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Why you should upgrade your RV steps to the GlowStep Revolution

The GlowStep Revolution® are the only RV step upgrade that are custom designed for RV towables. Let me tell you why!

Infinite Adjustability

The GlowStep Revolution® step system is the only aftermarket RV step that offer you infinite adjustability. 
Turn GlowStep Revolution into a ladder
This RV step upgrade is an accordion designed step that lets you extend the steps fully at 48”. But what happens when you are parked in a confined area like a storage unit or a tight camping site? You don’t have to worry with the GlowStep Revolution. An accordion design means you can extend them in as little as 6” with a ladder deployment – no more getting stuck outside of your trailer when you are in a tight spot!
upgrade gsr2
The Torklift GlowStep Revolution is also equipped with our All-Terrain Landing Gear. This easy-to-use, adjustable foot mechanism allows you to adjust each foot independently of one another, so that your steps remain solid and level on any surface. 
Unlike any other RV step on the market, the GlowStep Revolution step system has three points of adjustment at the top step. Utilize any of the three top step positions to ensure that your steps remain level despite angled or sloped terrain. 

Unparalleled Stability

This RV step system features SureGrip step tread that eliminates jagged holes that are commonly found on factory steps making the steps extremely stable for you but also ensuring safety and comfort for your dogs!
Similar to the steps in your home, these RV steps also have a 7.5” riser height – perfect for kiddos or those with limited mobility!

Only to be improved with accessories

We offer a variety of accessories to add to the usability of the GlowStep Revolution! 
  • The GlowGuide handrail is easily installed for an added layer of safety.
  • The SafeStep panels close of the vertical gaps between the steps to help kids and dogs walk up and down the steps safely.
  • The DirtDestroyer lets you dust off dirt and grime from your shoes before entering your RV to keep it nice and clean.
Thank you Matt K.!
Check out the GlowStep Revolution in action in these photos from our product evaluator! 
upgrade to GlowStep Revolution  Upgrade to GlowStep Revolution
Looking for more RV content? Check out Matt on Instagram at @familyadventurejourney!

Have questions?

If you have further questions about your perfect GlowStep Revolution fitment or how to install, please contact us by phone at 800-246-8132 or by email at Our customer service team is available Monday – Friday from 8:30 am to 5 pm PST.
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The 2020 Florida RV Show is coming up!

6EFE981E 87AF 46E0 96C8 9842559D98A3 2 copyIf you're heading to the 2020 Florida RV SuperShow, get ready to win big! If you attend the show, you're getting a chance to learn more about the GlowStep Revolution and GlowStep Revolution Uprising step systems to see what everyone's been buzzing about, as well as a chance to win a set of RV steps!

Florida RV SuperShow Info
Jan. 15-19, 2020
Located at: Florida State Fairgrounds
Wednesday - Saturday: 9am – 6pm
Sunday: 9am-5pm
RV SuperShow Website
Torklift Booth Locations: B213, B236

Win a FREE GlowStep Revolution!

Florida RV Show 4At the RV SuperShow in Tampa, you'll see up close the high-quality step systems, made right here in America, that provide unparalleled stability and requires no heavy lifting to operate. With infinite adjustability from 48-inches to 6-inches (GlowStep Revolution) and 12-inches (GlowStep Revolution Uprising) ladder deployment, there’s no space that these RV steps can’t be extended and used in. The GlowStep Revolution Uprising steps are award winning trailer steps that feature a patent pending design that allows you to increase or reduce the number of steps with the flip of a lever. With 7-inches of vertical elevation adjustment, the GlowStep Revolution Series steps are easy on the knees and back and connect the RV to the ground eliminating the unsafe diving board effect and clunky booster steps.

But, why are we going into such detail about these Revolutionary steps? If you attend the Tampa RV Show from Jan. 15-19, 2020 you can visit the Torklift booths B213 and B236 to enter to win a FREE set of Torklift trailer steps to get your rig ready for Spring camping!

big win banner background for lottery or casino vector 18496211

Don’t miss out on our discounts – available to Florida RV SuperShow attendees only!

