The ladies of All Girls Garage recommend the StableLoad suspension stabilizer

For those that missed the Torklift International StableLoads suspension stabilizer on Velocity Network’s All Girls Garage, don’t worry!

Catch the short clip by watching here:

When it comes to suspension, the ladies of All Girls Garage only recommend products they know will do the job. Recently the StableLoad suspension stabilizer made a significant impact by premiering as their go-to upgrade for any vehicle with overload leaf springs expecting to tow or haul significant loads.

all-girls-logoAll Girls Garage is a popular TV program known for documenting three talented females while they tackle complicated automotive projects with ease. Due to their years of technical experience in mechanics, these women are extremely selective about the parts they endorse.

For those that tow or haul often and are looking for a simple but extremely effective suspension fix for improving handling, the video clip shown above illustrates how the StableLoads should be the first and easiest suspension modification you consider.

As a universal application for any vehicle with factory upper or lower overload leaf springs, the StableLoads activate the stabilizing power within your vehicle’s 4-point suspension to significantly reduce sway, body roll and porpoising when under load.

As explained by Cristy Lee of All Girls Garage, the lower StableLoads application achieves this by rotating the precision crafted wedge plates into the gap between the leaf spring pack and overload leaf spring on the vehicle’s rear suspension.

wedge-packWedge plates to fill gap in leaf springsb2ap3_thumbnail_stableload-display.pngLower StableLoads engaged and disengaged

Since the StableLoads not only dramatically improve poor vehicle handling but also have the versatility of switching on and off, they are an excellent option for folks looking to maximize the use of the their vehicle. Simply engage the StableLoads when needing to tow or haul and disengage to go back to a smooth factory ride.

Torklift International StableLoads are simple to install and are backed by a lifetime warranty. The effectiveness and performance of this suspension stabilizer are of such magnitude that its lifetime warranty even extends to cover your vehicle leaf springs. Give us a call at (800) 246-8132 for warranty details. 

To learn more about StableLoads for your vehicle, click here.

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Torklift StableLoads debut on Velocity network’s All Girls Garage –Tune in!


All Girls Garage on Velocity network

Are you ready?  Now’s your chance to thoroughly prepare yourself. Mark your calendar, make room on your DVR and be sure you don’t miss Torklift International StableLoads suspension stabilizers television premiere on Velocity network’s All Girls Garage. Is the popcorn popped? An ice-cold beer or soda poured perfectly into a frosted glass? Pull the lever on your recliner because we have a feeling you’ll enjoy this show.

all-girls-logoIf you haven’t seen Velocity network’s All Girls Garage, it’s more than just your average automotive TV show. Here’s what you can expect.  The show highlights the expertise of three females as they approach complicated automotive projects. With years of mechanic experience and technical knowhow, these women know how to distinguish a quality aftermarket product from its competitors, and are as selective about what parts they feature on their show as the folks who invest in them. If you’re a fan of programs like TruckU and Overhaulin’, you’ll find All Girls Garage as quality entertainment worth your time.

The episode will discuss how StableLoads are an effective suspension upgrade for anyone planning to tow or haul. If you’re looking to improve handling by reducing sway, body roll and porpoising, the StableLoad suspension stabilizer should be the first suspension modification you consider.  


StableLoads are simple to install and have a universal fit for all vehicles with factory upper or lower overload leaf springs. The ladies of All Girls Garage will explain that by taking up the gap between the leaf spring pack and overload leaf spring on the vehicle’s rear suspension, the StableLoads activate the factory intended capabilities within its leaf springs. This provides a dramatic and noticeable improvement in ride quality.

StableLoads are a simple concept and the best solution for suspension on your vehicle. Don’t let us convince you, just tune into All Girls Garage on August 15th to hear why these female gear heads put their trust in the stabilizing effects of Torklift StableLoads.  

Velocity Network
Saturday, August 15th, 2015
11:30 a.m. EST, 8:30 a.m. PST

Also catch the airing Sunday, August 16th, 2015 at the same time.  Click here to further explore the benefits of Torklift International StableLoad suspension stabilizer.

