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How to install camper tie downs

How to install camper tie downs

Camper Tie Downs are a critical component to your truck camper adventure. Without TRUE Frame Mounted Tie Downs, you are either compromising the truck bed or not using proper gear for your truck camper set-up. If you have made it to this blog, you are either learning about Torklift Tie Downs for the first time or are a lifetime customer with new camper tie downs for your truck. Either way, you have made it to the right spot.

TRUE Frame Mounted Tie Downs

Torklift Tie Downs are manufactured to mount to the frame of your truck compared to alternative brands that mount to the bed or bumper. By mounting to the frame, you are mounting to the strongest part of your truck and are making sure your truck camper will be sturdy for the long haul.

Torklift TRUE Frame Mounted Tie Downs are manufactured in Steel Tie Downs and Talon Stainless Steel Tie Downs. Depending on where you live, Talon Stainless Steel Tie Downs may be for you. Learn more about the Talon Tie Downs here.

How to install Torklift Truck Camper Tie Downs

Check your vehicle fitment

Before you can get started with installing your camper tie downs, you must determine what part number will fit your truck. Every Torklift Tie Down is manufactured to specifically fit to the frame of your truck without modification and due to this the fitment is very vehicle specific.

Make sure to use our Find Your Fit Guide located on our website to determine the part numbers that you need. If you need further assistance, our customer service and tech support team is available Monday-Friday 8:30 am – 5 pm PST at 800-246-8132.

When confirming your fit, you will also be shown additional products that are offered for your vehicle such as the Torklift Stableloads® which is a suspension upgrade. Make sure to take a look at all the fitment options for the optimal truck camper experience.

 Install your Torklift tie downs

install tiedowns2

Once you have determined the best fitment for your vehicle, ordered your tie downs, and received them in the mail or from a local dealer, it is now time to get them installed. Torklift manufactures their camper tie downs to be as DIY as possible to allow for little to no modifications and the ability to install at home if you choose. If you would prefer to have a certified installer install the products for you, you can locate a dealer near you at our where to buy section of our website.

If you have chosen to install the Torklift Tie Downs at the comfort of your home, the hardware, bolt kit and instructions are provided in your new tie down kit box. Once the receiver tubes are bolted on to the frame of your truck, the next step is to slide the tie down insert into the receiver tubes.

If you are needing more assistance, our team is happy to assist in talking you through the installation. We also have many installation videos that can be watched here

Pair the tie downs with Torklift Original FastGuns

Original FastGuns and truck camper tie downs

The Torklift FastGun is the ultimate turnbuckle system and allows for the ability to easily disconnect the tie downs with ease when ready to remove your truck camper from your truck. An additional plus to this system is the ability to set the tension once and often not needing to set them again for your next trip.

Torklift also offers additional turnbuckle systems such as the Springload XL and Basic Springload. Head here to learn which turnbuckles are right for you

Have further Questions?

If you have further questions on truck camper tie downs and turnbuckles maintenance, our team is ready to take your call or answer your email. We are open Monday – Friday 8:30 am PST to 5 pm PST, excluding holidays. You can contact our team by calling 800-246-8132 or emailing

Looking for Torklift camper tie downs for sale? Find a dealer in your area or online!

Where to Buy

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