Combined discounts*Limit one per customer. Must be at the 2020 Florida RV SuperShow to get coupon and redeem. Offer valid Jan. 15-19,2020. Cannot be combined with any other offer.


For more information about what we have going on at the Florida RV show, call us at 800-246-8132. We can’t wait to see you there!


kerstinWritten by Kerstin Stokes:
As a graduate from the College of Idaho with a B.A. in both History and Art, Kerstin has found her passion for writing and marketing, and has loved every minute of working for Torklift for over 3 years. She enjoys looking up tasty recipes for baking and daydreaming about future travels.

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A Tale of Two Camping Titans

Lance Blog1The truck camping and RVing world is in for a nice surprise. Torklift International and Lance Campers have entered into a partnership that aims to start a new “Revolution.” This glorious new partnership combines two great companies to provide adventure enthusiasts with a top of the line truck camper or trailer outfitted with a top of the line step system. That’s right, 2019 Lance 1172 comes standard with ultraSTEPglow factory installed. Also known as the GlowStep Revolution from Torklift, these trailer steps are available on multiple trailers and campers, customers are capable of adding the ultraSTEPglow as an aftermarket part.

Torklift President Jack Kay has expressed his excitement for the Lance and Torklift partnership stating, “Just like Torklift, Lance has been in business for over 40 years. We are passionate about partnering with them (Lance) so customers can have the best and safest camping experience possible.” When you combine two companies who are passionate about their work, the outdoors and are willing to go to the distance for their loyal customers, greatness awaits.

Lance Blog2Torklift isn’t the only one excited about the partnership. Lance recognizes that working with Torklift and offering the ultraSTEPglow system on their equipment is a great opportunity. “Torklift is the type of partner we love to work whose products complement our brand’s quality position in the marketplace,” said Randy Hunter, Research and Development Manager at Lance Camper Mfg. Corp. “On the retail side of the business our customers appreciate the quality, innovation and functionality their products offer.” Both Lance and Torklift strive to offer greatness and provide the utmost quality.

Torklift proudly offers a Legendary Lifetime warranty to ensure the satisfaction of the customer, even years after the product was purchased. Fully manufactured in America, with American made materials, Torklift is dedicated to producing an overall shopping experience comparable to none. A team of engineers works diligently to provide new and innovative products that are built with every piece of quality assurance that can go into a product.

Lance is known for being the best on the market. They offer quality products that are built to be sturdy and last a long time. The quality assurance goes all the way down to the finishing work and even the stitching on the seat cushions. Lance aims to make truck campers and travel trailers that elevate the camping experience to a whole new level.

Lance Blog3Lance 1172 camper with the ultraSTEPglow steps (also known as the GlowStep Revolution)

What is the ultraSTEPglow All About?

Lance Blog4For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Torklift International ultraSTEPglow, allow us to highlight the major features. The “Revolution” started in 2015 when Torklift initially released this marvelous product. The first ever step system with three levels of precision elevation control on the top of the step, and five levels of lower adjustment via the All Terrain Landing Gear. Altogether, the levels of adjustment equal out to SEVEN total inches of vertical fine-tuning. Torklift National Sales Manager, Kyle Bonita explains the All Terrain Landing gear, and what makes it a step above the rest of the industry: 

“One of the unique parts about the ultraSTEPglow is the All Terrain Landing Gear which comes standard on these RV steps and provides ability to adjust, the landing gear attach to the base of the step allowing the step to become level with the ground. They maneuver to accommodate uneven terrain, which is a common occurrence at most campgrounds or boon docking off the grid."

The steps feature glow in the dark strips to illuminate your way back to your camper after the sun has gone down. With the ability to glow up to 10 hours with only five minutes of light exposure, the ultraSTEPglow will surely light your way all through the night. Accessories and innovations to these RV steps makes them even more suitable for all situations. A few add-ons include the GlowGuide, SafeStep, and the DirtDestroyer. Each of these products are designed to better the steps.