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Deception is a matter of perception

stableloads-reviewPerception of the StableLoad Suspension Stabilizer

What do you see? #BlackandBlue or #WhiteAndGold?the-dressThe Dress

Is this an instance of deception or a matter of perception? If you haven’t heard of #TheDress that sparked an internet-wide debate in late February 2015, it is an ideal example of countless accounts of the varying perceptions of its viewers.

Asked to identify the color of a dress, which appeared to be white and gold or black and blue, the simple question prompted discussions and arguments across the web. Even though the dress was confirmed to be blue and black, scientific commentary was centered on the photo as an optical illusion. If you missed this phenomenon that absolutely rocked the internet, click here for details.  

Instead of #TheDress, let’s take a look at the StableLoad suspension upgrade. Regardless of comparison to other suspension products, the stabilizing effects of Torklift International StableLoads remain true and constant.  

Watch this video that compares StableLoads to all aftermarket suspension modifications including airbags, add-on leaf springs, sway bars and shocks:

What are the benefits and potential negative side effects of each suspension modification?

Torklift StableLoad vs. other products

Sway Bars and Add-on Leaf Springs
The purpose of sway bars is to make a connection between the truck frame and its axles with a spring steel bar, reducing sway and body roll. Add-on leaf springs help to increase the spring rate of your factory springs to eliminate sag and sway. Although both of these alternatives maybe effective in eliminating sway, the side effects result in a much harsher ride due to the stiffened suspension.

Airbags and Shocks

Additional aftermarket suspension upgrade options include shocks and airbags.
Shocks act as a dampener by resisting movement between the body and axle to help eliminate body roll. Airbags inflate with air pressure to lift the truck frame away from the axle and help level the truck. A side effect of shocks and airbags lies within the potential for leaks. Not only do both significantly stiffen your ride, airbags will often increase side-to-side sway of the vehicle because it takes the weight off of the factory suspension.b2ap3_thumbnail_stableload-display.pngStableLoads engaged and disengaged

StableLoad Suspension Stabilizer

The StableLoads combine all of the benefits of all these products but without any negative side effects.  StableLoads are proven to be a successful solution to aid your vehicle in handling its payload in a more safe and effective manner. Click here to see how StableLoads affect your leaf springs.

Increasing Payload Capacity
It’s often misunderstood that adding suspension upgrades to your vehicle increases your vehicle’s factory towing or hauling capacity. No suspension upgrade can increase your truck’s maximum vehicle manufacturer assigned capacity ratings.

PinocchioPinocchio “I will not tell a lie”

A deceptive claim is an implication that a suspension modification could successfully add weight or load carrying capacity to your vehicle. The weight ratings for your vehicle are absolute. Manufacturers set these limits in order to keep you safe from failure of vehicle parts.

Perception not Deception
It’s expected for people to have varying opinions based on their personal experiences. We encourage discussion on topics such as payload capacity and suspension modifications for towing or hauling as sharing ideas is the best way to learn about something new to you. Online forums like are useful tools to learn from others with similar interests.

Click here to learn more about the StableLoad suspension stabilizer.


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Torklift sponsors Captain Ray Van Horn of Sportsman Channel’s hit TV show Gypsy Angler

b2ap3_thumbnail_rayvanhorn.pngThis year Torklift International welcomes Captain Ray Van Horn to our sponsorship program. As founder and host of the Gypsy Angler television show on the Sportsman Channel, the captain travels throughout the country showcasing information for viewers interested in fishing techniques and tactics.

With years as a champion fishing guide and TV fishing personality, Van Horn leads a nomadic lifestyle with his CampLite truck camper and Ranger boat, towed by his GMC Sierra 3500 truck.  Highlighting bucket-list salt and fresh-water fishing opportunities, the Gypsy Angler television program focuses on product use while educating anglers.

Capt. Ray Van Horn of Gypsy Angler

While on the road with his camper and boat in tow, we wanted to make sure the Captain had durable equipment that would not only make his travels enjoyable, but also protect his livelihood. To travel safely Van Horn uses Torklift International StableLoads, FastGun turnbuckles, SuperHitch Magnum 30K receiver hitch and the SuperHitch SuperTruss Receiver Extension.

One of his favorite Torklift products are the StableLoad suspension stabilizer. By engaging the factory overload leaf springs of the truck, the StableLoads dramatically improve handling while towing or hauling by preventing side-to-side sway, bounce, and body roll and more.

