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Campers put the new GlowStep Revolution step for towables to the test

GlowStep-Revolution-RV-stepsGlowStep Revolution RV Step SystemWith the recent launch of Torklift International’s GlowStep Revolution RV Step, we wanted to gain some real-world feedback on experiences from those spending time at the campsite.

With anticipation, we set out to find folks who wanted to test and review our newest innovation. Much like the StableLoad Challenge, the results provided us with great insight on Torklift’s new GlowStep Revolution leveling RV step.



KOAFor the GlowStep Revolution Challenge, we used a travel trailer with dual side entry and two sets of steps on it. On one side we left the factory step while on the other side we installed the GlowStep Revolution RV Step. We set up the trailer at the KOA campground in Kent, Washington and asked campers to test out both sets of steps.

 Watch the video to see what the campers discovered:

2thumbsupAfter the GlowStep Revolution Challenge concluded, the campers gave us a resounding “two-thumbs up.” The factory RV step that floats above ground caused the step and trailer to shimmy back and forth, leaving the campers uneasy about maneuvering up and down the steps. With the GlowStep Revolution, it was clear they felt more stable and secure. Without a doubt, everyone who tried the GlowStep Revolution RV step system preferred it to the factory step.


“There isn’t any comparison!” said Mary Ellen Chambers. “Those [GlowStep Revolution steps] are sturdy, they feel secure.”

Knowing the benefits of the GlowStep Revolution is helpful when considering upgrading from the weaker factory step.  Designed for towables, fifth wheels and side entry truck campers, the GlowStep Revolution RV step revolutionizes the way you enter and exit your trailer or camper.

How you ask?

  1. GSR-storedSteps store in factory step compartmentEarth to RV: Avoid that diving board motion of a flimsy factory step with a sturdy version that connects your trailer all the way to the ground providing optimum stability. 

  2. Easy Storage: By fitting into the factory step compartment, the step provides significant improvement in ground clearance in most cases. A quick release lever allows for easy deployment.

  3. all-terrain-landing-gearAll Terrain Landing Gear to level RV StepsHigh capacity steps: The steps handle 375 pounds of capacity when used with a GlowGuide Handrail. Capacities vary with number of steps. The GlowStep is available in 2-6 steps and is easy to add or remove steps if necessary. 

  4. Leveling RV steps: All Terrain Landing Gear - With the push of a button, adjust the feet of your steps if you encounter uneven terrain.
    Add the All Terrain Landing Gear to any scissor step application and easily level your existing steps.

  5. Step system compatibility:
    1. GlowGuide Handrail - Lightweight aluminum telescopic handrail dramatically improves stability. Step capacities increase by 25 pounds and the handrail transforms into a wash brush cleaning accessory.
    2. DirtDestroyer - The bristle brush shoe cleaning attachment prevents dirt from entering your RV.
    3. SafeStep - As a vertical barrier between steps that blocks the gap between steps, entry for pets and small children is safer and less intimidating. See how pets walk up a GlowStep with a SafeStep barrier installed.

      GlowStep Revolution

gsr-doublehingeSteps are double-hinged for strength

The clever design of the Torklift International GlowStep Revolution isn’t the typical scissor step that you’ve probably seen before. Click here to learn more about the bushing bearings and double bar design on each of the hinges. This handcrafted design is the only of its kind in the industry and creates the strongest and most durable steps available. In addition, the GlowSteps are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Time for an upgrade
With the launch of this unique step for towables, we’re extending a pretty sweet deal. Purchase the GlowStep Revolution or original GlowStep and receive $20 off the GlowGuide Handrail and your choice of a free SafeStep or DirtDestroyer while supplies last. That’s right, you’ve read correctly!


Find a dealer to purchase the original GlowStep or pre-order the GlowStep Revolution step for towables by clicking here now. The offer cannot be combined with any other offer and is intended for retail consumer use only. Hurry to redeem as the offer expires August 15, 2015.  Free items are only while supplies last. For full details on this offer, click here.

For additional questions, call Torklift Tech Support at 800-246-8132 or reach us by email at Click here to learn more about the GlowStep Revolution RV step system.

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