The GlowGuide is a handrail that attaches to your camper in two locations and attaches to the steps to give you three points of stability. This offers the user even more safety when navigating up or down the steps. The GlowGuide can be easily stored inside the RV when not in use and is compatible with both campers and trailers.

Lance Blog5ultraSTEPglow and the GlowGuide illuminating the night


Torklift also introduced the SafeStep. An ingenious product that creates a vertical barrier in between each step, protecting your pets or children from falling. The great thing about the SafeStep is that the panels can remain installed even when the steps are being stored. Furthermore, they are made with a UV protected material, so the sharp black color won’t turn gray after repeated harsh exposure to the sun.

Lance Blog6The SafeStep is a protective step riser guard  


The final addition to the accessory line is the DirtDestroyer. We have all seen those weird ineffective bristly things that sit outside of a store or even a house. An effective shoe cleaner to keep people from have to remove their shoes when heading inside. Torklift has developed the DirtDestroyer to do the same thing, only it conveniently attaches to your camper steps and looks great while doing it. Keep the dirt and mud outside of your RV! Quickly and conveniently run your shoes through the DirtDestroyer and voila.

Lance Blog7This shoe cleaning attachment is a perfect addition to your step system

Now thanks to the collaboration between Lance and Torklift, the ultraSTEPglow is now available on Lance truck campers and trailers.


nateWritten by Nathan Miller:
As a graduate from Eastern Washington University, Nathan received his degree in marketing. He enjoys people and partaking in anything outdoors. Nathan once had a staring contest with an owl and won. He is the most interesting writer in the Torklift Universe. 

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Towing a trailer behind your truck

Truck Camper Towing TrailerIf you are planning on doing any kind of outdoor adventure that involves you bringing extra cargo or a trailer, chances are you'll need to tow with a trailer hitch! While it may seem unapproachable, setting up and towing a trailer behind your truck is easier than it looks. But, it does require some study and set up in advance to make it as easy as possible when you’re actually towing.

During your research phase, the first thing you need to ensure is that your truck has a rating capacity of at least the max weight of the load you want to haul. Check the owner’s manual for your truck to determine the weight limits and figure out the appropriate hitch to have installed. You’ll want to make sure to stay within the manufacturer’s weight ratings or you could potentially cause major damage to your vehicle, truck and other drivers on the road.

Here are the numbers that you’ll need to know before getting set up to tow behind your truck:

Tongue Weight Gross trailer weight (GTW): how much the trailer weighs fully loaded. 
Gross trailer weight (GTW): how much the trailer weighs fully loaded. 
Tongue weight: the downward force exerted on the hitch ball by the trailer coupler. You’ll need to know your trailer tongue weight in order to determine the best hitch for your vehicle.
Gross combined weight rating (GCWR): The maximum weight of the trailer tow vehicle combined, this weight should never be exceeded. 
Hitch rating: this is an incredibly important number! It’s the weight that the manufacturer has tested and determined that the hitch can handle. For example, the SuperHitch Original can handle 2,000 pounds tongue weight and tow up to 20,000 pounds.

What it basically comes down to for hitch towing is weight! Weight is the most important factor when it comes to towing. Both knowing how much weight your trailer hitch can tow and how much weight your truck, hitch and ball mount can handle. 

Truck Camper
All hitches are not created equal. If you’re planning on towing a heavy amount, you need to make sure that your trailer hitch is up to the task. Take for example Charles Spray. He trusts the best hitch available for towing a trailer behind his fully loaded truck and camper: the SuperHitch!

“Getting ready for the Ponies in the Smokies car show in Sevierville, TN. Love your products! It runs great down the highway and that’s the important part.”

-Charles Spray

SuperTruss 3The SuperHitch comes in two different weight capacities. The SuperHitch Original heavy-duty trailer hitch is rated at 2,000 pounds tongue weight, 20,000 pounds with weight distribution and uses our patented dual receiver design (2-inch upper and 2-inch lower) to max out class five hitch maximum capacities.