"One of the most important additions I've added to my CampLite truck camper set up is Torklift International’s StableLoads,” said Van Horn. “StableLoads dramatically reduced truck sway that I had experienced before the install.”

While traveling from coast to coast in his truck camper filming the Gypsy Angler television show, Ray has experienced towing a number of different boats.

Van Horn explains, “The StableLoads have provided unbelievable stability and I realized the difference in better handling immediately. When it comes to safety, that’s piece of mind.”

With an eleven-foot camper and boat to tow, Van Horn was in need of a 4-foot receiver extension that could clear the overhang of his camper and handle significant tongue weight. To tackle this application, we geared him up with the SuperHitch Magnum 30K receiver hitch and the highest rated receiver extension in the industry, the SuperHitch SuperTruss.

When used with weight distribution, the SuperHitch Magnum 30K frame-mounted receiver hitch is rated at 30,000 pounds and can handle a tongue weight of up to 3,000 pounds.

SuperHitch Magnum 30K receiver hitch

As the highest capacity receiver extension in the industry, the SuperHitch SuperTruss:
      -  Is designed for campers up to 12 feet and available in eight lengths from 21-60 inches
      -  Has a dual truss for added strength
      -  Features hardened reinforced hitch pin locations
      -  Uses patented, lateral-support safety chains

SuperHitch trailer hitch and SuperHitch SuperTruss Receiver Extension

To secure his camper to the truck and tie downs, Van Horn uses the FastGun quick-disconnect, lockable turnbuckle. As the best spring-loaded turnbuckle available, the anchor points of Van Horn’s CampLite truck camper and truck are protected from any potential damage.

All of the Torklift products that he uses are covered by Torklift’s Legendary Lifetime Warranty and are made here in the United States.

Van Horn filming Gyspy Angler TV show

For a premier fishing experience, tune into Gypsy Angler on the Sportsman Channel.

Saturday 9:30am EST
Monday 1:30pm EST
Friday 7:30am EST

As Van Horn shares the secrets on how to catch the big ones, you’ll learn how to make your next fishing expedition one to remember.

Stay tuned to see how Van Horn uses his Torklift products. For more information on the Gypsy Angler, visit his website at

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Finding the best suspension options for your vehicle

When it comes to suspension, Torklift International understands the dynamics of how your vehicle will handle the load of hauling a truck camper or towing an RV trailer. As a simple and most effective way to upgrade your truck’s suspension, Torklift’s StableLoad suspension stabilizer should be the first approach to remedy any poor vehicle handling caused by suspension issues you’ve experienced.


Your vehicle manufacturer factory installed overload leaf springs on your vehicle’s suspension are designed to help with extra payload or towing when the truck is loaded down. There are two applications of StableLoads; the upper and lower application. The lower StableLoad attaches to the lower overload leaf spring while the upper attaches above the upper leaf spring onto its factory engineered “bump stop.”


A bump stop on the upper overload leaf spring is meant to activate the effects of the overload leaf spring, allowing the suspension to perform more effectively.  Be sure to read our detailed article post if you're interested in learning more about how leaf springs work.

StableLoad Suspension Stabilizer
(upper application, shown in yellow for contrast)

The Torklift International upper overload application is designed to replace the smaller, inefficient factory overload bump stop pads, putting the upper overload springs to work sooner.  It stabilizes the vehicle suspension having a significantly positive impact on safety for its passengers and cargo.

RV enthusiasts who are out on the road and experiencing poor vehicle handling issues firsthand often participate in conversations online. This past summer, we noticed an online post regarding an ineffective “bump stop.”

Unlike the Torklift International suspension modification, this style of “bump stop” had several spaces, presumably to absorb and cushion once in contact with the leaf spring. Instead of properly engaging the leaf spring, the bump stop simply collapsed under the load.


This design proved ineffective at supporting the leaf spring. Because it did not engage the leaf spring to its full potential, the stabilizing benefit was significantly lacking.

We turned to Clint Jackson of Fox Island, Wash., for some insight on his experience with the bump stop style shown above in comparison to the Torklift upper StableLoad. Once switching to the Torklift StableLoad upper application, Clint mentions how his truck’s overload engaged much sooner than the style he was previously using.

Clint writes, “The StableLoads were a quick add-on for great performance. They are a quality product and are super easy to install.”

