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How to drill a leaf spring in less than 37 seconds!

Drilling holes in the overload leaf springs of your vehicle may seem like a daunting task, especially due to the characteristics of the hardened spring steel, however, we have a couple options for you.

Many factory overload springs are pre-drilled with 1/2” holes by the manufacturer, making installing a suspension upgrade like the StableLoads, a simple DIY experience. It is important to note that there are many applications of the StableLoad that do not require drilling. To check your application, click here.

If your vehicle does not have the hole pre-drilled, don’t panic or believe anyone who told you it can’t be done. Torklift engineers have contacted some of the world’s leading drill bit manufacturers that make specialized drill bits of all kinds as well as specialized hardened alloy applications. This includes drilling U.S. military armor plating. Based on their input we have the correct drill bits required and a few techniques that highlight the easiest way for anyone to drill a hole in a leaf spring.

There are two options using a common cordless drill. Drilling with our specially designed tool or drilling without, we will walk you through each technique here.

Option One: How to drill with the Torklift International StableLoad Leaf Spring Drill Tool

What you will need:

        - StableLoad Leaf Spring Drill Tool

        -  Cordless Drill

        -  Four 7/16” cobalt drill bits
           (These are included with your StableLoad suspension stabilizer)
        -  Cutting oil or motor oil to keep the drill bit lubricated during the drilling process
        -  3/4" socket wrench
        -  Safety glasses

Estimated time to drill four leaf springs: under three minutes

Simply watch this brief video below to see how it is done in 37 seconds.

The key to drilling a leaf spring effectively is to apply a significant amount of force, using a cordless drill with a very slow rotation speed and a well-lubricated drill bit. Using our special StableLoad Leaf Spring Drill Tool, cobalt drill bits and cordless drill, the specifically designed StableLoad Drill Tool cradles the drill allowing you to slowly guide the drill bit with little effort. No need to struggle with keeping the drill in place while applying a significant amount of force by hand -- the StableLoad Drill Tool does the work for you and is the simplest and quickest method to drill the spring.

If you have decided you do not want to use the StableLoad Drill Tool, read below.

Option Two: How to drill a leaf spring without a StableLoad Drill Tool

What you will need:

        -  Household cordless drill
        -  Cutting oil or motor oil
        -  Four 7/16” cobalt drill bits
           (These are included with your StableLoad suspension stabilizer)
        -  Safety glasses

Estimated time to drill four leaf springs: 45 minutes

Step one:
Determine where you want to drill the hole. With StableLoads, you will mark the hole in the center of the leaf spring 1” back from the end.
Note: Use only the special cobalt drill bits supplied in the StableLoad kit and do not predrill the spring with a smaller diameter pilot drill bit for a pilot hole.

Step two:
Apply oil to the cobalt drill bit.

Step three:
It is important to not drill all the way through the leaf spring. Once the top of the leaf spring starts to dimple, move on to next hole. If you try to drill all the way though at this point, it may damage the drill bit.

Step four:
When drilling, apply high force. The leaf spring will deflect about 1/4” when drilling. (Maximum pressure at low speed is critical to avoid drill bit damage)

Step five:
Re-apply oil to the cobalt drill bit often. (every 5 to 10 seconds)

Step six:
Once all springs are dimpled on top of the spring from the drill bit drilling nearly all the way through the spring, go back to each hole to break through the remaining material on the holes. Do this while you decrease the amount of force as the drill bit breaks through the top of the spring. Be cautious because the drill bit will want to grab the edges and pull the drill upwards as it breaks through.

If you would like to learn more information on the StableLoad Leaf Spring Drill Tool or need some additional assistance with how to drill leaf springs, email or call 800-246-8132. Our Torklift Tech Support Team is happy to help you!

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