To fight the blight of wimpy factory and aftermarket tow hitches the SuperHitch Magnum is also available. With weight distribution, the SuperHitch Magnum trailer hitch is rated up to 3,000 pounds tongue and 30,000 pounds towing.

Reinforced Pin Locations
Both of these trailer hitches come with hardened reinforced hitch pin locations to prevent common elongation of the hitch pin holes known as egging. When hitch pin holes are not properly reinforced, the elongated pin holes with extra space around the hitch pin leads to effects of poor handling. For example, feeling the trailer’s dramatic push forward on the tow vehicle while stopping. Gain control and avoid this with the SuperHitch 20K trailer hitch.

The SuperHitch Original and SuperHitch Magnum are built incredibly strong and can handle heavy towing within the vehicle manufacturer’s indicated maximum capacities. They are also made in the USA and are backed by our Legendary Lifetime Warranty.

SuperTruss 2The SuperTruss is an incredibly strong extension for towing when you have overhang in the bed of your truck.

Depending on the application, trucks are often used to both tow and haul at the same time, just like Charles who has a truck camper in his truck bed while towing a trailer. If the cargo in the truck bed blocks the trailer hitch receiver by crossing the threshold of the vehicles rear-end, you'll need specific towing equipment to maintain your ability to tow. The SuperHitch SuperTruss extension pairs perfectly with each model of SuperHitch to give you the ability and convenience of extending your tow hitch in the safest way possible. Take advantage of the versatility of your tow vehicle by giving it the tools it needs to go big.

For a full list of steps on how to tow a trailer you can visit our recent blog for step by step instructions on towing a trailer behind your truck. If you’re interested in purchasing our SuperHitch trailer hitch and want to upgrade like Charles, there are a couple of options available to you! You can click here to visit one of our Certified Dealers near you. You can also contact us for more information or questions at or by calling 800-246-8132.

Find Your App



Written by Kerstin Stokes:
As a graduate from the College of Idaho with a B.A. in both History and Art, Kerstin has found her passion for writing and marketing. She enjoys looking up tasty recipes, spoiling her cat Clio and daydreaming about future travels. 

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Are you ready to get your Torklift parts drop shipped directly to you?

Drop Ship Blog 1

What is the 48 hour Drop Ship Program?

We are set up to build products in large runs for stocking orders made by distributors, but sometimes you have a customer that can’t wait. That’s where the 48 hour Drop Ship Program comes into play.

How Does the Drop Ship Program Work?

1. Business Day One: Place your order by 11 a.m. so the build for your products starts the following business day
2. Business Day Two and Three: Your parts have 48 hours (Two business days) to go from raw parts to powder coat to be ready to be shipped. Hot off the assembly line!
3. Business Day Four: Your parts are sitting on our dock ready to ship

What does it cost?

This fee is minimal when it comes to getting your Torklift products that much sooner and in a rush! If you have unforeseen circumstance and you suddenly need Torklift products and can’t pass up the opportunity - contact your distributor and let them know you need to place a drop ship through Torklift. The fee will vary by distributor.

Drop Ship Blog 2With Torklift’s products at a record demand, our dedicated Torklift Drop Ship team is dedicated and ready at a moment’s notice to manufacture the parts you need from raw materials and pack into our specially designed boxes – then shipping the products you order to where you need them. We have a team just for focuses on emergency orders from the Drop Ship Program and making sure they get to you as soon as possible.

Whatever you need, whether it’s our brand new Stow N’ Go truck camper steps, our always popular StableLoad or highly engineered SuperHitch, our highly seasoned staff will do whatever it takes to get you taken care of. Always have Torklift products on hand! If you’re having difficulty obtaining Torklift parts and products, please feel free to contact us at 800-246-8132 or email us at either or

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The SuperHitch for Ford Excursion is All You Need

Blog 1Not many people know it, but we have released a SuperHitch for the Ford Excursion. While our other Ford SuperHitches are more popular, there is a rising demand for a better hitch for the Excursion. Torklift rose to the occasion and created an Excursion hitch which is part of the SuperHitch Outlaw series. Recently, Ford-Trucks Forum user ExxWhy shared his experience installing the SuperHitch on his 2000 Ford Excursion.