Rather than wasting time and money on an ineffective product, he wished he had invested in the StableLoad design to begin with.

Torklift StableLoads bolt to each of the vehicle’s overload frame bump stop pads without drilling. As a set of four for both front and back (vehicle and passenger sides), the specially engineered and proprietary dense polyurethane design proves to be extraordinarily durable and carries a lifetime warranty. For a dramatic improvement in vehicle handling stability, choose the Torklift upper StableLoads as an enhancement for your factory bump stops.


As the best suspension upgrade for towing or hauling, the combination of upper and lower StableLoads can solve significant poor vehicle handling performance issues and help eliminate any negative side effects.


Each precision crafted StableLoad stabilizer kit carries our Legendary Lifetime Warranty. Click here to learn more about the StableLoad suspension upgrade.


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What’s the secret to increasing the payload capacity of a truck?

It is often misunderstood that adding suspension upgrades to your vehicle will increase your vehicle’s factory towing or hauling capacity. The truth is, there isn’t a secret to magically increase the payload capacity of your truck. 

No suspension upgrade designed for towing or hauling can increase your truck’s maximum vehicle manufacturer assigned capacity ratings, however there is a suspension solution for towing/hauling that can aid in handling heavy payload in a more safe and effective way.

Torklift International StableLoad suspension stabilizer dramatically improves the handling of your vehicle when either towing or hauling. By pre-activating the stabilizing effects of the truck’s factory leaf springs, the StableLoads help reduce poor handling, eliminate side-to-side sway and level your truck while loaded.

To further explain ourselves, let’s turn to the StableLoad Challenge.

b2ap3_thumbnail_rochelle.pngAt a recent rally, we gave experienced RV towing and hauling enthusiasts the opportunity to test-drive the same Ford F-150 truck with and without the StableLoads. We placed 2,800 pounds of gravel in the bed to simulate a significant load like a truck camper.

Rochelle Jackson buckled herself behind the steering wheel for her test-drive with the StableLoads. Not only could she not believe there was a 2,800 pound load in the truck, she thought it was a whole different truck altogether!

With the StableLoads as the secret weapon, many test-drivers didn’t feel like there was any weight in the back of the truck. To see her candid reactions to the stabilizing effects of the StableLoad, watch this unseen footage from the StableLoad Challenge:

 “Wow, are you serious?” said Rochelle Jackson. “Interesting….You feel like there’s nothing in your box. You feel like it’s an empty truck.”

What Rochelle felt was the activation of the factory leaf springs on the Ford F-150 truck. When the StableLoads are engaging the overload leaf spring, the vehicle sits level, side-to-side sway is greatly reduced, and the ability to stop effectively is improved.

 “It feels like a different truck,” she explained. “It feels more cushioned – like a cushioned ride and you think to yourself, okay am I riding in the same model with the same features?”

The effects of the StableLoad suspension upgrade made it hard for Rochelle to believe she was driving the same F-150 Ford truck as the previous test-drive without the StableLoad suspension upgrade.

“I notice as the driver it’s more cushioned and you have a better ride and better sitting experience,” Rochelle concluded.

With the StableLoads installed, you can make the journey just as enjoyable as the destination. Not only is the truck’s ride quality and handling significantly better, but it’s also a safer experience on the road.

Watch the full version of the StableLoad Challenge or learn more about the StableLoad suspension stabilizer

If you aren’t sure you are towing or hauling safely, have your vehicle professionally inspected to verify the tongue weight and tow/hauling rating falls within your vehicle manufacturer’s tow ratings.

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What kind of aftermarket suspension upgrade should I get?

Towing a trailer, 5th wheel or toy hauler? Hauling a truck camper or other heavy payloads? You might be wondering, what are my options for suspension upgrades?

b2ap3_thumbnail_suspensiontowing.jpgWith a loaded vehicle, its suspension is under heavy stress. While maneuvering turns or hitting bumps in the road, the added weight can cause bouncing, bucking, severe side-to-side sway and body roll. This is not only an uncomfortable and potentially unsafe ride for the driver, but it can also cause strain and additional wear on the truck and its performance.

Options for aftermarket vehicle suspension upgrades include sway bars, add-on leaf springs, shocks, airbags and StableLoads. With several aftermarket suspension products on the market, making a decision becomes daunting. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits and potential negative side effects of each suspension modification.

