are being targeted for use in the manufacture of methamphetamine and other drugs.

They are an easy target on RVs, because of the vacancy and remote storage of some units and convenience of the items exposed.

These thefts and associated tampering can cause hundreds of dollars in damage and costly repairs due to cut wiring and the not so careful removal of your possessions.  You can keep a step ahead of the bad guys and break the chain of these crimes, without anymore broken and cut chains.  Torklift has made specific products for thwarting these kinds of thefts and keeping your possessions safe under lock and key.

The Fortress GasLock is the first of its kind propane tank lock that allows your tanks to be securely locked when mounted to trailers, towables and RVs.

The PowerArmor locking battery box series is a great looking addition to your RV-set-up and can be used to secure other valuable items as well.

HiddenPower is an under-bed battery mount.  Hidden from theft; your extra battery is mounted in a stealth location under the bed and conveniently accessible for extra power when needed.

These and other security minded products are available to keep your investments safe.   See our website for the full line of lockable products.

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Meet a real Mountain Man... by Torklift Jen

“Go find the Mountain Man.”  That term was used to describe Casey Cotter, our lead engineer, and master behind so many of Torklift’s innovations.

He’s the real deal, and can be found on weekends out in nature thinking up brilliant ideas to make camping easy and possible for people like me.

Where he could “MacGuyver” an instant wiring fix to keep the batteries charged all night, I need a plug in harness and hopefully a switch labeled boldly off and on.

Where I think it would be genius to use duct tape for an easy fix.  He can engineer real lab tested performance solutions to everyday camping needs and problems.

Where he could survive on the land for days, I panic if all the fixin’s for s’mores aren’t in the cooler.

Where he could have made Eagle Scout, I quit the Brownie troop when I learned it wasn’t all about the chocolatey treat.

Where he could tell you if your GAWR is in line with your GVWR and your GCVWR is within your GTWR and GVWR, and your TW better not be over 10% of your GTW and you’re gonna need WD.  I would say,  “That’s a big RV.”

Casey can directly answer the, “call of the wild,” where my call needs operator assistance and sometimes goes to voice mail.

I can learn a lot from Casey Cotter.

Oh no, he is wearing his camouflage hat again, I think he sees me coming for some more advice.

Casey’s Torklift invention of choice: StableLoads suspension upgrade

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Hindsight is 20/ Torklift Jen

IMG_1573 I have a valid fear the unknown when it has to do with backing up the truck and camper.

When I’m out there solo and I don’t have a crew of marshallers guiding me in like a 747, I need to rely on technology.

So, I am trying to build a case for a new investment in a back up camera system for “Big Red” the F-350 and camper set-up.

Who knows what goes on back there?

But, it must be pretty exciting because they made a full feature movie about it called the “Blind Side.”

I’ve done my research and I know that comparable systems and solutions may be less expensive.IMG_1576

But I’m skeptical with names and features like the “Backseat Driver Camera,” “The I Told You So Alert,” or the camera app. that links right to your insurance company.

I’m a careful driver, so I’m sure my footage will not be a “hit”.  Sorry…

I’ll keep gathering my data for the best system and keep you posted.  So, if you’re hearing the “Beep, Beep, Beep” of a truck backing up be cautious, as that truck may be doing research for the movie sequel “The Blind Side2.”


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Boondocking- it just sounds scary... by Torklift Jen


I imagine boondocking will be a camping experience like this.

I pull into the most picturesque, secluded camping spot I can find.  Through the deep, dark woods right on the edge of the lake.  But, something seems just too perfect about it.  Come to think of it, I hadn’t passed another vehicle for miles.

Oh well, I enjoy my afternoon of exploring and as I return to the camper at dusk, I notice I have a neighbor.

The cutest little couple comes out of their trailer to greet me.

They are just so friendly.  They go on and on chatting about the history of the area and stories of their travels.

“Did you know they have been camping together for well over 50 years? “

They are so nice, so very, very nice.

The couple invites me over for games. They invite me for dinner.  However, I notice a strange glance and giggles between them throughout these offers of hospitality.  They still act like newlyweds, how sweet.

I think, “How did they survive out here in the middle of nowhere, out in the boondocks, for so long? “

Wait a minute, wait A MINUTE!

“They want to have ME for dinner!”

I excuse myself back the camper in hurry.

Suddenly, I feel a sharp tap on my shoulder.


Oh, it was just them again.

They remind me to turn my lights down as there are no hookups here.

WHHHHHAAAA!!!! AAAAHHHHHH!!!!! The horror, the humanity! No hookups!

Boondocking means camping without hookups.


Have no fear- with HiddenPower you can keep the lights on all night.


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Advice for camping with a cat... by Torklift Jen


Camping is great fun for the whole family.  Including the four-legged ones.