Rated for Excellence
One of the main reasons why ExxWhy purchased the SuperHitch was because his OEM hitch had a low tow rating. He needed something much stronger for towing with an Excursion and here’s what he had to say:

“Torklift recently came out with a version of their SuperHitch 20K receiver for our Excursions. It's substantially beefier than the factory piece and I think for those of you who tow HEAVY stuff, it's a must have. My 2000 [Excursion hitch] was only rated to 1,000 lbs tongue weight and my trailer is a bit over 1,400. The later years with the larger bolts are still only rated to 1,250. This [SuperHitch 20k] is rated for 2,000 lbs with weight distribution, or 1,700 lbs without!” -ExxWhy

Blog 2With the SuperHitch hitch receiver, you have all the strength you need to allow you to tow at your vehicle’s  weight ratings. It has weight ratings for towing at 20,000 pounds with weight distribution and 17,000 pounds without weight distribution. Also, this 2000 Ford Excursion hitch is completely bolt on so there is no drilling required into the frame of your Excursion. “Bolt up the new 3-piece unit and put all the other pieces back. The tank is a tighter fit to get past the hitch, but otherwise it all works together nicely,” said ExxWhy. More great features of this trailer hitch are that it has a double receiver and has hardened reinforced hitch pin locations to prevent hole elongation known as egging. There’s also an extension for towing available for the SuperHitch called the SuperTruss which gives you extra length for towing if you have an overhang on your truck.

Overall, ExxWhy is happy with his new Ford Excursion hitch replacement, the SuperHitch. Here’s what his final thoughts were on this Ford Excursion Class V hitch:

Blog 3“The overall fit and finish of the hitch is excellent. No drilling required and the hardware is top quality grade 8 stuff. All in all, I am happy with it so far. I plan to take advantage of the extra [receiver] to adapt a bike rack to hang a couple bikes over the hitch.” -ExxWhy

Features of the SuperHitch include:
• SuperHitch frame mounted receiver rated up to 2,000 lbs tongue weight and 20,000 lbs. with weight distribution (17,000 weight carrying) in either the upper or lower receivers (When used without SuperTruss extension.)
• Extension towing capacity up to 12,000 lbs. with 48” SuperTruss receiver extension
• Hardened reinforced hitch pin locations
Both the SuperHitch frame mount receiver and the SuperTruss receiver extensions use industry standard 2” x 2” ballmounts
Specific Torklift tie down fits are available for the SuperHitch Outlaw Series 
 Legendary Lifetime Warranty
• Proudly made in the USA

Blog 4† 12,000 lb. pulling capacity, 1,200 tongue wt. achieved only when used with weight distribution type system. See Dealer for details, Weight carrying capacity on 48” extension, 6,000 lb. pull, 600 lb. tongue wt. Consult your vehicle owner’s manual for specific towing capacity. Your truck and trailer weight cannot exceed your vehicle manufacturers towing, cargo, or GCVWR.

“A little follow up after using the SuperHitch for a lil 3700-mile road trip. I LOVE IT!  It's a well-engineered product that I will never have to think much about or wonder if it will break going over the next set of RR tracks. As I already mentioned, if you are towing with tongue weights over 1200 lbs, you really should think about getting one. I hate to think about the consequences of the hitch breaking with a 10,000 lb trailer following along at 60 MPH!” - ExxWhy

If you are interested in towing a trailer with your 2000 Excursion and are wanting a higher towing capacity, then look no further that the SuperHitch. Learn more about the SuperHitch or to purchase, click here to find a dealer near you.


kerstinWritten by Kerstin Stokes:
As a graduate from the College of Idaho with a B.A. in both History and Art, Kerstin has found her passion for writing and marketing. She enjoys looking up tasty recipes for baking and daydreaming about future travels. 

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