The purpose of sway bars is to make a connection between the truck frame and its axles with a spring steel bar, reducing sway and body roll.

Add-on leaf springs help to increase the spring rate of your factory springs to eliminate sag and sway.

Although both of these alternatives may be effective in eliminating sway, the side effects result in a much harsher ride due to the stiffened suspension.

Additional aftermarket suspension upgrade options include shocks and airbags.

Shocks act as a dampener by resisting movement between the body and axle to help eliminate body roll.

Airbags inflate with air pressure to lift the truck frame away from the axle and help level the truck. A side effect of shocks and airbags lies within the potential for leaks. Not only do both significantly stiffen your ride, airbags will often increase side-to-side sway of the vehicle because it takes the weight off of the factory suspension.

The StableLoads combine all of the benefits of all these products but without any negative side effects.  


The purpose of the StableLoad is to treat the root problem by working with your factory leaf springs, rather then against them. The StableLoad suspension stabilizer puts the truck’s full factory suspension into use and equally disperses the weight of the load. By engaging your overload springs sooner, you’re vehicle can operate at its best potential.

After upgrading your suspension with the StableLoad, what happens when your vehicle is unloaded?

If you use your truck as a daily driver and aren’t in need of a permanent modification, the lower StableLoad application is the perfect solution. With the ability to engage and disengage in seconds, enjoy the convenience of returning to your comfortable factory ride when you’re not towing or hauling.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of Torklift International’s StableLoad suspension stabilizer. 

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How to drill a leaf spring in less than 37 seconds!

Drilling holes in the overload leaf springs of your vehicle may seem like a daunting task, especially due to the characteristics of the hardened spring steel, however, we have a couple options for you.

Many factory overload springs are pre-drilled with 1/2” holes by the manufacturer, making installing a suspension upgrade like the StableLoads, a simple DIY experience. It is important to note that there are many applications of the StableLoad that do not require drilling. To check your application, click here.

If your vehicle does not have the hole pre-drilled, don’t panic or believe anyone who told you it can’t be done. Torklift engineers have contacted some of the world’s leading drill bit manufacturers that make specialized drill bits of all kinds as well as specialized hardened alloy applications. This includes drilling U.S. military armor plating. Based on their input we have the correct drill bits required and a few techniques that highlight the easiest way for anyone to drill a hole in a leaf spring.

There are two options using a common cordless drill. Drilling with our specially designed tool or drilling without, we will walk you through each technique here.

Option One: How to drill with the Torklift International StableLoad Leaf Spring Drill Tool

What you will need:

        - StableLoad Leaf Spring Drill Tool

        -  Cordless Drill

        -  Four 7/16” cobalt drill bits
           (These are included with your StableLoad suspension stabilizer)
        -  Cutting oil or motor oil to keep the drill bit lubricated during the drilling process
        -  3/4" socket wrench
        -  Safety glasses

Estimated time to drill four leaf springs: under three minutes

Simply watch this brief video below to see how it is done in 37 seconds.

The key to drilling a leaf spring effectively is to apply a significant amount of force, using a cordless drill with a very slow rotation speed and a well-lubricated drill bit. Using our special StableLoad Leaf Spring Drill Tool, cobalt drill bits and cordless drill, the specifically designed StableLoad Drill Tool cradles the drill allowing you to slowly guide the drill bit with little effort. No need to struggle with keeping the drill in place while applying a significant amount of force by hand -- the StableLoad Drill Tool does the work for you and is the simplest and quickest method to drill the spring.

If you have decided you do not want to use the StableLoad Drill Tool, read below.

Option Two: How to drill a leaf spring without a StableLoad Drill Tool

What you will need:

        -  Household cordless drill
        -  Cutting oil or motor oil
        -  Four 7/16” cobalt drill bits
           (These are included with your StableLoad suspension stabilizer)
        -  Safety glasses

Estimated time to drill four leaf springs: 45 minutes

Step one:
Determine where you want to drill the hole. With StableLoads, you will mark the hole in the center of the leaf spring 1” back from the end.
Note: Use only the special cobalt drill bits supplied in the StableLoad kit and do not predrill the spring with a smaller diameter pilot drill bit for a pilot hole.