So, it was time to let Ivy, my cat, enjoy the freedom of truck camping and a new second home on wheels.  Why not?

Dogs love to swim, explore all the new smells of the great outdoors, sneaking dropped camping goodies, and the thrill of hunting big game, even if it is just chasing a chipmunk.


Her eyes became as wide as saucers and she was all claws, my otherwise docile kitty quickly showed me who was boss.  She obviously didn’t appreciate the safety and comfort I was able to provide for her in a camper.IMG_2645

She lived up to the name “Poison Ivy” as in something that you get while camping and never want to be exposed to it again. I left her home to reign over her own little kingdom, maybe it’s not too late to rent a dog for the weekend.

Safe Step:    Step riser guard panels protect pets from falling and “see through” anxiety on scissor steps.


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Nothin' but net... by Torklift Jen

DSCN2954 I’m not referring to basketball.

Fishing this weekend netted me a big zero on my state angler’s punch card.  So, I had some time to think about what the word “net “really means.

Net, a device to entrap fish and also a financial term that means what you get to keep.

So, in terms of netting nothing, maybe I’m more of a philanthropic fisherman.  I can take pride in the catch and release, giving back what I get.IMG_1653

It can be said what I netted is “gross.”  I caught some weeds, a slimy stick and an old lure someone else had snagged.

A wise man told me never make my living from fishing, he was my net “prophet.”

There is no wi-fi out here for my iPad, I’m at a net loss.

Like my boat, I’m starting to drift, so I’ll stop now before my lines get too deep.

IMG_1677 Luckily, the flexibility of the camper allows me to pack-up quickly and move to a more promising location or snag a guaranteed Filet-O-Fish on the way back through town.

Here is a great product to get your boat trailer to your favorite fishing spot:

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Top 10 reasons to camp in the rain... by Torklift Jen

IMG_1340Rain is no excuse to postpone a camping trip.

It is inevitable for people living in the Northwest, so here are some hints for looking on the bright side and thinking about all the great things about camping in the rain.

1.  The wet dog smell- A familiar fragrance in the NW, popular on canines and humans.

 2.  The relaxing sound of pitter patter- The soundtrack of the Northwest, they make meditation music of this stuff.

 3.  Slugs- They are kind of cute and can make good fishing bait.

 4.  Keeps the risk of forest fires down- Smokey the Bear love us soggy people.

 5.  At least it is not snow- Cold weather camping can be fun with the right gear, but when it’s summer, that’s a bummer.

 6.  Games and conversation time- Time to concentrate on the people around us.

7.  Um

8.  I’ll get back to you

9.  Still thinking

10.  A truck camper- a new found refuge.

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Mini me... by Torklift Jen


Looking back to my humble beginnings of truck camping there were many learning opportunities and tips that I should have picked-up on in regard to all this truck camping stuff.

I am reminded that all I really needed to know about truck camping, I learned in kindergarten.

Like coloring, stay between the lines on the highway and go a little crazy when you’re off road.

Don’t run with scissors, but it’s okay to run up a sturdy set of scissor steps. IMG_1035

If you got bad suspension you were in some heavy-duty trouble and you were going to be in a world of hurt when you got home from school.  Now with good suspension you can carry a heavy load home and not feel a thing.

Kissing a toad will not result in a prince charming and will result in me looking very silly kissing my little tow behind car.

I learned that if you tie your toy truck bumper to a string attached to your bike and take off down the driveway, the bumper will get pulled off the truck and the part will end up in your baby brother’s mouth and then you’re in a heap of trouble from mom.  The worst!  Frame-mounted tie downs are always best.

IMG_0119Pick up your toys and someday your toys will be pickups.

Training wheels are not for babies.  They were just good practice for driving my dually Ford F350.

Time-out is a good thing if you’re prepared with your best toys and can sit and enjoy the quiet.

I think I’ve got all these new concepts down now and can put them to good use as I grow into “Torklift Jen”.

True Frame-Mounted Tie Downs- Stay snug to your foundation.

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My new job title: Torklift Jen

IMG_1639I experiment with Torklift products and take them out in the real world with a uniquely “Torklift Jen” perspective.  Some people say I’m like an action figure All I need is a cape!

What is the “Torklift Jen” perspective you ask?

Well, I get lots of advice during my work week on what to do, and most importantly what NOT to do by some of the best in the industry.  I look forward to sharing what I learn and passing on what I find about new products, engineering information and technical advice.

Just as a preview, you’ll find out what it’s like for little ole’ me to drive a giant truck!

I will check-in from the roads traveled with the people I meet while wearing my “Torklift Jen” hat.

Let me know if you have any great ideas and what makes your off time work for you.


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