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How to choose the best truck for your truck camper

How to choose the best truck for your truck camper

You’ve made the big decision to take your camping adventures off-grid: Congratulations! Getting set up for a truck camper and making the decision on which camper with your truck can seem tricky, but it doesn’t have to be! As long as you follow these few details, you’ll be set up and ready to get out and go in no time.

What came first: the truck or the camper?

How to choose the best truck for your truck camperOne saying we hear frequently is “Don’t buy the carriage before the horse”. It is very important to evaluate the truck that you have or the truck that you plan on hauling your camper to be sure that it will stand up to needs of your camper. Nothing is worse than forking out the cash for a beautiful, luxurious truck camper just to find out that your truck can’t haul it. There are multiple factors you will want to take into account when checking compatibility of your truck and truck camper.


Above all, you will want to make certain that your Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) is within limits and you have enough payload to support your camper. The GVWR is the maximum total safe weight on your vehicle. This weight is assigned by the Department of Transportation and can be found on the manufacturer sticker on the inside of your vehicle or in your owner’s manual.

To determine the amount of payload you available, go to a certified weight station to obtain vehicle weight, subtract this from your GVWR to identify how much payload capacity you have available for your truck camper. Tip: Don’t forget to take into account the weight of any cargo, for example, passengers, fuel, supplies, etc. If your rig is overloaded, you may have to take on the expense of changing campers or trucks.

Tie Down Compatibility

besttruck3If you want to haul a truck camper, having truck camper tie downs and spring-loaded turnbuckles is a necessity. To attach your camper to your truck, we recommend our TRUE Frame-Mounted Camper Tie Downs. These camper tie downs are designed to bolt onto the strongest point of your truck: the frame. Since our parts are bolt on, part numbers are custom fit based on the year, make, and model of the vehicle. To verify fitment for the truck you have in mind, check your fitment here.

The Torklift TRUE Frame-Mounted Tie Downs must be paired with a spring-loaded turnbuckle. Take a look at our best-selling Original FastGun turnbuckle here.

Original FastGun Turnbuckles

Truck Design

besttruck5Cab Size

Most truck campers are designed for extended or crew cab trucks. It is possible that a truck camper will fit on a regular cab, but there is a possibility that the cab over portion of the camper will limit visibility from a driver’s standpoint.

Four-Wheel Drive

Truck campers are designed to go anywhere at any time. With that being said, those who camp in truck campers typically will spend a lot of time off grid. If you plan on being off road, you need four-wheel drive to combat rough or rugged terrain that is common for truck campers.

To dually or not to dually

The choice of single rear wheel compared to dual rear wheel comes down to the fully-loaded wet weight of the truck camper. This would include the dry weight of the camper plus any additional cargo in the camper. Dual rear wheel trucks have a higher payload capacity due to the rear axle being wider so they can accommodate more weight than the single rear wheel trucks. 

If you have further questions about choosing the best truck for your truck camper set up, please give our support team a call at 800-246-8132 or email at Our tech support is available Monday – Friday from 8:30 am to 5 pm PST.


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