Step two:
Apply oil to the cobalt drill bit.

Step three:
It is important to not drill all the way through the leaf spring. Once the top of the leaf spring starts to dimple, move on to next hole. If you try to drill all the way though at this point, it may damage the drill bit.

Step four:
When drilling, apply high force. The leaf spring will deflect about 1/4” when drilling. (Maximum pressure at low speed is critical to avoid drill bit damage)

Step five:
Re-apply oil to the cobalt drill bit often. (every 5 to 10 seconds)

Step six:
Once all springs are dimpled on top of the spring from the drill bit drilling nearly all the way through the spring, go back to each hole to break through the remaining material on the holes. Do this while you decrease the amount of force as the drill bit breaks through the top of the spring. Be cautious because the drill bit will want to grab the edges and pull the drill upwards as it breaks through.

If you would like to learn more information on the StableLoad Leaf Spring Drill Tool or need some additional assistance with how to drill leaf springs, email or call 800-246-8132. Our Torklift Tech Support Team is happy to help you!

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Uppers or Torklift Jen

By: Torklift Jenstableloads


Sounds to me like a painful choice to make at the dentist?


But, in reference to adding Torklift StableLoads as a suspension upgrade to your vehicle, it is as easy as looking at the set-up of your overloads.


I get asked often the difference between the StableLoad part number A7200/A7202 and A7310/A7311.  There are a few differences but both significantly reduce side-to-side sway, bounce and sag while towing and hauling.


Like choosing the right tires for your vehicle, finding the fit and compatibility for your vehicle is the place to start.  The right fit for your application will make going down the road a whole lot smoother.


But with the A7310 and A7311 you can engage and disengage them while they are still on your overloads.


Now what is the difference between the A7310 and A7311? Just a drill kit.


For the small percentage of lower overloads that don’t already have a pre-drilled hole you need our cobalt drill kit.


SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAFor those of you who have upper and lower overloads, we recommend starting with the A7310 StableLoad as long as you have a pre-drilled hole.


To find a Torklift International dealer in your area, click here:



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To engage or Torklift Jen

Sometimes you tow, sometimes you don’t.  That’s OK, I understand, a full time engagement can be quite a commitment!


So, what do you do when you want to have the best of both worlds?


polaroid22Most vehicle suspension systems aren’t designed to master the mechanics of everyday driving with ultimate comfort, safety, and performance and also be able to deliver the same ride with the added forces that occur while heavy towing and hauling.  You’ll find that a heavy load has you reaching for your sunglasses when driving in the dark. This is because the weight put on the rear and tongue forces your headlights right into the eyes of oncoming drivers, their brights flashing reminds you that you’ve got a problem.


Also, with your added weight, you will also experience swaying, bucking, reduced braking control with the associated longer stopping distances and a general feel of instability.  Airbags are a common go to aid for this issue, they are great for leveling, but they are not working with the physics of the problem.  They lift the weight off of the factory-engineered stock spring suspension.  This means you are taking the majority of the weight off the factory leaf spring suspension and are now carrying the weight on an area roughly the size of two footballs.   This is why the increased bounce and roll is felt.


A full time engagement to suspension add-on products like bump stops, airbags, and added leafs could mean a stiffer ride when unloaded, handling issues when loaded, or having to maintain air pressure and possible material breakdown and blowouts.polaroid23


Here enters in a suspension upgrade product that will work in conjunction with the stock factory suspension for the best ride while towing and hauling and disengage fully when not in use.


I recently participated in an install of the StableLoad product and I left out the easiest, but most unique part.  To engage the product when your are going to tow or haul simply use a 3/8” ratchet and extension to rotate the wedge pack between the overload and main spring pack.  You insert the included pin and clip to secure the wedge in the engaged or disengaged position.  This is literally done in seconds, with no commitment when you’re not towing and hauling.  I have now mastered the forces!


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Spoiler Alert!... by Torklift Jen

No, it’s not how the next episode of The Walking Dead ends but I can tell you I had the opportunity to watch behind the scenes of the latest Torklift International video.


I watched as Amanda Watt asked our head engineer Chad Winslow about the various suspension products on the market. He explained the advantages and disadvantages of the products that were presented on the table before them.


It became clear to me that the StableLoad is the best cure for your suspension ailments. Once the video is ready I will post a link for your enjoyment.Image

In the meantime the footage is being spliced by our video department. I’m looking forward to the blooper reel!

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Tall coffee, short drive-thru... by Torklift Jen

DSCN2977 As a person of short stature, I have rarely encountered a clearance issue.

That is why one morning before my required 1st cup of coffee I found that the truck camper has such an issue with drive-thru’s.

I did not have camping on my mind, and the F-350 rides so smoothly it’s easy to forget the camper is back there.  That is, until you do something on autopilot like order your   coffee and drive forward.

Luckily, I saw the upcoming low overhang as moved slightly ahead, but not soon enough before I had a car pull up right behind me.

No harm done, but I have definitely learned my lesson and will be thinking like a tall person ordering a tall latte’ from now on.

Having an easy to drive truck is no excuse for not remembering that I have a huge camper on board.


Gear of choice: StableLoads-


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Meet a real Mountain Man... by Torklift Jen

“Go find the Mountain Man.”  That term was used to describe Casey Cotter, our lead engineer, and master behind so many of Torklift’s innovations.

He’s the real deal, and can be found on weekends out in nature thinking up brilliant ideas to make camping easy and possible for people like me.

Where he could “MacGuyver” an instant wiring fix to keep the batteries charged all night, I need a plug in harness and hopefully a switch labeled boldly off and on.

Where I think it would be genius to use duct tape for an easy fix.  He can engineer real lab tested performance solutions to everyday camping needs and problems.

Where he could survive on the land for days, I panic if all the fixin’s for s’mores aren’t in the cooler.

Where he could have made Eagle Scout, I quit the Brownie troop when I learned it wasn’t all about the chocolatey treat.

Where he could tell you if your GAWR is in line with your GVWR and your GCVWR is within your GTWR and GVWR, and your TW better not be over 10% of your GTW and you’re gonna need WD.  I would say,  “That’s a big RV.”

Casey can directly answer the, “call of the wild,” where my call needs operator assistance and sometimes goes to voice mail.

I can learn a lot from Casey Cotter.

Oh no, he is wearing his camouflage hat again, I think he sees me coming for some more advice.

Casey’s Torklift invention of choice: StableLoads suspension upgrade

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Whoa, Nellie!... by Torklift Jen

Do you ever get that feeling while towing or hauling when your mental brakes kick in and the weight of your truck is not stopping with you?  Those teeth clenching, heart racing, toe-curling seconds can seem like minutes.Truck

I looked up the word for this affliction and it’s called agoraphobia.  It’s the phobia of losing control, of not being able to stop.  In an extreme case, it’s the fear of leaving the house entirely, but we’ll leave that to a trained psychotherapist to treat.

There is good news when this prognosis pertains to you and your truck’s suspension.

“Big Red” gets all the cool stuff, and I have been amazed with the control while driving this F-350 with StableLoads on and a fully loaded camper and trailer.  I was taught how to easily disengage the units myself when I’m not towing, so the ride is not affected at all for daily driving.

The engineers here tell me they help with the forward surge I was feeling and improve the truck’s handling while loaded by pre-activating the factory overload spring.  They work alone or in conjunction with air bags as they do two different things.

In fact, to level with air bags when carrying a heavy load means taking the majority of the weight off the factory suspension.  The weight is then carried on an area roughly the size of two footballs.  By bypassing the factory suspension, you can actually experience an increase in unsafe handling such as bucking, sway, and body roll.

Tame your beast and save yourself an expensive trip to the therapist.

StableLoads are the lowest cost, most effective and highest return suspension modification on the market.


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Take Two... by Torklift Jen

The F-350 seat adjusted: Check. IMG_1258


The squiggle indicator off: Check.


 No explosion upon starting the engine and the Everest parts are off: Check.  Phew!  I think I can do this.


 The rest of the test drive went smoothly. Really!


 I was impressed by the handling of the truck, especially with such a big camper.  I felt no lack of power going up steep hills, good stopping distance and it handled well over rough, un-even roads and railroad tracks.


 I am used to driving a stiff suspension little car.  It is nice to feel high and mighty on the road.  It feels like I’m going places, making it big, and climbing the corporate ladder even if that ladder looks more like a tree…, I’m loving it.

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